Rodgers talks but he’s not telling the story


It has all worked out for Brendan Rodgers.  He could have fallen on his face at Leicester, instead, he sits second in the league, above Pep the Perfect, and is talked about for jobs in Manchester and North London.  As far as career development moves go, you have to hand it to him.  His next contract, which will come soon, is likely to be four times his rate at Celtic.

None of this justifies what he did.  Not the problems of his own creation in August last year, when he jeopardised our Champions League qualification efforts to create a faux exit narrative, nor leaving us with indiscreet haste, two days before a Premiership visit to Tynecastle and a weekend Scottish Cup-tie at Easter Road.  The move was right for him, which is all that mattered.

Maybe I’ve seen too many of them come and go to be bothered by it anymore.  Jock Stein knocked back Manchester United to remain at Celtic, but they are all careerists now, all of them.  It takes more than talent to make it to the top of the game.  You also need incredible commitment and a level of self-sacrifice that only comes if you are motivated to achieve personal success.  You will not go through the daily pain of training until your lungs burn and your body aches for thousands of people you may never meet, and who will occasionally shout abuse at you.

Yesterday he spoke to the press about his exit from Celtic.  I am happy to listen to his story but it is clearly too soon for him to be frank.  I’ll listen when he tells us why he was happy to throw away our Champions League qualification campaign to engineer an exit.

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  1. Paul 67,



    We got £9m for BR and his entourage.


    He set the professionalism that is reaping dividends.


    We got a new manager in immediately who knew the club and our aspirations. ( What a stroke of luck that was, eh ???????? )



    If BR had seen out his contract it would have been a recipe for disaster, and we would not be sitting top of two leagues now.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  2. Hoping that the international break is a good opportunity for Griffiths, Johnston & Afolabi to work towards full fitness. Another week for Elhamed & Bayo to recover. We have a busy few weeks ahead.



    To be exact, Celtic have 11 games between the 23rd of November & 29th of December. That’s five weeks and a day. We cannot afford to let up in the league, we have a cup final & 2 Europa ties.





    Our best case scenario is, we defeat Rennes & Cluj lose to Lazio. This would mean we have already won the group and can send a second team out to Romania.



    Not ideal but who cares? I’m not talking about resting just key players. I’m talking about a team like Gordon, Taylor, Jullien, Bitton, Bauer, Kouassi, Ntcham, Rogic, Mickey Johnston, Lewis Morgan/Shved, Griffiths.



    It’s not so much about rotation as we have a winter break to look forward to. It’s managing this squad until the 29th of December that’s crucial.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The lines are all some of us have to read between.



    Wasn`t difficult with Brendan.


    He used us .


    He dropped us.


    The lounge lizard of managers.



    Difficult not to wish failure on his future career .


    I`ll try .


    The alternative is to lower myself to his level .



    Move on , son.


    Lennie brightens my day . Restores my faith in loyalty.

  4. My friends in Celtic, Paul 67 et al.



    Sunday was a good day. A great time in the pub pre and post game and three points.


    The vast majority of supporters were a credit to the club. The usual subjects craved attention and were roundly vocally shown what the majority of fans thought.



    The subject invariably turned to Res 12. Unfortunately it is low on most fans thinking.


    A great team on the park, extending contracts of key players, Gdansk , meeting and destroying the ” challenge ” from the huns, how cold the last 20 minutes of tje game were, the popular yellow and green strip and most of all the transport situation from city centre to Parkhead.



    Reluctantly I think we may have missed the boat with this , it should have happened years ago.


    We now need to be careful it doesn’t damage us more than our enemies.



    As for Peter Lawwell he is a paid employee. His remit is to optimise our earning potential and revenue streams. To provide a good team on the park while keeping the club viable and profitable will be his priority.


    Morality will not be his main focus.



    Rightly or wrongly he will evaluate if the huns ” comeback” is good for Celtic.



    HH to all.

  5. No real interest in Rodgers now.Makes me happy just to think we now have Penny,a die-hard just like the fans.


    TIMALOY 29 ,


    Was saying this yesterday.That’s not a bad team to send to Cluj.

  6. AN DUN on 12TH NOVEMBER 2019 12:32 PM


    Our league run is relatively straight forward up to the break. 5 home games and 3 away – County, Hearts and St Mirren. Tynecastle may be tricky but we should be aiming for 8 straight wins in the league to give us a healthy lead going into the shut down.






    You are right. The run isn’t terrible.



    It’s just maintaining the energy levels when the games come thick and fast. If French Eddy were to get injured, it could be season defining.



    Luckily Odsonne is only 21 so he’s probably at his most durable. I’d expect him to start every game (hopefully minus Cluj away) during the run in.

  7. Greenpinata



    Yes we did get £9m for him, but he cost us £20m CL money and by refusing to sell Boyata a further £9m, he lied to Moussa about a move and caused all sort of turmoil in the first 3 months of last season. He pulled the wool over PL eye’s and from that moment on there was every only going to be one winner. Good riddance I say.



    No way would we have defeated Lazio home and away under him. None.



    We have moved on, he should too.

  8. Paul67


    Agree on Rodgers, Ive forgotten about him already, however the leadership of this board with its attitude to Resolution 12 stinks, when will we get them in the shape of Peter Lawwell the best paid executive in the history of Celtic by some considerable margin , to be frank. This is one issue and not the only one.

