Road to riches is not through Munich


In 2019, the departure of then 16-year-old central defender, Liam Morrison to Bayern Munich was the cause of some regret.  What was the point of youth development if they leave at such a young age?  Liam was the first of a few who fled Glasgow to illustrious European cities like Munich and Liverpool.

Five years on and the player has departed Munich for the final time having never troubled their first team.  He spent last season in League One with Wigan and now makes the step up to QPR in the Championship with his career trajectory well below where it first promised to be.

Footballers do not have a control sample to watch, so we don’t know if Liam would have been better staying at Celtic.  What we do know for sure is that the talent you have as a teenager which will attract the likes of Bayern Munich is a small fraction of what you need to make it as a top player.

The developmental process in the late teens and early 20s is crucial.  Great players are made during this time, they don’t plop onto the mat ready-made.  The Bayern academy is no different from a few dozen others in returning a low hit rate.

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  1. Seems that Queens Park have a written agreement to play at Hampden from the 5th September.


    What would the cost be of installing VAR at Murray field?.


    So many problems to overcome.So little time and money.


    Could all be solved by just selling Tav to the Saudis instead of trying to keep him.😂

  2. Thimblebhoy



    Hush now and less of you keyboard warrior pash,it was Tom Mc Laughlin i answered



    I know you have difficulty with original thought


    You stick wi keef and all your newsnow serfs

  3. King Lugo,


    On the subject of Goalkeeper,I tend to agree.Far too much time to make enquiries.

  4. Thimbleboy,


    !!!!!!!!!!! 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥


    Must try harder.On second thoughts,don’t bother.You have had a long time trying to put coherent posts together,and failed miserably.Maybe I am being cruel.Maybe English is not your first language.

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    Might be that they can only afford Murray Park rather than Murrayfield.

  6. Remember when they first realised they were in soapy bubble they said “if they have tae play in the street then we will watch from the pavement”, might just be the only option thy have

  7. Thimblebhoy



    I thought that quite apt for the heroic keyboard warrior you are.Dont need to try with keef wannabees like yourself,save yourself from cruelty TB we can read your stuff on newsnow,keep swallowing gullible one.youll have an original thought some day.


    Nanite xx



    Moisey 17




    “It’s amazing how a few pounds and serious negotiations manage to grease the wheels ”







    Sounds so easy when you frame it like that.




    So, let’s put it into practical examples:_




    1. Adam Idah- Our recruiting team say we can bid for Adam Idah and we can pay his club anything from £5m to £8m tops, anything more will be paying over the odds and we can get the equivalent player for less elsewhere in our targets.




    So Norwich demand £9m as they open negotiiations- Do you pay it? Why



    No we don’t pay £9m as we have parameters but equally if we are serious we don’t start at £4m. Both extremes are unhelpful.




    So Adam demands £5k more per week than Callum gets- Do you pay him? Why? What will other players think?



    It is highly unlikely that Idah is on anything like Callum so this is a fanciful suggestion. He is a squad member of a 2nd tear English team recruited from Ireland – stop trying to create excuses for our parsimonious executive.




    So, Adam’s agent wants a sweetener to make his player demonstrate his unhappiness to Norwich so they’ll accept the Lower transfer fee. Do you pay him £1m to get Norwich to possibly accept £1m less? What if you do and Norwich don’t budge?


    No experience of how this works so can’t really comment. Again sounds a little like creating a scenario to suit your view. If the number add up to what our intelligence tells us and manager backs it then do it – all comes out the same pot.



