Rogic, defending, Derk, Ability Counts


Whatever maligned Celtic during the recent dark days when they dropped points to Hamilton and Dundee has cleared up. Hearts made the very best of a chance in the opening minutes on Saturday but the response was swift and conclusive.

Patrick Roberts deservedly picked up the accolades for his goals but the contribution of Tom Rogic should not go unrecorded. In creating the second goal he demonstrated ball-winning skills and creativity, a priceless package for a midfield player. Let’s hope he’s over his head knock for tomorrow night.

Mention should also go to Stefan Johansen, who played the deep-lying midfield role until Rogic went off, when he moved into the advanced position. His blind flick onto Roberts at the third goal was sublime.

The most pertinent comment I heard on Saturday was “It’s good to have the goalkeeper making saves again”. Craig Gordon appears to have his confidence back, perhaps as a consequence of the defence performing better.

For most of the second half Celtic defended more deeply than we’ve seen throughout the league campaign. With a two goal advantage, Griffiths and Johansen were asked to run into space, while the rest of the midfield became compact. As a consequence, Hearts had plenty of the ball, and created a few half chances, but they never carved Celtic open.

Had we been that compact during the European qualifiers our season could have been different.

There’s a process I go through when we sign a new foreign player: do I add his name to the spellcheck or not? I decided long ago I wasn’t prepared to pollute my dictionary with the names of transient players. Derk Boerrigter’s name still appears with wavy lines below in my word processor three years after his arrival.

His name will go down in Celtic annuls alongside Rafael Scheidt. We spent millions on them, they both went down with innocuous injury moments after starting for Celtic and that was pretty much that. In his opening 30 minutes for Celtic, Derk produced evidence that there was a football player hiding inside his psyche, but he soon found the rigors of the professional game too challenging.

He leaves Scotland with millions in his bank account and with a lot of frustrated people at Lennoxtown.

Did you read during the week that the Association of Irish Celtic Supporters’ Clubs raised €500 for the Foundation’s Ability Counts Ireland Project? The Ability Counts Project offers children with Downs opportunities to develop motor skills and team-working through football and dance. This is one small frontline of all the fundraising, badges, buckets, zip wires and dinners Celtic fans participate in.

It’s an important part of the relationship thousands of us have as Celtic supporters.

Consider getting involved. The Foundation is holding a H.E.L.P. Pilgrimage on Bank Holiday Monday, 30 May. Participants will walk the 17 miles between St Mary’s, Calton, Barrowfield, the Jimmy Johnstone statue and gardens at Viewpark and back to Celtic Park.

A 17 mile walk is no small feat, but most feet are capable of it, so get involved here.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on

    The Donald



    You will have a hard time enlightening me, many bigger and brighter have tried….






    But have a big cyber Hail Hail from ML5…..




    Thank you.



    What’s my prize?!






    Btw, my auld maternal grandad Luigi knew Enrico Albertosi the goalie. He came from a wee town not a million miles away.




  3. glendalystonsils on




    Paul Hartley has promised to attack. Could be kidology of course.

  4. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Please guys, by all means disagree with someone’s opinion but leave out the attacks on the poster, why ‘the Donald’ is getting it now is a mystery, you are coming across as cliques by ganging up like that.

  5. Jobo baldie . sorry about that.


    My last post regarding Benalmedena . Also tried to mention hebcelt.


    Predictive text sorry to you both .

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    eddieinkirkmichael on 4th April 2016 5:26 pm



    The point is that we shouldn’t have allowed the easy chances we gave Hearts.



    The goal, even though there was a push, Boyata was less than convincing on the cover.



    The guy with the head like a pint of Guinness was left alone on the penalty spot and made a mess of it.


    The same guy also got in at the near post, after they got to the line for a cut back.



    Most of our chances were thwarted due to good goalkeeping, which is the keeper’s job.



    I didn’t realise until I watched highlights on the Man City Loan /watch site on Newsnow Celtic, how vulnerable we were in the first half hour.



    On another day, we would/could have been beyond saving.



    However, if somebody like me can be alarmed, then it will have been noted by more qualified guys than me.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Hahaha MacIntyre obviously so upset at not getting his hour-long Sevco Champions special that he hasn’t turned up!

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Shug Keevins mask defo slipping seemingly Celtic fans are “a pain”



    Sweeping statement from a so called unbiased journo

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Shug Keevins mask defo slipping seemingly Celtic fans are “a pain”







    Sweeping statement from a so called unbiased journo







    I thought that he has been regarded as a Celtic fan?


    Has he been on a self awareness course?

