Rogic, PoTY or sub?


The game after a big win or defeat is always important.  Winners going into the game need to set aside thoughts of glory, while losers need to get back in the saddle.  Both Celtic and Newco managed this very successfully after their pivotal league meeting on Wednesday.  Motherwell and Hearts, respectively fourth and third in the table, were dismissed in style.  For Newco, in particular, yesterday was a huge result.  This league has plenty of drama left in it yet.

Evident in Ange Postecoglou’s team selection recently has been squad management.  He rested Josip Juranovic, Jota and Matt O’Riley yesterday, replaced by Anthony Ralston, Daizen Maeda and Tom Rogic, none of whom looked anything other than first choice material.

The selection for Pittodrie on Wednesday will give us an insight into who the manager will select in a vitally important game when he has genuine options – for the first time this season.   After Aberdeen, Ange will have more opportunities to rest limbs, with Raith Rovers, Bodo/Glimt and Dundee visiting Celtic Park in succession, though the Norwegians will face a strong side.

Earlier in the season I mentioned Tom Rogic as a Player of the Year candidate.  More recently, I suggested he may find himself out in the cold after our January arrivals.  A virtuoso performance on his return from international duty saw me vacillating back to my initial prediction.  Can someone tell me how this one plays out, PoTY or cameo substitute?  Both seem plausible.


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  1. SAINT STIVS on 7TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:03 PM


    The experience of being in the Army changed my whole life; I never believed that an organization such as ours could ever go to war, leave alone win it. It was, as Yeats remarked of the Easter Rising, ‘A terrible beauty.







    ‘ Spike Milligan

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    C’mon Paul. you’re slipping back in to pre-Christmas gloom and doom mode.



    Hearts are formidable opponents on their own turf, but persistently fail to perform at Celtic Park or Mordor.



    You’re giving the Huns too much credit. They’re there for the taking.

  3. SKY coverage yesterday — what a difference a real commentator makes.


    No clichés / no agenda / no TFOD2.1 luv spaffery …



    Just enthusiasm and engagement with the football on the park.


    Doing his bit regarding selling the SPL to the world.



    Bio snippets on just about everybody — M/well subs / the lot.


    Huge improvement on what we are usually served up.



    Only downside — AW is still a complete erse.

  4. CELTIC40ME on 7TH FEBRUARY 2022 11:54 AM









    Their relationship with their bankers was a lot more convivial and accommodating before oversight and control moved to England.







    Their downfall came from the evidence uncovered in the raid by the City of London Police. Without that the EBT case wouldn’t have happened.







    Saying that Celtic caused their downfall is like saying that football, or the corporate taxation regime, or capitalist competition caused their downfall. It’s just a vague and unfocussed generality. It was part of the background, and provides context, but it wasn’t the cause, proximate or ultimate.

  5. P67 — your thoughts would appear to be somewhat off the pace.



    We have a big squad full of good players.


    The 5 sub rule helps us with the problem of giving players game time.



    Two or three changes at half time will help with squad engagement.


    SA at the egg chasing invented the concept of the bomb squad.


    Sent on at or around half time to defuse the situation.


    AP seems to be learning from this.

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  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Brilliant performance – some seriously quality moves and done at a higher pace than we had been managing a few months ago.


    Really seeing the benefits of top-level coaching, a clear philosophy and a formation that works for the way we need to play.


    Four wonderful goals – great examples of how to stretch a defence both horizontally and vertically. Changed days from the 257 crosses against Livingston and certainly from the incoherent randomness of last season.


    Keep it going bhoys!

  8. Rogic is far and away the most skilful player in the squad.



    The general understanding over the last few seasons has been that if he could manage to play 90 minutes on a regular basis he wouldn’t be at Celtic.



    So his apparently miraculous and sudden new found stamina is not without its downside.



    And while humping SPL fodder is all well and good I’d be disappointed if the reborn Rogic isn’t around to play for Celtic again in a European campaign.

  9. “Can someone tell me how this one plays out, PoTY or cameo substitute? Both seem plausible.”



    Player of the year candidate for me for sure. Even if he and O’Riley took half about from now on Tom usually shows more skill and class in 45 mins on the field than most players do in the full 90.



    On a completely unrelated note – can anyone please tell me what tune is played in the background on the Celtic Goal of the Month videos?




  10. “Earlier in the season I mentioned Tom Rogic as a Player of the Year candidate. More recently, I suggested he may find himself out in the cold after our January arrivals. A virtuoso performance on his return from international duty saw me vacillating back to my initial prediction”



    Paul, for God’s sake don’t change your mind regarding anything Celtic on here – you’ll have the parrots squawking for months to come😅

  11. AIPPLE on 7TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:39 PM


    “I have blue crowned conure named Barney.”



    Is that the 1st time you’ve parroted that on here? :)) por cierto

  12. Good Afternoon



    Celts are top of the league,



    To the deliverance banjo player



    And racist vermin are reiterating the snp is a cult,



    The suggestion by the racist vermin through repitition of his error,that the snp are a cult is incorrect.



    Coming from racist vermin,the racist vermin is seething that democracy,ie who scottish people vote for and the policies there after



    But here is the thing.



    There are many on here who vote Tory or lab or snp that is correct and their right



    The racist vermin does not vote Tory,well unless your name is George,you support Queen of the South and you proclaim to be head of a(business funded)workers party,haha,the green brigade pinoccio nose is to wee



    Once again since “wee commie corbyn ” rejected your membership,who or whats racism was called disgusting? Naz Chan??



