Rodgers and Clement will both be encouraged


Claims that Newco dominated the Scottish Cup Final (made by formerly credible outlets) are clearly untrue, but although Celtic shaded all the important metrics, there was little between the sides.

We had the ability to get the better of Newco in tight games all season.  Brendan Rodgers will be happy with this, but Philippe Clement will not be too discouraged.  Clement picked up Michael Beale’s shambles of a squad and outperformed expectations.  He has earned the right to look forward to next season with some anticipation.

The cash position at Ibrox is treacherous. When accounts for this year are eventually published, they will show a sea of red, but don’t expect caution.  They will ignore the warning signs and press ahead, hoping to trade out flops for stars.  It is not easy to improve a team, but I expect Newco to be stronger next season than at any time since van Bronkhorst left town.

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  1. AIPPLE – thanks – no issues for our family and friends so far but there have been fatalities and widespread power outs across the State.



    We had a 10 minute warning for tornados last week and squall yesterday like I haven’t seen before – our neighbor was having his roof redone and I was pleased to see the workers get off it alive!

  2. Good to hear TEXASTIM.



    Some terrifying stuff on the news. Every year now it seems.

  3. What are we going to talk about all summer?



    why celtic supporters buy up season cards but then do not physically attend the games

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Keep it close – that’s always the way.


    Instead of spending £15m and keeping £65m in the bank, why not spend £40m and give £40m to partner club to spend?


    That would give us a much better team but without pulling too far in front of partner club and spoiling the old firm.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Manager gets emptied by October. New manager comes In. He blames the previous incumbent for poor summer recruitment. He fails to win the league. He loses Scottish Cup. He buys duds in the summer. He fails to qualify for the CL. He loses the first derby game of the season. He’s emptied by October.



    Rinse and repeat.

  6. It is not easy to improve a team, but I expect Newco to be stronger next season than at any time since van Bronkhorst left town.






    i do not know where to even start with that,



    in what operational environment can they get a stronger football team ?



    they continuslly waste big money on fantastical wages, near £2m salary for a scottish premier league player,



    they get to the cl, they get some money, they get hammered at football.



    i forsee more woes, and even less of a challenge, they are not improving anything,



    you wont read this in the papers, – the madmitch and others “reasons rangers are better than celtic”



    – new edminston house is a big blue elephant, cannot make a profit.



    – stadium expansion – to add 600 seats big dealm proving to be an ebgineering mis calculation, wik be dekayed,



    – did not sell out of cup final tickets, 3000 under capcaity at hampden.



    – the new white hope – the boy smith for the conveyor belt of talent at murray park, truth is, no one else wanted him.



    and their goalkeeper, dearie me.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Transfer window will be interesting.



    I’d speculate the extremes of our fans’ expectations as follows



    Low end


    – replace Joe


    – sell Matt


    – keep Paulo


    – but Adam



    High end (as above but also)


    – new LB


    – new Left sided CB


    – new winger (a rock star)


    – new midfielder


    – sell eight guys raising fair bit of cash

  8. anyone going along to this – should be a fun day out, trying to drum up support – the last comment is a belter –






    Saturday 8th June



    Have you ever thought about joining a band or Orange Order?



    Rutherglen Bluebell F.B. and King Williams Own LOL 255 have joined together to organise an open event for you and all the family to come along and find out about who we are and what we do.



    – Deputy County Master Jamie Crawford will be speaking on Orange History


    – Come and try instruments


    – Bluebell History Talk


    – Bluebell providing entertainment


    – Hot rolls


    – Face painting for the kids (adults also if they wish )



    Doors open 11am so get along early to get a seat as this will be busy.



    Entry is free so first come first served



    Very worthwhile attending for anyone interested – within walking distance from Rutherglen Train Station

  9. – new winger (a rock star)






    bring back jota in some arrangement, Kyogo missed him the most

  10. greengray1967 on

    Saint Stivs



    Hope they actually apy the face painter this time



    Smily emoji thingy x 3

  11. The extension given to Balagun and the signing of Kelly does not point to a Huns side getting stronger. A sea of red in the accounts will mean money will have to be sourced to fund a squad overhaul with next to no sell on value in the current squad.



