Riches available for Ronny, now let Imran retire to Charlotte Sq


The point was made several times below yesterday’s article that Ronny Deila needs a full strength team on the park tomorrow, as well as an impressive performance and result, which is hard to argue with.

The possibility that Scott Brown could return, as well as potential debuts for Aleks Tonev, Wakaso Mubarak, Stefan Scepovic and John Guidetti gives the manager an embarrassment of riches.  Enormous changes are needed, but their introduction needs to be measured.  Aberdeen will arrive having beaten us home and away last season; their Cup win at Celtic Park [a successful ground all round for them recently]was particularly impressive.

The Scottish media were clearly briefed that Mike Ashley was set to dump ownership of Newcastle United to take control of the dump in Govan, which was reported in good faith, but unfortunately for those hoping the Sports Direct owner would buy into the Rangers International share issue will be disappointed.  This morning a statement from Ashley read, “I will not be participating in the Open Offer which closes at 11am today, Friday September 12, 2014”.

I’m sure the Easdales and our man Philip Nash have another buyer swooping to the rescue.  Maybe our other pal Imran!

In a busy morning at Newco they settled with former director Imran Ahmed, who had claimed £625k in monies owed and costs.  You may consider Ahmed has a brass-plated neck to squeeze the pips from the club he co-founded two years ago, but when so many others in the management team have been superbly compensated, there was little chance he would hold his hands up and leave without consideration.

Hopefully the Scottish media will allow him to retire to Charlotte Square and put the matter behind him, before any embarrassing insolvency event, as is the way around these parts.

Many thanks for the magnificent response to the Magners’ competition, which has now closed.  Special thanks to those of you who helped Mary’s Meals at this difficult time for aid agencies in Africa.

I have the photos from the second and third school kitchens you financed for Mary’s Meals in Malawi.  The mood on the blog has been so…. challenging in recent times I wasn’t sure how to introduce anything off-message, but we’ll profile them soon.

There is also a survey coming up next week.  I’ve been working with a (proper) academic from our community who suggested we should record exactly who we, the Celtic support, are, in 2014.  Planning to run from Monday, so look out for it.

The draw for tomorrow’s tickets will be made shortly so check your inbox.

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  1. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Just in from work not had a chance to read back, but better late than never ;-)

  2. Petec



    At 14.43



    My Dear, Friend…



    Ye ur SO RIGHT!



    You Know n Ah know.. But.. Few Oan Here Know..






    “Judge Ye Not.. Lest .. Ye ur Judged!”






    Nice Chatting,Palomine..



    As per usual.






  3. Pjbhoy NYC I took from your post that you were hoping that no voter apathy would win the day for your side. Hardly an encouraging way to look at things don’t you thin.



    As for your point about bankers. What on earth has that got to do with the independence vote? Drawing these parallels which have no semblance on connection to our decision next week is what I see the yes campaigners doing all the time. It’s just a smokescreen.



    As for where you live. I repeat you are shouting from the sidelines and have no skin in the game. Scotland will be a mess for a generation and it’s my children’s generation.



    Nice of you to sacrifice them and then maybe think of moving here when the dipstick has settled!

  4. petec



    14:43 on 12 September, 2014






    14:34 on 12 September, 2014



    Ian Paisley dead. Hope Satan’s got earplugs handy.





    Your hatred has no logic.



    Rest assured , Im gonnae be a lot mair unpopular than anyone ever, on these hallowed pages, when I talk the Religious Crap. I will continue to do so.


    Protestant/Catholic… Same in my simple mind.



    Yeshua died to take away the Sins, every sin, of this World.







    Spare me the sanctimony, pete.



    Ian Paisley was the epitomy of Hun vermin, a champion of division and hate, cowled in the guise of politics.



    I have no ‘hatred’ for him; I found his life a fury of intolerance and vicious bigotry, and his death a welcome end to it. His influence caused more harm that any quip I or others can make on here. As a human being he was a desperate failure. He lived a prick, died a prick, and I’m happy to take the pish out of that prick. Unrepentantly.



    Your loving God had better be too busy with the mess the rest of the planet’s in to bother with that.

  5. Weeminger and Monteblanco what you think a large turnout equals with political engagement. Of course there will be a large turnout this will have a massive impact on everyone.



    The myth that this has been a civilised and democratic debate is a myth. Look at some of the nonsense the yes voters are throwing around this site.



    Democratic debate? Who are you kidding?

  6. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    14:45 on 12 September, 2014



    I see GM is trying to make you feel better by blaming the time difference……don’t listen to him.



    It was your very commendable use of capital letters,successfully capturing the essence of the man, which did for you. Well done




  7. an tearmann 1326


    Greetings. Trust you had a ball in Donegal? I’m with you entirely on those sentiments. You going to the game tomorrow? I’m on the Arbroath Emerald bus, should get in around 1130.



  8. TBB



    That yahoo account has been closed I fear.



    Can you get my e mail from Paul or my mobile phone no. from a mutual acquaintance. I am off oot now but will catch replies later.