  9. Rodgers gave me some of the best Celtic days of my life, and no doubt brought a level of professionalsm that we never had in the modern era, but I can’t forgive the way he abandoned us,and his devious behaviour last summer. We have moved on.

  10. BR isn’t going to win the EPL with Leicester, right now is as good as it is going to get for him there. For that reason I would expect to see him jumping ship again. I would think he would have been delighted to be top 6 around about now,and have hoped that he could repeat that for a couple of seasons and then get an offer from one of the bigger clubs. Instead, he has achieved something much more impressive and those with managerial troubles like Man Utd and Tottenham are bound to be considering a move for him.


    This might also be Pep’s last season at City.


    I think with his ego, Man Utd would be impossible to resist. There can be no question that he is a better manager than OGS. If he could make them title contenders again . . .

  11. Masonic Lodges up their game….



    With the continued shedding of numbers as members find themselves expelled for the breach of traditional warrants/charters, masonic worshipful masters and wardens have triggered a ‘reentry’ mechanism involving a simple non-intrusive test which weed out the intellectually challenged from the future high flyers.






    Hail Hail




  12. glendalystonsils on

    Paul…’ they are all careerists now, all of them’



    Not sure I would include Lenny in that. I would rather say ALMOST all of them . To endure what he has had to in Glasgow would have been reason enough to look further afield , never mind the money.


    For most . earning top dollar represents the pinnacle of their career . For Neil Lennon , you get the feeling that restoring Celtic to something like their former glory is the driving factor.

  13. Favourite Uncle



    Only after he’s finished wae Confessions for the night! :)



    Hail Hail




  14. From P67…None of this justifies what he did. Not the problems of his own creation in August last year, when he jeopardised our Champions League qualification efforts to create a faux exit narrative, nor leaving us with indiscreet haste, two days before a Premiership visit to Tynecastle and a weekend Scottish Cup-tie at Easter Road. The move was right for him, which is all that mattered.




    According to Brendan, Leicester FC insisted he went when he did. He cited PL as someone who could corroborate this fact.



    Why would he risk saying that publicly if it wasn’t true?




  15. Brendan, you’re nothing to me now. You’re not a brother, you’re not a friend. I don’t want to know you or what you do.



    Corleone csc

  16. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Brendan Rodgers is the ghost of Celtic past while Neil Lennon is the God of Celtic present & future.




  17. watching Ladies Soccer(I know), anyhow a European Qualifier Ireland V Greece.


    Greek girl tries a sneaky corner, As she lines up the kick she adjusts the ball with her foot pushing it just outside the quadrant, then she walks away as a team mate approaches as if they changed their minds as to who was to take the corner. The second player just takes control of the ball & runs with it closer to the Irish goal before crossing it.


    However the REf blows it up & gives a free out, not sure what the infringement was for,


    First time I saw that tried.

  18. CorkCelt….



    Somewhere from the depths of my ever more hallucinatory memory, I seem to recall that from a foul, kick-off, corner, (now bye-kicks as well) the ball must travel at least one full circumference.



    If it didn’t, the (re)start of play had to be repeated.



    Mind you…that doesn’t explain the ‘infringement’ decision….so I’ll just get back to baking wee dinky car shaped oven bread …everyone needs a Roll Model!



    Hail Hail




  19. Corkcelt- I used it a few times, but the trick is to have a quiet word with the ref to tell him the first guy who touches the ball, has taken the corner, scored a few times against a bemused defence 😆

  20. DBHOY on 12TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:32 PM



    Who knows what the truth is but they weren’t exactly pushing at a closed door. Who would be surprised if someone had told them he wanted out as quickly as possible?

  21. Manchester United hired Matt Busby who made over 200 appearances for City over 8 seasons. They hired Mourinho who was hated and several other managers who had previous history with them. Tommy Docherty, Ron Atkinson, Dave Sexton, Van Gall, Davy Moyes.



    Rodgers having been at Liverpool wouldn’t stop United hiring him if they thought he was the right man

  22. Neil Lennon has become a real Celtic man when here as a player and continued when he was manager. I feel he regrets leaving first time round and I think he was seduced by his agent and promises of a big EPL job with a massive wedge.



    He jumped at the chance to come back and wont make the same mistake again



    What he went through with the bullets and Bombs and the abuse and assaults was incredible. He has big balls.



    I think his experiences at Bolton and Hibs have made him a better manager.

  23. Paul67 et al



    What is this, an early release of the official Celtic Christmas History book? Certainly seems that way.


    Celtic refused to sanction Rodgers’ player choices after which Brendan throws his toys oot the pram! No need for historical revisionism or even historical negationism this early doors. Oh Aye.


    Must be a major disappointment to the brains department of the Green Brigade who described Leicester City as “mediocre” to see that club sitting second in the EPL. Surprised UEFA never fined us for that flannel. Brendan never cost us anything, though he could have had Lenny not been available, did not cost us entry into the Champions League, but rather helped us twice qualify for it and into the knockout stage of the Europa League. Not to mention improving on a Willie Maley century old record.


    Or as Big Pete would have put it at the time;


    “Brendan’s gone but I’ve got a a cheque for £9 mill in ma back pocket. Drinks and bonuses all round!”


    “And give Lenny a bell pronto”

  24. Rodgers always has a brilliant first season before other teams (and his own players) begin to figure him out



    His second and third season with us was pretty dire football wise if you are being honest




    Saw your post on SC.



    If you read back yesterday’s posts you will see he did start the shit.



    Looks like I’ve been barred by SC. Not allowing me to post.

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