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  1. DAVID66….


    Its mostly ” Side Effects” from some of the Pills that I MUST take…nothing serious…but having said that..when its putting me off Beer it must be serious LOL !


    Seriously, I wouldnt be comfortable about going out anywhere feeling like this…however I look forward to the Day when we will BOTH be lying …upside doon…drunk in the corner of a Pub…kidding on that we are ” All Right” . Singing Celtic songs…..LOL.


    IF you and the family are going to Haggerston this week end…have a great time !


    Im jealous.


    HH Mate.



  2. Neil has spent circa £35m so far but you wouldn’t know from performances.



    While we could (and did) skimp on transfers under BR and still get by, Neil is having cash thrown at him but things are turgid.



    We have quality players but by far the weakest link is the manager and coaching team.



    I fancy Sevco to beat us at CP but the strength of our squad should carry us through the seasons.

  3. Big Jimmy – We are off to Dublin in the Green, well Haggerston.




    Hope you feel better soon.






    D :)

  4. Coneybhoy on 25th September 2020 1:47 am





    Brown being defended





    You talk ####. Attention seeker.

  5. DAVID66 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:40 AM


    Big Jimmy – We are off to Dublin in the Green, well Haggerston.









    Hope you feel better soon.








    I can just imagine you and the family all in the Convoy of Cars…and all the heads bobbing along while you all sing…” Were off to Haggers…in the Green”…LOL


    Have a fantastic time…


    A Convoy of Cars…and a Wagon Train..ye canny whack it!


    HH Mate.

  6. Jeepers…some of the conclusions and verdicts on this threat have genuinely made me feel down.


    I do not think we played well but I have seen us play much worse in a european away matches far more than not.


    We played a modest ,organised team who defended very deep….we struggled to break them down but eventually did.Not unlike many domestic wins we have had this season and in previous seasons.


    Valid to point out glaing weakness in our performance of course.


    But some of the negative mince is way over the top.



    Well done Neil Lennon on some great substitutions.

  7. A win away from home has me happppppy…………..



    The new normal ain’t so normal and the fitba’ was a bit duff….but we won in the end.



    I’da preferred the huns goat beat but hey-ho………….keeps them occupied and one tackle away from a leeeetle problem



    I’ll take that.



    <4 HHH.

  8. SYDNEYTIM on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:13 AM


    Is it time for Scott brown to be player/assistant mangers? We severely lack any experienced support for Neil



    What’s your wife up to these days?

  9. Coneybhoy,



    Your criticism of Scott Brown has been bang out of order IMHO!



    He has been a massive player for us.He has bossed teams – and der huns in particular- loads of times. He has grabbed games by the scruff of the neck when needed and I’m sure his team mates would scoff at your comments.



    The stat given previously by JimmynotPaul (only the second person to win player’s player of the year twice) show what his fellow professionals think of him.



    He’s been one of the best players for us that I’ve seen in my 44 years and he’s definitely my favourite ever captain.



    And to say all he has done is shout in a rangers player’s face… well, it doesn’t help any valid point you have get taken seriously.



    Good patter though about you managing Barca 👍🏼

  10. Just out of interest, does anyone remember what the best odds were for a Celtic league win at the start of (what will be ) our 10IAR? My memory must be going but after the draw at Killie were we 7/10 points behind?



    It’s something I’ve talked to my friends about in the past, as RTC had just started blogging and while believing him we didn’t have the courage to put our money on it which was always a regret.

  11. To be honest, the negativity surrounding Celtic, Scott Brown and Neil Lennon has made supporting Celtic less enjoyable this season.



    In the league, we’ve gotten off to as good a start as we could have hoped. So far, we’ve held on to our key players and invested in the squad with Ajeti & Duffy looking especially promising.



    The disappointment of Ferencevaros shouldn’t be forgotten about or overlooked but it feels as if nothing will be good enough after that result. Winning a game away from home in Europe is “embarrassing” or “not good enough”



    Last night we played against an 11 man defensive block of hacking b’s who seemed to have little interest in winning a game of football. Not helped by a referee who treated them with kid gloves while giving Scott Brown an undeserved yellow.



