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  1. Through but I hope the board and more importantly Desmond was watching that, if that is acceptable we will struggle in every game we play.

  2. Well that had all the hallmarks of a horror show – another one. We’ve won, Moi took his goal well but we’re nowhere near getting what we should be out of this squad.



    I was going to watch the Sevco match but I fear having seen how bad we are, I’d only scare myself for the October derby. My God, we’ve a lot of work to do.

  3. Don’t know who suffered most -:you lads watching / listening or me relying on updates.



    Thanks – time for a Stella

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Is it just me, or does everyone else go ‘phew’ when the FT whistle sounds these days?



    Absolutely dreadful performance yet again. Continue to play like this and the ten is gone.

  5. The most disjointed Celtic team with no plan whatsoever….There are big problems with this team ….Please sort it out PL ….

  6. I’ll take it of course….I’m a big fan of Lenny his heart his passion and his dogged determination to stand up. However I’m now getting increasingly nervous,. This is turgid football, as one poster mentioned wee frimpers was an enforced sub ffs.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Job done.



    And in 90 minutes.



    But another outing when it “didn’t click”



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  8. Moi produces the ‘Get Lennon out of jail’ card…



    Sadly, it only delays the waiting car crash if the manager persists (which he will) with the old boys club, a fading captain and a left back out of his depth.



    Worryingly also, on the grass, big Duffy looks a poor footballer.




  9. Thanks for the updates!



    Can’t remember a poorer performance, based on the updates.



    Thank god the hibs won’t be well rested and are shite too.

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BATEEN BHOY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:52 PM


    Brilliant tonight from Lenny. Inspired sub taking eddie off to let Moi score the winner in last minute of regulation time 👍




    Yer a bad man :-))))






  11. 1-0 good guys deserved but not a convincing performance,too much crab football ,we are better than this FFS we’re playing like a motherwell or hearts and not the team we should be get it sorted lenny please

  12. What happens next — we were dross and then some.


    SD has been in less than three weeks and now he is now playing like SMcM of Heid and Hoof fame.



    There is a black hole at L/town — draining the life out of players who train there.


    We are terrible and then some.


    NL needs help at every level.

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    No need to say much, repeat performance of most of the games this season.



    Ten under threat if this continues. Lennon sets the team up and dictates the style of play.

  14. Infuriating again, unimaginative again, lacklustre again but through thanks to MoM Frimpong and Elyanoussi, both thought not to be starting material.



    Taylor, McGregor, Bitton, Brown, Edouard, Ntcham, Forrest – take your pick. None achieved pass marks. And let’s not talk about the number of backward passes – world record number.



    I’m relieved but absolutely furious at the performance – or lack of one.

  15. GT — the long march to quality continues.


    Put his heart and soul into it as those around preened / pouted / postured.

  16. Thanks for the updates, folks – sounded like uninspiring stuff. Hope the players can shake off this malaise pronto, but something tells me it goes beyond the team. Hope I’m wrong…

  17. glendalystonsils on

    CQNpoty should be easy enough though.



    1 Frimpong


    2 Frimpong


    3 Frimpong.



    Quite a few ‘Dear oh dears’ among the others , dugout included.

  18. Celtic win.



    “Fans” call for the managers head.



    Remember going to extra time at home to Arbroath under Billy ?



    Losing at Clydebank under Stein ?



    Brendan losing to Imps ?



    Get over yirselfs.



    Neil Francis is here for 10, he is going nowhere.



    youse get back on the bus and doon the road.

  19. Thank god for that



    Barkas excellent


    Bitton OK


    Duffy poor


    Ajer poor


    Brown poor


    McGregor OK


    Ntcham OK


    Christie excellent


    Forrest OK


    Taylor poorest


    Edouard poor


    Frimpong goodIsh


    Ajeti poor


    Moi poor touch and a goal!!!


    Lennon sackable

  20. We have a bad habit of making teams look well organized and fit. I will take the win but somethings not right.

  21. If Edouard had tried tonight and not sulked around the pitch for 70 mins we would have won the game comfortably



    Sell him now if he’s not interested and play Ajeti with Moi



    Onwards and upwards

  22. STEBHOY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:49 PM



    something aint right and we need 1-2 more signings. I’d sell Ntcham as he just has no desire



    *don’t need the signings, give young Turnbull Nitcham’s spot and our wee hibbee talisman striker can take Eddy’s. Him and Ajeti could be our new Hooper and Stoksie, or big Jan Vinnegar and skippy or even Lemon and Stevie.

  23. Deelight returns to Sober Realisation that wee Jeremie will likely be Sold to the Highest Bidder.



    The Beautiful game is utterly ugly now.



    Wee Frimps could have went down but he didnae, he widnae.



    He is made of Corinthian Spirit.



    Some might say… Celtic Spirit.



    Naw, he stayed on his feet to try to get Celtic a Goal. Nothing else.



    He Cemented his First Team place tonight.



    Fearless wee Black (Ginger) guy.

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