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  1. Ntcham’s reaction to being subbed tells a lot about what is going on.


    He couldn’t even look at Lennon.

  2. Ach well…I’m off to watch my son play and moan at the coach for having no tactics, bad substitutions and no motivational skills.

  3. Keep Neilf for league campaign, no matter result tonight, and change it at the end of the season, that’s the best squad I’ve seen in my time watching Celtic, European football is an embarrassing against teams from Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia…ffs it has to change

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Interesting a few are off to watch the Huns’ as their game seems to be only on ‘Hun TV’.




  5. Cannot get this GT vitriol — he is a young player trying to make the step up to the player we need.


    He needs support / coaching / experience — we have had a lot worse playing at LB.



    We are playing badly as a team yet he is the one in the firing line when too many are phoning it in or playing for their highlights reel.



    The malaise starts from the top.


    DD talks a good game on the golf course.


    PL has been milking the club for nearly two decades.


    NL and his staff are phoning it in.



    As noted before we look an unhappy club — GT is not to blame.

  6. Tottenham Quick News in meltdown as Shkendija equalise.



    I’ve literally never heard of this side and I’m a sad anorak who has heard of pretty much every team in European competition.

  7. Scott Brown is a great Captain, he will I am sure make a significant contribution at some stage in the season but on his current form he should not be anywhere near our starting XI. Not looking for a scapegoat, or ignoring other deficiencies just saying it as it is.



    If our coaching staff cannot see that then we have a bigger problem.



    difficult watch tonight

  8. Ernie,


    Agree about Ntcham. Didn’t do much wrong and his talent was stifled by the indifference of others.


    I’m guessing the sports psychologist hasn’t picked up a pay cheque yet.

  9. Another game where the team who finishes the game were better than that which started.



    Inspired subs? Wrong choice initially? Luck? Fate?



    I think most can see a slight downturn and a stagnation. How do we right ourselves?

  10. Is big Duffy not quite match fit? Are the epl guys a few weeks behind in their training? Didn’t look quite at it to me.



    A win is ultimately what matters but we are still struggling for form that comes from also having the right balance. We like 3-5-2 but it doesn’t always work. Especially when you don’t play two natural strijers in the 2!!



    Jerry Frimpong by a country mile MOTM

  11. Frimpong would have kicked his heels all night if it wasn’t for the ‘luck’ of a James injury.



    He was brilliant when he came on. Brilliant.




  12. Riga have a decent home record in Europe.


    We dominated game, were desperately unlucky on two occasions when Frimpong created 2 wonderful chances.


    In the end it was pure relief but we have had our share of bad luck in Europe so I’ll make no apologies for celebrating the win.


    Frimpong showed great heart throughout and no little skill, the clearest man of the match in ages.


    I’ll have to think about my next 2 picks, thought Bitton had a great first half, Christie is up there in my thoughts as well.


    Eddie is a huge worry, sincerely hope he is not sulking looking for a move,

  13. ernie,



    I could not believe Ryan doing the whole Cristiano Ronaldo pish at a free kick, after wee Jeremie had done it all to get things moving quick.



    So many Egos were in trouble tonight. I know who I’d say to go. And it isnae Broonie or Lenny.



    16Roads called it a while ago.

  14. They should not have finished with 11 men on the park by the way. Brutal tackle on Broonie.



    No way I’d have left Scott out tonight but I think the time is coming when a domestic eague or Cup fixture or two will see him rested.



    Whatever position Cal and Ollie were playing in tonight, both were wasted. Two real ball playing talents who need to be played in the right part of the park to let them flourish. Balance, balance and more more balance please

  15. glendalystonsils on

    It looks to me like the management team are only getting 50% (tops) out of the side as a whole and a range between 90% (Frimpers) and 20% (Eddy) out of individuals . A few like Duffy , Taylor, Christie and Calmac are putting in the effort but not in a channeled way .



    Why , is a mystery.

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well if there was Var that penalty would not stand, boy touched ball, as for the second some goalie.






    FootballliveSD shows it aff Huns TV, had enough anyway

  17. The positive energy on this side really knows no bounds.



    Celtic are still standing in Europe. Just as spurs are scraping by and proving ‘there are no easy games’ then so are we.



    Last I saw we were also in a stronger position that’s our rivals in the league too !

  18. Deserved to win no doubt about it but the lack of creativity is worrying.Team looked lethargic except for a couple of players thank god for frimpong👍

  19. Why do we not get to play diddy teams like Willem 2, instead of the big teams like Ferencvaros and Riga.



    I think it’s fixed.

  20. onenightinlisbon on

    Performance not acceptable. No different to most of our games this season. certain players know they will get a game no matter what, starting with our captain. Complacency and loyalty could cost us this season but hey a wins a win….

  21. SAINT STIVS on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:01 PM



    Spot on,Big Jock had a few howlers,it happens.




    Regarding tonight,well done Celtic,that said we cannot start games with 8 men,Forrest is running on reputation,Taylor is no threat going forward and cannot defend,and as for Big Eddie,I cannot be bothered with the huffy attitude,and frankly the lies about fatigue,2 games out for us,2 games in for France,then absenting himself at short notice leaving the Manager trying to excuse him,not fair on NL or the fans.



    If he hankers for the CL music then buy him a CD and send him on his way,the way we will win “10 ” is having a team,and a good attitude. PS take Ollie with you.

  22. SAINT STIVS on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:10 PM


    I am happy that they look unhappy.



    They are thinking we are better than that performance, we can do better, score more , it should not have been so hard, we opened them up several times, but the final balls from frimpong, were met with a ping pong.



    Maybe even we are letting the manager down.



    SS I seen what you done there



    sensible poignant comments, even your acerbic sarcasm cant compete with the absolute Pish comments here sometime. you just cant make this stuff up, well played mate (handclappything)



    comment of the night award – “Maybe even we are letting the manager down. ”



    the support or the players?



    Celtic’s thirteenth man _ colourful, noisy but cannae handle the pressure, maybe empty stadiums are a blessing.





    I get jelly legs watching these games God bless the players, stern stuff, big hearts and cool heeds