Roll up, roll up, crap club


The Rangers International share prospectus contained references about league reconstruction possibly expediting the club’s ascent to the Scottish Premier League for the first time.  This was never on anyone else’s agenda and was merely the latest manifestation of the train of thought that Scottish football could not, and would not, consider life without ‘Rangers’ in the top flight, or perhaps one division below.  We can only hope that the company’s budgeting was not dependent on this aspiration.

Even the most ardent advocates of the belief structure that a ‘Rangers’ branded company is wanted and needed by the rest of the game must now accept ample evidence exists that their flat earth claims are folly.  For the record, Scottish football no more needs Celtic than it did Rangers, we are a lumbering albatross around their necks.

The Rangers chief executive, Charles Green, makes a valid point about the remainder of his club’s season, “If this [12-12-18 reconstruction] does happen, what is the point of us finishing the season?

“We might as well have a winter break from now until August. I can’t see any point in carrying on with meaningless matches.”

Crap club

As many have pointed out, his is the same purpose as the teams in each division who are free of relegation threats and already out of title/promotion contention – it’s called sport, but all teams in the SFL Third Division are effectively now playing for the joy of the game itself, which is pretty much what most of the do anyway.  Let’s hope Mr Green’s comments are not widely reported to those he is trying to sell tickets to.  It was astutely reported that Green has the makings of a PT Barnum about him, but rubbishing your own product is more Gerald Ratner than Barnum.

Roll up, roll up

By contrast, PT Lawwell’s comments on the proposed reorganisation, “To be fair, it is one of the very infrequent times when the greater good of the game has been taken into account”, could be taken straight from the consensus-builder’s manual.  It remains to be seen how best to serve the greater good, but any solution has to work for every club, not just one or two.

Delighted Terry Butcher is staying in the Highlands.  Great news for Inverness and the SPL.  I’m enjoying this season; more please.

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  1. It never rains but it pours




    HMRC confidential info leak



    Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury



    We the undersigned request that questions from the government are asked of HMRC over their handling of the ” investigation” into Rangers Football Club.



    Over the last three years, HMRC have pursued Rangers Football Club for ” unpaid” taxes in relation to several EBT schemes operated by the club. These schemes were present in all of the clubs annual accounts for the years in which they operated.



    The conclusion on the three year investigation was found on 20/11/12 stating that Rangers Football Club were indeed not liable nor had broken any law.



    Throughout this ” investigation” there have been several leaks of confidential information relating directly to sensitive information about the club, the employees and the current state of play within the ” investigation”.



    The source of this leak must be identified and dealt with accordingly due to the serious breach of protocols and completely undermining the role in which HMRC are charged facilitating.



    This e-petition has received the following response:


    As this e-petition has received more than 10 000 signatures, the relevant Government department have provided the following response:



    It is now in the public domain that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is seeking leave to appeal the First Tier Tribunal decision that found in favour of Rangers FC.



    In relation to Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) more generally, HMRC has increasingly seen EBTs being used as a way of avoiding Pay as You Earn (PAYE) tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs). HMRC will form a view based on the facts of the case. Where HMRC believes a company has used an EBT as a way of trying to avoid obligations to account for PAYE and NICs, HMRC will challenge the arrangement and seek to recover the unpaid PAYE and NICs.



    In cases where a company does not accept HMRC’s view that the EBT scheme does not work and PAYE and NICs are due, then it for the company to appeal HMRC’s decision within the appropriate time limit, and effectively choose to progress matters to litigation.



    HMRC is disappointed to have lost the First Tier Tribunal stage of the court process and, as stated, will seek permission to appeal the Tribunal decision. The decision was not unanimous and the diligence of HMRC investigators was acknowledged by the whole tribunal. HMRC is committed to tackling avoidance and it is right that HMRC challenges the type of avoidance seen in this case to prevent the loss of substantial amounts of tax and NICs.



    We do not comment on speculation about breaches of confidentiality.



    This e-petition will remain open to signatures until the published closing date and will be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee should it pass the 100 000 signature threshold.

