Roberts craft, Rod the entertainer, January anxiety


Albion Rovers did as much as could be asked of them yesterday. They defended solidly, conceding only to an impossible to defend strike from Player of the Year-designate Scott Sinclair, until the final 13 minutes of the game.

A lazy observation would conclude that it was tiredness which caused the part-timers to lose two late goals, but that wasn’t the case. Patrick Roberts ability to draw opponents close, before exploiting the space behind them changed a 0-1 score into a 0-3 result. Without Roberts, we would have continued to pass in an arc around the Rovers defensive pyramid.

A home draw in the next round was as welcome as it was unexpected – what happens, I suppose, when a good Celtic man gets to draw the balls. Rod Stewart proved he is the complete entertainer as he brought colour to what is too often a soulless procedure. When presenting to the public, some forget football THEY ARE EMPLOYED in an entertainment industry.

Having already spent a reasonable amount of money this month, the normal January anxiety is contained to the permanently anxious, but, as you know, transfer windows are all about the last few days. We’re still working. Usual caveats apply.


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  1. Summa……may you and yours find comfort….a terrible day.….










  2. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I was disappointed to see that we drew Inverness Caley Thistle in the next round.


    The Treble hangs in the balance now.


    We have struggled against them in the past,


    and I fear their referee may just be too strong for us :-0

  3. BRTH…



    It would be just for two me and the Welsh flame, a double room would suffice and if possible a water bed:)))



    I’ll try and get the flights sorted as soon as, the goodlady will be up on Friday for a couple of weeks, so should know by early next week. Meeting ACGR on Saturday for a few in the town, he’s still to let me know where. HH

  4. An Teach Solais on



    Sorry to learn of your dad’s illness. He, you and your loved ones are in my thoughts. Prayers offered for you all. Hope the good wishes expressed on this site give you some comfort and strength at this distressing time. HH

  5. May the force go with you…



    “I think your choice of football club quite often is not your choice,” he told BBC Sport. “It is thrust upon you by your family, wherever you grew up, or sometimes even your religion, so it is a kind of environmental thing that you just soak up.



    “That is why I am a Celtic fan but why I enjoy being a Celtic fan is different and I have much more power over that.



    May the PM leave us …..



    Awfy braw




  6. Summa 001 mate so sorry to hear about your Dad, thoughts and prayers sent up in this very difficult time for him and his family and friends. Take care of yourself and remember the good times.

  7. Bognorbhoy……



    It will be a choir…..quack quack…







    His hair will be displayed in the hall of flame though…






    Thoughts and Prayers with you all, may God Bless his Soul.




    Thoughts and Prayers with you and the family, difficult time.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  9. Cosy corner bhoy-8:45pm last night,that’s a nice offer, but my dad stopped the drinking lark along time ago,he used to enjoy a wee drink then would give it up for lent every year,one year he just decided to stop altogether.Again thanks for the offer but it’s usually just into game and then back home when I’m with him

  10. Thank you to everyone who responded to my little query about betting on a deceased horse.



    I can’t really say I’m any the wiser, or better informed, for that matter.

  11. Margaret McGill on

    ernie lynch on 23rd January 2017 12:01 pm



    Does anyone know what happens to a bet if a horse dies during a race?



    Is the bet null and void?







    Lawwell collects at 10,000-1

  12. Afternoon



    Happy Birthday to Hamilton Tim



    To Summa of Sammi sorry to learn of your father’s illness.




  13. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    Brendan on squad options …



    I didn’t want to bring in too many but we have an option that we could get over the line. We will wait and see on that one.



    It’s about slowly building the squad. The squad has been outstanding in their work over the first six months so we want to just keep adding to it to help the players that are already here.



    There will maybe be one or two that will go out on a loan basis as well, so there will probably be both ways. I suspect there will be some change in the squad before the window.

  14. Good to see a partime club like Albion reap the benefit at the turnstiles of the big Celtic support at yesterday’s match. That’s about all that can be said about probably the most one-sided game I’ve seen for many a long day.

  15. MountblowTim-



    Great to see you post.



    Hope you are well, and enjoying a fine season in Paradise.



    Didn’t get home after all. My business is keeping me frantic 24/7, just can’t afford the time away just now. Hope to get over late 2017, or early 2018.



    Hail Hail

  16. HAMILTONTIM- a very happy birthday mhate,a nice start to what’s going to be a fantastic year for you -:)))




    One good thing was that although they parked the bus, at least they didn’t go out to hurt any of our players. There are normally a couple of Huns in teams like that looking to make a name for themselves

  18. MountblowTim-



    P.S. I lost out on wearing my Kano scarf due to the missus adding it to her wardrobe.



    It has been ever present with her on trips away from home this Winter, with her sporting it all the way up and down the west coast from Seattle to San Diego.




  19. OneMalloy: So sorry to hear of the death of your brother.



    Ar dheis lámh Dhé go raibh a anam uasal.



    Summa: thoughts with you at this difficult time.



    Breithlá sona to HamiltonTim. Great to see you and H in the Fair City with WITS yesterday.

  20. Leftclicktic/Robinbhoy…



    Cheers for that, I wasn’t sure if it was something to worry about or not, as you say just standard practice. I suppose the nuclear word put the frightners on me a wee bit… Especially with Trumps inauguration. Is it ok to say that.:))







    ALMORE hinted that he and WITS were in the company of some fine CQNers to watch the match in The Bad Ass Cafe.




    None finer than HAMILTONTIM and MINX1888…




    Beg to differ Boaby…Minx ,aye…HT …naw.



    Begrudged Happy Birthday to Hamiltontim,and a verrrrry Happy birthday to


    Mrs Starry .hh :O)

  22. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    So Hamiltontim celebrates yet another birthday !



    That explains the creaking noise I heard when I got up this morning – it came from 40 miles west of sunny Embra !

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