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  1. Paul67,



    Your once fantastic blog is being destroyed. Very rarely a good word for Celtic.



    Well done tonight Celtic…we won.



    Maybe I need a wee break.



    Night Bhoys.



    Hail Hail.

  2. I know a lot of fans like James Forrest



    His statistics this year are zero assists



    He has been awefull



    He would be one of the 1st players on the team


    Sheet v Sevco



    He would be a man down again



    I remember last year when young Mickey Johnstone got Injured , it was a help towards 9 in


    A row and Neil kept picking him before



    Will the Forrest injury do the same for our ten


    In a row. Not nice to say , but true



    Even if fit , he has lost his place to frimpong


    Oh and don’t play him on left as useless there also

  3. Apple



    Not you big man



    I have my works iPhone linked to my new works iPad and it keeps disconnecting but also loads of autocorrect from a raging we Scottish guy !

  4. On Duffy ,I don’t think he is the answer at Centre Back ,dives in to quick ,no pace so I’ll leave it at that .as for Edouard like a lot of players just now ,especially with this transfer window,there minds can be somewhere else ,and I’m sure that’s what’s the matter with him.Personally the transfer window should open at the end of the season and finish at the start of the new season,also i think this transfer window should have been scrapped,under this pandemic were thousands or millions of people are going to lose there jobs and homes,While Sky and others telling people about how much players are earning some weekly and not getting a game while people are going to be really struggling,they should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. That cheating Cnut Anthony Taylor just cost me a grand. Disallowed 2 good goals for Bayern and burst my coupon. First for offside which was feckin dubious to say the least and the 2nd for a non existent push – aaaargh!



    I’m on a rant now so may as well continue – we were shite tonight and Lenny’s selections and tactics/subs are baffling. Relieved we’re through but the difference when Frimpong plays instead of Jamesy is glaringly obvious for all to see. Broonie with another poor poor performance and silly booking, should have been off before and instead of Ntcham. Greg Taylor is a good honest pro but is not Celtic first team material and Eddy was truly awful and looked miserable throughout. As for the back 3, Jesus! Big Nir had a half decent game but no feckin way should he be starting for us in defence, the whole thing is terrifying tbh.



    Anyway Bayern leading now in extra time so Taylor must have had money on a draw – are all refs dirty cheating Masonic bastards, asking for a friend??




  6. The huns start with Tavernier and Barisic and we start with Forrest and Taylor. Why we got shot of Hayes is beyond me. Hit the feeking by line when we are up against a 10 men wall! That’s how we eventually scored tonight through Frimps endeavour.


    Lenny played along side Thommo FFS , how hard can it be to see it?


    Forrest has sh@t his pants of late and Taylor gets a nosebleed just thinking about going past a right back. P@sh poor performance yet again and Lenny thinks we were great. Don’t get me started on Broony lasting the 90 mins, and on a yellow too. It could have went so wrong tonight. Fortunately, Riga played like a St Johnstone/ Motherwell….and the rest. Looks like we’ve learnt heehaw from last season and this will be right up Stevie G’s street.


    I don’t want to slag my team or the manager but it’s hard to watch this drivel and there’s no signs of it improving. Don’t even look forward to European games anymore. The Champions League gubbings were bad enough but now the EL qualifiers are watched from behind the couch……..AND the games against Sevco! Why is that? Something is amiss and I’m afraid the buck stops with the manager, especially his team selection and tactics


    Right, I’m away to dry ma pants

  7. Commiserations to all those guys whose team did`t do so well tonight.


    Mine dominated , won and are into the next round.


    Goodnight all.

  8. Sydneytim



    I agree that the Ayrshire Superstar has not hit the hights of his past 10 years yet



    I fear that the formation and management is our issue



    James will be back as a top performer ; several havre never got there never will

  9. Some people need to cop on regarding tonight. Sure it was a poor watch but Riga parked the bus big style. We had 79% possession, 11 shots on goal and 6 on target. Riga had 21% possession 1 shot on goal and 0 on target.


