Risky Ronny, win a new Celtic shirt


I can’t argue with John Hughes winning the Manager of the Year award.  Without glossing over the obvious semi-final issue, he’s taken Inverness to stick-on favourites for the Scottish Cup and, for a while, stuck with Aberdeen in the Best of the Rest fight.  The second half of the season have seen fortunes fade, but this reflects the resource paucity he has, compared to Dundee United or Aberdeen.

What’s just as clear is that Ronny Deila would have been a contender for the award.  Appointing a manager is always a risk.  Gordon Strachan was as safe a pair of hands as you could hope for in 2005, but it took nerves of steel for him to cope with some early reversals.  Tony Mowbray was also a known quantity, who should have done better, but rookie Neil Lennon pitted against experienced Walter Smith was highly risky.  Neil could have sunk without a trace, instead of winning all those trophies.

At least Neil knew the club and the club knew Neil.  Appointing a guy from one of the smallest professional clubs in Europe, totally unknown in the Scottish game until Celtic scouted Stefan Johansen, was an almighty risk.

What we recruited was a philosophy.  Celtic knew how a football team should be prepared, how to recruit, what tactical intelligence was required in a manager, and they travelled to Strømsgodset to find their man.

Had he qualified for the Champions League group stage, I reckon Ronny would have won Manager of the Year, but as this is the standard Celtic managers are judged by, he missed out.  There are no guarantees in football, so qualifying next season cannot be taken for granted, but he should be better prepared.  As should the players.  This is the target, Ronny.


Celtic sponsor, Magners, have offered two of the new home shirts, launched yesterday, as competition prizes.  To win one, all you have to do is answer the following question:

Who is the Celtic assistant manager?

Email your entry to celticquicknews@gmail.com with the name of the assistant manager in the SUBJECT line of your message.  Competition closes at 1pm tomorrow, so you have one day to get your answer in.  Terms and conditions apply.

These are two fabulous prizes.  While you are entering the competition, you might want to donate £1 to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen campaign.  You can do so here.  Thank you.

Many thanks to Magners (who get what we’re about).

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  1. delaneys dunky



    It would be a pretty lonely gig!!!






    HH jamesgang

  2. weeminger


    15:48 on


    5 May, 2015




    15:28 on


    5 May, 2015



    Ours stays in position at Dunaverty Bay. Looked like some poor camper’s tent blew in on Saturday night. Must have been drookit inside.




    Looks like a nice remote location. I’m new to this game. Bought a van off a mate for £400 last year – “ideal restoration project” would best describe it. Took it out for the first time on my own at the weekend. Parked it facing the sea. Was enjoying the experience until the 30MPH winds started – was just waiting on the whole thing tipping down the side of the hill. Amateur Hour! :-)))

  3. theglasgowcelticway on







    Some of my best maths have been done on the back of a fag packet and I don’t even smoke.

  4. Jamesgang



    You have many attributes big man, my favourite is your humour, you keep this place alive at times when others drag it down, you are cqn’s very own Sj. Doing it by yourself :))



    When does your sub (acgr) come on with his ascerbic wit!! Lol


    Maybe just give him the last ten eh.



    Catchyeez :)

  5. NatKnow


    16:05 on


    5 May, 2015



    Would be perfect if it wasn’t a 3.5 hr drive to get there. Bit too far for weekends but fine for a week or so at a time.

  6. theglasgowcelticway on




    If you feel disenfranchised I believe vote sharing is your option, it’s perfectly legal.You go on the web, find a vote sharing site, then you agree with someone in a constituency that’s marginal and has a candidate you agree with, to share your vote.You vote who they want in your constituency and they vote who you want in their constituency.Apparently it’s totally above board.

  7. Faithful in the North Stand on

    Manager of the Year



    Disagree with Paul, could any of the nominations have achieved what Ronny Deila has achieved this season?



    Move to a new country and league.



    Inherit a team on the downward curve, facing difficult qualifiers with a very short preparation window and a strong recommendation to make use of a try before we buy policy.



    If Hughes, McInnes, or Neilson had been given the manager’s job on 6 June 2014 would they have achieved more?



    Be in Europe after Christmas



    Win a Double that would have been a treble but for a massive instance of the honest mistake.



    Establish a new culture of professionalism and development that has taken the football operations onto a new level.



    My Manager of the year is the outstanding Ronny Deila

  8. TBB @ 3.52



    Compelling thesis BUT!



    1. You tax is as likely to go to Trident as it is to the NHS!


    2. Lung disease isn’t a ‘cheap option’ – costs patients and families in lost income. And costs the nhs hugely for drugs and services to treat chronic conditions over years. The more so as meds increase life expectancy. And cost.



    But at least you were right about berget!






    HH jamesgang

  9. Marspapa



    Who ?



    I remember Calimero, it’s an injustice it is :-)

  10. weeminger


    16:09 on


    5 May, 2015




    16:05 on


    5 May, 2015



    Would be perfect if it wasn’t a 3.5 hr drive to get there. Bit too far for weekends but fine for a week or so at a time.




