Right back challenge


We can convince ourselves we have players who can fill the right back role, and this may be true for a few more weeks, but Mikael Lustig was one of the frailties that cost us against AEK last August, and we don’t even have him now.

So far the transfer window has gone well, but a team is as well as its weakest link. Failure to get a right back who can stop crosses into the box has to be avoided.

That night in Athens is all the motivation we should need.


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  1. MIKE IN TORONTO on 12TH JULY 2019 2:39 PM



    Gene It is actually worse than that…. Barca signing Griezmann has been a fait accompli for some time now …. but AG’s contract with Atletico had a buy out clause for $200 million…. but that amount was reduced as the contract wound down …. so it dropped to just over $100 million as of July 1…. so Barca saved themselves 100 million quid by waiteing a f ew weeks to formally sign him



    *If we did that there are some on here that would accuse us of the biscuit tin mentality.

  2. I know this has no Celtic content but is appropriate for the day and all Sons of the Rock Tims on here:



    ‘Twas on the 12th of July to old Dumbarton town came 50,000 orangemen loyal to king and crown.



    They assembled in the High Street and raised their banners high singing up tae their knees in Fenian blood surrender or you’ll die



    They marched along the High Street as far as Denny’s Gate but the Fenian blood had risen as it did in ‘98



    But when they reached the Vennel they got an awful shock for standing there undaunted were the Catholics of the rock



    Oh we kicked them up the High Street as far as Artizan we smashed their ribs and faces like the Smashing of the Van.



    And when they were defeated ‘twas then they made a noise they demanded police protection as a guard against the bhoys



    And when they reached the station glad tae journey home I can truly say they rued the day and cursed the Pope in Rome.

  3. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    We’re gonna win the league


    We’re gonna win the league


    Ya Stoopid bassa fuggers


    Ya lied and killed your club


    And now you’re fugged.


    were gonna win the league




  4. Lennybhoy on 12th July 2019 4:04 pm



    Hearing positive news on KT, he will not be leaving unless someone other than Arsenal come in.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!






    Loving that news.



    It would be Awesome if Neil got Celtic 10 in a row, and of course, making big inroads in Europe as well.



    After the New Year defeat at Ibrokes, I said that Mikey J has what it takes, this Season he will show it, hopefully.

  5. IF KT is staying, could he not play RB ? Is that not what happened with Scotland? Or was he CH?




  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Re a RB- i was told just over a year ago, by one of BR’s inner sanctum, that every scout we had worldwide, was told to find a right back……still waiting….

  7. If Scottish football is so poor, why is it so difficult to find a RB who is good enough to play in such a rubbish league?



  8. Hot Smoked on 12th July 2019 5:21 pm



    IF KT is staying, could he not play RB ? Is that not what happened with Scotland? Or was he CH?








    There is a weakness in Kierans game, yes Unbelievable, he disnae have a right peg and to shunt him to the otherside is not an option, IMO. He did also get played @ CH for Scotland.



    Like Dembele did @ Ibrokes, Tierney down the Left Wing terrorises them – noone gets past him when defending too.

  9. fairhill bhoy on

    It’s been said that Celtic have scouted a lot of rb’s,but that’s still not enough for some 🤔


    It’s been said we agreed £4m with Huddersfield,but that’s still not enough for some 🤔


    Could it be that we just cannot entice a ready made rb to Scotland on the promise of a few nights in Europe 🤔

  10. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Federer = maestro= mcstay



    But, I would love nadal to get one over on him.

  11. Traditionalist88.


    Thank you sir I was beginning to despair at getting an answer.


    I know I haven’t posted for a long time , but that reason was also because people would not answer my posts.


    So tipped hat to you sir.

  12. Bada .


    Castle and Henman are worse.


    One got beat in the Butlins open.


    And the other one has a grassy knoll named after him!.


    The only thing that has his name on it at wimbers!.

  13. fairhill bhoy on

    Sean Thornton,ffs butlins open 🤔That’s just more unsubstantiated rumour 😉


    You will have the dug wi a bone back on😉


    I like castle but Tim is poor

  14. Neustadt-Braw on




    thoughts are with you….5 years could be a heartbeat…as ever regards to the Boss…




  15. FAIRHILL BHOY @ 5.51



    Could it be that we just cannot entice a ready made rb to Scotland on the promise of a few nights in Europe 🤔



    Indeed, that’s exactly where we are.



    Disheartening to hear NFL saying we need squad trimming, seems he’s still busy getting down to the job abandoned by Brendan Rodgers, who ironically said the squad was too big, but just kept on adding to it, anyway.



    Celtic fans, conscious of how the wage structure works take note of NFL’s comments because wages and size of squad matter, players are bought to play, and not sit on the bench or worse, don’t feature on match day.

  16. Neustadt-Braw on

    Sean Thornton….



    may the rain fall soft on your fields….




    smiley there has been a lot of talk ..oh a lot of talk thing




  17. GENE



    Taking in to account, we have promoted 3 Dembele, Oxo-flex, and Henderson to boost the 1st team squad pool. A boy at 16 and one at 17.



    Is 24 not a moderate size of 1st team squad for a big club ? I would of thought.

  18. I dont have the patience to wait for the right rightback. But given we have needed one for 2 years, just how much patience do I needed to have????? Please take your finger out your arse and do your job. Oh and stop with the excuses clearly when motivated we can do things well I.e the 3 signings so far.



    I am glad to hear Nl is looking to trim the squad down some more. To big a squad makes for lots of scope for frustration and unhappiness.




  19. fairhill bhoy on

    Sean Thornton-glad you took that the right way 😉


    Not that I’m belittling anything you said regarding Neil


    Hopefully it comes to nothing

  20. I make it a squad of 29 and that’s not including the two yanks Gutman & Perez, or any of Dembele, Oko Flex or Ewan Henderson.


    The ghuys closest to the exit trap door would appear to be Hendry & Miller and for different reasons N’tcham


    However not so long ago Christie was on a lot of people’s list as not good enoigh & I remember the time when McGregor was also on that list.


    Many people when counting our new signings forget about Shved as well.


    I read it as we have lost 3 quality players from last season, Boyata, Benkovic & Lustig, so far we have got in 4 new bhoys plus we have Christie & Griff back & we should have Arzani & Bayo available soon.


    There are a few others like Kouassi, Bitton & Morgan who could have a decent part to play in the season as well.


    However what could be the biggest bonus of all is the form of young Mikey. I reckon that kid is going to be a superstar but he will have to be handled carefully. I think this season his game time needs to be managed carefully. Hestill needs building up but he could still play a big part in this season.


    Overall I reckon we are now stronger squad then the one who saw out the Treble Treble and I think we will be stronger again at the end of transfer window.

  21. TIMALOY29 on 12TH JULY 2019 3:09 PM



    GENE on 12TH JULY 2019 3:11 PM






    Throwing turnips and everything at us to try and stop the 10, the bankrupt bassas.



    HH. 🍀

  22. Paul67 et al



    There is no full-back in the World, right or left, “who can stop crosses into the box”, and if that is the criteria being applied here then we might as well all pack up and go home. Or then again maybe we could include it in our initial site induction;


    “What foot do you kick with son?”


    “And can you stop crosses into the box?”


    “Sign here son!”




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