Riches available for Ronny, now let Imran retire to Charlotte Sq


The point was made several times below yesterday’s article that Ronny Deila needs a full strength team on the park tomorrow, as well as an impressive performance and result, which is hard to argue with.

The possibility that Scott Brown could return, as well as potential debuts for Aleks Tonev, Wakaso Mubarak, Stefan Scepovic and John Guidetti gives the manager an embarrassment of riches.  Enormous changes are needed, but their introduction needs to be measured.  Aberdeen will arrive having beaten us home and away last season; their Cup win at Celtic Park [a successful ground all round for them recently]was particularly impressive.

The Scottish media were clearly briefed that Mike Ashley was set to dump ownership of Newcastle United to take control of the dump in Govan, which was reported in good faith, but unfortunately for those hoping the Sports Direct owner would buy into the Rangers International share issue will be disappointed.  This morning a statement from Ashley read, “I will not be participating in the Open Offer which closes at 11am today, Friday September 12, 2014”.

I’m sure the Easdales and our man Philip Nash have another buyer swooping to the rescue.  Maybe our other pal Imran!

In a busy morning at Newco they settled with former director Imran Ahmed, who had claimed £625k in monies owed and costs.  You may consider Ahmed has a brass-plated neck to squeeze the pips from the club he co-founded two years ago, but when so many others in the management team have been superbly compensated, there was little chance he would hold his hands up and leave without consideration.

Hopefully the Scottish media will allow him to retire to Charlotte Square and put the matter behind him, before any embarrassing insolvency event, as is the way around these parts.

Many thanks for the magnificent response to the Magners’ competition, which has now closed.  Special thanks to those of you who helped Mary’s Meals at this difficult time for aid agencies in Africa.

I have the photos from the second and third school kitchens you financed for Mary’s Meals in Malawi.  The mood on the blog has been so…. challenging in recent times I wasn’t sure how to introduce anything off-message, but we’ll profile them soon.

There is also a survey coming up next week.  I’ve been working with a (proper) academic from our community who suggested we should record exactly who we, the Celtic support, are, in 2014.  Planning to run from Monday, so look out for it.

The draw for tomorrow’s tickets will be made shortly so check your inbox.

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  1. Dicaniowasadream.,this isn’t about trying new things this is a massive life changin decision that will have far reaching financial impacts and a generation of upheaval. When thinking about that you need to have carefully weighed up the risks and rewards. That simply hasn’t happenned. I get the yes arguments and I get the emotion. But I think many haven’t weighed up what the down side is.



    Incidentally fear of change is a healthy thing. It helps us make better decisions.

  2. “fieldofdrams-sorry,Cameron ordered them as he did to retailers yesterday”




    Now now Bada.



    The fact Mr asdas and Jimmy waitrose were invited for tea and buns in number 10 yesterday hours before the scare stories started is pure coinkydink!

  3. MWD please explain why you believe that Scotland will be a more economically stable place?



    How will we be immune to world financial crisis?

  4. Ellbhoy I can guarantee that there will be a very significant financial shock post a yes vote and the loss of jobs etc.

  5. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan. 15:59 on 12 September, 2014



    …UK economic policy is a dead duck.



    1,7 trillion £ tells me that.



    It’s actually laughable that it is being defended.



    I agree the NO campaign is completely CACKHANDED though.



    MWD says AYE



    What a Trillion Dollars looks like

  6. I wandered in here looking for discussions of tomorrow’s team but there’s none of that so I’m just going to dip a toe into the indyref debate.



    I’ve seen a lot of Yes campaigners say that Scotland would be better off because it would be more like Ireland or Denmark. Well I’m in a fairly unique position to comment there.



    I’m Scottish but live in Cork. The aftermath of the recession and austerity measures are still very much being felt in people’s pockets. The standard of living has seen a marked drop in the past seven years. During the worst days I often heard a (mostly) joking “Here, do you think the Brits would have us back?”. Even in the Rebel County.



    I now work in Denmark. Denmark is regularly voted the happiest place to live. The Danes recovered very quickly from the recession. They have 55% income tax and 180% car tax. They also think Tuborg tastes nice. They’re lovely people but Scottish they are not.



    My point is that the current economic balance maintained in the UK is distinctly better than in most countries with an equivalent population to Scotland.



    I’d love Scotland to be independent IF it was the best thing for the finances of the Scottish people. I really don’t want to go home to visit a wasteland in a few years. I still, even so close to the vote, have not seen a convincing economic plan from the Yes campaign. That is the single biggest hole in their argument. In my opinion, obviously.



