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  1. Too too relaxed and slow – I really hope we can do something but this is not looking good


    Come on Celtic – get in

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    This really isn’t great. Eddy worse than a man short. Still hoping for some magic from him.

  3. 60 minutes gone, and no sign of movement on the bench. Lenny does know it’s a one leg tie, does he ?

  4. Don’t want to sound cynical but is Eddie playing like someone who is a) Not fully fit; b) Losing interest; c) Desperate not to get injured?

  5. Sorry – Eddie not interested



    If he is in the shop window he is currently between the broken biscuits and chipped fruit

  6. Christie a bit unlucky after breaking in from the right. Didn’t make good enough contact with the shot and keeper saved comfortably




    Get – Eddie off – he is not interested



    *worse than a mhan short, take the money.

  8. christie is tired looking too – agree, its disappointing that NL is not out coaching and encouraging. Its like he is afraid to upset them (after the “go if you don’t want to be here”comment)

  9. Eddie just does not look the least bit interested. Taylor is so slow, he cannot get past his man to cross, so usually tries to pass it through him. Many of our attacks peter out with him. Why were there no changes at halftime? This game is screaming out for Ajeti.

  10. Lennon is not the solution, he’s the ……………..



    Complete the well known phrase or saying.