    As regards the huns in Europe, luck is their middle name. The game was over after a soft penalty and a blunder by the Dutch goalkeeper. I’m probably in the same camp as Bada to some extent, ambivalent about Europe because of the 10 but whilst we are in Europe I’d prefer the huns to be there too, which totally goes against my normal philosophy when it comes to anything playing out of Ayebrokes.


    Eddie was poor again tonight and should have been hooked earlier. Our main problem is the midfield in just about every game. I love Broony but we are currently playing with a man short in that area. Unfortunately, you can almost guarantee he’ll be first pick for the Hibs game when bringing in the likes of Turnbull might just freshen us up in that department.


    So next up Sarajevo away.

  10. Coneybhoy



    All good, was in jest.



    I like Duffy. Still fresh in the team, needs a few. Would rather folks didn’t write him off after a few goals and games.



    We do have the best squad but at times it really doesn’t look like it.



    Rest SB and J(old)F, play two up front and sign a left back.




  11. Pog,



    Don’t worry, you’ll get your wish soon fella. A decent team will beat us and it shouldn’t come as a surprise.



    Of course it might also happen in the league if we pursue the same mistakes.



    We aren’t being clever here. Our problems extend to all competitions. Lady luck has been papering our cracks for weeks (ohhh errr)




  12. Full focus on Sunday – we get our shape and get to our best then everything will fall into place.



    If we’re playing like this in October then I’m afraid we may be in for another upset at Celtic Park.




    Agreed. Some on here would have you believe the dark side bossed them. Didn’t watch but match stats show otherwise.

  14. Not sure if my eyes deceived me or not. Did Ntcham appear visibly hacked off at the manager for being taken off? If that is indeed the case then it is worrying. Added to that, the body language of Odsonne suggests either he is frustrated playing up front on his own or indeed he does want away. I am far from being a body language expert but I do hope it’s the former.

  15. BIG WAVY,


    It’s debatable whether that ‘decent’ team will be Sarajevo. We beat them and then we go into the Europa League proper. I remember reading all this shit last year and we are one trophy away from winning a quadruple treble. I’ll make my judgement about papered over cracks and luck riding if and when (Covid-19 dependent) the prizes are handed out at the end of the season.


    Sure there’s still a lot of work to be done on the squad so I’ll keep my public powder dry until something unthinkable happens, which does not include an early exit from the Champions League.

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    There are obviously some in our support who have still to grasp everything about 11 a side football. 🥺 then I reflect and maybe it’s “just me” but then I take a second read and yup it’s not me.



    We lack drive and imagination from manager, coaches and team, I’m certain they’re giving 100% effort but the vast majority are lacking something at this stage.



    Manager – trying too hard to look tactically astute, constant formation and team changes



    Coaches – no idea what they contribute if anything



    Barkas – still settling in, biggest problem he’s not Fraser Foster for far too many fans



    Taylor – unspectacular player, no confidence or pace for a Celtic attacking fullback, biggest problem is he’s not KT



    Bitton – good squad player calm on the ball – biggest problem seen as a centre half, does adequate job but doesn’t react like a centre half



    Julien – good ball player decent enough but doesn’t win enough winnable headers, should play centre in a three



    Ajer- slightly better version of Bitton, biggest issue is he thinks he’s better than he is.



    El Hamed – he’s either chicken shit or chicken salad, no middle ground



    Duffy – seen nothing to get excited about yet, obv not 100% but not living up to any hype



    Frimpers- big. Talent better going forward at present our only player on form in an attacking sense



    Brown- great captain but is relied upon to cover the defence and be the steel in the middle, no writing him off but needs to pick his games or minutes



    McGregor- is the metronome currently playing to much sideways and too slowly



    Christie – at present seems to play more for himself than the team, shite at corners mostly



    Ntcham – classiest player we have (imho) our slow tempo at present isn’t playing to his strengths, tired of the stereotypical ‘ lazy ‘ comments ( a comment commonly attributed to black players by white commentators apparently, either that or the other one athletic)



    Eduoard – teams top scorer, looks unfit or injured, don’t buy this “uninterested” look, he’s always been thus, he’s better in a two up front



    James Forrest – better player than he’s displaying, plays too much on his heels, doesn’t look to have any attacking freedom at present



    Ajeti – looks like he knows where the goal is and is a good link up, should start more often as he’d bring on others play



    Moi – he’s a bit stop start, chopping and changing of team isn’t help him find some form



    Klimala, trying too hard needs some composure but he’s still young



    Rest of squad we barely get to see



    ‘Not sure if my eyes deceived me or not. Did Ntcham appear visibly hacked off at the manager for being taken off?’