    It was more reminiscent of an away SPFL ties like Kilmarnock or Dundee United. We kept to our task and the goal deservedly came. Edouard looked out of sorts and probably held us back.



    I question why some people bother supporting a football team. The expectation is to just win every game. But also convincingly. Now the other side of the city started keeping clean sheets its become unacceptable to even concede a goal in a game you win. We can’t “leave it late” either. That’s also unacceptable.



    Can they honestly take some joy from it? I wish people would stop pretending they can see into the future. The pessimism is getting very boring.



    This isn’t directed at this blog or anybody on this blog. It’s about Celtic Twitter and other forums mainly.



    Roll on the Hibees.

  12. Majestic Hartson



    “ The stat given previously by JimmynotPaul (only the second person to win player’s player of the year twice) show what his fellow professionals think of him”






    Kudos to JNP! 🤷🏼‍♂️😉😂

  13. Celtic40me. No idea.



    But remit for assistant manger at moment is


    1. Good with cones


    2, spy for peter lawwell :(

  14. Good Morning all


    Ideal opportunity to rest Broony for next 2 SPFL games: he is only 1 booking away from suspension… Plus, it will benefit him and the team, imo of course.





    R – Ajer Duffy Jullien El Hamed – L


    Frimpong Ntcham McGregor Elyounoussi


    Ajeti Edouard








    Ajer Duffy Jullien


    Frimpong Ntcham McGregor Elyou El Ham


    Ajeti Edouard



    A tough watch with the desired result.


    Onwards to Sunday.




  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    LazyD @ 9:12am



    Thank you for posting your perspective.



    I found it very refreshing on this beautiful morn’.



    The internet is an angry place and it’s appetite for instant gratification, justification and acknowledgment is insatiable.



    Some of that phenomenon spilling out into here.



    Just for the record ….



    Celtic won last night



    SG has contested six trophies as a manager and won zero.



    Pablo (and many, MANY others) – still love what you bring to this site.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  16. I’m looking forward to the other big competition running at the same time as our game v Hibs –



    I warned you about this (captained by BigWavy) v I telt you it’ll be fine (captained by St Stivs)



    No real injury concerns for either team so far but SydneyTim will be waiting on a fitness test for Forrest before deciding if he’s fit to play.

  17. SYDNEYTIM on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:51 AM



    You ever prepared a team of elite footballers for a game of professional football?



    Have you been present at training at Lennoxtown?



    Not sure what qualifies you to make that statement.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Also just for the record ….



    Celtic went into this unprecedented pandemic with significant cash reserves (£36m at last accounts?)



    Sevco went into it with virtually no cash reserves, cumulative losses of £70m over the club’s 8-years of existence and a long list of creditors at their door.






    SG’s team talk last night?



    “You want a move to a club that will actually pay you your wages?”



    “Then play well on this platform tonight!”



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  19. TIMALOY29 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:49 AM



    Do yourself a favor and avoid anything to do with Celtic on Twitter, in my experience it will instantly make you much happier.




    Some say a few days off the drink does one no harm.



    I’ve not had a drink since Sunday and feel like sh*t.



    You take care and keep the funnies coming.




    Thanks mate….glad to share this site with great people like you.


    Makes it all worthwhile.

  22. PHILBHOY on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:13 AM









    Some say a few days off the drink does one no harm.







    I’ve not had a drink since Sunday and feel like sh*t.







    You take care and keep the funnies coming.




    I have been off drink for 16 weeks and i feel shit.Is it withdrawal symptoms or watching CELTIC on an illegal thread.

  23. @ TIMALOY29 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:49 AM



    ‘In the league, we’ve gotten off to as good a start as we could have hoped.’



    We have been scrapping by in a lot of games. Even those we have won comfortably in the end, we offered up a lot of chances to the opposition.



    The under current in nearly every game this season is that we would have been punished if the opposition was better.



    The first game we played a moderately capable side, we lost.




    Its interesting that you said Edouard looked out of sorts and held us back. Would you extend that criticism to Broonie? Because I think that would be fair.



    Of course, compare and contrast, Neil was happy to sub our £30m valued striker but Broonie is untouchable.



