Roll up, roll up, crap club


The Rangers International share prospectus contained references about league reconstruction possibly expediting the club’s ascent to the Scottish Premier League for the first time.  This was never on anyone else’s agenda and was merely the latest manifestation of the train of thought that Scottish football could not, and would not, consider life without ‘Rangers’ in the top flight, or perhaps one division below.  We can only hope that the company’s budgeting was not dependent on this aspiration.

Even the most ardent advocates of the belief structure that a ‘Rangers’ branded company is wanted and needed by the rest of the game must now accept ample evidence exists that their flat earth claims are folly.  For the record, Scottish football no more needs Celtic than it did Rangers, we are a lumbering albatross around their necks.

The Rangers chief executive, Charles Green, makes a valid point about the remainder of his club’s season, “If this [12-12-18 reconstruction] does happen, what is the point of us finishing the season?

“We might as well have a winter break from now until August. I can’t see any point in carrying on with meaningless matches.”

Crap club

As many have pointed out, his is the same purpose as the teams in each division who are free of relegation threats and already out of title/promotion contention – it’s called sport, but all teams in the SFL Third Division are effectively now playing for the joy of the game itself, which is pretty much what most of the do anyway.  Let’s hope Mr Green’s comments are not widely reported to those he is trying to sell tickets to.  It was astutely reported that Green has the makings of a PT Barnum about him, but rubbishing your own product is more Gerald Ratner than Barnum.

Roll up, roll up

By contrast, PT Lawwell’s comments on the proposed reorganisation, “To be fair, it is one of the very infrequent times when the greater good of the game has been taken into account”, could be taken straight from the consensus-builder’s manual.  It remains to be seen how best to serve the greater good, but any solution has to work for every club, not just one or two.

Delighted Terry Butcher is staying in the Highlands.  Great news for Inverness and the SPL.  I’m enjoying this season; more please.

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  1. wellbhoy67



    Thanks for that. I know there is an island called the “eye of Ireland” I just wondered if Ailsa Craig was it. Maybe some our intrepid travellers on here could confirm it.



    Weefra HH

  2. So Paddy gets on Mastermind and half the village travel to London to be in the audience for his big day.


    Paddy’s specialist subject is Irish history and as he takes his place on the big chair expectation is high



    Magnus- What year did the easter rebellion take place? Paddy- pass


    Magnus- What was the ancient capital of Ireland called? Paddy- pass


    Magnus- Who led the peace treaty talks with Britain in 1921? Paddy- pass






    Voice from audience-Thats the spirit Paddy tell these Brit ********* nothing.

  3. I only back Stokes as i think Hooper is pretty much gone in Summer, Tony too young yet, Miku not cutting it and Lassad looks like a sammy like striker for me, So Striker wise we are very short if Tony and Gary leave in the summer. Hope i’m wrong with regards to Hooper but money talks and all that….




  4. Just read on twitter our share price has risen 20% today and have doubled in the last year. Chuk, read and weep.



    Weefra HH

  5. My dear,dear,dear,friend..Philbhoy at 14.14



    Hiya, Palomine?



    This young Guy.. Rogic came oot Naewhere..




    The Naewhere, being…



    Twelve Months ago..



    He wiz Playing . FUTSAL.



    Futsal.. whit the hell is THAT?



    Nothin… Loath.. Ah went aheid and Looked it up..



    And when Ah read whit it wiz.. a Rubbed Ma Eyes..


    but, that didnae help .. wan bit…



    There it wiz written in Black and White.. jist whit . the bliddy thing wiz..



    And when ye hear whit Futsal is.. ye wullnae blame me… fur Rubbing them



    Here ,is a Young fellah… who



    A Mere Twelve Months ago..



    Wiz Playing a Variation o’ Soccer.. INDOORS.. and wi a WEE BA’..while playing



    as an AMATEUR..



    and Noo.. this youngster.. is Jetting oot at Espana..



    Tae.. show whit he his Goat..tae the Manager of the Mighty Celtic!



    This Kid must be quite a.. well… Kid.



