Robbing Billy to pay Laxey


30% interest!  Nice one, Newco Rangers, you’ve got yourself a deal there.  Suggestions that your business plan has been, and remains, unsustainable and extravagant are patently absurd when you can borrow at the kind of rates a Zimbabwean pimp would get at the height of the ZWD’s recent hyper-inflation episode, although it’s probably worth noting that Zimbabwean businesses are currently borrowing at slightly less than half of what Laxey are charging Newco, solvent ones, anyway.

An administration would be a severe embarrassment to the Newco, less than two years after its incorporation, but in many ways it would be a boon, allowing the club to offload all the high earners and establish a breakeven trading platform.

It is utterly incomprehensible why they have not called in the admins, which itself shines a light on management processes inside the club.  No one seems to be asking, “What next?”  Getting deeper into hock with a hedge fund is ruinous.  Notions that if the loan is turned into shares would be a soft landing for the club are absurd.  This is a hedge fund.  A HEDGE FUND!!  The more shares they have, the more exposure they have, the higher return they will demand.

Need some new players, tough, pay my money.  Ticket sales down, that’s disappointing, cut back and pay my money.  Got some maintenance work to do, I don’t care, pay my money then see what’s left.

Keep your eye on the sale and leaseback plan, although not until September.  They should commission a brass statue of a Newco season ticket holder, touching his toes, with the motto ‘Brace yourself’ below.

The only question left is who will be the complicit front man for season ticket sales this year?

Most people are only beginning to realise the consequences of the events of 2012, or what it means to be a zombie club, walking around, not quite the same as before, with various groups randomly gorging on you.  Nothing will ever be as it was.  Ever.  They should’ve listened, before high-fiving Sir David Murray, then Craig Whyte, then Charles Green.  It’s not like we didn’t tell them.

If you’re in the football business, rule number 1 is: Pay your bills.  Every other rule, value and aspiration cannot be met without this rule.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted questions for last week’s Celtic Forum.  The minutes have been published, and are available here.

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  1. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on

    If you’re in the football business, rule number 1 is: Pay your bills. Every other rule, value and aspiration cannot be met without this rule.

  2. “Keep your eye on the sale and leaseback plan, although not until September. They should commission a brass statue of a Newco season ticket holder, touching his toes, with the motto ‘Brace yourself’ below.”






    Paul67, you naughty bhoy you :-)






  3. Howdy bhoys and ghirls (and other variations)



    Well…..it’s gone now.



    It was so much more than a school, a building or a landmark.



    It was the slightly out of focus backdrop to a thousand tales that hung like the crowd’s breath on the evening floodlit night of Celtic Park.



    It will now be so much more difficult to describe the japes, adventures, scrapes and environment of the past. The graveyard excepted, there is little physically left that I remember from my youth. That for some will be sad, but the world turns and the school’s disappearance is just another grain of sand passing through the narrow waist of history’s hourglass.



    I’ll miss it’s reassuring presence and familiarity…..auld gits always miss daft things.



    When we won, I could hear the weans at playtime; when we lost It was more like a ‘double maths’ early on a winter’s Monday morning.



    I’ll forget soon enough, after all I rarely remember where I left my specs and that was only five minutes previous.



    What will it be replaced by…..well as you know I’ve been privy to the plans all along and published them sometime ago.



    Just in case you’ve forgotten….here they are again!






    Hail hail




  4. I thick Super(wages) Ally may still be the front man.


    Who would walk away from that salary?!?!?



    Okay, who with no moral fibre, no loyalty to the fans and no conciseness whatsoever would walk away from that salary.


    Yep, Ally’s the man, and he certainly has the front for it.

  5. I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without anyone questioning their motivation.

  6. Eurochamps67,



    can you drop me an email please?



    Somehow I seems to have lost your addy! Its re the gowf.






  7. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Is it fair to say that Sevco FC were almost outSEANed on Saturday by Stenny?






    Hat, coat, etc …………..I know the drill.

