Revenge over Motherwell who menaced their way to a point


Celtic won only one game in the last four, shipping five points to Motherwell and Hibs in the process, however, the most important objectives were achieved this month.  We retained the League Cup and successfully completed the Europa League group stage.

Tonight offers the opportunity to exact revenge over Motherwell, who kicked, shoved and generally menaced their way to a point against Celtic two weeks ago.  We owe them some retribution, but to be clear, let’s just beat them soundly, without incurring cautions.

There is a bit of excitement last night at the league table, with only one point separating the top four sides, which is no more than a consequence of Celtic having played fewer games than the others.  There are twelve points available between now and the New Year.  Expect the champions to deliver as usual.  We do well at home against everyone and can usually be relied upon to turn up at Pittodrie and Ibrox.

I am sure all our thoughts go to John Fallon and his family, including our own Blantyretim, at the passing of John’s beloved Esther, whose funeral Mass was held this morning at St Joseph’s, Blantyre.  It was clear Esther will leave a huge gap in all their lives.


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  1. Brendan Rodgers’ men have been drawn against Valencia in the Round of 32, and are due to play their second leg meeting in Spain on Thursday, February 21.



    And as a result, their game against Motherwell that was due to be played two days later will now happen the following day on Sunday, February 24 at 3pm.



    Consequently, the clash with Hearts that was scheduled for the following Tuesday will now take place at 7.45pm on Wednesday, February 27.

  2. mike in toronto on




    That would be too bad. I dont watch as much of the EPL as I used to, but it is nice to have the option sometimes.



    I think DAZN got the rights for the CL and EL from Bein, but dont know for how long that sublease lasts.



    After a lull, they are now showing Seria A games, so, if I lose everything else, I may have to find an Italilan team to follow!

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Hope there’s something in the Wilfried Bony rumours. The kind of quality we need. A Bony/Eddy partnership could be lethal.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!!



    That’s a shame. He was on fire when he first burst on to the scene with Swansea. We could do with players of his quality but not sick notes.

  5. mike in toronto on




    Agree, he was great when younger. Think he was another who caught malaria just after he signed for Man City (like Kouassi for us) … and doesn’t seem to have been the same since.

  6. 50 shades of green on

    The following wont be the team tonight cause Brendan like my wife never listens to me.






    Cragie G



    Gamboa ( if Mick aint fit).



    The Balkan twins.








    Broonie n CAL Mac






    Jamsie, Ollie n Lewis Morgan










    Hit them early and fast tonight Celtic.



    3 nuffin ra hoops.



    Lewis to score.





  7. glendalystonsils on

    If we get a penalty tonight , please burst the net Celtic FFS. Watched Leicester last night hit some of the worst penalties I’ve ever seen. The wee stuttery run ups only work if it forces the keeper to go one way giving the penalty taker the chance to put it in the other corner.

  8. MIT



    “Without malcontents, we would just meekly accept the status quo… if we are to change things, Celtic need more, not less, malcontents”




    How many more do we need to stop this 7 in a row malarkey that we are enjoying?



    Would there not be a tipping point where, if we recruited more moaners and ‘true rebels”, where they would piss off a significant tranche of opTIMists and then we’d find we had too many malcontents and we’d have to redress the balance again the other way. Good luck in persuading those zealot miserabilists to crack a smile to even up the demographic.



    It is very easy to make a case for the necesity of malcontentment in the Kelly/White days when we were headed for bankruptcy and winning nothing. It is a much harder sell to convince me that we need this at a time when we have historic levels of playing success.



    I prefer to have malcontents for malcontented times and to mix with the agreeable when we are in agreeable environs. In short, permanent rebellion is a bit of an adolescent habit and a bore, to boot.

  9. —————Bain———————



    Lustig Jozo. Bencko Izzy






    Forrest Rogic Ntcham M.Johnson







    Mon the leather belts

  10. If I were Brendan for just one night….




    Ralston (if Lustig unfirt), Simunovic, Benkovic, Izzy (if Tierney still unfit)


    Calmac – on his own


    Forrest, Ntcham, Rogic*, Johnston




    * – and if Big Tam unfit, move Johnston in 1 and stick with Sinclair on the left (I know….)

  11. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Desmond has a barrow in the market place


    Molly is the singer in a band


    Desmond says to Molly “girl I like your face”


    And Molly says this as she takes him by the hand

  12. I’ve got really good vibes for tonight. Worry not fellow tims.



    We are out for revenge against these numpties.

  13. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Re. Theresa May (bes Aye Maybes Naw)………………………………….



    Is she a woman? Yes.



    Is she stupid? Yes.



    Is she a stupid woman? Duuuuuhh!




  14. Scotland, the UK and the greater world is soooooooo depressing at the moment ( despite Christmas) We need Celtic to bring joy into our lives.


    Surely the malcontents can realise that and join us in shouting COYBIG.




  15. Just the 1 change from Sunday – Ralston instead of Ajer. Hopefully a back 4. Anyway, doors to automatic and ‘Corner’ here I come…..

  16. Can’t believe Sinclair gets a start again. BR has an huge blond spot there – his form is terrible but worse than that he has no heart and hides – I’m amazed the management can’t see that.

  17. Lovely to see you posting MAH even if it is just a post of condolence. Hope things are going OK & that Celtic put a smile on your face tonight.

  18. I’vehad tochangemymind.


    Honestly I’d get your post at 6.51 deleted. You don’t just ask somebody a question like that online. I’m sure if MAH feels like sharing info he will of his own accord when he is good & ready,

  19. Nervous about tonight.


    I expect the Huns to win .


    I wonder where our goals will come from.




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