Road to riches is not through Munich


In 2019, the departure of then 16-year-old central defender, Liam Morrison to Bayern Munich was the cause of some regret.  What was the point of youth development if they leave at such a young age?  Liam was the first of a few who fled Glasgow to illustrious European cities like Munich and Liverpool.

Five years on and the player has departed Munich for the final time having never troubled their first team.  He spent last season in League One with Wigan and now makes the step up to QPR in the Championship with his career trajectory well below where it first promised to be.

Footballers do not have a control sample to watch, so we don’t know if Liam would have been better staying at Celtic.  What we do know for sure is that the talent you have as a teenager which will attract the likes of Bayern Munich is a small fraction of what you need to make it as a top player.

The developmental process in the late teens and early 20s is crucial.  Great players are made during this time, they don’t plop onto the mat ready-made.  The Bayern academy is no different from a few dozen others in returning a low hit rate.

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  1. i dont know what to make of this fella, but the drone footage is interesting-ish.



    october for completion of barrowfield.



    i expected more done after those couyple of roof intals, but maybe some progress is affected by the weather.



    the question about the steel, quite funny.



    ibrox next.



  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    Need to add a disclaimer that the next bit was of its time and could cause some viewers distress.

  3. garygillespieshamstring on

    St Stivs





    A terrible slur on Michael unless he had no taste in the wummin’

  4. bigrailroadblues on



    Ffs don’t you start. I’ve got to put up with Big Jimmy, Coneybhoy and BelmontBrian. 🙄

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    I still enjoy a bit of “go home ya Huns” and a modern classic, “oh the rangers are Gladys Knight” although I would prefer it if they would change it to “ oh the sevco”.


    It still scans in the updated version.

  6. garygillespieshamstring on




    Sorry, that was a bridge too far.



    I’ve got a hard neck.



    I’ll stop now.

  7. Turkeybhoy


    Interesting story.


    That Jackson piece is unbelievable.


    Does he even have the pretence of a real journalist any more? He must have, many moons ago.


    Quite unbelievable

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    If we don’t sign anyone this week I’m going to storm the Bastille. Or go to the pub.

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    He was the billionaire from Motherwell I had ever heard mentioned.



    You can’t possibly imagine my disappointment when o discovered he was a charlatan.

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic share price continues to rise daily – 6 pence today alone 🤨❓

  11. ERATIC on 7TH JULY 2024 10:00 PM



    Tontine, Yes .. unfortunately The history of the “Brits in India” is not good….I love India as a country and think Varanasi is probably one of the most interesting places I have ever visited…. One of the lads that I worked with still felt very raw about The Amritsar massacre…. But still maintained the Brit’s done a lot for his country… Not quite Pythonesque “What have the Roman’s ever done for us ??



    *I have a daughter who teaches “new” Canadians, primarily Canadian customs history etc, the variety of her pupils, all adults btw, is astonishing, as you are all probably aware there is NOT a lot of love for our noisy neighbours, but she is amazed at how the Indians, and they are the only ones, still seem subservient tae their colonial masters.



    I used to live in a city that was mainly brits with a smattering of Dutch, Italian and Portuguese, primarily from the Azores, but about 40 year ago or so the Europeans stopped coming, why would you give up 5/6 weeks vacation for 2 weeks here, I was in senior management at one of the biggest organisations in the country and only got 3 weeks, it’s also the richest country in the world as far as natural resources are concerned, once as I said the Europeans stopped coming it lost its competitive edge.



    It seems that the brits were discouraged especially the Scots as they were heavily involved with the unions, now Canada flat lines between births and deaths so immigration was still heavily encouraged if for no other reason but contribute to the national pension plan, so a tory government came up with a new policy of “bank book immigration” meaning show us your bank book before you are allowed into the country, to stop them being a drain on the economy, the primary nations involved in this were China and India, with the former preferring the west coast while the latter Ontario especially close to the airport.



    Anyway, during the 2004 Euros I was driving home one Saturday when I noticed a huge amount of St George’s Cross’s flying from the cars on the road, my first thought was that I didnae know there were still a lot of english here as the city had mushroomed fae 61,000 when I landed to 600,000 + and a lot of the older residents had moved, it wasn’t until they passed me that I noticed the Sikh symbols on the rear window, and thought wtf they were robbed blind but still bow to their masters.



    I remember Rory Gallagher and his fender back in the days of the ole Electric Gardens – what a taste of honey that gig was.




    I saw him there. I think it was 1973 (will need to check my old tickets). I hadn’t heard much of him before the concert (the album with messin with the kid (I think)). Anyway, what a concert. Unbelievable. First time I’d seen anyone have guitars positioned on different parts of the stage. One of the best concerts I’ve been to.

  13. Always raises a smile when a journalist (Jackson in this case) rolls out that old phrase, “dignified silence”.



    When applied to sevco it reminds of that old observation about the Holy Roman Empire. Which was neither holy, nor Roman.