    Thanks but you know you are among the Not Guilty group.



    No time to give a considered opinion on your question.



    In short, engagement is a good thing. The reasons behind the enthusiasm may turn out to be a lot less wholesome than might be imagined.



    Both UKIP and BNP energised some communities towards “political” engagement too.



    That is a comparison of effects and not an equation of political parties or movements before Godwins Law is invoked.

  9. Kojo



    14:50 on 12 September, 2014






    At 14.43



    My Dear, Friend…



    Ye ur SO RIGHT!



    You Know n Ah know.. But.. Few Oan Here Know..






    “Judge Ye Not.. Lest .. Ye ur Judged!”






    Nice Chatting,Palomine..



    As per usual.










    Keep talkin sense.



    Wan of these days I wull get the Ki’s to the Dumbed down version of the WAY to Get a Link Creator.




    CQN corner will divulge it?

  10. Too late now but a question I would have liked to ask RIP.


    As we now have 2 Popes in Rome. Frankie and Benny.


    Which one is the Anti Christ

  11. Bhoylo83



    14:55 on 12 September, 2014



    “Just finished the hoovering and sat down to eat a Flake



    BIG mistake”



    That’ll be the one that everybody in the world (regardless of hoovering experience or skills) knows is made out of the crumbliest flakiest chocolate… That one?

  12. Paul



    Look forward to the outcome of the survey about who we are.



    I’m sure the academic will conduct the survey mindful of closed and loaded questions that would tend skew the outcome.



    Who we like to claim we are is a start – but how we live up to that is the real issue for me.



    It takes guts to forgive and that has to be a core part of the inclusion that we champion.



    Great idea for a survey –




  13. The Auld wans are the best.



    Belfast newsboys shouting ‘Consternation in Heaven ! Big Ian fails to arrive!

  14. Mon The Hoops!



    14:57 on 12 September, 2014





    In the following substitute


    1. for ]


    This is so it doesn’t format



    [a href=”http://youtu.be/vAq3iyDnCQI”]Phorever People: The Shamen[/a]



    This will give you:



    Phorever People: The Shamen





    Thanks internet Pal,



    If I was to NTSC you, you widnae know what is going on.




  15. Neganon



    I will try again, please calm down.



    I said engagement. It comes in different forms. But to take your point, yes some of it is over the top. Is that worse than going back to sleep and being led by the nose in a system that sees all the power concentrated at the very top?



    My point is not about YES/No it is about our ability to ‘engage’


    i.e. is it worth it in the long run, or should we accept the status quo because we can’t behave and be done with democracy. Just take plutocracy and let it run out of steam naturally.


    It usually leads to civil unrest anyway.



    Or do we go for it now and see if there is an alternative



    I would honestly reconsider my vote if it meant a guarantee my weans won’t face mayhem either way in a few decades

  16. NegAnon2


    14:53 on


    12 September, 2014



    As you’d expect I think it’s impossible to accuse one side of nonsense slinging without accepting that it’s happened from both sides.



    What I think has been impressive about this is the amount of time people are taking to read, write and generally look beyond what is presented to them.



    It’s the lack of challenge from the MSM that has annoyed me. One example (I’ve used before so sorry if it bores you.) When Sir Ian Wood challenged the 24 billion boe claim and said it was nearer 16 billion I don’t think a single major media outlet challenged him as to why his own report published in February this year (after several months research) stated that up 24 billion was achievable. It’s on p3.



    That’s what hacks me off. The media not doing their job. People shouldn’t necessarily have to question every single utterance from either side.

  17. Monteblanco all we will do is give power to another group at the top who will sit in Edinburgh rather than London. This other myth that it will all feel more democratic and rosy is I believe a myth. We have noting to suggest that it will be different is just another myth.



    As for mayhem well that’s guaranteed after a yes vote.

  18. Neganon2




    I take it you don’t approve of the attack dog, shouty shouty, you are an idiot if you think differently from me approach!?

  19. Weeminger I have never experienced such a one sided vitriolic response from one side in any election. The yes campaign from the outset used this tactic via websites such as a thousand flowers and those who vote yes have followed that lead.



    As for the MSM well we have seen their ilk before. But most of the anger directed at the MSM is in my opinion simply another reflection of the tactics used by the yes campaign. Attack and smear and deny and deny.

  20. No Geordie I don’t approve of it and it has caused me and others to react to it because it infuriates and is used to demonise and belittle.

  21. Neganon



    So you believe that power going to the top (WM) is better than it going to the top (Edinburgh) where we would be able to hold them more accountable? i.e. voting them out means voting them out.



    Political Mayhem now or Civil Mayhem later. I reckon that is the choice. The only difference is the civil unrest will be uglier and I will be old and my grandchildren will be worse off politically.



    You don’t have to agree ;)

  22. weeminger


    15:03 on


    12 September, 2014



    The media is doing its job.



    It is following proprietorial dictat.

  23. geordie munro – Brilliant!



    However, cats are superior to dogs, and anybody who says otherwise is worse than Hitler.



    #CQNPETSDEBATE (thumbsup)