Revenge over Motherwell who menaced their way to a point


Celtic won only one game in the last four, shipping five points to Motherwell and Hibs in the process, however, the most important objectives were achieved this month.  We retained the League Cup and successfully completed the Europa League group stage.

Tonight offers the opportunity to exact revenge over Motherwell, who kicked, shoved and generally menaced their way to a point against Celtic two weeks ago.  We owe them some retribution, but to be clear, let’s just beat them soundly, without incurring cautions.

There is a bit of excitement last night at the league table, with only one point separating the top four sides, which is no more than a consequence of Celtic having played fewer games than the others.  There are twelve points available between now and the New Year.  Expect the champions to deliver as usual.  We do well at home against everyone and can usually be relied upon to turn up at Pittodrie and Ibrox.

I am sure all our thoughts go to John Fallon and his family, including our own Blantyretim, at the passing of John’s beloved Esther, whose funeral Mass was held this morning at St Joseph’s, Blantyre.  It was clear Esther will leave a huge gap in all their lives.


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  1. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Sorry corkcelt – you’ve got a point – totally the wrong place. I’ll rephrase it



    hope you’re ok MAH , it’s very good to hear from you.



    mods please delete that one from earlier

  2. On the road to Paradise. Thermals and woollen bunnet on.


    Glad it is a back 4. Good luck Anthony Ralston against Tait.



  3. Ivehadto changemyname. Well done. Mods if you are deleting post of 6,51 please delete my response to it as well.

  4. SFTB .


    He has scored 8 Goals in 14 home matches this season.



    That’s not bad.



    Just a pity we need to score goals in away fixtures aswell(:-)



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