Revolving door


Kris Ajer will succeed in England, well beyond the regain fodder he joined yesterday.  He was crucial for Celtic with an ability to break through the lines better than central defender we have seen in years, and that includes van Dijk.

If he can figure out how to complete in the air he will go right to the top.  Without wanting to sound churlish, his parting would be sweeter of he had been available for selection this preseason.

Within hours the revolving door bright Carl Starfelt to Celtic, or at least to a hotel where he can continue isolation.

After a traumatic season watching Celtic’s defence, Carl will be a success of he competes at set pieces and clears his lines.

Welcome to Celtic, Carl.

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  1. What is the Stars on

    i’m not an accountant mate




    Get the T shirts done as quick as possible

  2. St x 2 @ 3.03



    VVD playing in MF / up front in Holland …


    At what level / to what standard / what were the results?



    KA is a top quality MF player learning his game as a CB.


    If he was not 6’6″ then he probably would not have been asked to make the transition.



    When he came to us he played in MF for the U20’s.


    Memory fails me who were the youth CBs who got a game in front of him.



    Consequently still sticking to my guns regarding KA being a better / more complete footballer than VVD — as of this season.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Madmitch earlier …..




    “TFOD2.1 take in more money regarding stadium income due to their higher / better hospitality mix”




    Not a challenge …



    … but I’d be interested to understand the provenance of that assertion (if I may) ?




  4. MM



    The figures I quoted was for transfer money in since January, nothing to do with


    Sevco’s stadium intake.



    With sales for the two wantaways still likely Celtic could bring in the guts of, if not the full





    Gross yes, but £50M none the less that’s transfers in, before our superior merchandise, ST sales and other turnover. Celtic will outspend all of the rest of Scotland put together, and I expect we’ll be involved on deadline day, just as we always are.




    Comparison is only made with Sevco because they happen to play in the same league albeit with a smaller stadium.



    I agree the sieve won’t be sorted until we solve the perennial right back situation, although the goalkeeping conundrum has just took the lead , on Tuesday night.




  5. BIG JIMMY on 22ND JULY 2021 1:09 PM









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  6. 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵 🎵



    In the summertime when the weather is hot


    You can stretch right up and touch the sky


    When the weather’s fine


    You got women, you got women on your mind


    Have a drink, have a drive


    Go out and see what you can find



    If her daddy’s rich, take her out for a meal


    If her daddy’s poor, just do what you feel


    Speed along the lane


    Do a ton or a ton and twenty-five


    When the sun goes down


    You can make it, make it good and really fine



    We’re no threat people


    We’re not dirty, we’re not mean


    We love everybody, but we do as we please


    When the weather’s fine


    We go fishing or go swimming in the sea


    We’re always happy


    Life’s for living, yeah, that’s our philosophy



    Sing along with us, dee-dee dee-dee dee


    Da doo da-da da, yeah, we’re hap-pap-py


    Da da da, dee da doo dee da doo da doo da


    Da doo da-da da, dee da da dee da da



    DaDooDa CSC





    Good pointer – I have just read the piece.



    Of course Sevco are not subject to the financial scrutiny that we are as a listed company.



    During their ‘fall’ it was seen as failure that they were kicked off the market when failing to secure a NOMAD. However this has seemed scarcely a hindrance to them, even as they pile one annual loss on top of another.



    Our adherence to strict financial probity and a determination to balance the books is certainly not now transferring to results on the field of play. So what is it doing?



    Is Sevco’s win at all costs and under any circumstances now delivering success? Of course all losses continue to be underwritten by ‘confetti’ share issues eagerly snapped up by a queue of ‘well-heeled’ supporters.



    Questions: Is their elastic being stretched too tightly and will it eventually snap? What will be the consequences?



    Questions: Is our prudent and ‘cloth-cutting’ way the right path and will it eventually be proved so? How will it manifest itself?



    Tune in at the end of this season. A current CL qualification, a title defence and another automatic CL qualification for Sevco might provide some clues.

  8. Ajer better than VVD. Hilarious



    Ajer was moved to centre half as he was deemed not good enough for midfield.



    £13.5m for centre half who can’t header the ball. Great bit of business



    Good luck Kris .

  9. Kris Ajer last played midfield when he was under 18. He was marked out by our coaches as a potential CB and sent to Killie aged 18 and a half to get senior game time playing the CB position he was also used as with Celtic reserves. He has played 23 senior international matches for Norway as a CB. Brentford will continue to play him in this position.



    Anybody on here who views him as a midfielder has never seen him play that position; they have just imagined it and pronounced it as his best. In short he has had less than 2 years as a nidfielder between 16 and 17 and a half years of age. he has had 5 and a half years as a CB and now he is over 23, he will continue that position.



    The age when Kris stopped playing Midfield, was the same age as when Aberdeen’s Willie Miller was still banging in goals as a centre forward for Peterhead . Willie had his breakthrough season as a CB with Aberdeen when he was 18. Nobody remembers Willie as a Centre forward now.

  10. There are very few EPL clubs considering playing Wimbledon 1980’s style football, unlike some of our agricultural teams up here. Kris’s aerial weaknesses will be overlooked, as they should have been up here, because of his substantial prowess as a ball playing CB able to break the lines with drives, passes and dribbles.



    He’s not anywhere near VvD’s top level yet but he has potential to be just as good with the right team mates.



