Roberts craft, Rod the entertainer, January anxiety


Albion Rovers did as much as could be asked of them yesterday. They defended solidly, conceding only to an impossible to defend strike from Player of the Year-designate Scott Sinclair, until the final 13 minutes of the game.

A lazy observation would conclude that it was tiredness which caused the part-timers to lose two late goals, but that wasn’t the case. Patrick Roberts ability to draw opponents close, before exploiting the space behind them changed a 0-1 score into a 0-3 result. Without Roberts, we would have continued to pass in an arc around the Rovers defensive pyramid.

A home draw in the next round was as welcome as it was unexpected – what happens, I suppose, when a good Celtic man gets to draw the balls. Rod Stewart proved he is the complete entertainer as he brought colour to what is too often a soulless procedure. When presenting to the public, some forget football THEY ARE EMPLOYED in an entertainment industry.

Having already spent a reasonable amount of money this month, the normal January anxiety is contained to the permanently anxious, but, as you know, transfer windows are all about the last few days. We’re still working. Usual caveats apply.


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  1. Margaret McGill on

    Watched a German movie yesterday.


    The lives of others.


    If you want to see a movie of the triumph of the human spirit watch this one.

  2. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on




    I hope TF you are making a wee pilgrimage to lisboa this year.



    I,d rather meet you there than here in cauld carmyllie. But I,ll take whichever comes soonest.



    HH my mad angus loon fienian friend.




  3. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Maggie doll, I’ve not seen anyone question Ernie’s timishness. Its his dickishness I’ve seen questioned.



    He helped me out with a Celtic share transfer question so for that I’m grateful.



    HH Sister xxxx See you in Lisboa.

  4. OneMalloy


    Sorry to hear of the loss of your brother.



    Summa of Sammi


    Prayers offered for your Dad and a good Rangers man




  5. ACGR


    Have you sourced a good kebab shop in Lisbon? ;-)


    Hope your well and dramming well.




  6. ACGR, NB!


    HH ya bampots! Three Angus loons on at the same time!!


    How y’all doin?



  7. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Maggie, that’s no much of a choice, FFS. booo hoooo………………………….boooooooooo



    Man up ya auld boot.




    TC45, I’m only an adoptive angus loon. G1 Rottenrow born, then moved to an address in Mordor, then Pollock, then Corseford…….St Tony’s / St Berts.



    My BC says Edminston Drive. They hun bastards pished in my pram. Is it any surprise my maw despises them.



    Me, I’m more open minded. I just want them and their whole vile support to be eradicated from this good earth.



    I don’t speak for my whole family, I only speak for myself.

  8. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    An Tearmann, ACGR have you sourced a good kebab shop in Lisbon?





    No, I was kinda hopin you would do that. Sort yerself oot FFS……………………….:_)





  9. ACGR,


    Same for me mate,


    As ye know I am a ML4, original. But enjoyed the rolling Angus braes for many a year before settling down to the breathtaking SE Texas landscape where ye can watch yer feckin’ dug run away for three days!


    HH Bro…….keep on drammin’ !



  10. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    TC45, get yourself booked for a holiday in May. You can watch tims run about for days worshipping a time and place that we will re run in our hearts and minds until our last breath takes us to the great Celtic Park in the sky……………:_)





    HH bruv

  11. Cowiebhoy


    Don’t let this rest. RSPCA WILL investigate this for you. See below.



    “The RSPCA generally investigates and prosecutes animal welfare offences, and it will be slow to agree that shooting was a suitable option. Anything other than a single, clean shot and immediate despatch could result in prosecution. Offences are punishable by imprisonment of up to six months and/or fines of up to £20,000. The court must also consider making an order disqualifying the offender from keeping animals.



    Shooting a dog also gives rise to potential firearms difficulties which farmers should bear in mind. If a rifle or other section 1 firearm has been used, then, unless one of the conditions on which the certificate was granted covers such use, which is extremely unlikely, there is a real risk of prosecution for failing to comply with the certificate conditions.”





    I mailed COWIEBHOY with the same article when I got back in. I doubt he’ll just let it go.

  13. Cowiebhoy,



    Absolutely outrageous behavior from an a#rse of a farmer, and not much better from the police. I am aware that dogs are not human ( Thoughts and solidarity with you Summa) but to us dog lovers they are part of the family.



    I would explode all legal aspects if you can financially afford it .Make this c@nts life as awkward as possible until you receive justice for your “furbabies ”


    If he is so quick to use his guns on defenceless pets, I would question his suitability to hold a firearms certificate.



    Losing pets is so difficult,especiallyin such circumstances, but you will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.






    PS : The Rspca only operate in England, it’s the SPCA in Scotland.




  14. Macjay / Cowiebhoy,



    Agree, use social media. Get this exposed to the public domain




  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I know how much you treasured your dogs, go after the trigger happy clown..




    It was HT’s birthday not mine although any excuse for a wee dram…

  16. Dull and damp in darkest Lanarkshire, I should just copy and paste that. Off to Manchester to put the shoulder to the wheel again.


    Take care everyone. HH

  17. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day



    Iniquitous ɪˈnɪkwɪtəs/





    1. grossly unfair and morally wrong.


    2. characterized by injustice or wickedness; wicked; sinful.


    3. very unfair or evil



    Word Origin and History


    1726, from iniquity + -ous




  18. Good morning CQN


    Again thanks for all the messages, been up since 2.30


    SPCA are being contacted, as will Police and a solicitor


    Will not let this go ! ! !


    If it had been 1 dog we may ? Have a bit of understanding, but not the 2 of them, and not wee Hugo – multiple shots the police told me, why ?


    They were only wee Lemon roan Cocker Spaniels, Honey only 18months old so still very small


    My Ghirls and their friends have it all over Facebook etc


    I will update when I have some decent news



    Please Let’s now focus on the Celtic – and Brendan’s Bhoys



    And think about hose in need of our prayers and support

  19. Cowiebhoy





    So sorry to hear this.



    I know that farmers have extensive rights in these matters. But it sounds as though this one hugely over reacted While the police may have significantly under reacted.



    Chase them. Both parties. Legally hurts them most in the end.



    So sorry bud.



    HH jamesgang

  20. Macjay



    The article says,



    “Interest in Gallacher is particularly interesting given that Celtic’s current left back, Kieran Tierney, is attracting Premier League interest, and with Tierney likely to make a move to England at some stage, Gallacher could emerge as a possible replacement.”



    Very unsubtle subtle mind altering bullsh1t from a disreputable right wing source I often rail against.



    HH jamesgang

  21. Marrakesh Express on




    I can feel your hurt pal. For what it’s worth I hope you get some due justice.

  22. Cowiebhoy @10:28 p.m. Just came in from the early morning donkey shift and read your post and follow-up posts. Your family must be angry and heart-broken in equal measure. We run a wee sanctuary here in D&G and are well aware that some farmers are very trigger happy at this time of year (coming up for the main lambing season* – don’t get me started!) and that the Polis will back them up as a matter of course. I hope the SSPCA are more pro-active in your neck of the woods. We find them very supportive but a bit toothless when it comes to prosecutions. If there’s a link to the FB page, we could share it with all our animal-related contacts.


    To you, and all the other who received sad news yesterday, and it sure was a sad day, Be Strong & Be Safe.


    I know you want to get back to fitba/Celtic matters, so a good win for the Bhoys on Burns night should bring some cheer.


    Oh, and I believe we are booked into the same hotel in Lisboa (Many Thanks BRTH) so looking forward to buying you a drink there.

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