Rewarding referees who find ‘innovative’ penalty interpretations


If my memory was sharper, I would be able to tell you when Celtic went 18 months without being awarded a penalty in domestic football (they were awarded in Europe during this spell).  When the ‘anomaly’ was uncovered, it made news across all media for a few days.

There must have been a sharp intake of breath when referees read that stat.  Analysis reset the threshold and next game out Celtic won a penalty (a foul on Neil Lennon comes to mind).

Newco are the only team in the Premiership not to have a penalty awarded against them this season, an exceptional situation 20 games in.  It is an accumulation of hundreds of decisions by many officials, all coming up blue.

Steven McLean will be in charge of their next game, away to Dundee United on Sunday, the man who reinvented the handball and red card rules in the 2015 Scottish Cup semi-final.  With Celtic 1-0 ahead, Leigh Griffiths beat the keeper, but Inverness defender Josh Meekings was on the line and made a save with his hand.

A penalty and red card should have been awarded, instead, play was waved on.  As well as an assistant, McLean had a ‘Fifth official’ behind the goal to collude with, none was prepared to take action.  In a storied history of referee decisions against Celtic, this one surely ranks in the top three.

McLean later red carded Celtic keeper Craig Gordon and awarded a penalty which took Inverness to extra-time, where the man advantage proved sufficient to send Celtic out of the Cup.  Far from being demoted, the following year, McLean accepted a fulltime appointment in the SFA’s refereeing setup and was awarded the Scottish Cup Final.

Would you bet on the current Newco penalty stat coming to an end at Tannadice on Sunday?  I think it’s a stick-on if Newco are a couple of goals ahead.

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  1. Yeah that handball is something I will never forget. Six pints in I could tell it was a clear pen. Just cheats. Deila should have been a treble winning Celtic manager.

  2. CHARLIEMAC on 5TH JANUARY 2023 11:26 AM




    From PREVIOUS Thread..



    I noticed that also, wee Greg Taylor was coughing away in the warm up. Big ANGE always seems to cough a bit.


    HH Mate.

  3. Don Robertson was 4th official on Monday, who shat it to send Sands off at Poundland a few weeks ago, Callum got sent off for a similar challenge about a week later,……rewarding failure? More like ‘ doing the right thing’

  4. Sickness/bugs



    I remember the lad from One Direction getting cemented by Agbonlahore in a charity game at Celtic Park. Spewed his ring on the side line.

  5. A hun leaving the Hoose to go to a Hun v Celtic game…


    BILLY to his wife…


    ” Thats me off Hen”.


    WIFE…” Haud on Billy, have you got everything” ?


    WIFE, ” Blue Bunnet” ?


    Billy ” CHECK”.


    WIFE ” Blue scarf ?


    Billy ” CHECK”.


    WIFE, ” A couple of Wine Bottles to throw at the Fenian Players” ?




    WIFE ” Plenty of loose change to lob at the Fenian Players” ?




    WIFE, ” Enough DRUGS to last you” ?







    BILLY ” Feck me, I KNEW I had forgot something, now where did I put it” ?


    WIFE, ” See Billy, I KNEW that you would forgot something” !


    BILLY, ” What would I do without you dearest” ?



    and so BILLY was finally tooled up to apparently to watch a game of Fitba , and off he went.



  6. In office today.



    Impeccable source tells me bug story is true. Several players with winter vomiting bug in the days leading up to the match. Unable to fully train and still not fit on the day.



    Influenced match day selection.



    All true, and will impact weekend team selection also.

  7. I suspect that we will be given one or two penalties too, Paul67, if we’re 2 goals up with 15 minutes to go. These things even themselves out over the season, don’t you know?



    By the way, after listening to Keir Starmer this morning, I won’t be voting Labour in the next General Election. Imo, he has turned them in to an English national party in order to get elected.

  8. When we complained about that Meekings right hand save in April 2015, we were told that “these things even out over a season”.



    Sure enough they were right.



    A week before their SC final experience we had to play ICT again in a Top 6 dead rubber and ran out 5:0 winners.



    The evening out bit was when ICT defender, Danny Williams, got away with another goal line clearance with his hand. But he used his left hand, so , in a way, it evened things out.



