Rogic will punish anxious Newco defence


While we all want to have a party on Sunday, the first priority is to win the tactical battle.  Normally, I would be anxious to control the middle of the park, but Celtic’s impressive defensive record indicates midfield may not be as crucial.

Newco were the last domestic team to score against Celtic that was not a penalty (Hearts) or a goal that even the Motherwell manager admitted his team had to subvert the rules of sportsmanship to record.

By comparison, Newco have conceded 10 since facing Celtic in December; Celtic are defensively solid, Newco are not.  If the game is tight, we should be confident of defending and hopeful of exploiting some of the defensive anxiety that Newco suffered in recent games.

Brendan Rodgers had selection problems at Ibrox in December, resorting to play Mickey Johnston as striker (unsuccessfully) and Callum McGregor as left back (to his cost elsewhere).  Neil Lennon also has selection problems for tomorrow, but of a different nature.

Dedryck Boyata will start, but I’m not sure if Kristoffer Ajer or Filip Benkovic will partner him.  Heart says Ajer (one of our own), head says Benkovic (so impressive).  I expect Jeremy Toljan to get the nod over Mikael Lustig.

James Forrest, Scott Sinclair, Odsonne Edouard, Kieran Tierney, Scott Brown and Callum McGregor will all start, leaving one midfield space available for Ewan Henderson, Tom Rogic, Olivier Burke, Mikey Johnston or, at a push, Olivier Ntcham.

Tom terrifies this team.  If he has 60 minutes in him, he should start, and if he starts, he will punish them.  If Tom is not fit, Ewan Henderson has done enough to suggest he has the craft for this occasion.

The two games between these teams this season have ended in a comprehensive 1-0 home win for each side.  This is an historic high for Newco, but you and me have missed what we were beginning to regards as customary four or five goal winning margins.  Neil Lennon will want the win most of all, but you also know the manner he would like to achieve this.

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  1. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    BIG PACKY 1 on 29TH MARCH 2019 6:22 PM



    Now there’s a side. Johnny Crum – my da used to wax lyrical about him.



    If there’s a bench, I would have Bertie Peacock and Willie Fernie on it for Sunday.

  2. almore



    I can see now that the menu at Cafe Celtica you have long campaigned for….. is going to be pretty spartan fare!

  3. Is Lennon playin mind games or what is the story



    Tierney is fit… naw he’s not



    Rogic is fit… naw he’s not



    Forrest is fit… naw he’s not



    Lustig is fit… naw he’s not



    RIP Wee Shay x

  4. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Sweet fugg, an orange order leading a brexit march – the great stateswomen and men of Westminster must be turning in their grave. The men who railed against the conditions of the industrial revolution, the women who died for a vote, the mps who stood up for rebels, the men and women who wrested democracy from the gentry!



    What have we got now – a country bent over backwards for 6 county indoctrinated weirdos.

  5. Celtic Mac: I wouldnt thank you for a pint of Guinness and rarely eat the crisps now.



    A cappuccino and Ready Brek served with cold milk would do me nicely.

  6. Mahe the Madman on

    Sftb from the other night,,


    “ Therefore he was backed and he still wanted to leave.”


    He may or may not see it that way ,, thats an assumption on your behalf.



    “ The timing , both times (China and Leicester) did upset. It is credit to all in the football club, not just BR, that we managed the treble after having seen that BR had been willing to leave when he was just in the door and, on the final occasion, with a league, still in the balance.”


    I personally find this to be over egging the pudding . A 100 million plus company will out perform its 36 million turnover competitor 99 times out of 100 regularly. Throw in a healthy lead and a pair of hands that know the club right there to stay the course and there really was no huge wobble nor should there have been . Better players and a healthy lead plus Neil negated any huge wobble. Fixtures were to our advantage also.



    “ What would “more than a stop it” look like? “


    We shall discuss your position at the end of the season


    Start looking for a new job


    Perhaps youve been here long enough


    There were clear boundaries set for your position and you have crossed them and I must act


    We have decided to go a different direction in the summer


    Etc etc



    “ Your suggestion that more should have been done to PL is based on the idea that he should not be “interfering” in football matters. I doubt that either wanted PL removed from football finance matters or anything so final. “


    He had overstepped the mark hence the dressing down. They dont want him completely removed but that tells us he over involved himself.



