Road to Seville cyclists in northern Spain


The Road to Seville cyclists have arrived in Spain, left Bilbao on the northern coast and are currently experiencing their taste of the Spanish mountains.  Fortunately, they brought the Glasgow weather with them, but today is what all the hard months of training was all about.

Last month we spoke to Peter Ledwidge, who as you will see from the video below, has been enjoying the life in Spain for some years.  Here he explains why despite living so far from Celtic Park, supporting the Foundation is an important part of his life.

Supporting Celtic is easy these days, but the club only exists because of the need to help those in hardship.  You can do your bit to support the cyclists reach their target by donating here.  Thank you.

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    In unrelated news … I watched “1917” last night.Would strongly recommend it. ”



    I agree. Maybe not quite up ther with, ” All Quiet on the Western Front . ” but not a mile behind it either.

  2. TheLurkinTim on

    Ancient fossilized turds….I remember that smell….I was at Hampdump FTSFA ;-))




  3. TheLurkinTim on

    Lullabies n Battlecries



    Hell of a thing….best of luck….may your better half have a full and speedy recovery



    Philbhoy….hopefully it’s as routine as you think….we missed you







    IBS mate!



    A pain in the arse.



    I missed you and the gang too!



    Hope you are good!

  5. 46 comments on the Eve of a relatively meaningless game against Newco?


    I think I can see why Celtic, the Business, feel that we are better off with a version of THEM in the Premier League.

  6. “BIGRAILROADBLUES on 12TH MAY 2023 10:16 PM


    Good night all from Paddy Neesons. A wee nightcap then home. Braw.”



    I tend to think of a `nightcap` as a wee nip before bed and not as the finale after about fifteen pints !!

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Correction …. It’s 53 ….



    Och hang on.



    I see what is happening here.






    Time for bed clearly

  8. I feel no indifference.


    Same as usual Ceĺtic



    A win,and home safe.



    Have a good day Celtic fans.




  9. Did the Huns shoot themselves in the foot, again, by barring us from this game?


    It looks like the Huns will be walking away in droves tomorrow.


    Practising for the marching season?


    Follow follow patrons are liking it to the Murty years. They have accepted that they are now traveling in the slow lane.


    Mind you I’m not seeing a lot of excitement on here


    Indifference? Echoes of the Delia years?


    Is this how we will be treating games in a couple of years as we steamroller them and pick up title after title in our generation of continued domination?


    I suspect the younger fans will take this continued success as the status quo, while we grey haired old farts will continually remind them of the dry years.


    I for one will revel in yet another win against them. 1-0 or 5-0 ca ne fait rien.


    We owe them a thrashing. Even a 1-0 hammering.


    Get right into them lhads.

  10. AT 03:38



    my exact thoughts get Every Champion home safe.



    Ryan Jack has been training this week.



    Cowardice I Fear will be in abundance @ the Hate Factory this Day, perhaps I’m wrong, I sincerely Hope I am.

  11. I went to the Hate Factory 1 time, Never again.



    It wisnae the BroomLOAN Bach then, as we were Afforded a part of Their main Stand. Scumbags above acted like Scumbags dae. And Celtic got beat 5-1 that day too.



    Not sure even if it was a CL Final (being hosted LMFAO) I’d want to go there..



    Just get Home Safely Every representative of Celtic.

  12. Sláinte Ange on

    My team for today:




    Ralston, Starfelt,Koyabasi,Taylor





  13. A Demolishin’ of the derby opponents would be nice nice Baby.



    Seriously, it would be Incredible if we could beat Old Firm FC, on their own patch. We were Magical until Joe had a wobbly the last Time @ that Hatesville. We are getting Better & Better. It is the Best Celtic Team I huv Witnessed fitba wise.

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Another hun humpin day already started here in Oz.


    Sun shining, 18 degs, so winter just two weeks away so


    not got the thermals out yet, but maybe have to get my


    pullover on, the Ange one of course 🤪


    Hope all the shipwrecks got home safely and had a great






    Had a chat with my Chelsea mukker last night and he


    reckons Paul who ran the Melbourne Celtic academy


    Has moved up to Sydney, hence, nothing here as regards


    summer camps.


    Seems to me, again we are slow to capitalise on our manager


    and the massive potential for growth of our club down here


    in a very Celtic minded part of the world.


    Time now to prepare for tonight’s game, my new favourite


    swally Aldi’s port.


    As they say “ Any port in a storm “ 🍷


    H H. Mick

  15. Good morning all Tims across the Globe from a rather green and lovely morning in the Garden of God.



    Any win will do, but lets go out with a bang and pump them.


    Shut Adrian mole face up again.



    D :)

  16. I don’t think I can ever recall ao much indifference to a game against the huns.



    I guess that will change approaching ko. Especially in the lubricating Celtic boozers




  17. Greenpinata – I like everyone I would imagine, always want to beat thems at any level.


    I am getting nervous now.


    But in reality our hard work has been done they need to save face by getting a win hopefuly that will allow us to exploit them.



    1 -3 for me, but I would loooooooove a 4 or 5 equally a 0-1will do.



    I suppose what I am saying is…COYBIG



    D :)

  18. Greenpinata



    Agree re indifference.



    On both sides judging by the ticket spares going ?



    The women’s cup final in 2 weeks time feels more engaging.



    Seriously though it will be huge if we can win today.



    My guess from Ange at his presser was that we have been more relaxed this week which can go either way. My sense is they will be really out to show they have been hard done to.



    It would be no surprise to me if they win comfortably.



    If however we do sneak an early goal then the effect of 50,000 disgruntled huns could really lead to something special for us. Especially with so much potential still to come from our forward group.

  19. Paul The Spark on

    I had some indifference until I read Cxntwell bumping his gums in the tabloids. Now I want a 3 nil win and a serious injury.

  20. Good morning, champions. My only concern is when will the fog clear from over the Fair City.



    Enjoy your day.




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