Reykjavik in town, extinguishing hope in the 90s


KR Reykjavik returned to action on Friday with a home defeat that leaves them five points off the pace with a game in hand after playing nine.  The Icelandic league was suspended for two weeks prior to this amid fears of a second spike.  It is a small mercy that they travel to Glasgow today with an equally unproductive August as Celtic.

I don’t know about you but I forget there is football on when Celtic are not playing.  Consequentially, I was doing an ironing (the rock and roll lifestyle) when the phone went yesterday afternoon to let me know the greatest team never to win a trophy dropped points at Livingston.

If you are old enough to have ‘getting the ironing done’ as your weekend highlight, you will remember how the 90s worked.  Rangers would drop points, giving us hope that this was our time, but then Kilmarnock, or the like, would extinguish any light in the dark.  Every new season started with desperation more than hope but we carried the knowledge that we were simply not good enough.

For some reason, I found a draw at Pittodrie on the opening day of the season in 1996 devastating.  The previous year brought only a single league defeat all season.  We made huge strides but needed to turn many of the 11 draws that cost us the campaign into wins.  Andy Thom scored a last minute equaliser in a game Celtic battled for everything, but deep down I knew, this was the same story I had watched played out the previous eight seasons.

Dropping those points at Kilmarnock made the table look ominous but we got an insight into the calibre of others yesterday.  Time for others to stress about what will be celebrated in May.

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  1. TIMALOY29 on 17TH AUGUST 2020 4:08 PM


    BHOYLO83 on 17TH AUGUST 2020 4:05 PM


    Anyone any idea when the two games in hand can be, or are likely to be scheduled to be, played?


    EMBRAMIKE on 16TH AUGUST 2020 8:48 PM


    About the “games-in-hand” catch up …


    We lose SIX weeks due to 7 Scotland games and don’t have a free midweek until first week in January.


    Plus a Scottish Cup Final would put us FOUR games behind come January adding Livingston (away) to St Mirren (home and away) and Aberdeen (home), all assuming we have European Group stages to play.


    The next 20 weeks we will need a big, fit, strong squad to take us to January – and then a few new players to keep the 2 games/week going into the New Year !

  2. Petec. 7.27




    He decided his previous monikor was too long, so when Jobo showed people how to change it, he decided to do it.

  3. This World has gone insane, in the membrane for Sure.



    J C






    Right there.



    Stop consuming Materialism.



    3.5 years I went from Samsung 6 to Samsung 10 lite.



    An Amazing upgrade.



    It is Time for our own Academy to Truly shine.

  4. JimmyNotPaul,



    I dinnae understand that. But hey thanks for explaining. I reckon I might just be using his old skool name when we, if ever, jibber jabber.



    The Dallas Dallas pseudonym was most Excellent.

  5. Jimmynotpaul , I hope you and the family are well.



    The podcast is very interesting and if Smashingmilkbottles lurks , Michael explains how painful it was watching the Bunnymen split plus after Ian McCulloch going solo , his and Michael’s friendship slowly ended. I agree with Re bring on the dancing horses, really good song.



    Tomorrow , play players in their right positions plus I’m not sure if Broonie will start or not. I don’t know if Neil will go with a middle three of Calum , Ryan and Moi, in a similar way the first two and Tom played when Broonie was out injured in Autumn 2018.

  6. Petec , thank you for the compliment.



    The Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas was inspired by Hugh Dallas when he disappeared after the sectarian email matter . He wasn’t seen or heard of for a while. I had heard the Smokie song with the line Alice , Alice who the f*** is Alice on the radio which gave out the idea in my head too. .



    As Jimmynotpaul said, i was fed up typing it in so I went my initials.

  7. Jimmy ye get Xmaglen points. Hopefully the Leather Belts get these 10 Titles.



    Me, you, Dallas Dallas, 16 Roads, Garry, Pat, Michael, Aidan, Paul67,SFTB,ernie,Greenpinata, kojo……. the list is Truly endless …..



    Celtic is Awesome.



    Praise the Lord.

