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  1. Timaloy29. Being able to put the cones out for Brendan Rogers coaching staff is not a prerequisite for a club our size assistant Manager


    Neil needs help with Tactics etc. John Kennedy has zero experience in that


    Nice lad. Good fitness coach by all accounts

  2. Big Jimmy…no apology necessary…health first…always another time. Tho I think you keep spelling pints as pills lol. Take care mate ;-))




  3. EXCATHEDRA44 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:55 AM




    ‘The Manager was 100% correct to sub Eddie as he was not contributing,or appeared not to be interested,we are not in the business of giving a platform to transfer seeking individuals,shape up or ship out.’






    That wasn’t the performance of someone looking to attract a transfer offer.



    Christie’s was.

  4. Riga’s wannabe Martin Skrtel should have been off; persistent fouls and the assault on Broony was a dull yin.


    But if the injury allows/forces Neil to rest El Capitan, perhaps we’ll see if/how much he’s really missed v the Hibees.


    I’d like to see more of Soro but not sure v Hibs is the right time to tinker.

  5. friesdorfer



    No Bitton in either team, wee bit surprised at that. That said I tend to agree with Ajer at right back in a back four and El Hamed out left, where he played for Israel. Think big Kris could help wee Jerry out on the right, and although not brilliant in the air, fair bit of height at the back. Nir Bitton in if Jools doesn’t make it at the week end. Not sure about Elly out wide left, though he did score from there against N.I. from a fantastic crossfield ball from Stephan Johansson (take a look at that Ryan) of this parish, and think, despite the flak he gets on here from some on here think Taylor would be my first choice to start. Elly or Ajeti to support Eddie up front.

  6. Our Premiership match away to StJohnstone has been rescheduled to


    Sunday October 4, kick-off 12noon. Sky Sports


    We should pull our players from the Scotland squad v Israel away on the 8th if it goes ahead

  7. Watched the game,one team trying to score and other defending for their life.One nil justified,we created chances


    and Frimpong was good,reminded me of Jinky,when taking on one or two of the Latvians.Now on to Sunday I firmly believe we can secure the three points.

  8. EXCATHEDRA44 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:55 AM



    Broonie was more involved because of his position on the park as a deep lying central mid. Nothing more. He is doing very, very little to justify his inclusion save for past achievements.



    The fact that Neil has £5.5m of his own central midfield signings on the bench that can’t get a sniff when Scott is playing so poorly is a bit of an indictment.



    Nevermind that we have had to shoehorn Ntcham into the team and also have Rogic waiting in the wings as well.



    Midfield is the area of our team where we are strongest but yet it’s one of our main weaknesses.



    Creating little, poor in transition and not protecting the defence.



    Remember in pre season a midfield 3 of Ntcham, Christie and McGregor had PSG camped in their own half for 20 mins. It’s crazy that Neil is persisting as he is.



    BR told Stevie G at Liverpool that his time as a starter was up; Neil needs to do the same thing with Broonie.



    Broonie can (and likely will) lift the league trophy this year, but much like Lambert and Boyd before him, it should be as club captain but not first team starter.

  9. ROLLING_STONE on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:39 AM


    @ TIMALOY29 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:49 AM




    “We have been scrapping by in a lot of games. Even those we have won comfortably in the end, we offered up a lot of chances to the opposition.”



    See, this is a new thing, giving up any chances to the opposition is unacceptable.



    We’d conceded the same amount of goals at this stage last season. We’d conceded more at this stage during the 11/12, 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16 & 16/17 (the invincibles) season.



    “The first game we played a moderately capable side, we lost.“



    It’s true we lost a game we should have won to Ferencevaros. We didn’t take our chances and were punished. But that kind of sums up the attitude doesn’t it. We had a disappointing European result. Nothing else matters. Any game we win in Scotland its cause the team we are playing is rubbish. Riga? Rubbish.



    Every game is just a rerun of the Ferencevaros moaning.



    Giving no credit to the team. Moan moan moan til presumably we beat Rangers.



    “Its interesting that you said Edouard looked out of sorts and held us back. Would you extend that criticism to Broonie? Because I think that would be fair.