    They say that he is a PLAYMAKER…



    Whit.. a Playmaker.. at Twenty Years Old?



    Ah hope Neil, is Impressed wi’ him..



    and We get him..



    Mebbe, he is wan o’ they Prodigies… a Wunderkinder.. that wan hears aboot.



    Personally, Ah hin nevah seen wan..



    Perhaps.if he signs.. Ah wull get a ma chance.





    Yer pal.. who likes ye aloater.



    Still, Laughin’

  6. Channel 4 News‏@Channel4News



    Quentin Tarantino to Krishnan Guru-Murthy during a heated interview: “I’m shutting your butt down!” http://bit.ly/WvfXZR




    NL should take some tips from Quentin on interview technique…………fascinating

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Monaghan1900 13:46 on 10 January, 2013



    FF thread:


    “No more nicey nicey to the away fans or their teams at Ibrox !”



    Does that mean the Zombies will no longer be contributing to the travel costs of the away fans?



    At least I think that’s what they were doing when they were chucking coins at the Stirling Albion supporters.

  8. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Nobody has asked yet for an explanation of why 12-12-18 would be any different to 16-10-16 with regards to Sevco’s fate next season – and why their remaining games would be meaningless under one format and not another?



    I find that curious…

  9. On the Subject o’ . .. Strikers, thur Kith an’ thur Kin..



    Let me tell ye , this




    Neil..is Going the Wrang way aboot it… in Trying tae find a Suitable Striker ,



    He is Bringin in.. Guys.. who are .. Cheap..and the Reason . they are Cheap…






    because.. well..




    They are No worth a Damn.



    Miku, is not any bettah than the last Neil Signing.. A Mr. Murphy..



    Lassad,is a wee bit Bettah.. but.. by no Much..



    and the African Lad..who name escapes me, probably because.. Ah don’t wanna even THINK.. aboot Him… which Neil Brought in..


    is No Much Bettah than.. ME!



    and ,having said All that.. Noo, Ah wull explain ..



    Why Ah think that Neil , is going aboot.. the Search fur New Strikers..



    Awe Wrang.






    Tony Watt,is the Best Striking Prospect. that Ah hiv seen ,at Celtic, fur Donkeys.



    Tony has All the Tools.. all . Five .



    He kin Score, He kin RUN like a Linty, He kin Dribble.. He Kin Heid the BA’… AND



    he ..



    Is A CELTIC LAD.. Thru n THRU.



    Neil, should be PLaying Tony..



    oan a Regular BASIS.. starting him..in As much games as He kin



    This Lad , jist like a New Frying Pan..



    only Requires . wan Thing..






    and in No time at awe..



    Tony wull be SIZZLIN’!



    and.. Dear Readers..






    Awe she wrote.






    Still, Laughin’

  10. So Paddy gets on Mastermind and half the village travel to London to be in the audience for his big day.


    Paddy’s specialist subject is Irish history and as he takes his place on the big chair expectation is high



    Magnus- What year did the easter rebellion take place? Paddy- pass


    Magnus- What was the ancient capital of Ireland called? Paddy- pass


    Magnus- Who led the peace treaty talks with Britain in 1921? Paddy- pass



    Voice from audience-Thats the spirit Paddy tell these Brit ********* nothing.






    Magnus Magnusson was from Iceland….. sorry ha ha.

  11. Bom dia, from post +40°C, (but now positively wet n’ dreech) Rio



    Not been on for a wee while as it’s the close season here, so not much to tell about goings on in Sambaland.



    However, here’s what’s ongoing the noo………






    For those Juan Roman Riqueleme addicts out there, the latest is that Palmeiras have now officially made an offer to Roman’s agent, for the 34yr old who has been out of Contract with Boca since Sept last year. The offer is reportedly for a one year (with options) Contract worth around 35k GBP/week.



    Palmeiras will be in the Serie B next year, but have Libertadores football and various Merchandising enticements to offer Riquelme. Personally, I’d be surprised if he takes it.



    World Cup Stadiums


    With yesterdays news that the latest (I think this is revision six of the plan) date for completion of the Marcanã is now 28 May (previous was 28 Feb) you have to worry about the size of the leap in the latest date.