  8. Paul67



    That headline is extremely cruel, bloody funny but extremely cruel.



    As for your knowledge of the Zimbabwean ,ahem, “economy” well I will just have to bow to your superior knowledge. :-)

  9. They should commission a brass statue of a Newco season ticket holder, touching his toes, with the motto ‘Brace yourself’ below.





    I’ll being winding up zombies with that for a while mate, cheers!





    /Bishop B





    I’m quite sure that everything is hunkydory and for the best in this best possible of worlds for the huns,and I’m quite shocked that you suggest otherwise.



    Certainly were I to write the script,it would be running along these lines in my own best of all,etc.



    Sometimes though,reality bites. And Glasgow,with a long tradition of sharks and money-lenders,is no stranger to extortion.



    Those who fail from history…



    Hell mend them.

  11. Token Tim, I think it’s time we used appropriate imagery as subtlety didn’t seem to get through to them.



    owen, I was going to suggest the rates was like current borrowing in Ukraine, but turns out things are not that bad in Ukraine. This are not that bad now in Zimbabwe either, but they have form.



    Len, you’re welcome.



    BOBBY MURDOCH’S, indeed.

  12. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    ” Brace yourself below”. Ooh Err Matron!



    Careful Paul, the self appointed blog police will be getting on your case.

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  14. Hi Paul



    Are u having problems with taking fresh applications?


    A couple of fholk were saying they applied for registration but you never responded with a password

  15. Fares please…..



    Move alang the bus…..



    Come Oan….Get Aff



    This parochial wee club is the most embarrassing Small to Medium Enterprise ever spawned.

  16. .





    12:40 on


    24 February, 2014


    summa of…



    Sorry to disagree but the school was an unremarkable example of school building style of the era.



    The facing stone was very nice but otherwise nothing of particular architectural merit.



    The building, sad though it might be, was out of time in terms of its original use and its location.



    Where I suggest we’d be in agreement is the building which replaces it will be aesthetically and structurally anaemic.






    Interesting that Most posters say the Sandstone School was an Eyesore..



    It was an Eyesore because it was left to Rot..



    Or do most of the posters live in Concrete prefabs..?



    btw Celtic park is a Concrete prefab compared to Ibrox..



    Each to their Own l suppose..



    All a Eyesore need is a Little TLC..




  17. davie, davie,………davie…………



    ..all we can say, is…………………………………………







  18. We should just leave them alone now. There is at least another 6 months of hilarity in this. Sevco are staggering around like a heifer with mad cow disease.

  19. .



    The Token Tim


    13:19 on


    24 February, 2014





    can you drop me an email please?



    Somehow I seems to have lost your addy! Its re the gowf.











    Just tell Him you can’t Go..







  20. I am sure Sevco are feeling ‘flush’ today with that 1.5 million.



    Just one pull on the chain and it will disappear like the IPO and ST millions.

  21. garygillespieshamstring on

    Hi Paul,



    Love the line about brass statue. Absolutely brilliant.



    I am sure their necks are brass anyway.

  22. You can’t fault Sevco CEO, his words are possibly the first true words to eminate from Govan in many years:



    However, after the new loans became public last week, recently appointed chief executive Graham Wallace insisted that the club were not facing a second administration.





    Absolutely spot on Graham, Sevco are in fact facing their first administration, just like RFCil before them.



    I can understand the confusion though.

  23. bournesouprecipe



    12:17 on 24 February, 2014Who’s going to pick up their double ended sword?


    I’m not sure,but Charlie Nicholas said the Easdales have thrown down the Goblet……

  24. Easedale’s loan is free of interest charge, due to be paid back in Sept, but I assume he’ll be happy with more shares. Laxey set to earn 150,000 in 6 months or less or they could own a car park for their troubles :)


    My question would be, is that all they really needed to borrow to get through this season or is that all they could scrape together? I assume the former otherwise why would Laxey bother but, if correct, then they aren’t as badly off as had been projected as this would only cover 1-2 months of their losses.

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