Rogic endorsement of direction of travel


Tom Rogic is good.  Very good.  He has scored cup winning goals, league winning goals, scored against Newco at three different venues, and most deliciously, has scored Champions League qualification goals.  That old football adage, “Yes, but can he do it when it really matters?”, is never asked about Tom.

With one year left on his existing Celtic contract, he is off with Australia to the World Cup, the most prominent shop window in the game, where good players with a one-year balance on their contracts are a premium.

The news that he signed a five-year contract yesterday has surprised many, including me.  One week ago today, when I asked a ‘senior source at Celtic’ the prospects or retaining his services, I was not encouraged.  “The money on offer in England……..”

This deal is an endorsement of the direction the club is heading from within the dressing room.  Players know where the club is going, Tom knows.  That’s why he has signed.  I am sure his contract reflects his ability, but I am also sure he could have earned more elsewhere.  And five years!!  That’s nearly a Jim McLean!

Good luck tomorrow, Tom, let’s have a repeat of last season’s Cup Final.

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  1. Paul67



    Tom Rogic signing for Celtic on a five year deal is a significant testament to how far we remain ahead of Aberdeen and any other major rivals from Scotland. It helps make us a European side equipped for another bash at Euro football beyond Christmas and into 2019, another indicator of the good management structure at our club.



    With the World Cup awaiting Rogic his agent would be lkely to have him hold off to be in the biggest window in global football, so Celtic’s wage offer must have been very substantial to make the player pen the deal.



    Timing is everything and a welcome jag as Celtic face stuffy Motherwell in our only must win game for weeks and a historic never before achievement at Hampden, headquarters of football misadministration



    Brendan Rodgers side must bring it’s ‘A game ‘ for a day of ‘Hampden in the Sun’

  2. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    A good result: sealing a new deal with Tom and my getting on the first page.

  3. Greetings, from Belek , Turkey where it’s a tad hot . Enjoy tomorrow fholks . Hope yer team wins . Great news regarding Tom Rogic. A special player.

  4. With Rogic and Ajer signing up this week, hope we follow up by announcing French Eddie has signed once the Cup has been won.

  5. We should hijack the Jermaine Defoe signing by also pretending to want to sign the 35 year old through PR outlets. I’m sure that would be really great for us.



    I heard an in the know/ connected sevconian propounding a theory about where king was bringing money in to avoid publicity. Smiling and nodding I took every word of it in while marvelling at an intelligent mans credulity at the obvious BS he had been fed. I’m no business expert but it was either impossible or illegal even if it is true. I never want them to learn.



    By the way, after all the expounding of the evil genius master plan he figure he reckoned was getting raised was £25 to £30 million. I tried hard not to laugh.

  6. Great news !



    Cant wait to hear the commentators on Saturday spin the Rogic to Southampton tale as they had him sold last week.



    Well done Big Tam! A hun skelper and Celtic Legend in the making, that”s what I like about you






  7. Tom Rogic’s goal last year to seal the treble is one of my all time favourite Celtic goals, scored by a player who decided he was bringing that treble home!



    He comes across as a humble lad, his interview the other day after he signed rubber stamped my idea of him as a Bhoy who gets Celtic and is happy to be playing his football with us, under Brendan and at Paradise.



    Don’t be surprised to see him seal the deal tomorrow..



    That’s what he does!



    His Name Is…

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Interview on the tele with Simone Inzaghi , Lazio Manager ,brother of” Born Offside ” Pippo .



    TV man wants to know what Simone thinks about Lazio and next season’s Champions League . . Simone doesn’t want to talk about it —



    ” We have to avoid losing to Inter before we can think about that . My grandfather taught me not to sell the skin of a bear before you have killed the bear ” .



    Wise words that also apply to Double Trebles. !

  9. GARY67 on 18TH MAY 2018 10:25 AM


    With Rogic and Ajer signing up this week, hope we follow up by announcing French Eddie has signed once the Cup has been won.



    Just reading ETims Diary and they are saying French Eddie will sign today!!!

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Whit’s the pen daein , Tom!



    Whit’s the pen daein….!!



    Oh, it’s signing a new 5 year deal.

  11. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Rogic. Not just a goalscorer, but a scorer of BIG goals. Back in the 70’s, when I used to give a funk about the National team, Scotland’s talisman was Joe Jordan. If you were around then, you may be surprised to learn that Joe only scored eleven goals for Scotland.



    But virtually all of his goals were Scotland’s most important goal since the last time he scored. Against England, to end a long losing streak to them, twice against Czechoslovakia in crucial final qualifiers for the World Cup, he scored four times over three World Cup tournament finals (4 in 7 Word Cup Finals games) and lest we forget, he had his own… eh… “Hand of God” moment to steer us to another finals.



