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  1. Did my sarcasm get me booted out ?


    Logged out for no reason.



    Bery flat performance again. Seems to be a theme this season. Too many players look like they’re adversely affected by the lack of a crowd. Doesn’t seem to be the same passion, even from our Captain. A real lack of enthusiasm. The only shining light this evening was the performance of young Frimpong. Bitton gets pass marks as he played the whole game like he had a joint pre kick-off. Christie had a decent game too, if only for the effort he put in, and Barkas did nothing wrong. Other than those, everyone else looked like they just wanted to get home.


    Something missing this season, and it’s not just the fans.

  2. CB @ 8.01



    You are having a laugh — Young JF only “goodish”?


    He was excellent / inspiring / explosive …



    If he wasn’t on the park the team would have fallen asleep.

  3. Expat Celt,


    I thought they were fit and organized.Not too difficult to then play 11 behind d the ball.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Yep, the only player with pass marks was Frimpong.



    If Ajer, Edouard and Christie want to leave, feckin’ sell them and reinvest the proceeds.



    Don’t wait till the last day of October.

  5. Yet another away win in Europe!


    Balkans next on the map.


    Didn’t that use to be Yugoslavia?


    Changed days indeed

  6. Going to reserve judgement until after next qualifier. Not playing well but yet winning, games games games needed pronto.

  7. CONEYBHOY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:01 PM



    ‘Christie excellent’






    I’d hate to see him when he has a poor game.

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    i think jobo needs to just start asking for 2 players for his poty votes.



    its been really difficult in a few games this season to pick 3



    for this game







    and no one really but will say ntcham cos i seen him do stuff

  9. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Well done Celtic ! Deserved win. Riga had watched our videos and went for one tactic. The ref had read their script too. Our old guard are stale when it comes to bus parkers at the least – OE is experiencing his first period of prolonged injury – clearly not fit. It’s going to be one hell of a season.

  10. A very tough watch and I wouldn’t be surprised if only 6 or 7 of our 14 players get any recognition at all. I think I know who will be man of the match already. CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM




  11. Some so called supporters want to take a look at themselves ,wanting Celtic beaten so they can prove


    they were right …fekn arseholes.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    PHILBHOY – I’m sure the updates were accurate.



    Nothing in centre midfield. And I mean physically nothing – all the midfielders were drifting out wide most of the night.



    Wee Taylor put in a great shift, but I lost count of the amount of times he didn’t try to beat his man. Not his fault – he lacks a bit of pace for that. But Moi should have been on an hour earlier.



    Big Eddie – almost an empty jersey, but had his best spell in the 10 minute before he got the hook – wasn’t complaining too much about that though.



    Very relieved for another bit of brilliance from Wee Jeremy and a great finish from Moi (reminiscent of my hero – Big Georgios).



    Will take a while to sort through the debris of that shape and performance – nothing good to say about it. More frustrated about the lack of adjustment in tactics throughout the game than anything else.






  13. Hate to say this but our esteemed 30/40 million centre forward looked and played like he couldn’t care less tonight….never even got to his usual stage of beating a couple of men before losing the ball.


    For all the credit he has in the bank I have to call a spade a spade.


    Was happy to see him off.



    Greg taylor getting all the flak but he never hid..he is just a limited wee player.


    Worked his socks off all night.



    But wee Frimpong was awesome …hate to think were we would be without him tonight.


    And huge credit to Mo for a brilliant finish.


    Shane Duffy looked awkward all night for such an easy shift…a bit worrying really

  14. Barkas – Not for me and a crazy reverse pass on a thick slow pitch could have ended hi celtic career.



    Duffy – Leader and will get better



    Biton – Brilliant first half and solid throughout



    Ajer – Maybe get his passion again when the window closes – based on recent performances I’d sell for a defender who can defend without complaining



    Mcgregor – tidy without being creative – would do better with a proper wing back beside him (imagine a Frimpong type for mcgregor to feed)



    Broony – Love the man but I think he looks leggy and we lose the bite needed



    Ntcham — fancy but frustrating. We haven’t managed to coach passion into his game. Lazy headed!



    Christie – Didn’t have hi best tonight but 100% as always



    Eddie – If he was a new signing we’d be very very worried. No touch , no link up , showed nothing tonight.



    Taylor – Not for for the jersey but its not his fault. 100% effort but not defensive nor offensive ability , sorry!