    Of course, the press are starting to ramp up about how ready (or more accurately, unready) the stadia are for the Conferdarations (and 2014 World) Cup will be. And it’s quite interesting to see the differences of opinion between the “puppet” and the more “objective” press.



    One of the lines from the “puppet” press is how security will be a big issue in 2014 with the influx of Argentinian and English hooligans ( which is a bit like the pot calling the kettle…….considering that Brasil averages more than 6 directly related, football violence related deaths a year)



    Ricardo Teixeira


    Despite eventually being relieved of his Presidency (a real did he fall or was he pushed story) the only man in football who’s more corrupt, than a corrupt thing on St Corrupts day has still managed to hold onto a “consultancy” position with the CBF/COL with a salary of 10k GBP a week.



    Worse still the odious, fat toad’s not even in Brasil these days (now in Florida) boils ma body fluid waste products that man, so he does.



    Fatty goes to London


    Fatty Ronaldo is relocating to London for a few years to take up a position as an “advisor” to WPP’s chief executive, Martin Sorrel. WPP have the controlling interests in Fatty’s sports agency, 9ine.



    Some of you may remember Martin Sorrell as the man who wanted to award himself a +12m GBP paypacket last year.



    Hoops in Malabo



    A few weeks ago I bumped into a hoops fan who’s working in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea (Bom dia, Tony, if you’re reading). Here’s a wee excerpt of an email Toy sent me last week….



    I have been here in Malabo for nearly 15 years and done my best to bring as many old ( used ) Celtic tops as possible to give to the locals.



    When I first came out here all I saw was Rangers tops as the construction crew were all from the dark side.



    However, once I explained to the locals that wearing the Rangers tops would mean that they would never get to heaven, the locals asked if I could bring them Celtic tops as they would be giants among men and wearing a Celtic top would ensure a smooth passage into heaven.



    First time back I brought 20 Celtic tops and only handed the Celtic tops out if I received a Rangers top, after a couple of days I had 20 Rangers tops.



    We then had a ceremonial burning of the Rangers tops around the back of the warehouse, the smell from the burning tops was one I will never forget.



    I kept on bringing Celtic tops out, but would only give them out in exchange for a Rangers top, I soon ridded the Island of Rangers tops and I am glad to say that to this day it brings a tear to my eye when I see a local guy with a Celtic top on.



    I organised a football match between the Rangers supporters ( all from Glasgow ) and the Malabo Celtic ( supplied with tops by myself ) and we beat the devils spawn 6-1.


    Towards the end of this match the devils spawn were getting rather rough and really sticking the boot in.



    I explained to the locals that this would happen if the devils spawn were getting beat, at the end of the game all the devils spawn wanted to do was fight………..



    Says it all really, eh?

  12. Inching towards sanity



    it’s a recognition – certainly from Celtic – that to get out of this gridlock we need to, in some way, compromise in the central revenues.



    “The difficulty in the past was getting unanimity. … That’s why that breakthrough was so important. It is one of the very infrequent times when the greater good of the game has been taken into account.



    I took the trouble to scroll through all four preceding pages to see if anyone has had anything to say about Peter Lawell’s remarks on revenue-sharing. Nothing … Very odd.

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Sevco attempt to raise profile by releasing statements in the knowledge the media will happily comply.



    David Ike enjoys a similar relationship in term s of profile. I take him more seriously than Sevco though…

  14. Tell these Icelandic ********* nothing just doesn’t have the same ring to it






    True, i like the first version better!

  15. leftclickcelt



    Thanks for that and clears my thoughts. I knew there was an island of that name. :)



    Weefra HH

  16. ex blue knight paul murray on ssn , comes across


    no bad not like chuckles .



    Sayin chuckles should tell us what his proposals are



    Think we’re gonna see some good hun infighting shortly

  17. Badlydrawnbhoys on

    Hi All



    Any thoughts and the share jumps CCP is going through at the moment? Are investors suddenly realising how undervalued the share price is now in comparision to Sevco?