  2. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    That is when the boiler room scam kicks in and they start cold calling the elderly all over the world and duping them into purchasing worthless shares…

  3. deliasmith



    The media focus at present is all about the injustice towards Rangers when speaking to other football chairmen.Focus will change once chairmen digest the nitty gritty and the numbers are revealed as to just how much the top two and the rest are giving up to keep the game alive.Its not lost on Celtic that they now have control over the others financially with player loans and free transfers to the smaller clubs cascading down should European success continue for Celtic .The acceptance by other clubs and the governing body that Celtics success in Europe benefits everybody should help Celtic to keep the oversea’s player quota off any future agenda .Because long term it may prove to be Celtic’s and Scottish footballs biggest asset

  4. johann murdoch on

    Why dont Sevco just simply go back to Sevconia?



    ‘the share offer is over why dont you go home?”

  5. Re The Sevco Shares, There is a possibilty that there is very little real selling or buying going on and the original cabal are selling tranches of shares to each other at an artificial price to try and establish “a value” in peoples minds. To maintain the price they would also have to buy up any share that Joe Soap wanted to sell at much the same price. O.K. occassionaly one of the small punters who bought in could cash in his chips and would make a small gain at their expense but the cost of that to the cabal would be minimal. I refuse to believe that any sane Investor would pay 89p for a Sevco Share.

  6. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    it is indeed hard to comprehend why something that couldnt be sold for 70p a few weeks ago is now worth 90p

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Benthebishop 16:30 on 10 January, 2013



    There seems to be a lot of promotion of this petition in recent days. It has been around for months and they are nowhere near getting the required amount of signatures.



    That’s because no one really cares – just as none of them really wanted to buy shares.

  8. corkcelt – 16:34 on 10 January, 2013



    No sane investor is. The volume of shares being traded is tiny. Tend to trade in tens of thousands and above. Not a few hundred.

  9. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors


    The big winners will be chack & his cohorts who bought their shares for 1p.


    then decided how many shares will we print :)).


    Soooooooooooo anywhere above the 70p that they sold to the mugs will do just fine thank you,but if they buy and sell to one another while sitting in the lounge at the “hate factory” while folded over laughing at poor wee sammy and wullie who bought at 70p,thus bumping up price to 80 +pence then all the better.

  10. South Of Tunis on

    Is there evidence that both ends of the trading transaction are being carried out at the same time ?



    Delayed roll over trades have long been a fave of the Roll Up Brigade .



    Work done for the day . The bright lights of Siracusa await .

  11. Steinreignedsupreme



    Agreed. It doesn´t appear to be relevant now though. If the government refuse to comment on speculation about breaches of confidentiality I can´t see them ever getting the required ammount of signatures.

  12. charlie is playing out his exit and profitable scheme as planned


    [in my opinion]his relationship with the authorities will be his reason and for the good of the rangers its better he goes


    and the men involved from the start will take over either themselves [if allowed]or through a proxy but they will have achieved what they wanted a debt free club,it is then that the


    real cheating will begin to get them back up as quick as possible,this is when the handshakes will really take place,in my opinion ofcourse.

  13. leftclicktic -16:45 on 10 January, 2013



    I doubt the shares will still be anywhere near the price they currently are when Chuckie can start trading them in 12 months time.



    However as you say he’s still going to make a handsome profit on them.

  14. South of Tunis @ 16.46



    Enjoy Siracusa. Presumably you’ll be in Ortigia. I once asked you to recommend some good restaurants there, then forgot to take the list with me. But you had also said I would struggle to find a bad restaurant in Ortigia and you were absolutely right.

  15. weeminger its a matter that intrigues me. I have an investegate page tracking Sevco trades on a daily basis, saved to favourites. I check it most days and it gives the volumes “traded” and prices, it also gives graphs giving historical data of all trades, It indicates that in the first 2 days of trading a half million shares changed hands, the numbers are fairly small after that apart from the 9th Jan when almost 800,000 shares appear to have been traded. I find it absolutely incredible that any outside investor would buy 800,000 Shares at circa 90 pence on the 9th January (thats an investment of 720,000 pounds) when he could have purchased the same holding for 560,000 pounds on the 12th December last.

  16. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Benthebishop 16:50 on 10 January, 2013



    The other major point is there is no proof of any breach of confidentiality.



    Much of this bluster is the assumption that rangerstaxcase was leaking classified information, supplied by HMRC.



    Had the Huns/Zombies taken time to read rangerstaxcase properly they would have been aware that everything on that blog was available from several sources and in the public domain. The media had access to all the information as well but chose not to run with it.