    Jeremey. – raw passion, speed and makes stuff happen – need more like him



    Forrest – predictable and has lost the coinfidence or pace to take a man on. Sometimes we need to clear out the content in the team



    Ajeti – Inviolved in the box but didn’t drop for him.



    Lennon – Must take credit for Moi sub – but he didn’t show up on the touchline until 10 to go. I’m worried about his ability to coach a team without causing disruption in the dressing room when the going gets tough.



    Lawell and Dermot – you’re watching this mess , get the players in and out as needed! and stop messing around and gambling with the team

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    It’s all about getting thru to the next round but my god we’re fecking garbage, see the new psychological approach to our performance in Europe is bearing fruit.



    Team is tired and predictable manager is tired and predictable

  16. Turgid performance. That’s how Cathac’s brother just described the game to me. He watched it. I every so plucked up the nerve to read CQN. He also reckoned that Frimpong was the MotM. Bitton too was an honourable mention. Nobody else. He feels the blame lies with the players. I think much of it must lie with the manager.



    Do we play the next tie next week?

  17. lets all do the huddle on

    and brown needs to stop picking up needless bookings



    he has been booked 6 times at least this season which means he never puts a challenge in for the rest of the game so whats the point in him being on the park

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Another sore on the eye performance but through, job done . Aff to watch the Huns hopefully for a laugh

  19. garygillespieshamstring on

    Tough team to break down. Thankfully they didn’t score first or we would have been in trouble.


    We missed a few chances but at least took one.



    Next round was the target. Job done but not in style.

  20. Did we win? Wouldn’t think so looking in here. The result is the only imperative at this stage.



    Well done Celtic 🍀

  21. I am happy that they look unhappy.



    They are thinking we are better than that performance, we can do better, score more , it should not have been so hard, we opened them up several times, but the final balls from frimpong, were met with a ping pong.


    Maybe even we are letting the manager down.

  22. Barkas






    My top 3



    My bottom 3










    Shame about Duffy as he was organising and captaining well initially .


    Brown started well but was actually ruined by Duffy/Bitton passes thinking he had skill


    Taylor – i have backed him but he now stands ready for a straight pass back every time. Kicks a cross right at his man when deep and when he goes forward is offside by miles and doesn’t even realise



    Put Connell at LB


    Drop Brown for Ajeti. Christie takes no 10 and Ntcham sits back



    Turnbull swaps in for Ntcham or McGregor during games or between games



    No more Brown interrupting an easy pass just to do something

  23. BATEEN BHOY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:04 PM



    To be fair to him Ntcham didn’t hide.



    Christie put in some effort, with little end product. When the team are playing badly he tends to stand out because he generally plays for himself more than the team.



    Frimpong though was the only one who deserves any praise after that.

  24. It’s a bad day when 2 of your top 3 players are subs. Frimpong, Elyounoussi and Barkas as no one else merits a mention

  25. TURKEYBHOY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:02 PM


    Usual suspect on slating Taylor .Idiot.





    Taylor is shite. You’re a prick. Nothinbg changes.

  26. People saying “win is all that matters” is missing an important point.



    Form is hard to just switch on. Continue to play with this malaise and eventually it catches up – it did against Ferencvaros and it could well do against Hibs.



    Clearly something isn’t right and some players not playing to their potential.



    I’d be tempted to play Moi who despite not winning everyone over, is clearly happy to be here and eager to please. Put him just behind Ajeti until Eddie either gets fit, gets his mojo or gets sold.

  27. Strange one tonight, won it as Riga looked like a team who had no expectation of winning, well organised defensively nothing going forward although in the first half they caught us wide open on a couple of occasions and outnumbered us, that should not happen. In saying that Barkas had absolutely nothing to do. We won, we’re through to the next round nothing more.


    One final moan is the commentator the one who does our home matches? God he’s a miserable bugger, he’d clear a wake!

  28. BIG PACKY 1 on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:06 PM


    the lions would have beat that mob 10-0 .



    The Seville team too

  29. Our stream was buffering quite a lot. I missed the excellence of Ryan Christie.



    Let’s be honest , not one of our starting 11 came anywhere near excellence.



    However to reitterate, the result is everything.




  30. There comes a time in the season when you should be all bedded in. And a level of opponent you should see off with ease.



    That time is now.



    Eye-bleedingly poor.



    Bitton, cool and competent.


    Thank the Lord for wee Frimpong.



    HH jg

  31. Lenny’s ‘players need to decide if they want to be here’ comment came to mind a few times tonight



    It’s pretty obvious who I’m on about

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