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I lessen to him all the time, if he is friend of Celtic he hides it well, for me he has a bit of hatred in his tone, but maybe all his daughters weddings don’t pay themselves



    By the way am not in the slightest bit annoyed but it was pretty sweeping and seemingly he doesn’t rate Erik Siv as we didn’t even win one game in the EL, poor Erik was still in Denmark but don’t let the facts get in the way

  11. An Teach Solais on

    Re Keevins :


    Could it be that he is having pangs of conscience after his abject failure to be a proper journalist and buying into the same club lie? Ergo, attack those whose uprightness shows up his acquiescence in sustaining a lie.


    On another tack we keep hearing of his investment in Celtic. Is there a way of checking out this alleged investment?

  12. Thindimebhoy on

    First post in ages but listening to Keevins made my blood boil



    Hugh Keevins 18.38 Radio Clyde Superscoreboard 04/04/2016



    Celtic fans tweeting get over it the big crowd last Saturday was down to Hearts being a big game



    Keevins previously implied the big crowd at CP was down to the forthcoming Sevco game



    Keevins replied to the critique



    “They live in a world of persecution and paranoia they are a pain”

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    An Teach Solais



    I listened one night and Mr Keevins was talking for about 15mins about Ricky Burns (boxer) it was excellent, he actually sounded like a sports journalist….. it was a one off

  14. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on

    Rock tree



    The duck has previous racist behavior under another name .






    Hopefully some day Keevins gets th pain he deserves. .. Maybe spill his cockaleekie over his f@ndan

  15. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Re the hertz game


    thought boyata had a good game and I have had my doubts about the bhoy so far but fair dues I hope he goes on to have a good finish to the season .


    Also wee KT is a superstar in the making



  16. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    definitely our best game for a while, though the first half had lots of space for them

  17. Thindimebhoy


    Im certain he would not call any other fans of any other club those names. We are easy targets for him as he knows nothing will be done about it, nothing like talking the game up, encouraging people to take an interest and attend, no blame the fans of the club who have paid their bills, not suffered an insolvency event, not been liquidated, have suffered the most due to the EBT’s run by the dead club and endorsed by “imperfect registration” employee of the SFA, we are not paranoid enough and damn right that if that leads to feeling persecuted, its not delusional but born out by facts that him and his spineless colleagues cant face.

  18. fergusslayedtheblues on

    So DB has been mutualy consented


    Think he never fancied the physical side of the Scottish game


    hopefully lessons learned as we are stuck with the Scottish game I’m afraid



  19. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Boyata is a current Belgium internationalist, I wish we had more, can we not get a wee loan of Eden Hazards wee bro…..from Munchinggladbach

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    You are correct, I was just mentioning that Boyata could turn out to be a good player for us, far better than the other DB

  21. fergusslayedtheblues on



    He is and played a part in their game midweek surely bieng involved their should help his confidence




    I was referring to them both ,didnt even notice the initials clash ””DOH



  22. An Teach Solais on



    Sorry, I was actually typing too fast and did not grasp the humour in your post. It was only after I posted that I got it. Brain failure.


    You are right. Boyatta is beginning to show promise after a problematic start.

  23. I only here Clyde when running about, my god, how DJ is hurting and sounding like a rabbit in the headlights, as for Hugh k…stop the a**e licking and man up.



    Atleast big fat D has the balls to back his team.



    So DB has been mutualy consented





    Think he never fancied the physical side of the Scottish game





    hopefully lessons learned as we are stuck with the Scottish game I’m afraid



    Sorry to be repetitive.


    Those soley to blame for the Derk situation are those who, for whatever reasons, refused to listen to the warnings about his injury proneness.






    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/rogic-defending-derk-ability-counts/comment-page-4/#comment-2806515

  25. fergusslayedtheblues on



    he sure is,


    crying for 3 centre backs to be played in the semi ,could you imagine how much pressure RD would be under from the LL if we had lost 9 goals in the last 3 games



  26. Thindimebhoy on

    TBJ has no trust in the PLC









    When you consider others have been hounded out of their jobs or gagged just for calling them a new club Keevins will never make a similar disrespectful generalisation in relation to the Sevco fans.



    He owes Celtic fans an apology



    He insulted Celtic fans in general with that sweeping unqualified statement about their mental health

  27. fergusslayedtheblues on

    quonno on 4th April 2016 7:25 pm


    Agree but also find it hard to believe Derk was injured so badly it kept him out for so long ,think he just didnt have the heart



  28. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Apologies if pre




    APRIL 4, 2016 at 17:15


    26 0 Rate This



    Good Afternoon folks.



    I’m surprised no one has posted this wonderfully uplifting post by a Brian Barrett (clever man) in reply to one of JJ’s recent blogs.



    This is where I am at. It hits the bulls-eye for me and I adhere to the ‘Tipping Point’ Theory. I’m convinced this happened in 2012 and I’m confident and optimistic that history is going to repeat itself soon.



    As a neutral fan (Dons) I have always been confident that justice would prevail and I have that same feeling again that something is bubbling away near the surface and it’s coming to a head.