    “ But it was a good time for him only “


    How was being 8 clear and in both cups not a good time for the club? Showed them the finish line and had to go.


    Cant do better than going out on top if you must go.



    “ I think the managerial change was bad enough. Losing the CEO at the same time would have been criminal.”


    Not saying same time. I think we should all take it as a given that should we proceed the next campaign with the same dynamic upstairs at the club and have a successful season then with a possible 10 within reach no one major from upstairs would jump off unless pushed or something drastic happens.


    I feel you treat too lightly the fact that Dermot had to order Peter to fully support the manager that was absolutely cleaning up. This is expanded upon in the whats the money for section.


    As far as a replacement goes perhaps its best to streamline the club with DoF or Sporting Director or something actually try and do an Ajax ,, same style all the way up ,, boot room type of thing. I dont think we should like for like again , that has proven divisive and will again if replicated.


    I have stated this before , and I think this is where Wits falls down , is that Peter may well be sitting there in his chair this very minute absolutely convinced that what he is doing is the best for Glasgow Celtic fullstop . My biggest issue is the silence , and on the counter side to that the little games .


    The Plc remain a closed shop witholding info thats not nuclear secrets like whats the plan , whats the money for .


    Most clubs are opting to get fans onside and share the dream ,, I would posit its more profitable when everyone is pulling together ( for instance I and many are on a merch and CTV selft imposed ban )


    So while it might well seem “ he “ gets stick for everything there are actual serious legitimate questions that the fan base deserve to have answered from people who are sane and calm and who do recognise that there have been success’ and failure under his tenure as would be expected of someone in situ for quite an amount of time.



    “ But, it did keep him- so it did work. “


    Maybe short term and focus renewed for a while but jumped ship as soon as his criterea were met by suitor club. May as well have said no honour your contract . The amount involved ( somewhwere areound 6 to 8 ) is a staggering amount to lay out and still see him waltz out the door asap . It seems that one was misplayed by the suits and Brendan walked away very much a winner here.





    As far as Im aware players dont sign them its agents and higher profile employees.


    Agents obviously will know a lot of “ dirt “ but spilling it is professional suicide so its best all around to stay on the gravy train and keep schtum.


    Employees I believe are bound by life by Nda’s . Its pretty simple. THis also helps teh sport protect its ( terrible ) image by not having bombs dropped regular. Its not rocket salad.


    Neil I would say is a special case in that he is at the one club that makes him tick , the best he will ever have and he knows it now and will put up with more than usual due to that .


    Better the devil you know springs to mind. Its always best to look at the context ,, small club may well have manager fling mud at the wall ,, perhaps they are too skint to sue and perhaps he has a case so they dont . Look at the high profile clubs when thinking of Nda’s . Seldom does the manager reveal bombshell inner sanctum secrets ,, thats what Im talking about.


    Anyone works with this regime is expected to not speak of specifics for the more delicate areas of the operation ie transfers. Thats why Neil doesnt / didnt say well Peter bought him not me.


    I dont think Neils quote is actionable ,, but its not the worst thing to say . He has held his tougue pretty well overall I would think.



    “It can’t be ambition for Leicester to get him but madness for Fulham to get him.”


    It was Leicester who identified , targetted , pursued and captured him with the aim and their gamble paid off enormously . Fulham were in fire fighting mode and seen a ex Prem winner unemployed ,, no brainer . They didnt take a leap of faith , they grabbed the lifeline they liked the look of but still wasnt enough. IT wasnt ambition , poor planning pushed them there and desparation to survive.



    “ Even with the “ambitious” signing of BR they will still be slugging it out for somewhere between 8th and 14th place over the next few years, at best. “


    THe way you have bracketed ambitious disturbs me as it seems to go out and grab a young winning manager from a big club for a big fee is very ambitious yet it seems you are dismmising it ? And as for those positions , perhaps the owners are happy with that and the fans realise with Pep and Jurgen around the title is a dream but they would love a few cup runs and thats his brief,, deep in cups , try to stay best of the rest . Keeping them steady and mid table may well lead to a top six club when it becomes open . Whos knows .


    Theres more challenges and talent in that league never mind prestige and iconic stadiums .



    The money ,,, I would understand a reasonable amount in reserve but this sum is huge in terms of Scottish football . Also those in certain fields have informed us one does not finance capital projects you borrow but if they did pay for a car park or something then I would have no problem. On this course 10 will be hit with 100 mill in bank. Sounds like an ideal time to exit or hand out dividends.


