Rogic on a road well travelled, Ciftci’s mark


I’ve been slow to catch onto the Tom Rogic bandwagon but his performance yesterday marks a new level of attainment. After some fleeting appearances in the months following his arrival at the club as a 20-year-old, Rogic dropped off the radar. A loan return to Australia and a number of injuries meant he went close to two years without playing for Celtic before his return to the team last month. I’d written him off, and when the teams were announced to face Dundee, I was a bit disappointed to see him in the team ahead of Scott Allan.

Yesterday was like a light being switched on. He demonstrated speed, skill, intelligence and finishing. If we had acquired him for a lot of money last month, I’d be delighted at what was on show.

All of this happened, of course, against a poorly organised Dundee team. Far greater challenges lie ahead, but just like the transformation in Nir Bitton a year ago, or the gains Wanyama made in 2012, we can hope to transform Rogic from a lost-looking squad player into a top performer.

I think we were all delighted Nadir Ciftci got off the mark. Being clean through on the keeper puts the burden of onus on the striker. A significant percentage of such chances are lost, but Nadir’s finish was assured. Like all strikers, he needed that first goal, and I suspect needed the assist he gained a moment earlier when setting Scott Brown up for the fifth.

More game-time and more goals are now needed, starting with Raith Rovers in the League Cup (ouch) on Wednesday.

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    Good timing wi the new article,Paul.



    We were mibbe in danger of going that wee bit far there.



    However,the day is yet young…



    Re Rogic,his goal v Partick was an example of his background in fusbal. The way he got the shot in from an unnatural position.



    If you watch his goal yesterday,he did similar. Misread the pass by a yard,stuck his leg out and hammered it home.



    We signed him as a five-a-side player. He is now allying that talent to the bigger stage. With the fitness and awareness to prove it. Give him the run of the midfield and watch him go.

  2. Captain Beefheart on

    Tim, Weeminger and bobby,



    Ok you persuaded me. We certainly need back up.



    Bobby, no need to apologise by the way.



    Always liked Tom Rogic. Exciting talent.



    Paul 67, ‘clean trough’?



    David Cameron would like that.





    Pretty sure Izzy is more pissed off about it than anyone else,tbh.



    As SUTTON said last night,he should have headed it for the perfect hat-trick.



    Still,whipping Bhoy on Thursday,hero on Sunday. He’ll be happy wi that. And I still think he’s our best LB since Big Tam.



    (Btw-Big Tam was the tallest Celt on the pitch in 67. Strange,only found that out last month!)





    Thanks,mate. It was clumsy,not malicious,and I’m glad you accept that. Apologies still due regardless.



    But there was no need for the ‘clean trough’ comment. Bang outa order.



    I’ve got Guinness running down my nose,ya sod.




  5. The Real Tam Cowan on

    Tam Rogic was well worthy of his place yesterday and will hopefully get a run in the team ahead of Johanssen. It seems to me like Stefan thinks he’s the star man of the team but has shown little evidence of that lately. He’s reminded me of Thomas Graveson. making the wrong runs at the wrong times and not running at the right time. Anyway, hopefully Rogic can push him to better performances in training and the reserves and we can get back the dynamic and clinical midfielder I thought we had.



    Great for Cifti to get his 1st and 2nd goals for the hoops. It appears that the first goal has been erased from history though. It was chopped off for …well… does any know why? Nothing on BBC highlights and not even a mention in the CQN match report. Perhaps I had been spiked with potent but fast dispersing LSD?




  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Rogic looked like he wanted the ball – a sign of a confident player. Looks good on both feet and has an eye for goal.


    Good to see Ciftci off the mark – that will be good for his confidence.


    Difficult to judge Aberdeen’s performance – Hearts defending was just about the worst I have seen from a professional team.

  7. Left foot, right foot, headers, poacher, target man, gives his all & can hit them from outside the box. Carlton Cole what’s not to like? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mnhpJfrkQuI



    We are well short of striking options even more if Leigh picks up a knock or has a dip in form. So I for one hope Carlton signs & if he can settle away from London then he’ll score for fun in our league. Just a shame we couldn’t get him or someone with a similar profile before the Europa deadline.



    Rogic has shown terrific ability & like Nir he more often than not finds a hooped shirt. Perfect to play in behind a striker linking midfield to attack & will suit us even more in Europe. Where he’s unlikely to be kicked out of a game as he was at Pittordrie last week. Johansen’s replacement perhaps, if he keeps up this level then I think he should be.

  8. Was at Croke Park for ethe All Ireland final yesterday and had asked for updates to be texted because I wouldnt get a wi-fi signal.


    Needless to say my texts werent working.


    So I was relying on my friend to get updates sent through to him from his friend.



