Roll up, roll up, crap club


The Rangers International share prospectus contained references about league reconstruction possibly expediting the club’s ascent to the Scottish Premier League for the first time.  This was never on anyone else’s agenda and was merely the latest manifestation of the train of thought that Scottish football could not, and would not, consider life without ‘Rangers’ in the top flight, or perhaps one division below.  We can only hope that the company’s budgeting was not dependent on this aspiration.

Even the most ardent advocates of the belief structure that a ‘Rangers’ branded company is wanted and needed by the rest of the game must now accept ample evidence exists that their flat earth claims are folly.  For the record, Scottish football no more needs Celtic than it did Rangers, we are a lumbering albatross around their necks.

The Rangers chief executive, Charles Green, makes a valid point about the remainder of his club’s season, “If this [12-12-18 reconstruction] does happen, what is the point of us finishing the season?

“We might as well have a winter break from now until August. I can’t see any point in carrying on with meaningless matches.”

Crap club

As many have pointed out, his is the same purpose as the teams in each division who are free of relegation threats and already out of title/promotion contention – it’s called sport, but all teams in the SFL Third Division are effectively now playing for the joy of the game itself, which is pretty much what most of the do anyway.  Let’s hope Mr Green’s comments are not widely reported to those he is trying to sell tickets to.  It was astutely reported that Green has the makings of a PT Barnum about him, but rubbishing your own product is more Gerald Ratner than Barnum.

Roll up, roll up

By contrast, PT Lawwell’s comments on the proposed reorganisation, “To be fair, it is one of the very infrequent times when the greater good of the game has been taken into account”, could be taken straight from the consensus-builder’s manual.  It remains to be seen how best to serve the greater good, but any solution has to work for every club, not just one or two.

Delighted Terry Butcher is staying in the Highlands.  Great news for Inverness and the SPL.  I’m enjoying this season; more please.

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  1. Well Coronation time was here,


    Fifty three, that was the year,


    Another four from England met their doom.


    They said we’ll have to try again,


    But like before it was in vain,


    Because the Cup is in the Parkhead trophy room.


    And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay,


    They gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay,


    And most of the football greats,


    Have passed through Parkhead’s gates,


    All to play football the Glasgow Celtic way.


    And then in 1957


    We faced a guy called Georgie Niven


    The game is etched on every Celtic fan,


    Wilson, Mochan and McPhail.


    And Willie Fernie scored as well,


    As Celtic beat the Rangers 7-1.


    And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay,


    They gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay,


    And most of the football greats,


    Have passed through Parkhead’s gates,


    All to play football the Glasgow Celtic way.

  2. From last article


    Totally agree Southside, Brown been ace all season considering he carrying an injury, Captain in every aspect. Vic, FF or Brown for me mid season, hooper is awesome but his attitude can come into question for me and Mathews been in and out team too much to be on the list, KW looking good but still prone to lapses, Lustig also been awesome but gets subbed or injured. One for the future as well with AM. Will Izzy ever get back to his best? only he knows the answer.




  3. Regards the poor revenue Scottish football receives compared to similar size leagues in Europe



    BT Vision will be a serious challenger to Sky’s monopoly on British football as they have the financial clout to match and even surpass them. Aside from picking up 38 EPL games for 3 years from next season, they have also acquired the UK rights to televise live Serie A, Ligue 1, Brasilerao and MSL from summer. Due to the blundering incompetence of Doncaster + the SPL chairmen who accepted such a poor deal, we are stuck with Sky/ESPN till 2017.



    It is to be hoped BT Vision will enter the bidding for the new set of Scottish football rights a couple of years prior to the current one expiring



    ESPN are in big, big trouble regards subscriptions from this summer onwards, having lost so much live sport

  4. Paul67


    “……. We can only hope that the company’s budgeting was not dependent on this aspiration…….”



    Very funny Paul 67.




  5. I must admit i am pleasantly surprised that the club and the SPL have been working not to benefit the the dead club, I like many were thinking that the silence was deafening from both parties were too quiet with regards to condemning cg and sevco, but it seems both were going quietly about their own busy of seperating themselves from this out dated entity that still bumps its gums.



    Well Played Gents, No Parachute, No Joint Sponsor, Dear Dear Charles not turing out the way you planned huh? TOUGH!




  6. The problem with a 24 hour Sports News channel is that when there is little news to report they try to take an irrelevance and make it a big story. Working from home today, SSN on in the background, and the time and exposure given to Chuckles hissy fit yesterday is embarrassing. They are now listing options of where they can go to if they leave Scottish football. Dreadful, lazy journalism.

  7. Paul67 – Green didn’t pitch up to Mordor with the special sense of entitlement Ra Peepil seem to have.



    You have to wonder who told him that all would acquiesce to the mighty Rangers and whether Green is still taking their advice.



    Their advice is like the club. Crap.



    Wee team, being ran by wee people for wee people

  8. I’m very much enjoying this season, as are most of the other football fans of varying clubs that I know.



    Why are we hell bent on league reconstruction?

  9. There is nothing worse than a hasbeen running round shouting about what they used to be and believing that they are still somehow on top, ain`t that right Alistair and Charles, Jim and Chick, Gordon and Gordon…



    You`re Franced and you know you are..