    Going for a league move with a serious reservoir makes a lot of sense.



    Hail Hail pal


    Rest in Peace wee Shay

  7. Almore Yes notice you are over at more games, possibly, you are probably on business with the cafe development. Surely, the Dubs will welcome some challenge from the Royals, but it will be a few years away yet.



    I had some guys over from Scandinavia and Western Isles visitors booked them into Skylon and intended to take them to Fagans and the Gravediggers, but it didn’t happen. I took them to O’Sheas in Temple Bar. I had a coupon for it the previous week €25 for steak and glass of wine for 2 (unbelievable value). They enjoyed the atmosphere and the pics on the wall and the Irish music.You would enjoy it also as they are big Dubs fans and when you walk out the the restaurant there is a large blown up pic of the Lisbon Lions walking on to Lisbon pitch



    Please pass on my best wishes to Lennybhoy, hope to go over for cup final .



    Bring back a result







  8. Very sad news of the loss of wee Shay ,sincere condolences to his family and to OOR Marc (CRC).


    God bless.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Italian news reporting that a female SNP MP was threatened by a wee mob of Brexit Ultras outside Parliament .Called a traitor and advised to go back to her own country.Mmm.

  10. i’vehadtochangemymind on 29th March 2019 7:23 pm



    ‘What have we got now – a country bent over backwards for 6 county indoctrinated weirdos.’








    Dodds is now saying they would rather stay in the EU than risk a United Ireland.




    There’s suggestions that their farming constituents are now realising what Brexit will mean for their businesses and have made their concerns known.

  11. Wee Shay…you fought a good fight…and extended the time your family and friends had with your joyous presence…RIP




  12. I watched Charlie Tully play, one game I picked up the ball & ran over & handed it to him to take a corner.

  13. Male



    Thanks for the reply but I’ve had my say on the matter.



    I will just point out the “Witch’s Ducking Stool” logic behind NDA’s and subsequent lack of revelations.



    If they talk, they cannot have had an NDA to prevent them.


    If they are silent, it means they have something they don’t want to get out there.



    Revelations between Willie McKay and Cardiff re the Sala fall-out are coming at us thick and fast. I guess NDA’s no longer apply there. Or they have less effect than we think. Or they are less widely used than we think.



    Who knows?



    I am more concerned to see who plays no. 10 for us on Sunday. I am guessing James Forrest may be asked to play the role.

  14. Ffs Corkie…picked it up…watching too much Gaelic fitbaw? could you not have keepied it up and the passed to him ;-))




  15. CRC – from page 1


    It must have been very hard for you to break that news. The McGinlay family were so brave to share their story and their courageous son with us. Their hurt just now will turn into pride- and so it should. One more word to add.



  16. Ernie lynch 8.13



    You would be correct.most artificial state slaughtering is carried out in r.o.i,


    The farming community werr vocal about brexit after the result,one does ponder their silence of the last year or so,nowt like a good ol bit o intimidation me thinks




  17. Yer man ” Dodds”………………






    A Throwback.

  18. Lurkin, There is still black & white footage available of the 1960 FAI Cup Final between Cork Hibs & Shelbourne & in it you can see a 12yr old CorkCelt run out of crowd pick up yje ball that had gone out for a corner & run over to the corner flag to hand it to Charlie Tully. Unfortunately my efforts were all in vain, Shels beat us 2 nil, almost broke my heart.

  19. Scaniel…worst of it is…I now feel am becoming some sort of Standards Exec for the Blog…which you’ll defo see am not if yer still going on the 6th ;-))




  20. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Very sad scrolling back this morning and reading that young


    Shay McGinlay has passed on.


    Condolences to the family.



  21. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Yeh ernie – stoopid bassas have realised brexit is the end on arlene’s magic money tree

  22. fairhill bhoy on

    Mahe-you will never win an argument against certain ones on here ?


    We just move on don’t you know ??

  23. Mahe the Madman on

    Ivehadto, ,


    Thank you Sir. Consider myself among friends here. Just have my own views.


    That Corkman though,,,,


    Hail Hail

  24. Mahe the Madman on



    The undefeated champ stands before you.


    Right here kid ,, right here ;)


    When you going to Vegas?


    Hail Hail