Rogic endorsement of direction of travel


Tom Rogic is good.  Very good.  He has scored cup winning goals, league winning goals, scored against Newco at three different venues, and most deliciously, has scored Champions League qualification goals.  That old football adage, “Yes, but can he do it when it really matters?”, is never asked about Tom.

With one year left on his existing Celtic contract, he is off with Australia to the World Cup, the most prominent shop window in the game, where good players with a one-year balance on their contracts are a premium.

The news that he signed a five-year contract yesterday has surprised many, including me.  One week ago today, when I asked a ‘senior source at Celtic’ the prospects or retaining his services, I was not encouraged.  “The money on offer in England……..”

This deal is an endorsement of the direction the club is heading from within the dressing room.  Players know where the club is going, Tom knows.  That’s why he has signed.  I am sure his contract reflects his ability, but I am also sure he could have earned more elsewhere.  And five years!!  That’s nearly a Jim McLean!

Good luck tomorrow, Tom, let’s have a repeat of last season’s Cup Final.

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    Fair play to Eddie Turnbull for his comment on it.

  2. Bobby, you all sorted for watching the game tomorrow? (Not too many guiness for you mind!)

  3. Delaneys Dunky on

    Tony Rome



    That is a superb Ian Brown track.


    Very relevant indeed.


    Viva Palestine!


    Jews are treating Palestinians today, like nazis treated the Jews in the 30s.

  4. Tomorrow from about half 1 I’ll be hosting a daughter, a granddaughter, a daughter in law a(my son/her husband is Hampden bound) and her mum and dad and dog (Lenny!), my godson, his wife and 2 bhoys and 2 neighbours (if any more neighbours are lurking – you’re welcome too!). I am currently arranging the living room to incorporate a safe standing section. Pre-match hot rolls in the garden, half time pies, and a combined attempt at emptying my beer fridge. After match activities are obviously result dependent!


    Just a little excited…..





    Yes,thanks. Ticket request was for a good friend and top CQNer.



    Sisters and my Dad will be there tomorrow. I’ll be stuck in a pub-which tbf is slowly being converted to SWINDON CSC-with some grand company.



    They’ll be getting bevvied,I’ll be alternating Guinness and water. And choking for a fag!



    Look on the bright side,I reckon-I’m taking the HOOTENANNY FLEG there. For once,I might remember to take it home!!!

  6. As part of the e-mail trail to John Mason MSP yesterday I wrote the following:





    Thanks for the response.



    As a resident of the East End I am fully aware of the impact (and economic benefit) of football matches and other events bring to the area and also the safety concerns for emergency services. Just to clarify, are there any special facilities for disabled fans in close proximity to the stadia or is it a blanket ban on all cars? Provisioning for “blue badge holders” closer to the venues could alleviate a lot of the problems for disabled fans, but not necessarily for those older or less mobile fans who do not have a blue badge. How would you view the impact on those less mobile but not disabled fans?







    He has got back to me with the following:


    Thanks for raising these points.



    The short answer is that I do not know exactly what parking provision there is at present for disabled supporters and more importantly what is planned for the future. Therefore, I will make a point of raising this with the Council as part of the present consultation and potentially with Celtic as well.



    Thanks for raising this and I will aim to copy you in on any correspondence on this topic.








    So hopefully the rollicking he has had over the last 36 hours or so will have some positive effect!





  7. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Hope I catch a glimpse of Meghan’s dress before I head to Hampden.

  8. VFR



    I think Mason has got off very lightly for his crass comments.



    Can you imagine the outcry if he was a Tory MSP




  9. fairhill bhoy on

    My dad has his ticket beside my cousin Alfie,I have mine with two off my brother in laws.?Beechwood before and after game??????Away to read back





    In effect,Mason has admitted to mouthing off in his official capacity,but without doing any research into the point raised?



    He gave a correspondent a GIRUY and only because he’s been found out,thinks it might be wise to look into the point raised by the former?



    Frankly,old bean,I don’t need to do much research into this guy. He has a history of GIRUY. A history of CGAF. People who vote for him deserve him.



    People who defend him? Well,I hope there aren’t too many mirrors in their house.

  11. GreenPiñata, BMCUWP he has been caught out big time and deserves everything he gets. He will have a research team who could have got the info for him.



    I don’t see him being re-elected.





  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    My granddaughter Meghan will be dressed in her full Celtic kit tomorrow. Whole family and friends are gathering in my son’s garden for bbq and Celtic match.


    Knightswood will be Green and White.







    Yet you have defended so much of what he said?



    Sorry,F. You have. Read back last night,comments about streets being blocked. Driveways being blocked.



    Bin lorries unable to progress,as an example. I dunno what hours they work up there,but bin lorries are damn rare on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon,or a Tuesday night at 8pm.



    Not good,old son. In fact,a bit of a u-turn.

  14. gene nice pic. frankie and benny say hi, now on to cup final matters, sorry bhoys as a lanarkshire bhoy born in bellshill maternity hospital, ive got to support the old mothers tomorrow, now bhoys dont try and change my mind if tam cowan can support motherwell so can i ,aye that wull be right hate the feckers, that stems from when my sister now 60 years old by the way, got sacked from dalziells bakery in motherwell because she wore a holy cross round her neck, now that was 44 years ago maybe thins have changed.hope so.hh.