    James McFadden scored four more Scotland goals than Joe, but I think most reasonable people would agree that Jordan’s contribution to the national team dwarfs that of McFadden’s.



    A scorer of BIG goals is what you want in your side, and in Tom Rogic, the current Celtic side has one.



  12. “Whit’s Tom daein’ Tom?! What’s he doin’?!”



    “Oh ffs, he’s just signed a 5 year deal?!”




  13. Paul 67.



    60 minutes of TR is enough for nearly every game.



    I am quite happy with this . If he could play at his optimum for 90 minutes, would he still be with us ?



    HH to all

  14. Great news about The Wiz and a good boost for tomorrow.



    Off to prepare for the Hextuple by listening to Hex Enduction Hour by The Hip Priest, and his Kamerads…

  15. Silver City 1888 on

    Assuming Australia and Sweden don’t progress from the group round, Tom and Mikael will play their last games in the World Cup pretty much the day qualifiers for the CL start. I have to wonder how much good they will be to us next season. Emotionally I like to see players come here, love everything about Celtic and stay a long time. With the sheer number of games and the potential for burn out, I wonder if we need a higher rate of turnover in our players.


    These aren’t new issues for Celtic so hopefully we are set up to deal with the problems.

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    SILVER CITY 1888 on 18TH MAY 2018 11:33 AM



    True – qualifier schedules really are a joke

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Silver City- i think PC Lustig will retire from Sweden after the World Cup, and IMO he can give us 2 more seasons.

  18. Re Rogic…


    He’s continuously improved since he walked through the parkhead gates, with only injury and fitness issues occasionally hampering his upward trajectory.


    The really exciting thing for me is his potential to improve further. By all accounts he’s a good trainer with a good attitude to learning and improving his game, seems a very focused guy.



    Physically the wizard is visibly stronger in appearance from when he arrived and often has players bouncing off him when he has the ball under his spell.


    His touch and close control are close to being word class already imo.


    Delighted he’s signed up .





  19. Incredible bit of business regards Rogic.We MUST be paying higher wages.To get him signed up for another 5 years surely proves it.It Augurs well.Now get Armstrong on the same deal.I hope Eddie is a gimme.

  20. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good news on Tom Rogic. Matchwinners aren’t only important to supporters, they lift the spirit and aspirations of team-mates when we play better teams.



    The line from this season which will stay with me beyond the summer came from PSG (don’t remember which individual), “Celtic are a good team, but we know where they are weak.” One for you to fix, Brendan.





    A travel factor to avoid on Sunday for those heading to Broony’s game from outside the city will be assorted diversions and restrictions surrounding the charity funrun RaceforLfe2018.

  21. I have heard a lot of talk (on here, other forums and phone-ins) about Tommy Twinkle Toes not being a 90 minute player. I’d be interested to see how inaccurate this is now. There have been a fair number of games in which he has lasted the full 90.



    If we apply this rationale to others then we can easily say Moussa isn’t a 90 minute player as he is often subbed.



    Players don’t just get subbed because they are tired; Brendan Rodgers makes very good use of substitutions for tactical purposes, especially tying up a game once we have won it.



    IMHO that’s more often why Rogic gets subbed.



    Rogic signing a five year deal is a fantastic piece of business and has saved the £5M to £10M he would cost to replace.



    Sign Edouard and keep Moussa; if we do that then along with Bain, Ajer and Rogic this will be a fantastic window along with the other inevitable signings.





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  23. The huns get Allan McGregor (36); we get Scott Bain (26).


    The huns get Scott Arfiled (29); we get Kris Ajer (20)


    The huns get Jamie Murphy (28); we get Tom Rogic (25)


    The huns are (allegedly) looking at Jermaine Defoe (35); we are looking at Odsonne Edouard (20).


    We have Lewis Morgan (21) and Ryan Christie (23) back in the fold.



    The huns are in panic mode to stop 10 in a row; we are building for the future and 10 in a row.



    Our recruitment plans are in excellent shape already this summer. If (as rumoured) we sign Edouard today it will be another fantastic piece of business.



    Invest £10M to £15M on a new right back; another central defender; another wide player; and maybe we can then start to look at the team improving in Europe next season.



    The future’s bright; the future’s green and white!





  24. Best of luck Celtic tomorrow,


    the excitement is certainly building


    for the last time this season Celts go to work.


    there is a double treble to win godwilling


    Thanks for just being there Celtic:-)



    Lionsroar67 hope to see you soon for a wee burger and chips :-) i hope everything is going as well as possible



    hail hail

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