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Whatever maligned Celtic during the recent dark days when they dropped points to Hamilton and Dundee has cleared up. Hearts made the very best of a chance in the opening minutes on Saturday but the response was swift and conclusive.

Patrick Roberts deservedly picked up the accolades for his goals but the contribution of Tom Rogic should not go unrecorded. In creating the second goal he demonstrated ball-winning skills and creativity, a priceless package for a midfield player. Let’s hope he’s over his head knock for tomorrow night.

Mention should also go to Stefan Johansen, who played the deep-lying midfield role until Rogic went off, when he moved into the advanced position. His blind flick onto Roberts at the third goal was sublime.

The most pertinent comment I heard on Saturday was “It’s good to have the goalkeeper making saves again”. Craig Gordon appears to have his confidence back, perhaps as a consequence of the defence performing better.

For most of the second half Celtic defended more deeply than we’ve seen throughout the league campaign. With a two goal advantage, Griffiths and Johansen were asked to run into space, while the rest of the midfield became compact. As a consequence, Hearts had plenty of the ball, and created a few half chances, but they never carved Celtic open.

Had we been that compact during the European qualifiers our season could have been different.

There’s a process I go through when we sign a new foreign player: do I add his name to the spellcheck or not? I decided long ago I wasn’t prepared to pollute my dictionary with the names of transient players. Derk Boerrigter’s name still appears with wavy lines below in my word processor three years after his arrival.

His name will go down in Celtic annuls alongside Rafael Scheidt. We spent millions on them, they both went down with innocuous injury moments after starting for Celtic and that was pretty much that. In his opening 30 minutes for Celtic, Derk produced evidence that there was a football player hiding inside his psyche, but he soon found the rigors of the professional game too challenging.

He leaves Scotland with millions in his bank account and with a lot of frustrated people at Lennoxtown.

Did you read during the week that the Association of Irish Celtic Supporters’ Clubs raised €500 for the Foundation’s Ability Counts Ireland Project? The Ability Counts Project offers children with Downs opportunities to develop motor skills and team-working through football and dance. This is one small frontline of all the fundraising, badges, buckets, zip wires and dinners Celtic fans participate in.

It’s an important part of the relationship thousands of us have as Celtic supporters.

Consider getting involved. The Foundation is holding a H.E.L.P. Pilgrimage on Bank Holiday Monday, 30 May. Participants will walk the 17 miles between St Mary’s, Calton, Barrowfield, the Jimmy Johnstone statue and gardens at Viewpark and back to Celtic Park.

A 17 mile walk is no small feat, but most feet are capable of it, so get involved here.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on

    The Onlooker



    Talking of scaling walls, as a young bhoy me and my mates (around the age of 8) used to scale a wall into see Albion Rovers, the tar on the top of the wall did not deter us, at that time you didn’t care if your clothes were dirty…..anyway, I would now be scared of that same wall, for a wee bit Celtic played some reserve games at the Rovers, place was jumping and for a few years in the summer that had a Jock Stein tournament…… Good days indeed

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The Donald on 4th April 2016 9:09 pm



    Fascinating tale.


    Mr. Tunnock the Tim would be delighted , and perhaps astonished , to hear that , for the first time, I saw his caramel wafers for sale last week in a Sydney supermarket.



  3. Dallas Dallas



    Thanks, I tried the Modbro one on one occasion. A disaster as I had spam e mails and videos all over my tablet for days afterwards, and I saw not a ball kicked.


    I do have the periscope app, so perhaps some daftie will film the whole match for us. God bless the dafties.

  4. Burnley78 on 4th April 2016 9:14 pm



    I believe it was the Monday – the day-ticket was £28?


    I was in the old ‘Nursery End’ – the temporary stands. Beer tents, tea and scones and met some Eastenders – who couldn’t figure out why a Scot was at a Test Match.


    Great experience – thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. Well done u20s quality :-))))))



    Hamilton Tim


    looking forward to you checkin back in wi your Lisbon experience.I stayed near Catalazete then Estoril.magical place







    You heard of pinkster gin? Just reading they are lookin at crowd funding.




  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Evening All,



    WC — Tom English is correct. Rangers were not demoted. The club concerned no longer qualified for participation in Scottish Football in terms of the legal structure at the time. In terms of the articles of association of Rangers PLC the club and the company were one and the same. Accordingly, upon Liquidation yon club ceased to be, and as such, and indeed long before then, they did not meet the criteria for participation in Scottish Football as laid down by the SFA.



    Neither demotion nor relegation have anything to do with it.






    Yon was a great wee post about the Cricket. I have never really played cricket but have plenty of pals who did. I was always content to traipse along for the day and lie on the grass or sit at the bar while watching and emptying the wine glass or the beer bottle.



    I watched many a game from the Old Wickets Hotel in Partick which is now sadly no longer, and if I recall I have even been to Ferguslie Park to watch.