    He didn’t look happy, which might have been because he was angry at being subbed, or might have been because he was disappointed with the team’s performance.



    Being subbed isn’t always a message from the manager that he thinks you’ve played badly.

  18. WBC,


    Ollie did look somewhat miffed but to be honest he flattered to deceive tonight, having said that NL needs to decide if he wants Broony or Ollie in the team as they do not function together in the same team.


    Eddie always seems to be ‘miserable’ at the best of times but more so at the moment – the French Rev IM Jolly.

  19. St Stivs


    Our time coincided briefly- I was there 80-85 – interesting



    Born in Thomas Muir St in Gibshill so would have known some names




  20. Having lost the league tonight and being banned from europe. thank you scott brown, I think my unqualified opion is proved,

  21. JINKYREDSTAR on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:50 PM


    St Stivs





    Our time coincided briefly- I was there 80-85 – interesting







    Born in Thomas Muir St in Gibshill so would have known some names













    Mick O Neill is my brother in law.



    I know that narrows it down to maybe 10 mick o neills in the gibby, but the best mick o ,

  22. SAINT STIVS – your unqualified opion (unlimited opium?) is undoubtedly proven.



    I have always enjoyed an unqualified opion undoubtedly proven.



    Avoiding relegation is now the aim.

  23. Brilliant result a win away from home in Europe.






    We move onto Sunday, bring on the Hibees



    D :)

  24. Our Captain








    Scottish League Cup: 2006–07[27]





    Scottish Premiership (10): 2007–08,[185] 2011–12,[186] 2012–13,[187] 2013–14,[188] 2014–15,[189] 2015–16,[190] 2016–17,[191] 2017–18[192] 2018–19,[193] 2019–20[194]


    Scottish Cup (5): 2010–11,[87] 2012–13,[195] 2016–17,[196] 2017–18, 2018–19[197]


    Scottish League Cup (6): 2008–09,[55] 2014–15,[198] 2016–17,[199] 2017–18,[200] 2018–19,[117] 2019–20[201]





    PFA Scotland Team of the Year (Premiership) (6): 2006–07,[202] 2008–09, 2014–15,[203] 2016–17,[204] 2017–18, 2018–19[205]


    SFWA Young Player of the Year: 2006–07


    PFA Scotland Players’ Player of the Year: 2008–09,[206] 2017–18


    SFWA Footballer of the Year: 2017–18[115]


    Scotland national football team roll of honour: 2016[1

  25. BOGNORBHOY on 24TH SEPTEMBER 2020 11:00 PM


    Our Captain



    thats all fluff, past performance, and experience, and winning things, and still running 10k in every match, and all his team mates looking to him as the out ball both from our box and the edge of the other box, and holding the ball in 70% POSSESSION






    his legs are gone



    and that short pass






    huns hate him, jealous forever.they wanted him, he has bested them ever since.



    those posting against him are doing the devil huns work




  26. Sky showing our game at Ibrox in Sep ’17. Compare the starting line-ups with tonight and decide if we have improved or weakened in the last 3 seasons…


    Gordon or Barkas


    Tierney or Taylor


    Simunovic or Ajer


    Boyata or Duffy


    Lustig or Bitton


    Armstrong or Ntcham


    Brown or Brown


    Sinclair or Christie


    Rogic or McGregor


    Roberts or Forrest


    Griffiths or Edouard



    I would only pick Ajer (at a push over Simunovic) as an improvement in the back 5, with McGregor & Christie the two preferences in midfield (not by much) and grudgingly I’d pick Edouard over Griffiths (but Dembele replaced Griff).



    So in three years, it’s arguable that we have only improved 3/4 positions and regressed in the other 7 starting spots despite laying out over £40M in transfer fees…



    Downsizing due to repeated Euro failures or are we just seeing a talented group being poorly coached?

