Right back challenge


We can convince ourselves we have players who can fill the right back role, and this may be true for a few more weeks, but Mikael Lustig was one of the frailties that cost us against AEK last August, and we don’t even have him now.

So far the transfer window has gone well, but a team is as well as its weakest link. Failure to get a right back who can stop crosses into the box has to be avoided.

That night in Athens is all the motivation we should need.


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  1. Celtic Mac,



    Mika would regularly let the attacker get into the Penalty box, he was always backtracking (giving time to others it can be argued). In the Bigger games latterly his unwillingness to get really tight was in stark contrast to Kieran on the otherside.



    I reckon we are gonnae go big with the RB position as it is so very important. I’d even hazard a guess we’d be willing to break our record transfer for this position as it is the most demanding (fb’s) in the modern game.



    Mika is a Celtic Legend but we definitely need a much better Right Back now.

  2. bsr



    Part of the game. Maybe that is why we sign goalkeepers and centre-backs. Then again….






    Maybe I should call it what it really is, which is, lazy journalism.

  3. Celtic Mac,



    I wanted Mika to stay on because he is incredibly experienced and Celtic will need the right balance between experience and freshening up the First team, whether that be with our own youngsters coming through or with high valued ones brought in. It has been obvious to me over the last couple of Seasons that Mika was costing us goals in the Bigger games. It is likely a reflection of how Good Kieran has been on the otherside.



    Harsh I know, Celtic should strive to get another similar to Kieran on the RHS. I was mega hoping that Tony Ralston would have done that. Time is running out that he is gonnae be the player we all hoped. :(




  4. Neil has a whole Fenian army that will give him Support.



    NFL is a very Brave man. Neil is the Leader of CELTIC.



    Stepping stones?



    Celtic is IMO the Greatest Fitba Club in the World.



    The Big Guy upstairs, I’m sure approves of Celtic and Hopefully we are up there with his Favour, the Humblism of the Support means Celtic will do well, well, as well, as can be expected.



    Don’t bet on anything else but 5 sets between Rafa and Fed






    What was the final result ?

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    It’s unfortunate that Ralston hasn’t made the step up maybe playing elsewhere (once we have our two new right backs ) will benefit him more and he’ll live up to that early promise.



    Sadly his time at Celtic seems to be over

  7. Saint Stivs,



    Neil Francis Lennon – is up for it.



    The least we should be is up for it.



    Gerrard knew Rodgers inside out and wanted to take him on. I respect him for that.



    Neil Francis Lennon is Genuine and Gerrard knows he is.



    When the Sinister attacks happen (already started?) we shall see whats going on.




  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    Anyone with a decent striker would hammer Dundee Utd, Their defence looks rank

  9. We get a right back and I’ll be happy with the transfer window so long as we keep KT (Ntcham can gtf).

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    MIKA “Scooby Doo Villain” LUSTIG…


    … And I’d have gotten away with it, if I could’ve stopped those pesky kids from getting their crosses in” 🐕



  11. traditionalist88 on

    newradbhoy on 12th July 2019 1:55 pm



    Any news on the injuries to big Boli and Mikey Johnston?





    No worries, I knew you’d asked earlier and I was wondering the same.



    Doesn’t sound too bad for either anyway.




  12. The Fitba Neil envisages is gonnae be Good.



    Under Neil Celtic got very few bookings. I wonder if he will alter things.



    Brendan had hard pressing, meaning more genuine bookings.



    Neil has learned a lot I guess in the last wee while since he wisnae The Man.



    Celtic is in Good Hands, IMO, and we will do well.




  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Strange how some guys on here,who would gladly drive Lustig to the airport, really rate him now…



    Old Tim is having an 80th bash this Saturday but who is the oldest


    CQN’er still posting on this blog?


    Let’s have you!


    I’ll start the ball rolling with D.O.B (what unfortunate initials) 01/12 1938. Saw my first Celtic game !949.


    Hail! Hail!





  15. fairhill bhoy,



    My Dad has been sent to the Vale twice and now the Paisley (dermatology) Hospital to be told to go to the Infirmary.



    And it is possibly cancerous.



    Dad is a Big Strong Man.



    I’m not.

  16. don’t post much on here now, but if weebawbabbity is about, have you heard from kevj, I know he had some health problems but seems to have gone off the radar hh,

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