Revolving door


Kris Ajer will succeed in England, well beyond the regain fodder he joined yesterday.  He was crucial for Celtic with an ability to break through the lines better than central defender we have seen in years, and that includes van Dijk.

If he can figure out how to complete in the air he will go right to the top.  Without wanting to sound churlish, his parting would be sweeter of he had been available for selection this preseason.

Within hours the revolving door bright Carl Starfelt to Celtic, or at least to a hotel where he can continue isolation.

After a traumatic season watching Celtic’s defence, Carl will be a success of he competes at set pieces and clears his lines.

Welcome to Celtic, Carl.

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  1. fairhill bhoy on

    TONYROME-we are taking the 3 grandkids to seton sands for the weekend.


    You got anything planned




    Just the family round for a wee evening supper, a couple of drinks and a splash in the hot tub with the grandweans.




  3. Melbourne Mick on

    So if you burnt a load of orange huns in a stir fry


    would that be the black walk?




    H.H. Mick

  4. Melbourne Mick on




    I promise to try harder 8-))




    The moonlit hours are wonderful, the sleekits are away


    dreaming how they can disrupt the blog in the morn.


    H.H. Mick

  5. Let’s hope celtic give us a nice wee friday signing rightback, leftback and gk, not much to ask HH

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    I think if we have any announcements on signings, hopefully the SMSM get the news same time as we do, then it’ll be after the Return leg is finished, makes sense to add to good news or to help alleviate bad news

  7. Bada



    I couldn’t agree MORE with your comments ref the potential benefits of players from very distant lands and different cultures having team mate(s) to settle them into our wee corner of north west Europe.



    It’s also why, for eg, Irish bars sprung up all over the world!



    The Stan Petrov story, since quoted, is a great example.


    So too were the 3 French Amigos when big dembele was there as leader of the pack.



    HH jg



    Hope you’ve got the Paul Rodgers wig for the karaoke session later on ! 🎤🎧🎵🎶

  9. Sionnagh



    Bada Bing is no racist. There were absolutely no racist connotations in his post and I have never seen anything racist from him in the 15 years that I’ve been on CQN.



    Which raises the question: Why all the posts from you on Vatican Media etc and the continual Catholic references. There are lots of Celtic fans on here who are not Catholics but are fanatical about the Bhoys. Let’s not make them feel unwelcome. We’re not all religious fanatics.

  10. CardboardCSC


    Sorry mate from yesterday re Edouard.


    Just think on 2 points. Think Ange has been told to sell so that he can buy.


    Coincidence that Starfelt deal went through at the same time big Kris went out?


    Also Edouard lasted 77 minutes of he haw. Took Abada off after 4 by 2 got sent


    off. Should have been Edouard who came off. Just my thoughts but I think they


    are pushing to get rid and get more cash to buy.

  11. No drama with anything Bada has posted. By no stretch of imagination was anything inappropriate.


    Now, Markiebhoy – “4 by 2”. ??!!


    I really hope I’m reading that wrongly.


    Rhyming slang for the perceived religion of an Israeli?


    Hope I’m wrong and will retract if so.

  12. Uncle Jimmy


    Sorry I never thought about that!!!!


    I meant the block of wood inside his head.


    Sincere appologies if anyone offended by that .


    Mods please delete if offence caused

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Big Jimmy …



    I’m not in the market for the 40 VHS tapes



    .. but if you could give the name/address of the shop that does the VHS-DVD conversions ….



    …. I’d be grateful.




    Just read the CQN article on Maryan Shved’s possible move.



    Good piece of work. Factual, informative.



    Perhaps most refreshing of all are the quotes attributed to Mechelen’s Sporting Director, Tom Caluwe.



    No BS


    No cloak and dagger


    No secret squirrel



    Says it like it is.



    Have noticed this “trend?” among clubs in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia.



    Is it just transfers in the UK, France, Spain and Italy that seem to need drama, counterplot and subterfuge?

  14. Well well, never knew or even heard that a 4 x 2 was slang for Jew.


    I took the post to mean a plank of wood, also nothing wrong with Bada’s either

  15. Markiebhoy



    Aah, makes sense!



    Apologies for suggesting otherwise.


    ‘Plank of wood’ I would fully agree with.



    Now, I’m off to finish watching Life of Brian again!


    Lots of ‘Red Sea Pedestrians’ chat in there!

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