    I wish him well

  11. I believe it was elbows while at kilmasonic that turned big Kris intae a CB. As for he cannae heided a bad mibbees just mibbees as OldTim alluded tae that having trained as a doctor at Edinburgh Uni no less he recognizes the dangers of heidering the baw.

  12. All I say about Kris Ajer is to wish him the best of luck in a career that I expect will take him much higher than Brentford.



    To get the reported £13.5m plus for him and the reported €13m for Frimpong is first-class business – if only we were as successful with players coming the other way.



    If we manage to get any fee for Christie and a decent fee similar to either of the above for Edouard, we will be doing very well.



    Our ‘adventures’ this calendar year are like ‘peeling an onion’, revealing sometimes, but mostly eye-watering and uncomfortable

  13. timmy7_noted on

    Getting crazier by the day, Kris Ajer is a belter footballer than Virgil Van Dyke, FFS.


    Am I missing out on a drink/ drugs party?

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Defenders generally take longer to develop. Kris reminds me a bit of a young Rio Ferdinand – brilliant on the ball, quick, but defensively not quite there.


    RF got there and I am sure Kris will. A good/ experienced CB partner beside him would help – hasn’t had many decent ones at Celtic – Boyata easily the best.

  15. How can you compare ajer and having a laugh.ajer couldn’t lace Virgil’s boots.that defies beleif .ajer will trickle into the championship after next year after been exposed in the epl.never a centre half in a million years

  16. CardboardCSC on

    Markiebhoy, from earlier, do you seriously beleive the new boss would be forced and he would accept playing Edouard to put him in the shop window? HH

  17. CaddingtonCommon on

    JB @ 40.02 pm



    I think PE is aware of all you infer and the Planet Football section is keeping its powder dry for a bigger expose/ scoop.

  18. woo hoo!



    on Sat i will be in Glasgow, inside a pub and at CP for the first time since March 2020


    won’t see my parents but should be back over mid Aug for that.



    can’t believe how happy i am. The wife and daughter not to happy with me but the rules say i can go from 3 days ago so why not?


    Don’t have my EU Digi Passport yet but have my GP vax cert so should be good enough for Irish customs (i hope)

  19. B78 @ 5.10



    You are the spawn of PL and then some.


    You cannot sell any talent we do find quick enough.



    You wanted KA to go a year ago.


    I wanted him to stay / get proper coaching / become the captain.



    You want us to play on a spreadsheet..


    I want us to deliver a growth agenda.



    £200mill T/O by 2030 — get set go.

  20. CARDBOARDCSC on 22ND JULY 2021 5:04 PM




    You ask relevant questions regarding the selection of Edouard on Tuesday evening. I have no inside info and therefore don’t know the answers – however I don’t believe that Edouard will start in the return.



    I believe we will play a more mobile 3-4-3, perhaps with Abada as a false nine – let’s hope we don’t play with a false goalkeeper again.



    Barkas? – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It would be insane to play him.

  21. CADDINGTONCOMMON on 22ND JULY 2021 5:14 PM




    I take some comfort in what you say….however the ‘proof of the pudding….etc’

  22. vinniethedog on

    I always laugh when I read …Ajer ..better midfielder……its so nonsensical I’ve never been moved to mention it before …..having watched Shaw albeit very briefly……I’m already wondering about CB…..


    Ajer suffered a very bad facial injury a few years ago I think this affected him psychologically and felt he never really attacked a ball after it..


    What a class act bringing the ball from defence tho and along with very good pace he will be a great success

  23. CardboardCSC on

    JHB. I beleive Edouard will play next week which will probably be his last game in the hoops. HH

  24. CARDBOARDCSC on 22ND JULY 2021 5:30 PM




    We’ll see – perhaps the West Ham game will give a clue.



    On potential and past performance Eddy should play – on recent & current form he is a passenger – maybe that makes him a potential passenger😁

  25. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Like the look of the young boy Murray, despite his lack of experience he has a real presence about him and looks calm and composed on the ball……high hopes.



    We would be saying we have a signed a cracker if he had arrived from some other country, like say Denmark for example.

  26. timmy7_noted on

    Coneynhoy I hope you have a great time and see a hoops victory.


    As you know I chucked it this year and so far no regrets but to be fair I am in crete at the moment 🥵.

  27. Years Team Apps (Gls)


    2011–2013 Groningen 62 (7)


    2013–2015 Celtic 76 (9)


    2015–2018 Southam 67 (4)


    20 18– Liverpool 95 (10)



    VVD, 62 games pre celtic.

  28. BSR @ 3.57



    For clarification — you talked about our season ticket sales being the highest in the SPL.



    I added to your analysis by mentioning that TFOD2.1 matchday receipts are similar / probably higher than ours due to their richer hospitality stream.



    Regarding the player sales — JF and PK were sold to balance the books and deliver PL his annual bonus.



    We seem to be recycling the KA money on new players and possible the others as well.


    However regarding the two holdouts — OE / RC — then it gets more complicated.



    Probably better for OE to leave — he seems to have stagnated badly over the past year and a new challenge would be best for all concerned.



    However RC is another matter — he was a good player playing badly up until Tuesday night.


    We will not get a big fee for him so my thoughts are we should offer him a two year extension and see how it goes this season.



    And then there is ON — enigma wrapped in a riddle hidden in an quandary.


    Or lazy waster for the management types who hide on here.


    Rough diamond — he is wasting his talent.


    We will survive without him this year — not so sure about the other way round.


    His loan must have gotten through to him in the end.

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