  18. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    to be fair, I think that Auldheid did post on the previous thread as to why its important for Celtic to secure a viable league – there didn’t seem to be many dissenters.



    This announcement doesnt seem to have the same hand grenade effect as gate sharing – possibly because it will be less severe, less visible and the details are not yet published (or approved).



    I would also suggest that there is political expediency involved with regards securing sufficient support from the SFL clubs to keep the SPL intact – as Peter Lawell alluded to citing extraordinary circumstances, good of the game etc.

  19. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Blue Knight with silver hair has a subtle dig at Sevco for the recent media statements.



    Clearly not all Zombies are buying into the new gold dream.

  20. peterscarff



    Left Linwood 26 yrs ago to a farm in ml10 where mrs and me now rear poultry. My sister and niece live in Houston (BOW) and my ole mum is in a nursing home in Johnston. So it gives me the perfect excuse to visit my ole mum, see my sister and travel to the games with my niece and her partner, who are both massive suppoerters, as I am. Hope that makes sense. :)



    Weefra HH

  21. The Raven



    15:48 on 10 January, 2013



    ex blue knight paul murray on ssn , comes across


    no bad not like chuckles .



    Sayin chuckles should tell us what his proposals are



    Think we’re gonna see some good hun infighting shortly






    Nothing like good hun-on-hun action, Chuckles will lose the heid for sure!



    Popcorn ready, Magners ready 3,2,1.. :D






    /Bishop B

  22. arranmorebhoylxv11



    13:03 on


    10 January, 2013





    I reckon Sevco could re locate to the Ailsa Craig.. It’s handy for their support in Ayrshire and NI..They can sing and march and raise as many wee flags around the wee island till their hearts are content..



    Meanwhile back in life, the good people can get on with living together and enjoying what we can without a riot..









    Now you’re really trying to noise them up. The Catholics colonised Ailsa Craig many centuries ago during the reformation, don’t think they would appreciate moving there :))

  23. James Bond a Tim?



    Following on from all the “Escape to Ailsa Craig” during reformation.



    In recent film SKYFALL in James Bonds ancestral home they had a secret escape tunnel which I am sure they said was from the reformation..



    Dear FF please add James Bond to naughty list.

  24. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    14:17 on


    10 January, 2013



    To be honest, with my limited finance knowledge, Idon’t fully understand the shares strategy you have outlined, but sounds to me as though it’s all for an ‘end game’ of ‘jumping ship’…….who will eventually buy them, though ….particularly in view of the fact that the sevco strategy / portfolio ‘predictions’ are going ‘down the pan’, one by one…….?

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    There’s 500 000 000 potential shareholders out there :o)

  26. Afternoon all!



    Sevco want to leave Scotland?!



    Great idea – dismantle the asbestos dome and relocate ‘it’ somewhere else. As far away as possible.



    Mongolia, Burkina Faso, Guyana….



    Magner’s deal – glad the Tennents name will disappear from next season, but it will be worth only about 250k a year more than the current one.



    Ailsa Craig is indeed often referred to as ‘Paddy’s milestone’ – have been admiring it for the last 3 weeks strolling down the esplanade in Troon. First clapped eyes on it in 1962.




  27. An extensive new piece of research by Sportingintelligence, which has looked at attendance patterns around the world, has found the five most ‘dedicated’ football nations – by per cent of population who regularly attend games – are the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Cyprus, Scotland and England in that order.



    A staggering 10 per cent of the Faroe Islands go to games regularly, where regularly is defined as the home games of a particular club during the season.



    The Faroe Islands Premier League, the top division of football in the Faroe Islands, was founded in 1942. It is organised by the Faroe Islands Football Association. The league is now called Effodeildin.



    It currently has 10 participating clubs. At the end of each season, two teams are relegated and two promoted from what is now the First Division.



    Faroese Premier League Titles


    HB 21


    KÍ 17


    B36 9


    TB 8


    GÍ 6


    B68 3


    EB/Streymur 2


    B71 1


    ÍF 1


    NSÍ 1


    SÍ 1


    VB 1



    Go on Chuck, do it!

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