    No wonder people are worried.

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    Lennon will not rest the captain despite his age and fading ability.



    Does loyalty trump the ten?



    Ive not been out or had a Beer since last Thursday…which is not very long. Im just feeling some “side effects” of the medication..nothing more….although in recent weeks I have found it quite depressing when I have been in the Pub…and we cant play the Juke Box…as I love playing so many different genres of music…although it can cost me a few bob every time LOL.


    This Covid has a lot to answer for…but again I am luckier than most as I dont have any family left as such, nor any wife/girlfriend …and/.or weans to worry about…just myself whenever I do venture out.



    i dont mean music BLASTING out loud…but its ideal to have it in earshot and having a wee singalong…even to myself LOL.



  26. ROLLING_STONE on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:39 AM



    Did you watch the game.?



    Eddie was terrible,first input was a trap and turn 61st minute which he then lost,static all night,as opposed to SB who was constantly involved,instance him being the last man when he got chopped.



    The Manager was 100% correct to sub Eddie as he was not contributing,or appeared not to be interested,we are not in the business of giving a platform to transfer seeking individuals,shape up or ship out.



    Forrest should not have started either,his substitute inclusion for the Livi game almost cost us as he failed to cover his brother who put in the cross their guy could have scored from.likewise Ncham who shirked a tackle allowing the wonder strike,we need hungry switched on players,not tourists.




    It could be watching Celtic.



    Mibbe give it a miss for a couple of games and see how you feel.



    Oh and let me know how it goes!



    Take care!




  28. Anybody expecting a shake up in our management team when we are trying for a historic 10iar and have made a great fist of starting out on this, is delusional.



    Only a panic merchant would get so volatile with emotion as to sack a successful domestic manager.



    “We should be streets ahead of Sevco”- Well we are- They have won no senior trophies since theu were born and we have won 8 leagues, 4 Scottish Cups and 5 League Cups. No generation of Celtic fans have ever been so spoiled, apart from the 66 to 74 period.



    Of course, the difference is Europe. Having suffered the period from 1975 to 2000, and put up with it with less moaning, there are signs that we arre in danger of becoming as irrelevant as we were then. This time it hurts more because MON, WGS and NFL made us semi-relevant again for a period of around 13 years (we last qualified from a CL Group in 2013). Since then, we have been largely a Europa level team and the trend shows no signs of turning.



    So, can we live with that?



    A period of being domestically dominant but only capable of competing (not necessarily winning) against 2nd and 3rd tier European teams? It’s better than we were doing in the 5o’s, early 60s’, the 80s and the 90s but its never going ot be as good as the 60s and early 70s again, and it looks like its not going to be as good as the first decade or so of the 21st Century.



    But, we’re still winning leagues and cups.



    Nobody sacks a winning team. It will take a sequence of defeats domestically leading to a huge gap, or a lost league before sackings are contemplated.



    We are not there (yet) and despite warnings and dire predictions and forecasts, we are not in severe danger of losing it. We are merely in the early stages of a tight league. One where we are rarely clear of the pack after an initial 10 to 12 games. Of course it is tight, despite our flying start. The bad news is that it is going to remain tight for a while longer even if we win our next 3 domestic league games.



    The sober judges, the bookies, have us at 8/13 to win the league and you can get 6/4 against Sevco doing this. If they beat us in the next match, the odds will narrow but the only way they’ll become odds on is if the gullibles pile all their wages on them.



    This league is going to be tight for a while yet, maybe even to the end; just as it was when we stopped their attempt at 10. We are going to have to live with that.



    The bargain was that Europe and the domestic Cups would be a bit of a side show while the league was the top target; thta remains the case.



    No excuses- we have not been playing at anywhere near top form. And yet we are mostly winning.



    That for me- remains a good thing- until better comes along.



    And, with no apologies- Neil Lennon will be our manager and Scott Brown will be our captain during our attempt at this wonderful feat.


    the top target

  29. Lennon says Forrest has been carrying an injury in recent weeks and it went last night.



    Bad management shoorly?



    Looks like he could be oit for a while too.



    Mibbe we should wee Roberts back on board right enough.