    I’m also a little confused about Salmond’s claim that Scotland would keep the pound while the Governor of the Bank of England says that won’t happen. I can only see one side winning that argument.



    Believe me, you won’t want the Euro. There’s a reason the Danes keep their Kroner. Ask an Irishman about what happened to shop prices the day they switched to the Euro.



    Now about that team for tomorrow. Who are we actually going to see on the pitch?

  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    We won’t see much difference from the last 6 years then with the bullshit austerity measures imposed to protect the bankers bonuses, nae pain nae gain, but potentially real light at a real end to the tunnel.


    I’ve only recently jumped to the aye side and still dubious about a lot of the crap being spouted by them but what I can’t question is that it will bring a stronger democracy to Scotland.


    It will IMO reduce the number of illegal wars going on when Britain need to reel its neck in with less resources and manpower to squander playing lapdog to America.


    The reduction in defence contribution from Scotland will be plenty both good for Scotland and Britain.




    No, that is not what we have just now, at the moment we are wasting money sending MPs to London there is no return on that.

  8. The Present Democratic


    System of Government…


    Which guarantees a Vote For All… is a Flawed System.



    Think Aboot It?



    Ye Hiv?






    Ah don’t Think that Ye Hiv!



    Well Ah Hiv.. Though.






    It is a System , which Leads tae..



    The Sitting Government…in it’s Pursuit of Alwiz Remaining in Office..






    Currying Votes from the “Hiv Nots”..whose Numbers ur Legion..


    By Robbin’ the “Hiv Goats”….


    o’ Whom whose Numbers ,ur Few.


    … in order tae Gie It tae the ..


    “Hiv Nots.”



    This is Pre- Ordained Recipe.. fur..



    Ever n Ever. .Escalatin’






    Which Leads tae


    Economic Chaos..



    As the “Hiv Goats” of the Country.. Collapse n Shrink in Number..



    Under The Ever increasing Tax Burden..



    Eventually.. it is a System which wull Break Doon..



    n.. Lead tae .. Revolution..n Awe that bad Stuff.



    Not Fair.



    Is it??



    Na.. of Course ,it’s No!



    N..if ye Think that it .. IS…






    Ye Must be ..



    A “Hiv Not”.






    Democracy, led tae the Collapse of the Mighty Roman Empire..



    as The Bread ran oot.. N ..the Circuses na Longer Intrigued



    The “Hiv Not” Masses.







    No Maitter ..should Scotland Achieve it’s Independence..



    So long as this Flawed System of Running A Country,is in Situ..



    Then.. well..



    The ” HIv Goats”,wull Always be Shafted.



    So whit hiz Bin Chinged?



    Whita wey tae Run an Airline..or.. a Country!



    Ach..Ah wull Be Deid ..afore The End o’ the Line wull Come..






    Why should Ah care?






    Deid Right!



    Noo Ye know.






  9. dicaniowasadream



    16:00 on 12 September, 2014


    If people of this world had just sat back, and were too afraid to try new and to sometimes scary things. We would still be living in caves.



    No offence to those who choose to live in caves today. ;-)



    Just my opinion.


    Born 67






    Imagine those poor souls living in a cave waiting for the canvassers to chap the door???



    The knock that never comes…



    HH jamesgang

  10. NegAnon,I’m not debating this with you its a waste of time and to demonstrate that here are just a few quotes from you in the last hour or so on the blog:



    Democratic debate? Who are you kidding?


    The yes leaning voters are behaving like attack dogs at every opportunity.


    Scotland will be a mess for a generation and it’s my children’s generation.


    The myth that this has been a civilised and democratic debate is a myth. Look at some of the nonsense the yes voters are throwing around this site.


    As for mayhem well that’s guaranteed after a yes vote.



    The last one is my particular favourite.



    And you tell me that I have to think about what I posted?



    Have you heard the one about the pot and the kettle?

  11. The huns have died , Thatcher died , paisley died , rot in hell , hopefully


    sevco and the union go the same way in the next couple of weeks , happy days……..

  12. bhoylo83



    16:13 on 12 September, 2014



    They own Warrior, Liverpool, Porto, Sevilla, kit manufacturers so I would assume it’s them.

  13. DiCanioWasADream on




    You just asked Timmy7noted to do what I asked you to do yesterday, and and i think it would help most of us to do the same thing. I didn’t even direct my last post to you. Please, you don’t have to sound so angry when you post.



