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  1. rangers are firing on all cylinders – they have decent back up in most positions. They are hungry , confident and capable. They have also pushed the boat out financially and taken risks. We haven’t ………..yet.



    The team needs help – no more projects!

  2. Stebhoy,



    Catch yourself on fella. We could sign N’Golo Kante tomorrow and he’d be kicking his heels for 6 months waiting for a 10 minute cameo against the Accies at home.




  3. I have a suggestion but very little evidence to back it up.



    I believe that there is a split in the squad. After Ferencevaros defeat Lenny said there are players who dont want to be here. The MSM is full of negative stories unsettling our players. There appears to be a leak to the media. Christies dad gave an interview to play in EPL,. Christie has changed and has become “greedy” He shoots at will, and takes on all set pieces. He rarely passes in the final third.



    There is little drive in the team, they are flat. There is rarely any support from team mates if a player gets injured. No backslapping or encouragement to each other.



    There generally appears they are not a happy or united team,. This is not like a Celtic team at all. They look demotivated. Is there arguments over money?



    The evidence is circunstantial but someyhing is not right

  4. Watching the Hun on Hesgoal. They are now 4-0 up away against the team 5th in the Eredivisie. They are far more organized than we are at the back, much less porous in midfield, and counterattack far faster than we do. This will be their 12th win in 18 EL qualifying ties in 3 years, with 6 draws. They haven’t lost any. Kent is a complete arsehole, but a fast, dangerous player. We really need to get our act together before October 17, because they will sit in, and strike us fast down the wings, where, let’s face it, we are not too good. We need a left back before then, and time is already very short.

  5. I don’t know how anyone watches the Huns long enough to give an opinion, I did see the penalty they got awarded… Clear dive by Kent



    If only Frimpong was a wee cheat I’m sure we would have won 4-0 as well

  6. I love this comfort blanket thrown round Brown due to his age



    He is not unfit, he is not very good



    If he hadn’t done the Broony in 2011 he would be gone when BR turned up



    Very nice lad, very lucky lad



    Penalty miss vs huns 2016


    50p header vs molde or the like


    Penalty vs cluj deliberate


    No attempt at block vs cluj


    Penalty vs hearts and 2 others last season


    Sent off vs Neymar


    Dropped for Hartley by a proper coach


    Hero for hitting row z at Killie, deflected in and still gets sent off




  7. Ooooh the Huns are pure amazin and we’re pure shite






    Ffs I’m out of here

  8. The huns have a system and every player knows their role within it. They’re effective but they’re limited.



    We have by far the best squad but at the moment are making hard work of games. We desperately need to up the tempo in our game and press the opposition as a team.



    There’ll be a lot of noise now about the huns but it’s the same every year. We need to focus on our game and the manager needs to drop some of his favourites.



    Hopefully it come good for us soon. We need performances to go alongside these wins.

  9. CorkCelt…@ 9.15…more or less agree with you. Definitely need something fresh, be it Soro or Turnbull. I thought Ajeti should have been brought on earlier but to replace the yellow carded Broonie rather than Ntcham. This would have allowed McGregor to play centrally in a more spacious midfield and spray the ball left and right, rather than being stuck on the left playing passes with Taylor…And young Greg should get the ball into the area earlier. He became a bit predictable when in possession. Frimpong had them scared with his strong running and determination to influence the game. Riga never really threatened us at any time. So, glad we got through without the need for extra-time. Shame about we James’ injury and I’m still not sure if Duffy has improved us defensively…Frimpong and Bitton and Moi for his goal…

  10. Seriously bad again, against very poor European opposition, get the 10 hopefully, and we need big changes. Starting with Lawwell getting another manager he can control, our record in recent years is shameful. The money on offer for European football, for a Club, should be each season’s target, but we act as if it’s the first time in Europe, every time,how many times do we have to watch the same movie? Neil Lennon is a Celtic Legend for me,nobody has had to put up with what him and his family have been through, for wearing our colours, but we will be out of Europe soon,and let him concentrate on this year’s title,thank you and move on.

  11. An Dun



    What you are saying in a lot of words is that Lennon is an poor manger



    My specific criticism on Lennon is that he is a poor football manager but also a poor people manger



    An angry wee man is not what we need, If it was , I’d be managing Barca

  12. we seem to be having a lot of hopefully’s , maybe’s and if’s and but’s regarding our performances both by individuals and as a team

  13. WBC. Surprised to see Duffy getting a bad press tonight.


    He did play a stupid pass to Brooney in 1st half but apart from that I thought he was solid enough.


    Brooney definitely needs a break, I don’t know enough about either Soro or Turnbull to say they would make us better but we need to find out pronto.


    I have decided my votes tonight, I’m going, Frimpong, Bitton & Christie.

  14. Where as that “angry wee man” (most hypocritical comment i have seen on here going by the cyrrent rant) managed Celtic to beat arguably one of the greatest teams to have played the modern game- Barca.

  15. Bada,



    We are relying on hope when we should be out of sight. Team is poorly organised and coached currently. Those ‘hoping’ here for improvements are in for a shock. Luckily our run against crap teams is masking lots of problems but of course some of us can see the obvious ferencvaros mark 2 coming at us again.



    Insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over again.




  16. Big W- I will say something, a lot of guys might agree with but would not post….if we got beaten tonight, I wouldn’t have been too bothered….the 10 is the issue

  17. “Insanity is repeating the same the mistake over and over and again” panicking and moaning all the way through the season only to eat your words at the end of another successful season?

  18. CorkCelt,



    Your blinkered defence of Duffy is admirable but come on, Duffy has not improved us and looks vulnerable to pace and weak in distribution. I hope he improves but a weird signing given what we needed to fix at the back.






    St Stivs – love your quips





    When where you at St Stivs?











    78 to 82



    know a hundred gibby spammers due to school. fitba, and spending weekends in border country, highholm street.



    faither drank in broons often , pals with martin docherty

  20. Bada – It would purely be a synmptom of our malaise rather than some strategic choice to focus on the 10. We look poor, regardless of the competition we are playing in.



    The league is 50:50 in my opinion. How did it come to that?




  21. we are going for the holy grail 10 – in the past we have pulled a surprise or two pre season to give the team a boost. This of all seasons is when we should be showing our financial muscle and putting them out of sight.



    Instead , we have a couple of key positions where we are weaker now than in the past few seasons.



    We get one chance at this – they need to give the manager everything possible to be successful

  22. Big Wavy, You have your opinion, I have mine.


    Only time will prove who is right.


    I believe we will get better as a team, and I believe Duffy will get better as he gets the games in.



    If we don’t improve we will not win the 10 in a row.


    My big worry is Eddie, he was our best player last season and you need a talisman in your team.


    He looks a shadow of himself right now, if we get last year’s Eddie back we will be well on our way.

  23. CorkCelt,



    Fair enough fella.



    Eddie as a lone striker with 3 men around him every time he gets the ball. He’s frustrated as hell. I feel for him. It’s a stupid system when we know he excels with a close partner ( as he did with Griff) and not with a midfielder who drifts backwards all the time.




  24. Coneybhoy. 9.44.


    Is that a serious post?


    Calling Scott Brown a clown, are you at the wind up?


    Double Scottish players player of the year, winner,something that only him and Henrik have done.


    The award has been going since 1979.


    Clearly his peers think highly of him.


    He’s been a tremendous player for Celtic and unless, you are joking and I’ve missed the joke, I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to call him a clown.