    Glenburn reminds me of an acquaintance of mine who came from that area and who unfortunately served mass while having a shoe covered in dog shit. Seemingly, he was spreading the offending material all over the alter every time he crossed it to perform his alter boy duties.



    Not recommended.






    If you are down in Mijas Costa and you are looking for a nice night out and a meal head along to Puerto Cabopino just along from where Hebcelt was talking about at Elvira.



    Kinda half way to Marbella. Lovely wee port with excellent restaurants and a nice atmosphere.



    Interesting post on the JJ site — I don’t read it myself — re the tipping point.



    Level 5 will have their work cut out next season because many fans whose teams are in the top flight may have been ambivalent to the goings on at Ibrox recently. However, they will become more interested when faced with The Magic Hat and his meery men and so their ire towards yon club may well resurface in one way or another.



    Especially if their finances are not tickety boo.



    Come to think of it, when was the last time any oul team from Ibrox had finances which were tickety boo?



    Musta been before the world was round ………..



    Then again there are a few months to go before the start of next season, that can be a long time in football.

  7. ——–



    My Dear,Dear Macjay….



    Why Thank-You,Kind Sir….!




    Christmas 1995….



    Ol’ Erchie Tunnock Puts The Finishing Touches….



    To a GIANT Caramel Wafer….



    Specially Commissioned For The Christmas Stocking….



    Of A Certain Edinburgh Youngster…



    With A Prematurely Receding Blonde Hairline…



    And A Cheeky Grin.













    (See Anne Tunnock’s Photos )






    Breaking News..! Breaking News..!



    CNN Reports That The Saracen’s Heid..



    Has Been Levelled By A Mystery Deluge Of Coconuts….



    No Casualties Reported…






    “Pilot…You’re FIRED !”



    “Jings…Memo To Ourselves….



    If We Want The Job Done Properly…



    ALWAYS..Send Wee Dead-Eye Ivanka! ”



    Off Oot For Lunch….





  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Gerry McCullough actually mentions the word liquidation more than the rest put together, he does pander at times but I heard him admitting the other week, it’s my job to get all of you to phone, just my opinion, but he is actually no the worst



    GFTB SSB No1 Roger

  9. TBJ has no trust in the PLC on




    The fact that he does it to sell the shit show he is on makes him a soup taker .

  10. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    The feel good factor is back again and i’m loving it, what a difference


    a packed Celtic park is and with the players putting in a fighting shift


    then the vitriol and apathy is pushed aside when we all pull together.


    I’ve got CTV replaying the game constantly and the volume turned up


    to full so that when i go to the toilet ( frequently ) i can still hear the


    roars of you ghuys reverberating off the living area tiles which all the


    houses have here for the heat and if i close my eyes i’m transported


    back to my days in the jungle when you hurried your pee along so you


    didn’t miss a goal or anything but it certainly kept your shoes and feet




    Watching the replays closely I’ve noticed that the thug big Tom put on


    his erse to pass to young Paddy for his first goal was the same one that


    stuck the nut on him so i reckon that was a bit of afters for him being




    I’m not a great fan of loan players but young Roberts is a special player


    and the wee mhan all day Sun.was trying to emulate the flick over the


    goalie, he’s got the garden bin lying on whats left of my grass and running


    up to it and flicking it towards the goal ( broken fence ) he’s not had a


    hero since Guidetti left so i’m waiting on the inevitable question


    ” Papa is Paddy Roberts as good as Jinky?


    but thats an easy one.


    ” Naebody is as good as Jinky ”


    H.H Mick

  11. BRTH!


    We’ve met and I usually enjoy your posts, they are normally well informed.


    However the restaurants at Cabopino are awful. There are some excellent restaurants in Mijas and Riviera. If anyone wants to know where to eat in the Mijas area let me know. I have an apartment in nearby Riviera and know the area really well.

  12. The Donald



    You made mention at the weekend that sources had told you that MON still felt he had unfinished business at Celtic park.



    How confident are you that this is true?



    Also in what capacity would he return?




  13. BRTH: Is the Ferguslie Cricket not opposite the Royal Alexandra Hospital? Was the boy with the excrement on his shoe truly altered, or was he an ALTAR server who messed up the altar?

  14. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    benjybhoy mul



    I will more than happily bow to your greater knowledge sir, as it is a few years since I was last in Cabopino but when I was there the restaurants were pretty good in my experience — and I do like a good meal.



    However, as I say I haven’t been there recently and will always give way to more recent and local experience.



    I know the Riviera obvioulsy and stayed next door more or less on a few occasions.