    Sorry if you thought I was attacking you.



    Born 67.

  14. Gary67



    “Apologies for a Celtic related post





    New balance looking like the new shirt manufacturers.


    1:28pm – 12 Sep 14”



    Are you sure you’re on the right blog :-)

  15. gary67



    16:06 on 12 September, 2014


    Apologies for a Celtic related post





    New balance looking like the new shirt manufacturers.


    1:28pm – 12 Sep 14






    Might a New Balance top means wee Jamesie doesn’t run so squinty and saves his hammies?



    So the whole deal is. pL plot to skimp on Physio fees….boo hiss…pesky bored etc



    HH jamesgang

  16. the glorious balance sheet on

    Very interesting statement released by Celtic with the PLC accounts today.



    “The Board is highly conscious of the financial environment in which we play football here in Scotland. The harsh reality is that the total income from broadcasting rights available to the Scottish game is a tiny fraction of what is available to our neighbours in England.”



    “As a result of these constraints, we are committed to improving the football environment in which we play. We are represented at the highest levels of Scottish and European football by our Chief Executive, who is a board member of the European Club Association and the Scottish Football Association as well as being a member of the Professional Game Board of the Scottish FA, and by our Financial Director, who is a board member of the Scottish Professional Football League and a member of the European Club Association’s Finance Committee.”



    A very public statement to the effect of “We want out of Scottish football. Now!” Very much a thinly veiled overture to clubs in the lower reaches of the English Football League in my view.

  17. Canamalar.



    Firstly I gave a view on why I voted no that wasn’t just about fear. But dismissing fear wholly is dangerous for all of us. There will be a period of political and economic mayhem. Jobs will go to England. Business doesn’t like uncertainty new investment in Scotland will dry up. You will not have the same access to the market in England as you have at the moment. Inward investment will not come to Scotland as we will not be seen as stable.



    Expect an English backlash. There is no way that they will allow currency union now having been so vocal on the point.



    The Quebec example is very relevant. They weren’t punished but they lost much of their business because as I say business does not like uncertainty.



    I don’t understand your point on European courts? In any case didn’t we say we want to be part of the EU???

  18. Aye



    Being in the UK fair helped the poor and underprivileged deal with the world financial crisis of 2008. Their share of the consequent belt tightening was the Bedroom Tax and the introduction of benefit sanctions.



    But hey, we’re all in this together says “Call Me Dave” and his pal Gideon.



    Re: MPs expenses. Could the poster who flagged up those of JF Murphy please post a link.



    Surely ole Muzza isn’t claiming Parliamentary expenses for his Better Together activity?

  19. moonbeams wd. – I don’t believe 1 has painted an unrealistic rosey economic picture ( I assume you mean the yes side here).



    I do. I mean stuff like this from the Yes campaign:



    As an independent country, taking into account all our resources, we’d be the 14th wealthiest in the OECD



    Well, maybe.



    Unfortunately this is a misleading statement, inasmuch as it is clearly designed to lead the reader to think “ka-ching!”



    Being the 14th wealthiest OECD country isn’t much help if the government is insolvent and doesn’t control its own currency. Even according to the SNP’s own estimates – which are predicated on the dangerous assumption that oil prices will never fall – Scotland will be running at a substantial deficit for many years to come.



    That means there just isn’t cash to spare.



    But the ultimate goal is to produce an econimicly stable society were the majority rather than the minority are treated fairly. i know you don’t believe in that concept.



    Depends on what you mean by fairly. In my experience people who use that word tend to view it as “fair” that they should vote themselves largesse at the expense if others.



    But thankfully up here we are more inclined to want a better nation for as many as possible.



    I think this Scottish exceptionalism is a myth. Expecting other people to pay for public services is OK till you run out of other people.



    as for UK economics. How wonderous they have proven over my lifetime. Bank failures, bank bonus’s on top of bank failures, minority rich getting richer by the day while economic gap opens betwen the rest of us. UK economic policy is a dead duck.



    But the two major Scottish banks failed. England bailed them out.



    Despite that, the UK is recovering faster than any other European country except Germany. (thumbsup)

  20. Glorious balance sheet. From a quick look at the results. Ignoring the now legendary pry exceptional expenses, either we are a busted flush or we must have a fair amount in the bank. Need to see the accounts to see what magical accountancy tricks they have pulled this year. Either way the comments accompanying the results tell us the board are unambitious and not trying very hard.