    Of course, compare and contrast, Neil was happy to sub our £30m valued striker but Broonie is untouchable.”



    Scott Brown played well last night. Kept possession going and cut out counter attacks on more than one occasion. But he’s the new boo bhoy so he get’s it even when he plays well.



    Edouard is a fine player, but he wasn’t fit enough to play Livingston and he looked off the pace against Riga. The guy he brought on scored.



    Scott has shown some signs of decline and he has had poor games this season but like Neil Lennon he will get slated either way.

  10. CELTIC MAC – thought Bitton showed more than enuff to merit a game v Hibs; wonder how he’d run the role in front of the defence due to Broony’s enforced absence. HH

  11. It was obvious to most that OE was havin’ a stinker.



    Lennon subbed him in 82 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I want to mange Celtic!!!!!!!



    C’MON THE PHILBHOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Timaloy29 – Scott Brown played well last night.



    – He did what he does at this stage of his career. He was average. He was neither good or rubbish. He just occupied a slot. He had no threat to screen, he had no offensive game. He was present, wandered around, taking the ball off an equally uncomfortable-looking Duffy and passing it back or sideways whilst Riga shuffled in front of him giving him all the time in the world. What we needed was someone to take that ball quickly, turn and move their banks to create space.




    Timaloy29 – But he’s the new boo bhoy so he get’s it even when he plays well.



    – And here’s the new one from the clan of Timmy Tourettes on here. Shout “Scott Brown is a legend” and any valid discussion is closed down as if people worried about his decline and its impact on the team are making it up for some reason.



    Watching Scott nowadays is just sad. He is a club legend. He’s being managed badly (like a few in the team). His bookings a symptom of what he thinks he can do and what his legs allow him. He now points a lot and ambles around neither occupying a DM position or helping the attacks.



    The result is we are back to that turgid stuff that Lenny said he’s fix. Slow, recycling, backwards, sideways nonsense and very predictable to play against – double up on the right, swarm around 1 attacker, let Taylor and Brown and now Duffy pass to each other forever and hit them on a break where the centre of the field is wide open.



    Can’t argue with results but unless we course correct this then the fine margins catch you out as they did against Ferencvaros.



    It’s gonna be a rollercoaster of season with poorer talent / better system (them uns) v greater talent / poorer system (us) for the title.



    Strap yerself in.







    It’s gonna be a loooong season

  14. @ TIMALOY29 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 11:35 AM



    Interesting slant. When we concede chances we shouldn’t pay them any mind unless they result in a goal. When we create chances we should take them into consideration even if we don’t score. Have your cake etc.



    And yes, the quality of the SPFL teams we have played is very poor. The first decent team we played, we lost. That’s fair comment. Riga beat a semi-pro team from San Marino 1-0 in the last round of qualifying, so forgive me if a demur from calling them quality.



    Neil has spent £35m and we are scraping by. Has any Celtic manager been given that much money in such a short space of time? He won’t even play the majority of his signings.



    If it was a one off game, fair enough, but we’ve not put in a decent 90 mins this year.



    Also, you are just lowering the standard constantly for Broonie. He kept the ball moving etc. I don’t get it either. No one here dislikes Broonie as a man, it’s just a recognition that playing a 35 year old for 90 mins 3 times a week, when playing poorly seems ludicrous.

  15. TIMALOY29 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 11:56 AM




    It’s gonna be a loooong season





    Worryingly I don’t think it will be. I’d be amazed if the coming new wave didn’t wipe out football in scotland again. All the more reason to course correct sooner rather than later, especially as the Huns aren’t in Dubai post-Xmas :)

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    A couple of golden rules on CQN.



    Don’t criticise the manager.


    Don’t dare to say our captain needs rested and is getting on a bit…



    Failure to do so will result in you being called a “hun”, “mineshafter”, “panty wetter” etc….

  17. BIG WAVY on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 11:53 AM


    Scott Brown is specifically deployed in a defensive position. I don’t expect him to have any sort of goal threat. He occupies that space to ensure that when Riga clear the ball he’s there to pick it up and get Celtic on the move again.



    He also is there to break up counter attacks, which he did on more than one occasion.



