Rodgers and Clement will both be encouraged


Claims that Newco dominated the Scottish Cup Final (made by formerly credible outlets) are clearly untrue, but although Celtic shaded all the important metrics, there was little between the sides.

We had the ability to get the better of Newco in tight games all season.  Brendan Rodgers will be happy with this, but Philippe Clement will not be too discouraged.  Clement picked up Michael Beale’s shambles of a squad and outperformed expectations.  He has earned the right to look forward to next season with some anticipation.

The cash position at Ibrox is treacherous. When accounts for this year are eventually published, they will show a sea of red, but don’t expect caution.  They will ignore the warning signs and press ahead, hoping to trade out flops for stars.  It is not easy to improve a team, but I expect Newco to be stronger next season than at any time since van Bronkhorst left town.

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  1. 418yucks


    Bow once if your fearless


    Bow twice if your a fearless opportunist


    Bow thrice if you are fearless hypocrite








    Ps rumour is you snogged wee Nikla (tonguesN’aw)then got aff wi her at


    The Metro in late80s,


    youv no been oot since.


    Izzat troo? :-))

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Olympiacos cobbled together with Bosmans and loans,most expensive player tonight was €4 million

  3. Bada Bing



    I am always amazed at how these teams can get good defenders so cheap and we can’t. Must be our location ; nicer for family in a warm country. Big Giako recently said he hated the weather here, only got to the park with his son once in Glasgow

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    With apologies to morecambe and wise



    How much is a Greek urn?



    30 Bob a week.

  5. AN TEARMANN on 10:49pm



    If you stand for nothing and fall for everything…


    you are already a slave.



    WPB is the last chance here to save all of us from these Zio scumbags instrumenting their evil doctrine in all of Ireland, UK, EU, etc….this could even be the last elections ever allowed if we don’t get on the one road behind the only group of people trying drain the swamp, kick away the first domino and let the thing crash to the ground.



    PS, I notice how you gave the dozens of SNP sleekits politicians a swearing in pass they shouldn’t even be in Westminster if they are seeking indy like Sinn Fein don’t take their seats in the HoC who’s zooming who? lol. 👀️



    Go and read WPB manifesto…if Sinn Fein drops their fake lib guff and follow WPB manifesto they will be forgiven by their utterly now confused supporters.



    Five years ago SF copied Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto and became the biggest party in all of Ireland…and then they went woke WTF? 👀️



    If SF copy WPB manifesto 20 million Irish Americans will want to come home again across the sea!



    Mr Galloway will get rid of all of the Royal crap and turn Britain into a Republic ditto Ireland.



    If you play games about this possibly last EVER election like Tims did to Corbyn twice2 in the last 2 UK GE’s then you’ll end up being put through a meat mincer on one of the WHO and WEF farms then be eaten by the Genocide vaxx monsters.




  6. Good morfrom a cloudy Luzern. Today I will be mostly doing touristy stuff.


    Have we signed anyone yet.

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH MAY 2024 11:00 PM


    Olympiacos cobbled together with Bosmans and loans,most expensive player tonight was €4 million.



    Bada – it showed. I wasn’t particularly impressed by either team and think we could beat both.

  8. Weebobbycollins on

    I believe now is the time to sell Kyogo. He, like the other Japanese bhoys, will wish to return to his homeland at some point. Glasgow must surely be a temporary home only. He is 29 now and still has a few more years before he hangs up the boots. I’m sure he would love a recall to his national team though it looks like it won’t happen whilst he’s playing for us. So, a move back home would probably suit him at this stage of his career.


    Whilst he may not be a Celtic legend, he will be fondly remembered for his time here and would always be considered a hero and hunslayer…

  9. weebobbycollins



    Let me get this straight.


    You want to get rid our best goalscorer of the the last three seasons?


    A player who has scored goals in the League, League Cup, Scottish Cup and in Europe?


    A player who could get close to the 100 goals mark in total for Celtic if he play all of next season in a stronger team?


    Deary Deary Me

  10. Majestic Hartson on

    Celtic Mac,



    Whilst I don’t want to lose him I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyogo left.



    Rodgers clearly doesn’t get the best out of him/he doesn’t suit Rodgers style of play as much as Ange’s.



    How many goals did he score last season, 19 in 50 appearances, the same as a midfielder. Whilst not a bad return I’d be hoping for a striker to score an extra 10 or thereabouts.



    Maybe BR thinks he can sign someone who will suit his team better?

  11. Weebobbycollins on

    Majestic Hartson…


    I agree. Kyogo is not suited to Brendan’s style of play, hence the drop off in goals scored. I’m not pushing him out the door, I’ve really enjoyed watching him, he has been a delightful character but at 29 and still retaining a desire to play for his country, he would be best served by returning to Japanese football. And if he is going then I would prefer he leaves on a high. I wouldn’t like to see him spending a lot of next season on the bench.

  12. majestic hartson



    That is down to Brendan. But that improved toward the latter part of the season. My main point is that if we improve our team/squad, ie we are a better team next season than this, Kyogo will also benefit, and if he does he will head towards the ton mark as a Celtic goalscorer. Or of course you could just advocate getting rid of our best goalscorer of the last three seasons. Some on here are of that opinion. I’m not one of them.

  13. Prestonpans bhoys on

    If you watch Kyogo from the stands rather than the telly, you get a better view of his interplay and you’ll notice significantly , his off the ball movements.



