Roll up, roll up, crap club


The Rangers International share prospectus contained references about league reconstruction possibly expediting the club’s ascent to the Scottish Premier League for the first time.  This was never on anyone else’s agenda and was merely the latest manifestation of the train of thought that Scottish football could not, and would not, consider life without ‘Rangers’ in the top flight, or perhaps one division below.  We can only hope that the company’s budgeting was not dependent on this aspiration.

Even the most ardent advocates of the belief structure that a ‘Rangers’ branded company is wanted and needed by the rest of the game must now accept ample evidence exists that their flat earth claims are folly.  For the record, Scottish football no more needs Celtic than it did Rangers, we are a lumbering albatross around their necks.

The Rangers chief executive, Charles Green, makes a valid point about the remainder of his club’s season, “If this [12-12-18 reconstruction] does happen, what is the point of us finishing the season?

“We might as well have a winter break from now until August. I can’t see any point in carrying on with meaningless matches.”

Crap club

As many have pointed out, his is the same purpose as the teams in each division who are free of relegation threats and already out of title/promotion contention – it’s called sport, but all teams in the SFL Third Division are effectively now playing for the joy of the game itself, which is pretty much what most of the do anyway.  Let’s hope Mr Green’s comments are not widely reported to those he is trying to sell tickets to.  It was astutely reported that Green has the makings of a PT Barnum about him, but rubbishing your own product is more Gerald Ratner than Barnum.

Roll up, roll up

By contrast, PT Lawwell’s comments on the proposed reorganisation, “To be fair, it is one of the very infrequent times when the greater good of the game has been taken into account”, could be taken straight from the consensus-builder’s manual.  It remains to be seen how best to serve the greater good, but any solution has to work for every club, not just one or two.

Delighted Terry Butcher is staying in the Highlands.  Great news for Inverness and the SPL.  I’m enjoying this season; more please.

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  1. Still desperately trying for a big price winner…



    3.35 Warwick – Godsmejudge.



    Good luck all.

  2. Had another picked then seen my non runner pick from last week is out today.


    So is Witchesintune 12:40 warwick for me, big price but hey-ho.



    Have a great day trying to find something to fill your time(that you want to do, not they who have to be obeyed want) till the Hoops return.


    offtodowhatimaskedcsc :))

  3. Magnificentseven on

    good luck bhoys….I am sticking with my winner from two weeks ago….Pete The Feat 3.35 Warwick

  4. BULL67



    You must have got a wee fright at the last fence mate.


    put this on my line ,well done.

  5. Got a bigger fright I had it in a line with me own at 16s


    Other fecker of lucinda Russell’s nowhere


    Decent double 5s and 16s for a county down

  6. Cheers vougepunter, yeah just a bit, I had a few quid on it as well! Still got a couple to come for possible double & treble as well. Well in bada bing great shout

  7. What is the stars, nice one I hope you were on? Flicking through twitter earlier (after the race sadly) and noticed it went from 50/1 to 25/1 with bet vic before winning easily at 10’s!

  8. CQN Saturday Naps Competition – Week 24 Results & Standings



    Wow – some huge priced winners – Che & Bada Bing led the way (Ely Brown @12/1).


    What is the Stars (Whitby Jack @10/1), Bull67 (Oscara Dara @5/1), and tommytwiststommyturns (Polar Venture @7/2).



    +£17.35 green T (9)


    +£ 9.50 What is the Stars (5)


    +£ 9.00 Rockon Neil Lennon (8)


    +£ 6.50 Che (3)


    +£ 4.50 Bada Bing (3)


    +£ 3.70 BULL67 (5)


    +£ 1.13 Sixteen roads to Golgotha (4)


    -£ 0.13 Magnificentseven (4)


    -£ 1.00 voguepunter (2)


    -£ 3.00 Valentine’s Day (3)


    -£ 4.50 fleagle1888 (3)


    -£10.00 Cathal (2)


    -£13.50 Som mes que un club (2)


    -£14.80 TheBarcaMole (2)


    -£15.00 tommytwisttommyturns (2)


    -£15.97 hunza rugli (2)


    -£16.50 MHARK67 (2)


    -£17.38 leftclicktic (2)


    -£19.00 gerry_bhoy (1)


    -£21.00 Glen (1)


    -£24.00 bobbymurdoch’s winklepickers


    -£24.00 gourockbhoy


    -£24.00 Raymac



    *No selections – Raymac, Sixteen roads to Golgotha, TheBarcaMole


    Non-Runners –



    Cheers, fleagle1888