    Was delighted with the updates until it came through – 3-0 Izaguirre and 4-0 Izaguirre, then 5-0 then 6-0 at which point I had long written off the legitimacy and sincerity of the updates.



    “He’s pulling our leg”, followed by name calling is how I recall my comment.



    I thought nothing more until I got home and remembered to turn mobile data back on..! then all the whatssap and text messages started coming through.



    Couldnt be I thought, luckily one of my brothers had by that time posted a link to the goals.



    6-0 I couldnt believe it.



    I then noticed he had posted a video – which was of Izaguirre missing the penalty and I nearly fell off my seat!!






    He even said ‘Celtic played well’ and part of me thinks he’d rather we didnt so he could carry on ranting about the nonsense he usually spouts.



    p.s. I also got soaked at Croke because our tickets were low down and muggins here didnt check the weather forecast and i think I was the one out of 82500 people wearing… shorts!!

  9. Scott Allan is injured is he not, P67? That would be why Rogic is persisted with – although sometimes such a break is exactly what kick-starts a Celtic career from nowhere.



    Big Cifti just needs one more goal now to avoid being remembered as the Turkish Cascarino.



    Carlton Cole – if he signs and samples the Glasgow club scenes we’ll have new rhyming slang by Xmas, ‘getting yer Carlton Cole’…



    Chick Young was at the vinegar strokes yesterday after Aberdeen final whistle only for the Hoops to bang in our first two in a matter of minutes and teach him the meaning of ‘tantric’.



    Overall, a good past week after three of misery.



    Now for a right good ‘Cameroning’ of those Jambo pigs…


    Judging from the comments on here and elsewhere,Jo is gonna have to find his mojo pdq.



    He’s in serious danger of undoing all his good work.



    IIRC,he was regarded as a loose cannon before he joined up with Ronny at Stromgodset,they obviously worked well together then.



    As they did last season.



    The ball’s in his court. He should be very wary that it’s not burst. He has lost a lot of goodwill in the stands,and I’m sure that is the same in the dressing room.



    Just get back to doing what yer good at,bud. And stop being a knob. And as for trying to be a hard man,leave that to the experts.

  11. glendalystonsils on



    Rogic is younger than both Scott Allan and James Forrest



    Aye but I bet he isn’t younger than that exciting young manager over at Ibrox :)

  12. Txt my hammers supporting mate



    He’s shocked were after big cole , unfit and doesn’t score was his reply.. Sadly we are so short up front we need someone asap.



    We should never have been left so short.

  13. Ronny, or somebody else, should give Joe Hanson a video of Davie Hay and tell him to study it very closely.



    After watching it he might ask for a transfer!




  14. .



    Fell asleep at Half Time watching the Game.. Just watched again..Did Not Realize Izzaguere had Missed a Penalty for his Hat trick..



    Feel a bit bad Not for Slating him for getting sent off as I’m a Fan..;-)






    Ps..Did Griffiths pick up a knock as he was Subbed on 57 Mins..?

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Always thought Carlton Cole was a decent player. Two-footed, good in the air, holds the ball up well.


    The MSM will try and slate him, but who cares? If he was going to Sevco he’d be the new Ibrahimovic!

  16. Summa of Sammi….



    I think Ronny knew that Ciftci could get a goal if he brought him on. Good move.

  17. Afternoon all


    I have not always been a fan of Ronny’s approach – never believed he was as good or bad as others have claimed- but yesterday was the best performance over the full 90 as there has been under Ronny. The only time I can recall such good football under NFL was the 5-0 win at Motherwell on the Friday night. More please.




  18. Genuine question guys – whats happened to Stuart Armstrong – why is he not featuring in the team recently? I’m assuming injury but can’t find anything in the sports news to confirm.

  19. Paul, I think you are being a tad harsh on young Rogic. I think he has been ticking along nicely this season and yesterday was a continuation of this.



    Being out for so long he won’t want to over do it but once he has established himself in the league he should be called upon to show his talent in the Europa.



    3 in the middle is a must and he compliments Brown and Biton very well. Tom is a clever player and I think he will shine in Europe at the rate he’s developing.



    Very pleased for him. Keep it up son.

  20. Almore on 21st September 2015 1:29 pm



    Unfortunately I, like most around the other 31 counties of Ireland – didnt get the result I was hoping for!! : (

  21. After a 185 minute trip along the M8 yesterday, the game was just the tonic.




    A quick read back through the live updates was hilarious. The typos come thick and fast due to excitement and the desire to be first.



    ‘Foal izzy’ was my own favourite:))


    Downing Street spokesman on the claims made here there every-where are that they



    ‘Would not dignify the claims’



    Well,let’s face it. They can hardly dignify the actions,can they?



    Daft boayishness,definitely. But it ain’t gonna go away. Meanwhile…