    Good location for exploring the islands once your there though. I fancy Islay – never been. A few nice distillaries. Maybe tackle in the summer when the weather improves and I can get a week or two off.

  11. marspapa



    ACGR. Wow. He’s in a league of his own with his brother and SOAL (see what I did there?)



    If I’ve to give him the last 10, I’ll take your subtle hint and pipe down (no baccy related pun intended)






    HH jamesgang

  12. The Battered Bunnet on




    We can’t afford public services as it is.



    We have a Pension deficit that is larger than the national debt.



    And people are living longer, needing ever more services and drawing even more pension.



    We need more people smoking more fags, young people particularly, contributing more revenue to the public purse, and dying younger.



    It’s the simple, elegant solution to the ticking bomb that is the aging population.

  13. WeefratheTim on

    geordie munroe



    Good point, haven’t heard from or seen MWD on here for ages. I hope all is well with him.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  14. TBB



    Your crack me up. Dr Strangelove becomes minister for health and death.



    Well if the dup get into a coalition you never know!!!



    HH jamesgang

  15. Berger, was that the detective series set in the Channel Islands ?



    What did TBB say abooot. Boerrigter :-)

  16. Think moonbeams is posting less often since he started dating Nicola benedetti.



    Just saying like.



    HH jamesgang

  17. The Battered Bunnet on

    Let’s face it, with a life expectancy deficit of 10 years, and, all else being equal, an equal contribution of NIC, smokers get fewer post retirement years for their enhanced contribution to the public purse.



    If we want true egality, smokers should be permitted to retire on full pension rights at 55.



    Except those named Berget, who should be retired considerably earlier…

  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    An accident at Faslane would be effective in controlling high life expectancy too.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on




    I said: Lovely left foot; Pity about the rest of him.

  20. The Battered Bunnet on




    True, but it doesn’t come with the advantage of additional tax take

  21. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    It strikes me that Celtic are in a good place at the moment we are League cup holders and Scottish SPL Champions we have many fine young players who are improving all the time.For the first time in years I am confident about the summer transfer window and the preparation for the CL qualifyers and for me that is all down to Peter and Ronny I think Peter earned his corn when he selected Ronny for the managers chair.Ronny has brought his own ideas and it took a little time but the players now seem to be on the same page I think the players look happy and are enjoying the football and I believe Ronny knows what he wants for next season compare that with deid team down Ibrokes way and as I say we are in a real good place. H.H.

  22. Cowiebhoy



    Berger is a brand of paint,



    I don’t know why but when I wrote that I got awe emulsional :)





    He wizny right in the heed, that wee dude wiz cracked,


    Ah no ahll.get ma jjaikit



  23. Delaneys Dunky on




    West Dunbartonshire’s non Tory voters would be eliminated fae the election roll though.

  24. JFH



    I’ll feel better when we remove Balde ( and the scout who highlighted him if still scouting for us ) Pukki, Wakaso, Tonev, oh and Boerrighter,


    Hazarding a guess there’s £50 a week we can put towards 2 very decent players



    None of them Ronnies choice



    Hail Hail

  25. the battered bunnet



    16:32 on 5 May, 2015





    True, but it doesn’t come with the advantage of additional tax take






    Ach away. I can see it now. You sitting there spluttering watching Jeremy Kyle and the ad comes on, ‘have you been affected by an accidental nuclear discharge. Got three heads but one eye. Not your fault? Does it affect your everyday life? If so you may be entitled to compensation…..’



    You’ll be raking it in and glowing like a readybrek Bhoy for the TET of your 4,000 year (half) life!






    HH jamesgang



    HH jamesgang

  26. theglasgowcelticway on




    I’ve just put your suggestion on retirement for smokers to Mrs TGCW(shush! she’s a smoker). Thinks it’s a great idea.

  27. The Battered Bunnet on




    We need more West Dunbartonians. They die younger – males on average at 72, v UK average of 81.



    That’s 9 years pension we don’t need to fund.

  28. £50 k per week


    And the named players, not Ronnies choice



    Hail Hail, need to give us this sunshine :-)

  29. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Cowiebhoy. I would agree there are a few players we need to move on and as you say raise some cash for new players.However,I am confident that will happen we could see quite a few players leaving but I really believe Ronny will under control.H.H.

  30. An Tearmann on




    Good to catch up with yourself and a few other Celts at various stages of Happyness on Friday:-) I guess it can only get better lol.


    Good having the chat with your Dad about The Claunie ridge,Forcan and The 5 sisters.



    You should put him onto this programme on Alba about the origins of Mountain names


    called Tir is Teanga












    have a great night Celts









    a bump for later :-)






    hail hail

  31. Jamesgang



    you keep piping away matey :))



    Your posts. remind me of when I play golf, I forget I have a wife, weans and a big black dug called Sam….



    Supertramp….. DREAMER!!

  32. The Battered Bunnet on




    Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.



    Us humans just get Thyroid cancers or Luekemias, thus reducing our smoking life.



    It’s the cockroaches who get the exotic mutations. So good news for Sevco supporters I suppose.

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