    The ref on the 2nd occasion was the hapless Kevin Clancy.

  9. Parkheadcumsalford



    I actually re-joined the party after a gap of many many years, after the Corbyn election defeat, but I resigned a short few months later when they took their line on strike action.



    Starter is undoubtedly aiming at the red wall swing vote and, sadly, on purely practical grounds, his “do nothing & say nothing” strategy is working for him, in the opinion poll elections.



    There is a strong chance that this blancmange will win the next General Election but……………



    he will have painted himself into a corner and will lose the freedom to take the action that is needed to save the NHS and protect the working poor from post-Brexit & Covid & Energy/Food price hike inflation damage.



    If he wins, he will be inheriting a right mess.




    P.S.- This is certainly not an endorsement of SNP policies

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Last Sevco red card at Ibrox in a league match





    Was three 3 years, 4 months ago



    What larks csc





    I wouldn’t be too concerned about what Starmer has said in order to win an election. If his campaign to be leader of the Labour Party is anything to go by he won’t actually do any of the things he says he’s going to do.

  12. AT – re the bhoy from Moddiesburn my son in law and grandson knows the lad.



    Very sad.



    D :)

  13. It’s always been this way, referees behave in a certain way and are rewarded, cup finals but also committee positions with payments for years after the retire, they all know how it works and importantly no words need to be spoken between them, here actions do indeed speak louder than words.

  14. ‘does anyone it Scotland buy a baseball bat to actually play baseball?’




  15. You do know that the SNP are privatising the Scottish NHS via the back door


    A quick Google check will confirm.

  16. I wish we would just let the SFA get on with refereeing their Refereeing Department. The spotlight is on them. VAR won’t go away you know ;-)

  17. GREENPINATA on 5TH JANUARY 2023 1:42 PM




    You do know that the SNP are privatising the Scottish NHS via the back door



    A quick Google check will confirm.





    Simply wrong,wrong and wrong again



    Well thats it confirmed as shoit then if your posting bout it.


    Post your google shoit.



    This will be from the same school as your £½billion


    tucked away for an independence vote.



    Your party under its never to be forgotten war criminal


    Changed privatisation to marketizing so they could carry on aligning with conservative policies.change wording but carry on with policy.



    Your party are a marketing exercise.


    What exactly do they srand for


    Working man-no


    Israel- zionism the way to go.


    Union backing- oh dont be silly.


    The working class in Scotland left you wi 1 seat.


    The working class in England destroyed your vote base,and they will again


    Keep the vacous marketing soundbites coming




  18. AN TEARMANN on 5TH JANUARY 2023 2:25 PM




    ‘What exactly do they srand for





    Working man-no’







    You really need to be careful about expressing such transphobic sentiments.

  19. Been out; now back; Celtic V Killie still seems unworthy of comment.


    If the `bug effect` has 100% cleared, 5-0 is still my prediction.

  20. HS



    I mentioned non arrival of Killie tickets earlier!!



    Yesterday I mused about rather dropping points on Sat if we freshen line up than next week. Have to make sure Beale wins nothing first season

  21. “CONEYBHOY on 5TH JANUARY 2023 2:38 PM




    I mentioned non arrival of Killie tickets earlier!!”



    That counts way above Starmer et al :-))

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    SKY’s popular weekly “Ref’s Watch”



    Doesn’t include the controversial Connor Goldson handball



    How Bizarre CSC

  23. Coneybhoy


    I’m sure we’ll win both games against Killie – the league has to be priority.

  24. bournesouprecipe on







    Johnston CCV Starfelt Bernabei



    O’Riley McGregor Hatate



    Jota Kyogo Maeda

  25. Gene



    I think we will too, just a hypothetical i threw out to look forwards to the next games. I’m at the Hampden game and Morton SC game next so maybe it’s playing on my mind!!

  26. SIONNAIGH on 5TH JANUARY 2023 2:32 PM


    Greenpinta’s Labour or Tory Unionist Party. Enough said.









    As opposed to a reactionary, petty bourgeois, nationalist party like the SNP whose ethos was summed up in their Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.




    Enough said.

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