    2. Paolo Bernardo- His club want him to go and he is willing to come to Celtic but….. Say last year on loan PB was willing to play for £4k per week. We see promise in him and are willing to offer him £6k a week to sign a proper contract. But PB and his agent say they want £9k a week- Do you pay? what do you say and do to the more regular players who are already here who are now earning less than a guy who plays less regularly than them? (ignore the accuracy of my £3k, £6k and £9k figures- they’re just guesswork. Just respond to the fact that it can be multiples of what you have budgeted for and value the player at, but it takes him past players like Kuhn and Palma, Hatate and Scales who play more games for Celtic



    You are now creating issues and potential problems with people we are not trying to sign. Every negotiation is private or should be so if a player is able to get themselves a few extra pounds then fair enough it’s the market we live in. When one of the players you mention get a new contract or extension for some extra pay would PB go asking why he is not on more? These are all big boys who are very well paid athletes and they can make their own decisions – we cannot not pay PB the going rate in case we upset Greig Taylor or someone else. Another thing – as the market we operate in moves on we have to move with it – you cannot have a wage structure based on what we did 5/10/15 years ago.



    Stop putting boulders in the way of progress and imagining what scaring things might happen if we open the wallet just a little bit more.


    No one expects crazy stuff but we have the financial strength and the back story to be a little more ambitious and dynamic – surely not too much to ask.

  9. The returnof weeron on

    TONTINE TIM on 8TH JULY 2024 5:46 PM



    Re: emigration from Scotland (and other parts of Europe) to Canada…..



    I believe that it was Canada that wanted to reduce European immigration. I got a job in the Arctic in 1976 with the Hudson’s Bay Company in the Arctic. The HBC had been hiring Scots for this kind of work since the early 1700’s.



    I was already to go, when I got a telegram from the HBC telling me that Canada had shut the door. I phoned London right away and somehow got in. Best thing I ever did. I was really lucky. Out of the 60-odd hires, I was one of 5 or 6 who got in.






  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Time for bed.



    Goodnight CQN.



    Celtic – get yir finger out and sign someone before I wake up.

  11. So.



    Joe tells the management in February he was definitely leaving.



    I don’t believe for a minute that the recruiting org doesn’t already have the analysis of goalkeepers they would recommend to sign.



    Honestly that I would suggest is the easy part.



    Getting them that is the hard part and subject to lots of variables.



    Being raging and upset about it is a total waste of energy and emotion.



    Anyways it is just hiding that we need a tall left back.



    Wail wail. Ochone ochone



    And so on and so forth

  12. Why didn’t Brendan just take the 9 players he was offered and saved the timternets summer.




  13. ordinary joe on

    Will Brendan still be learning after every Champions League game, again?



    Can you imagine MON saying for eight years now “Yeah, we`ll take it on board and learn from it.”



    After every negative outcome.



    Because that`s what Brendan has been doing.



    Brendan got a team relegated from the EPL, yet he emerged as though the relegation was nothing to do with him.



    Its a rather remarkable skill set to have.

  14. SFTB


    Answered your quiz last night.


    It’s not difficult it just takes ambitious and talented people to make it work better. Apparently we have an executive that is full of people like that? People that we have to pay huge salaries to or they will go elsewhere – funny how we can find the cash for that but not for players……..wait a minute……..

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    ORDINARY JOE on 9TH JULY 2024 12:29 AM



    You don’t have to explain who you are, there are some on here who won’t tolerate any other opinion than their own. Welcome.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning CQN.



    Nae signings through the night ?



    Angst abounds.



    PS – if the SMSM are quoting a fee for a player?



    It won’t have any factual basis but will be made up in line with the bog standard editorial agenda.



    “Four legs (R2ngers) good, two legs (Celtic) bad”



    Respectfully, Celtic cyberspace (incl. this site) should reflect on the above before creating it’s own “according to rag ….” content.



    In my experience, Celtic bloggers have more insight, emotional investment (in sport generally, not just Celtic) and writing skill than your average hack.



    Plenty of topics out there to deploy their op ed skills to …. instead of piggy backing on the output of uninformed morons surely?

  17. garygillespieshamstring on

    Ordinary Joe



    Back in the day, every new poster was welcomed by being asked “are you a hun?”.