  8. JVR.


    Art of War will be on soon, he won’t be liking you getting compliments.



  9. JNP – noone is going down. Not if I can help it.



    Even Sevconians.



    That ship has sailed.



    If one is Brash with little ol petec. I will unleash.

  10. So suddenly Hickey is the real deal because Bayern want him as a project .


    Starting him in their 3rd team .



    No doubt the boy is a prospect .



    But we need a bigger , more physical player , that can go straight into the team .


    No effing about with the 10.




  11. TinyTim, snooker isnae my game, but just Imagine if Ronnie Worked a bit harder at his game.



    Thank You for a Great Event. Bruv.

  12. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good luck to any of our teenagers who get fixed up to play regular, organised football wherever it takes them in the world. It’s just the same as moving out to study a three year degree at college.



    Has to be better than what we have in this country – random coaches thumbing through telephone contacts to ask their mates “can you put up a scratch eleven to stretch my kids?



    No club below the Championship is even training. I thought one or two Celts just below match day squad level could be offered to any of the four Irish teams playing uefa ties this month, but I’ve never seen it considered.



    My commitment to playing Celtic Pools and buying Windfalls to support the development academy is waning fast. Not least by the influence of what appears to me to be a nefarious spider’s web entanglement of dodgy agents, dodgier directors of football and lazy footballers.

  13. StSt @ 2.51



    TFOD2 acolyte being removed from the field of play …



    Not sure where you got your info from but that picture is not 1970.


    It shows the old stand roof — The roof came of the old stand in 1969’ish.



    Too young to be able to date the picture from the fashions involved and then you have the built in TFOD2 delay factor to take into account — 1912 is still popular in many areas of Ayrshire …

  14. wee petec Top Tip for All.



    Drink water like it is going out of Fashion.



    But when it is in Fashion Drink even more.

  15. TT @ 8.24



    If AH is away to BM then we have lost out on a great prospect.


    We spend £3mill on the flawed BBg and yet we miss out on a local talent.


    He might not be perfect for this season but he looks the part for the future.



    We do not have enough resources to turn up our noses at players like him.



    Something very wrong with our scouting when we would rather spaff money up a wall on people we have never heard off — is the first thing we look out for is who is their agent?

  16. Adi Dassler , in my opinion Hugh Dallas is still unofficially in charge of our refs. I don’t know if he still in charge of the Lanarshire Referree Association or not. Match officials will have to tow his line.



    His behaviour after the Dougie Dougie match at Tannadice showed his contempt for us and the truth. He lied through his teeth to the media, blaming the linesman and Neil Lennon even though he knew the truth about what went on. He could have defused the whole situation if he had told the truth the day after the game.

  17. In the Future.



    Who knows Mad Mitch.



    I hope Celtic is Out of this World…. and a few Teams not far behind.




    Pie in the Sky?



    Nothing is Impossible with Our Lord and Saviour.




  18. Strange but true No.54



    HD had to resign from a position of authority in the SFA because he re-sent a bigoted / libellous sectarian e-mail.



    He then takes up a position with an international football body — my memory is/was FIFA but it could have been EUFA.



    Surely if he was not fit to work for the SFA he is/was not fit to work for FIFA or EUFA?


    Do they not know about his past / do they not care?

  19. Roy was AWESOME for Celtic.



    Kristoffer bulk up and Stay.



    Get Wee Callum playing even Better….. like the Maestro.

  20. Norriem , thank you .



    I tried to post a message on Sentinel Celts to Garry but there was one of those 505 error messages displaying when posting.



    Let’s hope we are celebrating a win tomorrow night.



    This working from home is turning me into a podcast addict . I listened to another Celtic State of Mind podcast today, this was about Albian Ajeti. One of the participants said Albian reminded him most of Gary Hooper going by the YouTube footage of Albian .



    Thanks again for passing my message onto Garry.

  21. Muse.



    Something happening.



    10 is gonnae be very Tough 2get..



    I updated my phone 3.5 Years since.



    Samsung 6 to now Samsung10 Lite



    My Battery is now incredibly Charged.

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