  27. Jack Ross seems to be a clever guy. I’m sure he has analysed Celtic’s recent games and has a good idea what is required to do damage to us on Sunday. For that reason alone I would like to see Neil throw a spanner in his analytical works and do something out of the ordinary. By that I mean do something unexpected, perhaps give Turnbull a start, play Soro or even wee Dembele. Why not leave Broonie on the bench for this one, play Ajeti from the start with a n other, be it Edouard Klimala or Moi. It’s another must win game for us. We need a good performance along with a result. It would be great for the confidence of us on the blog if not for the players themselves…


    Roll on Sunday!

  28. Well, that was a boring 90 + minutes!



    I will not be taking up Celtic’s invitation to watch hte game on my VST tonight.



    Riga parked the bus, rarely threatened and did not look an exceptional team. Yet their home record is good and they have discomfitted teams like Copenhagen , who are at least as good as us.



    I rejoiced that Elyounoussi saved us from 30 more minutes of that. We might have won 3 or 4 nil if they tired but I am stilll happy to limit these proceedings.



    We were slow, over cautious and poor in our use of long range shooting (aside from one Ntcham effort). We were also far superior to Riga and deserved our win.



    Team ratings out of 10- my 3 best players asterisked



    Barkas- never troubled- 6



    Frimpong*- the only one who payed really well- had their LB on toast and made several good scoring chances- 9



    Bitton*- fairly classy early on – saved our bacon on Riga’s best breakaway and, apart from one silly collision with Duffy did not do anything wrong and wasn’t asked to do much right- 7



    Duffy- Strangely nervous- tried to play an English league strength game when the ref wasn’t having it. Never hid but should ahve toned down the long passes and the ridiculous shot- 4



    Ajer- covered their rare attacks a few times but under-involved going forward- 5



    Taylor- great stamina- a great out ball but little end product. Their RB had his crosses read and covered before he delivered them- 5 for effort



    Forrest- 3 good defensive interventions in the first 20 minutes – doubt they were seen by the majority on here- off injured after 30 minutes- 4- as befits a sub in the game



    Brown- No mistakes made- distributed the ball well and covered a few breakaways by Riga too. He was given too much of hte ball centrally and asked to create which is not his forte and it again, affected the game of Calmac and Ntcham as the team defers to Brown too much -g iving him responsibility he no longer needs to take. Scott will see out this season playing less and less but this was far from his worst game- 5



    Calmac- Like Ajer- underinvolved and reduced to a recycling tole- mostly creating space and passing it to Taylor who did little with it- 5



    Christie- Always tried hard- sometimes too hard but he was willing to get a shot off and we needed that. Not his night – 6



    Ntcham*- some classy moves and he did some of the best linking with Frimpong. Thought he deserved to stay on and not disrupt that right side but we still got our goal from there- 6



    Edouard- just back from injury- he tried to slalom his way through packed defences and repeatedly came up just short. Off form but no lack of trying noted by me. He is far ans awy our best forward- even if he is an Aubameyang and not a Sutton,- 5



    Late subs:



    Ajeti- quite impressed that he rumbled the packed defence up more- maybe they were tiring but he made an impact and was twice unlucky in not scoring. When we play Hibs- he should accompany Eddy (if he is fit) up front.- 4 despite a 20 minute apparance



    Elyounoussi- Scored and played centrally not on the left but apart from the goal and running around energetically, which was good- did not bring his best- Still he scored – so a 4 too



    Neil Lennon- hard to evaluate. He was late to throw on subs during a turgid performance but then we have to conside he had a forced sub on 30 minutes and he did not want to commit everyone and then lose another player to injury or red card. Still should have brought Ajeti on at least 10 minutes earlier and maybe considered removing one of Brown, Christie or Calmac, as Olivier was edging them at the time- 5



    P.S. For those worrying about Sevco………





    It’s Hibs we are playing next. Sevco can wait their turn for a thrashing

  29. glendalystonsils on

    I admire Taylor’s work ethic but our full backs are really wingers who are expected to defend only when required and to create at all other times . Jeremie can do it and Greg Taylor can’t because Jeremie is only a kiddy on defender and Greg is only a kiddy on winger.