    It has been a standing joke on the site for a long time and every so often, someone revives it when a new poster appears.



    At different times, Lisbon lions such as Tommy Gemmell and Willie Wallace did Q and A sessions on here and were both asked the same question.



    Obviously we need to know your stance on the important questions in life such as toasted or roasted cheese and square sausage or links. :)



    Look forward to hearing more from you.

  18. MOISEY17 on 8TH JULY 2024 11:19 PM



    It doesn`t matter whether I agree with you or not but I thought that was a fine post in showing that signing new players is not as simple as many on here seem to think.


    Well done.



    PS – if the SMSM are quoting a fee for a player?


    It won’t have any factual basis but will be made up in line with the bog standard editorial agenda.


    “Four legs (R2ngers) good, two legs (Celtic) bad”!



    Total agreement from this poster. I don`t know why so many posters who DO know better continue to quote from the MSSM.

  20. What I really meant is that I don`t know why so many SEEM to give credence to the MSSM

  21. garygillespieshamstring on

    I tend to take the view that half of the stuff on msm is made up pish and the rest is made up sh@@e.



    All coming from “a source” or “Parkhead insiders” who seem to be nameless.




    I think 2012 was a bit of a watershed. All the talk of wealth off the radar and Motherwell-born billionaires from award winning journalists while all the real investigative stuff was done by internetters like Paul67, Phil, Rangers Tax case and assorted others.

  23. GaryGillespieHamstring



    We didnae finish that song did we::-)))


    The pc version



    Which road were you walking along?


    What were you swinging??


    Who did you meet?


    What did he ask?



    You assaulted him where?


    And confirmed it where?


    And now that fraternal brothers mortal srate is?



    With a nana nana nana na


    (Accompanied with a lot of boneless dancing)





  24. CELTIC40ME on 9TH JULY 2024 11:27 AM






    I think 2012 was a bit of a watershed. All the talk of wealth off the radar and Motherwell-born billionaires from award winning journalists while all the real investigative stuff was done by internetters like Paul67, Phil, Rangers Tax case and assorted others.



    Agreed,2 things occurred in the run up to their demise as far as the media go imo.



    1.The media themselves are businesses,their sales where based on a certain(age) demographic,pressure can be brought by advertisers to limit and stifle reporting,hence the duality in reporting between business pages and the sports pages(daniel cousins).Thros into the mix manys a report/story had to be ‘ran by David’ so that polishing the t+++ swayed one way,


  media/t’internet bampots like RangersTaxCase and Phil whose book serialisation was scuppered in the Murdoch Bin Raider due to ‘customer discontent’.Cqn was a great place then too,pulling apart our so called free media and showing their fear of the shadow cast by Minty.


    RTC evidenced all he reported,and to a high level,


    He showed the constituent parts of the bomb planted on admin day eventually exploding after a 9 minute countdown on 14/6/2012.



    All else after that is farcical in many ways.


    The onset of social media from then on shows falling sales and a lack of trust in their reporting


    Through experience and knowing of stories pulled as its not to hun liking shows we dont have a free reporting press.


    I dont trust them or their derived acolytes in rekord,binraider even Cellick media(nooznoo)


    Clicks count and cost tbe truth




  25. garygillespieshamstring on

    AT @ 11.33



    Could be one of bhoy Joe’s or scullybhoy’s quizzes.



    5. Balls


    6. Head


    7. Dead



    And I made no reference to Google or any other search engine.



    Although I’m sure Jeeves wouldn’t know those answers anyway.

  26. garygillespieshamstring on




    Probably a bit before your time, but I think strangest jungle song (although the singing started in the Celtic end back then) was the chant based on Michael row the boat ashore that went



    “Send King Billy to Vietnam, Hallelujah repeated several times followed by a second verse “Celtic seven, the Rangers wan Hallelujah “.



    Old ones are the best csc



  27. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from wetherspoons, Old Street. Me and me old mate reliving past glories.

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