    I haven’t seen anything from Clement to give me pause for thought. In BR we clearly have a far superior manager.



    But by all means, let’s assume they’ll get stronger. Let’s assume they come through those summer qualifiers and bank the CL.



    A strong Huns side seems to be the only thing that lights a fire under our board’s bums so hopefully we work on this basis and see a strong summer window for BR.

  12. Back the manager, no to odsonne, he had his time, Jota on the other hand would be a great signing , but doubt very much he will come back here considering his wages in saudi.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Out of genuine interest, who are the “formerly credible” SMSM outlets?

  14. Hi Paul67,



    “don’t expect caution”



    But they’ll need to comply with FSR rules which from next season drops 10% from 2023-24 season (90% to 80%) on allowable spend relative to football related earnings. It’ll be down to 70% the following season.


    This will continually make it harder for them.



    So they can’t abandon caution even if they get more soft-loan investors on board?



    St Stivs – love that. And the “adults also” bit reminded me of the Kevin Bridges routine where they were trying to get a board meeting started but 1 guy was prowling about with a Tiger-Face.

  15. Weebobbycollins on

    “but I expect Newco to be stronger next season”



    Their new left-back will certainly terrorise Hearts…

  16. Jota is 25.



    he played 27 games last season scoring 4 goals.



    At all youth levels he played 73 times for portugal, but has never had a full cap.


    he did make the 2provisional” squad for qatar 2022, but never made the cut.



    he is making a fortune in saudi, but it is almost like he is being paid not to play, and never progress, he can retire now, or ask to move, wherever he goes he will continue to be rich anyways.



    ambition over a lifetime of comfort.



    he seriously must regret going there, if football is his first love,

  17. Weebobbycollins on

    This is where Matt O’Reily is different I believe…he’s more of a thinker, more spiritual. He will move to raise his game level. Nothing wrong with ambition…but wealth accumulation for the sake of it is not right.

  18. just to show how much i know about football, on first seeing moussa dembele i was convincinced i was seeing a future world super star and he would be frances main striker scoring goals at world cup finals.



    aged 27 , he too now plays in saudi, last season 27 games and a credible 14 goals.



    he too never got an international cap.

  19. and so to eddie, who i also thought would be a superstar.



    89 goals at celtic park, in 4 seasons.



    tyhe move to palace i thought, my goodness why aint ther bigger clubs going for him.



    3 seasons , 100 games but only 21 goals for palace,



    no france caps.



    26 now, does he get another club in england, and if so what is the buying price and do we have a sell on fee ?



    or does he go to saudi, and have an easy life just kicking a ball about sometimes.

  20. bournesouprecipe on

    “They seek him here, they seek him there



    Those Frenchies seek him everywhere



    Is he in heaven or is he in hell?



    That damned elusive Pimpernel”

  21. Charlie Nicholas – Celtic Goals



    thanks for that,



    i have many memories of charlie, but that ajax goal, i listened to it with big SLEAMUIRCELT in a lane between our houses , mixed company , some huns, some tims, but us two were doing the pogo and going all barmy army.



    but for all that, my best memory is DELENAYS DUNKY describing being there on many a drunk night.



    god bless him.

  22. I dont think it has been mentioned , but the actions of Greg Taylor, post match, when he told the lady interviewer sorry but i need to be over there, when the players and staff joined in to walk on i thought was a very special moment,



    the emotions were there for all to see.



    the much maligned bhoy, and youth project from the murraypark conveyor belt, has now played 173 times for celtic , and a key contributer to the last 4 championships and a total of 9 trophies, all this and only 5ft 7 inches, if he was only another 5 inches taller he could have been a contender.

  23. Tom McLaughlin on

    The transfer window opens Friday 14th June and closes on Monday 2nd September.

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