Road to riches is not through Munich


In 2019, the departure of then 16-year-old central defender, Liam Morrison to Bayern Munich was the cause of some regret.  What was the point of youth development if they leave at such a young age?  Liam was the first of a few who fled Glasgow to illustrious European cities like Munich and Liverpool.

Five years on and the player has departed Munich for the final time having never troubled their first team.  He spent last season in League One with Wigan and now makes the step up to QPR in the Championship with his career trajectory well below where it first promised to be.

Footballers do not have a control sample to watch, so we don’t know if Liam would have been better staying at Celtic.  What we do know for sure is that the talent you have as a teenager which will attract the likes of Bayern Munich is a small fraction of what you need to make it as a top player.

The developmental process in the late teens and early 20s is crucial.  Great players are made during this time, they don’t plop onto the mat ready-made.  The Bayern academy is no different from a few dozen others in returning a low hit rate.

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  1. Hrvatski Jim on 8th July 2024 11:10 am







    Missed your answer. Expect an indefinite ban for using Google once I report to you Paul!














    Awh come on Jim. Does using the Celtic Wiki count as Google? If so I accept my ‘Red, Red, Red Card, Red Card.’







    Question 3 please.

  2. Hrvatski Jim on

    HRVATSKI JIM on 8TH JULY 2024 12:28 PM





    Question 3 was going to be the name and context of the composition but it has all been outed.



    Thank you for all your posts and teaser questions. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Talking of dvelopment, great players and Bayern Munich, they signed Michael Olise over the weekend for £60m.



    Olise moved from Reading to Crystal Palace for £8m as a 19 year old, last season he developed into probably the most sought after young player in the Premier League and had his pick of the big clubs this summer. He also was Palace’s best player when fit and was instrumental in their finish to the season when they won 7 and drew 1 out of 9 to finish 10th.



    An example of a development model working

  4. And another more slightly more tenuous link to the article:



    Lisa Nandy starts her first day as Culture Secretary. I went to a Labour Party meeting she did a talk at not long ago, she always seems a very genuine person to me.



    As the local MP for Wigan she was involved when Wigan FC went into administration and in the takeover that saved it. She has experience of the devastating impact that the actions of bad owners can have on a club and a community. She has also been vocal about the need for government “to reform football governance to help shield clubs from the actions of reckless owners and give fans a bigger say in how their club is run.”
As Culture Secretary football falls under her remit so, lucky for them, it looks like English football has someone in government with a genuine interest in the well-being of the game, and who will push through the reforms the game needs.



    In no way a party-political comment but it would be nice if we had someone batting for the good guys in Scottish government, or someone with a genuine interest in the well-being of the game because of all the good it can do

  5. If Brendan eventually goes back into the Prem that’s what he’s looking at – a club with a progressive player trading model. All the decent mid table EPL clubs do it.

  6. An article today by Jackson,had me laughing out loud,and then my jaw dropping seconds later.James Forrest slaughtered him earlier this morning on it,not nearly enough,which made me have a read at it.


    Mind numbing stupidity.Toadying on a grand scale.Full scale besmirching,not a shred of evidence,of someone’s character.Contradicting himself on numerous points.Letting any readers feel his unfettered rage,at what he feels,was an act of treachery commited against His beloved club.Again,no proof.Just the rantings of a man who has lost control.


    I know,I know,but its a must read.

  7. Prestonpans bhoys on




    I wouldn’t be surprised if a certain ex CEO has contacted his lawyers…….

  8. Turkeybhoy



    Jackson has the last laugh,he has you talking of the hun on a Celtic site,that is mind numbing!


    We know we dont need to know



  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Re chants at Celtic Park and likely heard at away games.


    King Billy had an army of a hundred thousand men x3


    and the whole xxxxxxx lot got shot.BANG BANG .




    Re Celtic v Partizan Belgrade 5-4 game


    Three Celtic players that played in that game surname ending in er.

  10. An Tearmann,


    I put it on because it is funny.Or maybe you think only your comments should be allowed.Told you before,scroll on by,and give me fekin peace.You really are a pain.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Very few Celtic youngsters develop to play for Celtic, Bayern Munich or anybody else as big. Some take the chance to move on too soon, partly wanting developed and partly to get more quickly to first team wages. They used to ‘farm out’ youngsters, it worked for Kenny Dalglish and Cumbernauld United, in very different days before money took over.



    Good luck to them all whatever they decide.

  12. Celtic40 me,



    Seen Lisa many times on Question Time.Always struck me as sincere,and someone who really embodies everything that a Labour MP should be.


    Sadly,one of the few.

  13. TURKEYBHOY on 8TH JULY 2024 1:35 PM



    I’ve only really encountered her and my local MP who’s Labour, who’s another goodun.

  14. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Said this on SC



    This is his second attack on Bisgrove in a week, unless it’s true, unlikely, then a phone call to his lawyer is on the cards.



    At the very least a Cease and desist letter….

  15. See on Celtic media sites,5 or 6 piling onto Jackson.Absolutely flaying him.Can think of bad reporters,even from the past,but I honestly cant remember one as stupid as Jackson.


    Seems on FF today,reality is maybe starting to catch up on staunchness.

  16. Turkiyebhoy


    Change your moniker to whit urr the huns daen? 2nd thoughts change that as to what are their masonic acolytes writing in their andrex!




  17. Prestonpans Bhoy,



    That today went beyond anything I have read before,in a football article.The amount of times he mentioned Bisgrove,and the sheer bile spouting from him was incredible.His rage was palpable.


    Bisgrove can’t let this stand.Unless,in some way,as far fetched as it seems,he was to blame,which would make the whole fiasco even more entertaining.


    Lots more to come.Lugging it.

  18. Jackson is Kings puppet .


    If he is having a go at Bisgrove , then King has an axe to grind with Bishrove.TT

  19. I see E- Tims Diary is back.Entertaining,funny info,from pish stained informants.


    Welcome back.

  20. spikeysauldman on

    just read that p1sh



    bigrove, his burd, the wars in the middle east and ukraine all to blame and if it gets delayed further – the houthis.



    do you think someone should set up a go fund me page for the houthis ?

  21. TinyTim,



    Bisgrove has left the building.Sitting drinking a Siddiqi on the terrace of his Villa in Saudi.


    Bennet would be the target for,the Boss Eyed one,I would think.Watch this space.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Thank you to the poster (apologies can’t recall who) who provided the link to the Partizan Belgrade game.



    I can look back now and laugh.



    Defence was pretty solid.



    Just four horrendous lapses.

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