  21. MWD



    “The human race is born out of division” IS the illusion.



    Check genesis. It is a metaphor but in it God did not hide from Adam & Eve. They hid from him after dressing themselves from judgement.



    They saw themselves naked and judged that something to cover up. God didn’t.



    The result was not a punishment. It was a consequence of taking on a power they /we were not ready for.



    We cannot be separate from or divided from God. There is nowhere that God is not. Nowhere is separate from anywhere.



    For God substitute Life ( or if you are Davidopolous “banana”) but when you buy into the illusion of separation you are on a tread mill trying to sustain it.



    Politics is part of that treadmill. We want to get off, not change treadmills.

  22. the glorious balance sheet on

    Kojo 1613:-



    Your disdain for paying taxes makes me think you would be more comfortable spouting forth on a Sevco messageboard. No doubt you fully endorse EBTs as a legitimate way of dealing with company and personal tax affairs.

  23. DiCanioWasADream on

    My wife said that I LOVE CELTIC more than her.



    How do I answer that statement?



    All help much appreciated.



    Born 67

  24. Neganon2



    Have not had chance to see if you saw this link and read the article but it covers the consequences arising from the belief in separation in a very articulate fashion.






    It is no coincidence that when CQNers do acts of charity together that there is a feeling of satisfaction and harmony.



    It should be no surprise therefore that not acting together produces an entirely different bitter fruit.



    This has been so self evident on this blog alone does no one think perhaps the core belief in division is wrong when we see the results of it and it’s opposite?

  25. NegAnon2


    15:41 on 12 September, 2014



    But on top of that I believe we are stronger together, in a larger community, with greater influence, in a bigger market with more diversity in both social and employment opportunities. That splitting is a strange thing to do when we need to get scale to compete in the world.



    And as I have said time and time again, we seem to think Scotland is some great wee place and we as a people are different and much more socially conscious etc. well I really find that bizarre given all that has happenned to us as a celtic support, sectarianism etc.






    There does seem to be some kind of collective madness gripping a fair size of the population. What disturbs me is the willful ignorance to dismiss any form of negative reality/absolute truths with ‘Ach, it’ll be awright, you’ll see.’



    More disturbingly, this was the mentality of Huns we used to scoff at as their institution sunk into the deep in the face of their staunch denial. If you tried to offer any contrasting view to them back then the responses/retaliatory rhetoric were very much in the vain of the Yes campaign at this point in time.



    Debate and sense has been lost in the bedalm. How did it get to this? Mental.

  26. Neganon2



    You can guarantee … Financial shock …. after YES . I don’t know whether to admire your certainty or be disturbed by it.



    I understand that you work in Financial Services ( depending on high up the food chain you are ) , I’m guessing that your employers will be laying if on thick about the consequences of a YES vote , some of it may happen , some of it is political bluff.



    For the vast majority of us , who have to deal with the Financial Services , with our fingers crossed and a healthy measure of dis-trust , it should not come as a surprise if the general public do not believe a word that comes out the mouths of the mouthpieces for that industry.



    It seems to me that the thrust towards YES is about the current economic plight and the prospects which will flow from the current arrangements, folk are sick of it.



    The future is uncertain , the current UK economic model is broken , if the Scottish financial sector want to scare the public witless to maintain the status quo then forgive me for engaging more than one brain cell and making a point that they are it.



    They are promoting a current economic model , they care only for themselves.

  27. Sandman,



    You are so right. As I have said before, I fully expect an Independent Scotland to be a much poorer place. If the Yes campaign had the courage to be honest about this, I would happily vote Yes because we would be going into the future fully aware of the consequences of the decision. Imo, Salmond began to prepare for this yesterday by tentatively suggesting that everything in the garden after Independence wouldn’t all be rosy. A far cry from his constant reassurance that we will be one of the richest countries in the world.

  28. west of ireland csc on

    people here are speaking about religious schools


    i personally believe that all schools should be non denomimational


    why should people pay for other peoples children to educated in another religion


    why should i pay for muslim, protestant, jewish schools etc


    no more than my taxes going to the elite fee paying schools in ireland


    why should there be catholic schools in scotland paid for by taxpayers of other religion and none


    schools should be religion free with parents instructing their children in their own religion after school


    if people want religious schools let them by all means but fund it themselves without money from the state


    let the various churches and their adherents fund their own schools


    the sooner the last grip of the catholic church is removed from schooling in the republic the sooner the better

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