    In my view, he was effective in helping the team maintain control of the game and protecting the defence.



    If his teammates were able to turn that dominance into goals further up the pitch we would have been talking about a more comfortable night.



    Ntcham, Christie, Forrest, McGregor, Taylor & Edouard didn’t nearly create enough. Bitton should have buried his chance.



    “And here’s the new one from the clan of Timmy Tourettes on here. Shout “Scott Brown is a legend” and any valid discussion is closed down as if people worried about his decline and its impact on the team are making it up for some reason.”



    At no point did I say anything resembling that. I acknowledged that Scott Brown has shown signs of decline in his game and he’s not played well every game this season. But I do find it curious that he’s singled out time and time again, even in games which he plays well.



    “Watching Scott nowadays is just sad. He is a club legend. He’s being managed badly (like a few in the team). His bookings a symptom of what he thinks he can do and what his legs allow him. He now points a lot and ambles around neither occupying a DM position or helping the attacks.”



    The team has carried an attacking threat in most games this season. Even the awful Ferencevaros game could have been won 3 or 4 times over if we had somebody competent in the box.



    It’s not sad to see Scott Brown show signs of age. He still has a lot to contribute on the field never mind the intangible qualities he brings to the squad. I think it’s clear this is his last year and he should be rotated (as Lennon suggested he will) to give his body time to recover or as the tactics of the game dictates it.



    “The result is we are back to that turgid stuff that Lenny said he’s fix.”



    The season is still in its infancy. Last night was a dreadful game to watch and just as frustrating to watch as the Dundee United game. However, I’ve watched Celtic play enough times against packed narrow 11 men defensive units to know that late goals are common. People get tired and it creates opportunity. Just like Riga and Dundee United played out.



    We will find more potency when our striking options finally catch up with their fitness. I don’t know what’s up with Edouard. He looked out of sorts last night and declared himself unfit for Livingston (which seems wise in hindsight).



    A win against a decent Hibs team and I’ll be delighted. 1-0 with a last minute winner or 5-4 thriller. There’s always positives to take from victories.

  18. Big Wavy



    I will be amazed, but perhaps I shouldn’t be, if any league calls itself final with less than half a season played.



    I worry that no statement has been made by the SFA or APFL as to what the contingencies will be that result in a league being “called as standing” or left “null and void”.



    If half a season can be fulfilled, then it would be legitimate to call it, in my opinion. Anything less is a joke

  19. SFTB,



    I don’t know the timing but I see little love from the SNP Govt in its list of priorities and it’s widely recognised we are heading into a very tough period health and society wise. I see football being a victim of that which means that our pre-season feel to our play at the moment (tombola formations, lack of consistency, dependence on those out of form) needs to be corrected soon as it’s small margins. I don;t think we have the luxury of time on our side.




  20. TIMALOY29 on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:13 PM



    Against a team playing every man behind the ball, you really need to question the benefit of playing SB who, as you recognise, creates nothing.



    We need a central player who can pick up the ball and make foward passes. All SB can do in that regard is pass it back to CBs or wait for CalMac to drop deep and take the ball off of him.



    In that regard, why not just start with CalmMac in the deep lying position in the first place. The difference in defensive quality is narrowing with SB’s fading physical ability.



    If not, we end up with 3 CBs, GT and SB who offer very little going forward to break down a team with everyone behind the ball. No wonder we struggle to break teams down.



    Add in the need for Calmac to drop deep to pick up the ball and our options are further limited.



    Maybe just once mix it up and see how it goes instead of playing out the same team to similar performances time after time.

  21. Rolling Stone



    Good post fella. The better defensive qualities of Callum as No. 6 are proven facts. We’ve passed that marker now. His mobility, allayed with Christie and Ntcham as Number 8s are much more effective at stopping the opposition’s chances and equally better platforms for attacking and chance creation.




  22. Quadrophenian



    That is where Nir used to play, more or less in front of the defence, reads the game well, good forward passer, it seems a bit of a waste not to use him now that he is fully fit. Not at right back though. Again, we have so many midfielders Neil doesn’t know what to do with them. Needs a new algorithm and no mistake.