  14. Tim McL 4.24





    Jacskhun is not and never has been a reporter,he as TinyTim implies is a handy little chatel to do the knucklework and obfuscation for the agenda of a.n other in the hun boardroom.i dont know who but tbe article is the same style as many before,saying what is already in the public arena but couching it in ‘ITK’ scroll without informing fans what is happening going forward



    Thanks for your respect Tom,ditto,but i have every right to ask for original thought over meeja,meeja clickbait and Cellic clickbait,it only obfuscates more,atop the gokky obfuscations being passed off as fact from rekord or binraiders sports section


    CQN not lazy journalism used to be the strapline



    The rangers and their meeja enablers do not need to be portrayed on here as our biggest rivals they both are,if something is reported of them,have it broken down,sliced and carved into in an investigatory way,the only thing laughable is the insincere way it is forwarded something thats just cropped up,its not,its a bunch of amateurs at the top kackin themselves as tbe swirl of errors surrounds them.


    We know of every inference used against us,we have been getting tbe same guff of a highly hostile meeja since we left the hall in sep 1887,



    By raising thugsNthieves and the fergus/Saddam charicatures you make my the case of Fergus we had to many turkeybhoys giving it “its just a laugh” – yeh that much a laugh that probably the 2nd most important Celt to Brotber Walfrid was booed as he unfurled the championship flag,after building a 60,000 seater,after saving the club with 11 minutes to a noon deadline,that much we never examine our own suspect gullibility as to what is written by the rekord,binraiders.From 1st principals they lie and sadly many of our fans believed tbeir anti Celtic narrative,thats what it was and thats what it is in keefs nonreporting report



    No issue was raised by TB other that regurgitating an article and reaction void of critical thought.



    Tam,Glasgow is a small place,chat about whats goin on in business circles erupted some 4 weeks ago.



    What happens with fixtures(scotland)?


    What happens with fixtures(europe)?


    What are penalty costs to TRFC of delay?


    On matchday hampden or murrayfield.




    In catering


    In hospitality


    The knock on impact to sponsors.


    It appears one way in cash and cost to TRFC.


    And we still await Elite settlement.



    We have already been thro the bullshit witb one incarnation,we deserve to have truth reported,not the hazy pash that had daniel cousins signin on admin day.




  15. Curious as to what Morrison’s wage is at QPR vs what it would be at Celtic. These are calls made well in advance of any possible choice having to be made. Best we can do is persuade the best young players with potential that we can do better. Every sale we make impacts how credible this will be…..

  16. SONSOFERIN on 8TH JULY 2024 6:01 PM



    one of my favourite things about here is contributors sharing plans, places to go , people to see, things to know.



    I like when BRRB tells us where he is going and how he will get there,



    Signified Daliances if you like

  17. moaning stan ard.






    For the 2024/25 season, fans will be required to use their season ticket for 20 out of 23 matches or else it will be cancelled.



    The measures have been enforced by Arsenal to ensure that every seat is used at a time when the demand for tickets is booming due to the team’s success under Mikel Arteta.



    The club are also clamping down on touting and banned 20,000 members and 54 season-ticket holders for attempting to obtain tickets in unauthorised ways.







  18. If the club game me an ultimatum about season tickets , then i would just watch all the games in the pub.



    Then if we played boring football i would not be so bothered. The result would be all that mattered.

  19. bournesouprecipe on

    ZIGGYDOC1 @ 5.52



    Just after Taste disbanded and he brought his first solo album. You never forget your first Rory live gig 👍

  20. Obviously my own view, but I think our board is disgraceful in not getting us a new keeper, FFS, we knew in February big Joe was leaving, sorry no, excuses. absolutely pathetic and so so s o typical. What a fekkin shower, really. Not good enough



    Totally pissed off with them, sickening




  21. Tontine



    My first visit to India was not planned, don’t want to go into too much detail.


    I found the Indian people very hospitable , there is still very much caste system but that does seem to be changing. In fact most of the so called upper cast people I found to be not decent people.


    I find it difficult to understand why they are spending billions on a space programme while there are over a billion people living in poverty.

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Djokovic coming the old soldier routine, when his opponent getting back into the game….seen it too many times

  23. Chums, imagine for one minute the utter berserking hilarity , the rip-roarin’ – piss-takin’………bumptious outrage and fishal chunterin’ that would erupt in a fire-hose of anti-Celtica invective if there was even a pane out of place on The Blessed Gazebo………………The Prime Meenister would be asked for a (barbed) comment…


    But naw, furra Huns its all red-tape and unforeseen difficulties, caused by sumdy else and ithers no’ staunch enough to give the Oranj Krane summit to do……………..



    New kekks please, these are heavily waterlogged – like the Hampden pitch.




  24. An Tearman,


    After that latest garbled whinge,I refer you to my earlier post.

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