    He makes runs that the others don’t see, the end product is a missed opportunity and a shaking of Kyogo’s heed

  14. I think Norwich will keep Idah ,especially with a new manager set to be appointed, Van Hondonks son isn’t good enough, so hopefully Rodgers has other strikers on his list,as for players deemed not good enough then they not all of them need to be sold or loaned out,the ones I would loan out are OH Lagerbiele,Yang,Odim,the rest sell,as for James Mccarthy personally he should be playing now and again for the reserves

  15. Sorry, I meant to post this yesterday.



    Belfast Celtic 75 years ago: Historic victory over all-conquering Scots during bittersweet American tour that marked end of a great club.



    Story by John Breslin



    t was May 29 1949, New York – arguably one of the most famous days in the illustrious history of Belfast Celtic.



    In front of a crowd of a 15,000, the west Belfast side, up to that point one of the most successful clubs in Ireland, defeated by 2-0 a Scotland team fresh off a sweep of the Home International Series.



    But it was a bittersweet time as the team first set sail on the ten match tour of the US and Canada, they were told the news that the club had folded.



    The Belfast Celtic board announced the decision as the party of players, officials and others set sail on the RMS Mauretania for the US earlier in May.



    “It would be like Glasgow Celtic announcing we are leaving Scottish football. We are stopping playing,” said author and broadcaster Pádraig Coyle, who has written two books and a play linked to Belfast Celtic.



    “The fans could not comprehend that this could happen. They knew nothing until the board took this decision,” he said.



    “The players were not told of decision until they were on the boat to America,” Pádraig said.



    Following the trip, the belief, the assumption, was strong that Belfast Celtic would be back, particularly as the legendary manager, Elisha Scott, was barred by the board from joining any other club.



    But just two days before the Scotland game the Irish League invited Crusaders to join and Celtic never returned despite several attempts to do so.



    This was a club that won 14 league titles, including five in row prior to the Second World War and then another in 1947/48.



    Jimmy Jones, the club’s top striker, was not on the tour, the first by an Irish club of north America.



    He was still recovering from horrific injuries suffered when attacked by Linfield fans following that season’s St Stephen’s Day clash.



    Only top level medical care saved his leg being amputated.



    The attack on Jones is often cited as the catalyst for the Celtic board making its decision to pull out of the league.



    But the team, boosted by several guest players, went out in style, stunning Scotland, the “wonder team of 1949″, on that late May day exactly 75 years ago.



    Scotland had the choice of playing several teams, including Newcastle United or Gothenburg but chose the representatives of Ireland.



    At the Triborough Stadium In New York, Derry man Johnny Campbell was credited with scoring both goals in the historic victory, though Pádraig said Alex Moore claimed the last touch for the second.



    There were some afters during the game with Dubliner Mick O’Flanagan, a Bohemians player, Ireland rugby international and noted publican, going toe to toe with Rangers’ Willie Waddell.



    But the two teams arrived at the stadium and left together, though it was noted the Belfast crew were in the back of the bus, celebrating. Scotland later complained about the hardness of the pitch. It was the country’s last ever clash with a club team.



    The touring party returned to Belfast in June and the team dispersed. The name does live on with a Belfast Celtic side competing in the Ballymena & Provincial Intermediate League.



    Jimmy Jones recovered and continued his prolific scoring, away from Paradise on the Donegall Road, and mostly with Glenavon. He was top scorer in the Irish League for ten seasons in a row.





  16. Billy McNeill had never had a great working relationship with Desmond White and the Celtic board but this matter only served to widen the gap between them and, indirectly, the McNee affair led to McNeill leaving Celtic for Manchester City in the summer of 1983. Billy had felt that he had received no backing from his board and the fact they chose to make the £500 fine public had not only riled him but had embarrassed him also. White had constantly shown an intransigent attitude towards his manager during his 5 year reign from 1978 – 1983. The recriminations of the McNee affair would be long and lasting for Celtic.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GM- not a great final, very few are,but Olympiacos took Aston Villa apart in both legs of the semi final.

  18. fanadpatriot on

    Re.,Koyoko,his movement off the ball is the best I have seen,he is unbelievable.The words spoken to me by an official who operates in Scottish football.


    Get the players to find him and he will double his goals HH

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting chat.



    I wouldn’t consider selling Kyogo for a second.



    He’s probably my favourite player at Celtic just now (although, IMHO, CCV is our MVP with Calum very close behind).



    Good point made earlier about seeing Kyogo in the flesh.



    His speed of thought is just incredible.



    If he retained all his qualities (speed, touch, brains) but was 8 to 10kg heavier?



    He’d be world class and out of our league.



    I’ve commented previously that Brendan can be relatively meager in his praise of Kyogo.



    I suspect that’s a response to Kyogo’s personality.



    For me, up to Brendan to get the best out of him.



    I think a good rest this summer will help the player.



    He’s been very slightly off it physically.

  20. Weebobbycollins on

    I don’t know the ins and outs of McCarthy’s situation but it’s strange that someone would hang around for such a long time knowing he wouldn’t play. Money? Couldn’t he have got his agent to find a club in Saudi? Perhaps there’s another explanation.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I was told 2 years ago,he wasn’t interested and will sit for the rest of his contract, or until it gets paid up,he wanted to go to a Greek club on loan in the summer, wouldn’t surprise me if Brendan blocked it due to his previous attitude. 16k a week seemingly

  22. Thanks for the info on McCarthy… what a waste of money, unless he is working behind the scenes with the team… but doesn’t sound like it..

  23. Majestic Hartson on

    Celtic Mac,



    I wouldn’t sell him either. He’s one of our finest players for many a year.



    But I wouldn’t be totally surprised of we did.






    Regarding his movement. Big Ange used to say players weren’t on the same wavelength as him and would miss his movement.



    Maybe it’s players who have the vision to see and provide for him that are beyond our budget…

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