    Wee “commie corbyn” knows a thing or two about integrity



    Not had an answer yet,but racists don’t have any narrative here,especially when the cult/sect/rouble funded shoite do not declare which rancid racist bagoshat they slavishly follow ..


    Keep playin the banjo or name the wee dogpoo pile you follow.your sister met a few of them in Duke st am sure,



    Back to Celtic today



    Refugees are welcome


    Racists,particularly disgusting racists


    Are not welcome at Celtic

  13. I’m just surprised that Rogic is still fit enough to play considering some of the brutality to which he has been subjected. Brutality that largely goes unpunished by our mibs. Look at that deliberate heel click assault yesterday.

  14. The Ibrox result yesterday was certainly a coming down to earth moment. However, kicking things off again against Hibs a few weeks ago, if you’d been offered top spot going to Pittodrie, you’d be absolutely delighted to take it.



    We’re playing well and squad strength looks impressive with more additions coming back soon.



    It’s in our hands. Three points on Wednesday will see us sit top for a few more weeks with the Scottish cup and a home game against Dundee to see us back to league action.



    I’m confident.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Anyone else getting this type of output on their phone above comments??



    printCode( ‘mobile’, ‘block_1’ ); ?>



    I have brave ad blocker, perhaps the site doesn’t like it 😂😂😂

  16. Wouldn’t take too much from Mordor yesterday. Exactly as I predicted. Hertz comfy in 3rd


    could afford to wave their beloveds through and that’s exactly what happened.


    Nothing to see there. Move on.

  17. “Saying that Celtic caused their downfall is like saying that football, or the corporate taxation regime, or capitalist competition caused their downfall.”



    Rangers caused their own downfall by spending beyond their means to try and keep up with us because of the financial advantages we had.



    Celtic and the advantage we had wasn’t the only cause but it was the single biggest out with their control.



    It’s obviously, not unlike your old firm board nonsense not a binary issue, but there are factors that played a bigger part than others.



    Chasing Celtic killed them

  18. glendalystonsils on

    MARKIEBHOY on 7TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:58 PM



    Spot on . I said yesterday that Hearts whole attitude before , during and after a game against us , shows an animosity that they don’t show against Sevco .

  19. SAINT STIVS on 7TH FEBRUARY 2022 12:29 PM



    that tom rogic






    Class response from a class player. What is really funny is how all the Sevco ones who responded below the video wanted to point out that 9 years is not a decade? Really? That’s all they came back with and unable to fathom that being dominant and on top for a decade doesn’t mean winning everything for 10 years, they can’t be that stupid, can they?

  20. Tam should do more media interviews.



    His top of the pile for a decade slap


    down was just brilliant.

  21. They seem to be back to their old ways – hugely over-reliant on fatty, capable of impressive victories and calamitous defeats in the same week. Wednesday cut them deep, it’ll take a sound defeat of Ange’s Celts at the start of April to banish it from their psyche.



    I think most of us have been surprised by not only Rogics improved form but his consistency and his stamina. Several managers, who would have known him better than any of us seemed to have thought he was a sixty minute player, so to see him performing so well in Ange’s high intensity regime is remarkable



    For someone at 29 with his injury record and playing history to be having a new lease of life is a testament to Ange’s methods. He seems to both understand his players needs and treat them as adults, allowing them to make their own decisions about they’re own health and condition

  22. CELTIC40ME on 7TH FEBRUARY 2022 1:19 PM



    Without the involvement of non Scottish based institutions they would not have gone bust.

  23. Ernie.


    This narrative of city of London exposing the financial degeneracy and of what was going on in Edinburgh ergo Sir Hunner of Pence,is interesting,but incorrect.



    It is a popular shout,used by good wee unionists like yourself to feel more secure/berthed/loved in your union and its financial rules are more corrupt in Edinburgh but safe and secure in the city of London



    The underwriting field(maybe seperate from rest of finance to follow your Edinburgh/London tale:-)) knew Sir Hunner was in trouble,defo at his last share issue pre banking crisis circa 03/4,well before banking collapse in 08.



    The tax world-well thats sourced.ironically I agree wi you on 1st tier Public hearings.



    In banking world,from Day 1 with oorgavin,but the other side of the information coin is there from day1 when 2 rfc directors checked the new owners 54/55 paper companies.1 wi cash was from oorgavin.


    People knew of Murray from day 1.


    All his listings were under uk law.


    All his access to capital was under uk law



    Sir Hunners tentacles and growth spread out as he harvested banks,loaning and tapping,Balance sheet timing so his 54 paper companies grew into a £Billion pile of(still counting) companies liquidated and contesting paying pensions,valueless.


    Rfc were part of was known in the city. regarded as a bull lever company.



    I can understand how you forward it,its not right from my experience.and its not to do wi a unionist/nat thread either,tho it would be curious to ask why it persisted and grew:-)




  24. If William Pitt the younger hadn’t introduce Income Tax in 1799 the huns wouldn’t have gone bust. Because it was the failed EBT scheme that did for them. And if the players didn’t have to pay income tax in the first place there would have been no need to try to evade it.



    So maybe he’s the cause of their demise.



    But Pitt only introduced Income Tax to fund the Napoleonic wars. So maybe Napoleon deserves the accolade.



    And so on back through time to the Big Bang.

  25. Do you have to register on the Aberdeen PPV site with your Celtic username and Password or what’s the alternative.

  26. regardless of the EBT’s and the tax debt, Original Murray group was trading insolvent in 2010.



    The raid was just one of the dominos that fell.



    Dont forget Bank Of Scotland effectively taking control

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