    PL vs CG…easy money every day of the week…

  10. Well ten years, they had gone and so,


    To Portugal we had to go,


    To play the team that Italy adored.


    Celtic went out to attack,


    They won the Big Cup and they brought it back,


    The first time it had been on British shores.



    And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay,


    They gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay,


    And most of the football greats,


    Have passed through Parkhead’s gates,


    All to play football the Glasgow Celtic way.



    Now 21 years to that day,


    With pride, it’s our Centenary,


    And we’re among the honours once again.


    Six million pounds the huns did spend,


    But Souness found it was in vain,


    Because the Celtic are the Champions again.



    And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay,


    They gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay,


    And most of the football greats,


    Have passed through Parkhead’s gates,


    All to play football the Glasgow Celtic way.





  11. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    The huns continuing to get everything they deserve!









    fourth tier football,




    now green,


    the share issue. (Who will benefit from that?)



    When will the huns fans say enough is enough?



    Disney look like anytime soon!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Finally read the Article, Nice congrats at the end Paul67 for TB, I think he like the rest of us is happier this season and has decided to stay on. Lets hope Hooper and Vic Follow suit.




  13. Vmhan, every little helps, apparently.



    RogueLeader, very unusual leadership.



    southside, … after Thomas Crapper, inventor (W.C.), I believe.

  14. This deserves a repost every day for 125 days (may 5th)


    10p a day £12:50, 20p a day £25:00.


    A fantastic gesture I’M IN :)).




    10:48 on


    6 January, 2013


    While its quiet I’ll repost Kitalba’s message from the KANO 125 CFC fundraiser:






    11:15 on


    28 December, 2012


    Kano got sick one night, very sick. If it was not for so many Celtic Supporters, from so many places, then Kano would be an ornament in a sterile hospital room. That is not nice because Kano still breathes and he still thinks and he is still a Celtic Supporter to his very core.



    A lot of money, by a lot of people, was raised to take Kano home. He can’t ever balance the books, but he’d love to.



    None of us gets more than one go on the roundabout of life.



    Celtic is celebrating their 125th Birthday and indelibly stamping it into their history by encouraging all to embrace the simple ethos of the clubs founding… let’s try and help those who just don’t have more than the air that they breathe.



    A lot of Celtic Supporters are doing a lot of different things to raise money for to help those less fortunate than ourselves. To a lot of people that is no big deal.



    I’m determined to help Kano pay back the kindness shown to him by the Celtic Support by supporting my club to help unfortunates. No big deal.



    There are some from here who have said they will help me to help Kano to help Celtic to help others.



    I give up the bevie for 125 days and I give up posting on here for 125 days as of the 1st Jan.. No big deal really, Kano has done both for the best part of four years.



    I ‘m going to put a wee bit aside for each day that I don’t drink or post and forward it to Celtic to hopefully fill a belly that needs a feed or to make an unfortunate hope where only darkness is their dawn.(but maybe I can have St. Pat’s day off so I can share a day with some good Tims)



    I’ve only one life and when I’m gone I soon be forgotten but if I’ve ever managed to feed one hungry person, if only for one day, then my life was worth something.



    No big deal to me or you but the person I fed, he/she will never know where the food came from and they won’t ever be visiting my grave to put some pretty flowers at the base of a head-stone, they’ll be too busy worrying about tomorrow.



    I can live with that and like Kano, once I’m gone, I’ll know that I never changed the world, hardly left a mark, but still I took to Celtic and I did something to try and ease the pain of others… sort of the Celtic way.

  15. If the 4th league is just ‘ playing for fun ‘ then surely it’s an ideal time for managers to stick a few more forwards on and go for it… A few 9 goal thrillers will get fans through the turnstiles.

  16. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    I suggested the Falkland Islands as a destination for Sevco late last night. Have SSN picked up on that suggestion?…

  17. The Battered Bunnet on

    With the desparate problems in Syria, there’s bound to be a vacancy soon in the Arab League.

  18. re starry plough



    PL vs CG…easy money every day of the week…



    true sir!



    PL keeps his mouth shut when he has nothing to say and CG just opens his and anything can come out, there’s a reason a wise man doesn’t rush in and fools do.




  19. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Paul 67,



    Has any other new club ever had such a ridiculous start to life??



    I enjoy the comedy value and unpredictability of Chuck. What’s even better is that Sevco fans have taken to him too.


    KAYAL 33



    Oh,do tell-what options for them did SSN suggest?



    Central league-or whatever they call the Glesca juniors nowadays-is my preferred option.



    Bearing in mind reported cash-flow problems,perhaps even the amateurs?



    This supercilious smirk’s coming on a treat-popping out to Kilwinning Main Street for a few beers shortly,so I will have to try to hide it.



    Or ask the barman if he knows any jokes,and laugh heartily at each one………

  21. Didn’t take Charles Green long- now on about pursuing players who left the club, making open threats on the Sevco website.



    Cut and paste experts- can you put it on here?

  22. “We can only hope that the company’s budgeting was not dependent on this aspiration”.


    Paul, please let it be :))



    12:33 on 10 January, 2013



    They had Premier League, Football League, Beneliga, Russia/Ukraine, MLS

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