  15. DELANEYS DUNKY on 18TH MAY 2018 7:15 PM






    My granddaughter Meghan will be dressed in her full Celtic kit tomorrow. Whole family and friends are gathering in my son’s garden for bbq and Celtic match.



    Knightswood will be Green and White.







    DD enjoy tomorrow


    I will be in pub with mates and my Bhoy and his mates drink in same pub.



    My little Grandson (new hoops strip on) who goes to all home games, his mother and father, my wife, sister in laws, some nephews and nieces will all be in my house watching the game.



    I cannot wait, I am so excited about hopefully witnessing more history.






    D. :)

  16. Delaneys Dunky on

    I seem to be having pre match nerves. Not as much confidence as the majority. If we beat Motherwell in what I think will be a tough match, we will deserve our Double Treble and the team tomorrow will be immortalised as history makers. It is a Big show.



  17. Here is the reply I got from John Mason MSP:



    Dear James





    Thanks for your email.





    I think you may only have seen a small part of the exchanges I have had on this subject by email and on social media. I fear that one short statement can sometimes be taken out of context! This fan was not raising the parking ban. He was complaining to Celtic that they are not putting on buses for disabled supporters.





    There is a huge problem with inappropriate parking around Celtic Park on match days. Residents in my constituency are effectively trapped in their homes by fans parking across their driveways, etc. They also live in fear of needing an ambulance or fire engine in an emergency as they would struggle to get into many streets.





    So in the first place I am supportive of the Council’s proposals to make the area a more controlled parking zone although the details have to be worked out.





    In response to several folk raising the question of disabled fans or others who could not walk far, I have said that there is plenty of room for these fans to park if those who are able to walk 20 minutes would park further away in a more considerate manner. The parking problem is not caused by disabled fans. It is caused by perfectly able bodied fans (often with very expensive cars!) wanting to park as close as possible to Celtic Park (and I think the other major stadia in the City) with no regard for residents.





    I hope that clarifies my position.





    However, as a more general point, I am a Clyde supporter and would like to see more fans considering supporting smaller more local teams… like Clyde! (To be fair to the gentlemen I was chatting to by email, he told me he does also support a local team, so well done to him.)





    Yours sincerely




  18. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    Win or lose you’ll be with yer loved one’s that’s the most important


    thing,I’ll be in the North stand the fholk that matter most to me will


    be in front of the telly.

  19. Think the telly has it about right tomorrow :(



    3 hour build up to the wndsor’s match


    1 hour for the Scottish Cup Final





    Fascinating reply from another eejit who clearly doesn’t know when to throw the shovel away.



    It’s difficult to c&p,and reply,at the same time. I’ll take these comments from him piece by piece.



    So,more to follow…

  21. Jimmynotpaul on



    I know you no longer live in Cork, but the Official Cork No1 CSC have 33 bhoys and ghirls travelling over for both games at the weekend.


    Pretty impressive.


    Hail Hail

  22. Mahe the Madman on

    Evening bhoys,


    if theres anyone wishes a quiz say aye otherwise its back to cleaning in anticipation of thoul mother arriving next week. Meeting Calibhoy and the Sonoma CSC tomorrow and looking forward to it. There will be no quiz the next two weeks due to my ma. Sorry.


    Hail Hail

  23. first cup final as a 14 year old, celtic v aberdeen 1967, 146,000 at hampden, sunny day and we won.hh.

  24. fairhill bhoy on

    Was in at the Celtic shop today and the place was busy.The wife said you would be quicker going to EK shop?But that doesn’t have the Celtic walk I said??????

  25. glendalystonsils on

    We will need to be up for a physical battle tomorrow as M’well will not allow us to play football. The MIB will do nothing to protect our players so we need to let him as well as the Mothers know that we won’t be bullied. Our CB’s in particular will need to stand up to Main who will do his best to rag doll them if he can. Let’s hope the spotlight we’ve been shining on the targeting of Broony has some effect.


    Match their physicality and then let our football take over, 3-1 the Celtic.

  26. fairhill bhoy on

    Has anyone else noticed Charlie nick canny say he’s a fan on sky sports regarding tomorrow’s game ?

  27. Delaneys Dunky on




    Both my sons and both my nephews who have played fitba with and against Jamie Murphy fae Yoker are delighted that he has signed for Sevco. They think he always has been a very weak player and still is. Four Tims laughing about it.



  28. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, thanks for the heads up about the Sean Fallon documentary on BT sports 1 at half nine tonight.



    I’ve already seen it three times but will never tire of watching it.



    The last time I had the good fortune of talking to Sean was at Celtic Park the Sunday after Tommy passed away. He was there with ‘young’ Sean and his son. I stood in awe as he spoke about Tommy. Both he and Tommy were incredible men.




    N, not a u-turn at all. I didn’t defend anything he said to Gordon. I did, however, agree that traffic on match days is an issue for the local community and needs to be addressed.



    As for bin collections, it’s 7 days a week. My buns get emptied on a Sunday afternoon!




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