Right back challenge


We can convince ourselves we have players who can fill the right back role, and this may be true for a few more weeks, but Mikael Lustig was one of the frailties that cost us against AEK last August, and we don’t even have him now.

So far the transfer window has gone well, but a team is as well as its weakest link. Failure to get a right back who can stop crosses into the box has to be avoided.

That night in Athens is all the motivation we should need.


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  1. Paul67



    Broke our transfer record for a striker (last season)



    Broke our transfer record for a Centre Back ( this season)



    Broke our transfer record for a Left Back ( this season )



    About to break our transfer record for a Right Back?



    I should think so, and no news is good news, the longer into the window we go


    the more we’ll spend in terms of quality. Self combusting cynics don’t appreciate how


    good Mikael Lustig was, and how much it will cost us, to replace him properly from the


    market we have have gotten to, with success upon success, and multi million pound players for every





    There are no RB’s that prevent all crosses coming into the box, it’s unfair to pinpoint a CL game where ML erred, and has been posted by many, it’ll have to be a quality player that can fill his jersey.

  2. My friends in Celtic,



    Sky and other TV money has distorted ( perhaps permanently) the natural order of Football.


    It is absolutely ludicrous that giants of the game like Huddersfield can outbid us by a country mile.


    Our Scouts need to work harder, smarter and offer incentives ( like a guarantee we will not stand in the way of going to a richer league)



    I think we are not doing too badly.




  3. Aston Villa have now spent £100mill this window – mental.



    Fulham did the same last summer and got relegated.

  4. BIG WAVY on 12TH JULY 2019 12:42 PM


    No snippets, as posted the other night we agreed a fee for Smith, now being reported in the media. All we had to do was agree personal terms and the old medical.


    Until we meet again.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  5. Mike in Toronto on




    It is actually worse than that…. Barca signing Griezmann has been a fait accompli for some time now …. but AG’s contract with Atletico had a buy out clause for $200 million…. but that amount was reduced as the contract wound down …. so it dropped to just over $100 million as of July 1…. so Barca saved themselves 100 million quid by waiteing a f ew weeks to formally sign him

  6. traditionalist88 on

    THE_HUDDLE on 12TH JULY 2019 2:29 PM



    I believe they signed Douglas Luiz, linked with us last year, from Man City.




  7. The title of this article “Right back challenge” had me thinking about how we are going to find a RB.



    Tony Ralston, Stephen O’Donnell, Adam Matthews and any other willing free agent competing in a “its a knockout” style competition!



    Probably the only way that the Celtic support would get behind an O’Donnell/Ralston competition for RB!

  8. Failure to get a right back who can stop crosses into the box has to be avoided, agree Paul , should be one of the top requirements when carrying out the selection process.

  9. traditionalist88 on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 12TH JULY 2019 2:39 PM



    It has always been common in La Liga for players to have a release clause but in most cases its set unrealistically high, rendering it pointless.



    However Griezmanns came down each summer and it brought it into what Barca considered justifiable territory for a transfer fee.



    There is a very good chance they’ll get Neymar back too.



    Real Madrid have also spent hundreds of millions so far and havent finished. It was reported yesterday they need to raise 200m in sales to meet FFP.




  10. traditionalist88 on

    GENE on 12TH JULY 2019 2:54 PM





    FFP is a joke





    I know, but Real are trying to comply.



    May be as much to do with not going bust themselves mind you.



    I believe AC Milan are also banned from the Europa League next season.




  11. 16 ROADS. on 12TH JULY 2019 3:06 PM


    Swede undergoes medical at zombie club. 😮






    Honestly, think it will be a good move for thems. A Swedish internationalist is a step up from Goldson or Katic



    That said I hope he’s more Daniel Majstrovic than Johann Mjallby

  12. traditionalist88 on

    GENE on 12TH JULY 2019 3:07 PM



    No one will pay his wages as it stands so something has to give or he’ll sit it out.




  13. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    How are all you fine Celtic bhoys and ghirls this very stormy Melbourne


    evening, the skies are pouring out their anger, the wind is tearing garden


    posts and fencing apart, the crash of thunder and the lightening, my god


    this is like the 12th of July in Glesgy.


    O.K. i’m only kiddin…not.


    Horrible weather at the mo here, didn’t even go for a beer today , me and


    wee Grace played snakes and ladders and even though she knows i was


    the Scottish schoolbhoys champion for three years in a row she still thought


    she was good enough, but no, Papa prevailed again, so what to do? put on


    the rebs, a wee bit of Irish dancing and life is great.


    Now that she is tucked up in bed, had a look at CTV and if that young lhad


    Luca Connel doesn’t make it at Celtic then i’m a hun, everybody have a look


    and if he doesn’t exite you then your emotionally dead.


    H.H Mick

  14. traditionalist88 on

    Atletico Madrid issue a statement saying that Eur120m is ‘insufficient’ for Griezmann (not sure why they agreed to it in the contract then) and claiming that agreement was reached between Griezmann and Barca in March and therefore the original release clause of Eur200m should be paid.



    Sounds like sour grapes and dont see this going anywhere.




  15. 79 Caps


    It is interesting that you make reference to Liverpool and their scouting of Andy Robertson.



    On the subject of Liverpool, if where better to copy that from the current European Champions.



    And if you look at the success of the current Liverpool team, the role of the full-backs is pivotal.


    In fact Andy Robertson, went head-to head with his Right Back counterpart, as to who would get the record for assists last season.


    Therefore, bringing it back to us… Right Back is a significant / important position. We need to find quality. Someone with limitless energy who can get up and down the park. Who can cross effectively and also a player with sound defensive qualities.



    Good ones don’t come cheap…. that’s why I believe the potential signing from Beer Sheeva, he should be no more than centre back No. 4 or 5. Not 1st choice right-back

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Boli-Bolingoli injury not serious, back in contention for return leg vs Sarajevo. Johnston wont make that game.




  17. Liverpool’s scouting department is impressive enough. But it is actually standard operating procedure for most big clubs in England.



    They signed Andy Robertson, a player who performed well in the same domestic league. That’s hardly the biggest find.



    Klopp has an amazing ability to identify players. He picked Kagawa out of the second tier of Japanese football. Picked up players from Poland & Croatia and managed to become a CL finalist.



    I think it’s really easy to criticize Celtic’s approach when you compare them to one of the greatest coaches in the game.



    Ask a Liverpool fan what they think of scouting under Brendan Rodgers…

  18. Adi_Dassler



    But yet, we do know his name : Hatem Abd Elhamed



    And rating players can involve taking account of many things. Such as their general profile.


    Age, caps, who they’ve played for, where they play, historical transfer value, etc etc… on and on.



    If anything is not too clever, it may in fact be your post

  19. Hearing positive news on KT, he will not be leaving unless someone other than Arsenal come in.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  20. We need 2 Right Backs, the guy from Beer Sheeva, is more than likely going to be our back up, so we might as well get him signed now.



    Our No.1 can come later, but at least we’ll have one por cierto.

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