    Many have the impression that Res 12 is not fully understood nor supported outwith Celtic Football Club. I can assure you that it is.



    35% Tipping point.


    Do not let this go. Fans across all supports have a real chance to address the wrong doing at SFA Towers and I truly believe fans will embrace this chance. This is called doing the right thing.



    Here is the post anyway. Apologies that I’ve C&P it but it strikes a chord with me and I hope it does with you too.





    JJ, while I have generally agreed with you apropos title stripping and Res 12, I am beginning to alter my thought process a little. The central tenant or your assertion – namely, that there is no appetite either at CFC or SFA/SPFL – remains true, however, I think that there are a couple of things beginning to brew that may very well take it out of their hands in the same way as the decision on which division, new Rangers should play in 2012 eventually got away from them.


    Firstly, there is a growing momentum within both the Celtic support and those of other clubs, that Res 12 actually has some veracity and that it is being swept under the carpet by both CFC and SFA in the hope that it will all die down. As we all know, Scots in general and Scots football fans in particular don’t like being told a lie or deceived and as with 2012 it is entirely possible that a groundswell will slowly build until it is impossible to not confront the issue. There is scientific research that shows when crowds are involved, the tipping point for mass involvement is 35% (for anybody interested watch you tube footage of a loan dancer busting some weird shapes at a festival. Over a 10 min period he goes from being on his own to having a few people think it funny to join in to a small crowd. Slowly the crowd builds to about 100 and then wham, in 20 seconds the entire festival audience rushes to join in. It is amazing viewing!)


    So in essence when 35% of Scottish football fans take this up as an issue, it will be inevitable that eventually the majority will do. I think that we are probably talking about 15-20% of CFC fans are already on the bandwagon for this and at a conservative estimate CFC account for c40% of fans in Scotland we are close 10% already. Now, if auldhied and others keep pushing this in the CFC community going from 15-20% to the 35% tipping point at CFC is not too far a jump, it would quickly escalate to the majority and would force CFC to act and that would bring other clubs’ fans into the debate. It is not too much of a leap to get the whole of Scottish football to the 35% tipping point for mass participation which then immediately drives the majority and hey presto you have a cause celebre.


    Now, it is entirely possible that as we approach that tipping point that Regan, Dickson et al scurry around getting their house in order and jump ship before having to confront or being confronted with it and thus get away scot free, but I am of the belief that in the end the Res 12 issue will be aired and there will be damming findings against both RFC and SFA.


    Now, for me Res 12 is the foundation of the house of cards, once that goes, the whole house will go. As for Title Stripping, CFC have already been on record, on more than one occasion, that they were surprised by the LNS conclusions. I am going to posit several ‘if’s, all plausible, that will destroy the fabric of the SFA/SPFL and force a total clear out.


    If the SC uphold the latest CoS verdict, it finally puts to bed the EBT issue and given that my premise is that Res 12 will out, CFC will be emboldened to push for more. Once Bryson, Dickson and Regan are shown to have favoured RFC, all their actions will be called into question and with a definitive result on EBT, there will be a clamour for a review of LNS, its terms of reference and conclusions. IN addition, the upcoming judicial review of DCK fit and proper and what is left of the criminal trials could very well expose what Regan/Doncaster knew in Sept/Oct 2011 and what action/inaction they took, the 5WA, the membership and licensing of what was at that time Sevco Scotland (now TRFC) and the rationale for the terms of ref for LNS. If these details come out in court, there will be nowhere to hide in terms of a review of not only SFA/SPFL processes but also the personal, the culture at those organisations and thus the decisions that they took. If that happens, one of those decisions under review will be the LNS ToR and any pre-determined outcome. In the very least that whole process will be independently reviewed and could very well come to a different conclusion that sets aside LNS and orders a new fully independent review covering the DOS years and the deliberate scuttling of the tribunal through ‘imperfect registration’. Under those circumstances, I think that it is entirely possible that in 2-yrs time we will be left with almost entirely new office bearers at both orgs, checks and balances on single club influence, some time bound restrictions on TRFC involvement in the administration of the game or ability to move from TRFC to SFA/SPFL offices and a re-writing of historical records.


    None of the above may come to pass, but it is all plausible and would be entirely the correct course of action, albeit I may have underestimated the ability of the cabal to protect itself.

  29. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Taken from the excellent SFM blog, which I’m sure we all read.

  30. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Thindimebhoy on 4th April 2016 7:29 pm


    We were not PARANOID enough



  31. Jobo: Another option is the suitably named Timmy’s Bar, 200 yards from the Torreblanca train station.

  32. Quonno/fergusslayedtheblues…



    The build up continues for the game against the huns, my mate just text me, he sourced a ticket for my bhoy, I told him to pass it on as I will be in Spain and I’ll worry enough with him being on his own.


    I know that sounds selfish but I know what they’re like.

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