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Agreed….. But I quite like him, defo not the worst, I also like Cosgrove & that Graham guy who liked red wine and rare beef……or whatever Dodgy Dave the first, fed him



    Melbourne Mick



    Ma da always said George Connolly was better in his eyes, I would love the wee mhan to outshine both of them & that Rogic guy

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Praecepta-David Lloyd sang a few lines of the Celtic Song ,while covering a Test Match live on Sky a couple of years ago.

  17. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    All I can say is that his alter serving career hit the skids so to speak!



    Tinytim, my friend, how are you?



    I have also been telt what the Donald is telling you re the blessed Martin.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Anyone got a link to by-passing parental controls on a BT Hub 5,to enable the Firestick to work properly ? Looked at a few videos on YouTube but no joy yet,Thanks

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Brogan Rogan



    I watched many a game from the Old Wickets Hotel in Partick which is now sadly no longer, and if I recall I have even been to Ferguslie Park to watch.





    Wickets. Happy memories.


    Owned and operated by a good Tim.


    Lateish `70 s.


    A bunch of us spewed out of the Rock late `70s. to attend a Stag night there.


    There was ,of course , the oblgatory stripper in attendance.


    She performed her ” act” accompanied by the predictable cries of


    “Get them off.Get them off.”


    Which ,of course, the lady in question proceeded to do .


    After a few moments of contemplative silence , a cry from the back of the room.


    ” Get them back on again.”


    Happy days.

  20. Melbourne Mick on




    The Wickets Hotel, now that brings back many’s a happy memory


    as thats where we all headed after our Sunday footy, the ghuy’s


    always thought the women there were more of a challenge really


    more upperclass if you know what i mean, it didn’t matter to me a


    knockback in Govan’s no different to one across the water in


    Pertick :-))

  21. !!Bada Bing!!



    Nice one!


    Didn’t know that – knew he played for Accrington Stanley (big fan).

  22. BRTH



    I am relatively well.


    Business is very good and Mrs TT and our daughter bring joy to me every day.



    As usual I worry about the declining state of my beloved Celtic.



    For I see many frailties in our team ,that will be exposed by half decent opponents.



    The thought of MON coming back raises my spirits .



    How reliable is your source,and in what capacity have you heard that he will return?



    More power to your elbow.




  23. BRTH/TT



    My mate in Ireland text me today claiming that it was another O’Neill.



    My own opinion is that whilst we have have a manager in place, speculation does nothing to aid his position or standing. (Yes I know I’ve just mentioned someone else!)



    MON is a money manager, who was phenomenal for us….when we were spending money!



    Even taking into consideration what he gave us as supporters, I don’t think I’d ever want him to return.

  24. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    My elbow is permanently bent — unfortunately as a result of a fall a couple of years ago alas.



    My source has been known to be sound in the past, and advises that any such return would be in a “supervisory capacity”.



    Then again ya never know.



    Glad to hear you rae grand and that the family keep you smiling.

  25. Gerryfaethebrig on

    My tuppence worth …. no way St Martin will be back, MON is a motivator backed by money or international footballers, could he mould a team, definitely yes, would he fancy us just now, I don’t think so



    Cheers for the memories



    (disclaimer………. I am incorrect more than I am correct)

  26. HT



    Might be the first time that I have ever disagreed with your opinion on a fitba matter.



    I do understand why some can legitimately label MON as a money manager.


    I don’t think he is that one dimentional.


    He had great success at Wycome and Leicester on budgets that were relatively small in comparison to his opponents.



    He also has taken Eire to the euro’s and beaten the world champions on the way.


    This was done without the ability to buy players .



    He makes ordinary players good ,and good players great.




  27. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Big congratulations to our Developement squad for winning their league before the saviours of football have won theirs.



    Warbo must think its highly disrespectful of Dunfermline and our Developement team winning their respective leagues before them.



    Hopefully our first team squad is trimmed to allow some of our younger players to get first team experience.

  28. Bada Bing



    Looks like the aul firestick then.. Time to light a candle and cross the fingers for a decent stream.

  29. Bada bing go into your account, mybt, and you can alter your settings. Don’t forget to set them back when you’reach finished.

  30. BRTH/ Pogmathonyahun



    Seem to remember that the Wickets Hotel was the haunt of the ‘thief of bad gags’ – Jonnie Beattie?


    In later years always thought that the Bar Buddha (minus statues) theme (bamboo, cane and leaves) was modelled on the Wickets. :-)

  31. Gerryfaethebrig on

    That is another thing, if we played summer fitba we could tell Sky/BT to name their price, as they have nothing to offer their audience, I have zero interest in any other football so why should CFC not be on the telly because PSG are playing in the CL, don’t get me wrong I don’t really like our home games on the box, would much prefer the fans that pay their money get the value…..and I think everyone that went on Saturday helped get the win

  32. BRTH



    I can only see a return as a Director of football role.



    I don’t think Ronnie will be sacked if he wins the double.



    Our scouting has been disgraceful in recent times.



    The release of Derk today highlights it.