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Kojo its not rocket science if Celtic get the right offer Hooper will go and in fact that is the case for any of our players.The important part of this is the timeing we may want to keep a player to use in the Champions league but if his value is going to be greatly reduced by doing that if there is a deal to be done it will be done.I am happy with the job Peter Lawwell is doing at Parkhead and trust that he will get it right.H.H.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    16:17 on


    10 January, 2013



    asonof dan



    Lots of LOL

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    16:45 on 10 January, 2013



    Now I understand better ……LOL…….BUT NOONE IS GOING TO BUY THEM in a year’s time

  20. Joko



    You want to know where Gary Hooper is goin?






    Oh Wem-be-ley



    We’re the Famous Glasgow Celtic



    and We’re off to Wem-be-ley



    Oh Wem-be-ley, Wem-be-ley…

  21. deliasmith




    15:38 on 10 January, 2013




    Check end of previous and start of this for discussion with tamrabam and myself.

  22. corkcelt – 16:57 on 10 January, 2013



    Citibhoy is better to comment on these matters than me.



    My understanding is that while the trades all need to balance out over time, the market makers are there to ensure that trades can happen at all. So those chunks of 400k shares didn’t need a buyer lined up to take them in a oner. The market maker buys them and holds on to them so that shares are there to be bought. Except nobody’s buying, so the price is drifting down.



    If the pressure on the selling side continues as it is (ie there’s far more sells than buys) then in theory the price should start falling quicker.



    As I said to miki67, I’ve seen far worse happen on AIM than we’re seeing with RFC so far.

  23. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Joe Filippis Haircut 17:02 on 10 January, 2013



    Not strictly true, although I see where you are coming from.



    Hooper staying does run down his contract further. But more goals in the Champions League compensate for that. One goal at that level is worth 10 in the SPL as far as his standing outside Scottish football goes.




  24. danso_1888


    16:50 on


    10 January, 2013



    In 19 games Rangers have had 9 games where the opposition finished a man down, sent off by hand picked refs.



    Did you miss the perfectly good goal Berwick Rangers had chopped off at the end of their game which would have won the 3 points ?



    I think operation ‘honest mistake 2’ is in full swing mate.

  25. Folks,



    My wife will testify I am not a financial expert :)) but, given the buying of shares at 90p which could not all be sold for 70p a couple of weeks ago, is it possible some form of money laundering is taking place or are there safeguards in place to prevent activity of this nature on the AIM market ?



    Hail! Hail!

  26. TONYG




    16:32 on 10 January, 2013




    “The acceptance by other clubs and the governing body that Celtics success in Europe benefits everybody ”



    Wheesht man, try and keep that quiet. :)

  27. Some time back, someone posted a link on here to an article by a Bangor City fan who , in one week, went to five matches in five different locations. His final match was at Ibrox. As far as I can tell, the guy had no particular dislike of THEM before he visited Ibrox. As his final words show, he quickly picked up on what THEY were/are like. Here are those final words:



    “In a funny way, I’m glad I went as I know I’ll never have a more disgusting experience as a football fan.”



    I will see if I can post a link to his site. He deserves a few hits. Seems like a genuine Footy sort of a guy.




  28. Bawsman,



    this is just them masons operating on instinct, wait till they


    really start their operation.

  29. estorilbhoy17:15 on 10 January, 2013




    I keep saying this, but as I’m just a citizen rolling along the bottom of the great ocean of deception, my views mean nothing. I’m not complaining, just saying how it is.


    It takes some very clever, very tough men to bring down gangsters; and this is how MoneyLaunderers F.C. has been organised and operated for a long time: criminally.


    All the evidence is there. Empiricism: assertion based on observation.


    Say what you see. And what I see is as dodgy as DelBoy & Trotters Independent Trading, without the humour.

  30. FU…..hang on, that might be deleted…Favourite Uncle, I wouldn`t think three ex-Mungo boys in a row on here would be such a rare event!




  31. JoeFillipi’sHaircut



    Hiya, Joe?



    Yes, as u say.. “It is NOT.. Rocket Science….”



    Ah ,personally, wid hope that we get it over with..



    Sooner..Rather ..than Later.



    Let’s Get it over with..



    The Hooper Transfer, Ah mean.



    Ah am a Great Believer in Pouring the WATER.. into the Teapot.


    Immediately, the Kettle .. Sings.


    Ah jist Hate a Cuppa.. made ..wi’ aff the Bile WATTER!




    In Ma opinion… Hooper is Done.. and Ready fur Market.



    Right Noo..



    Same goes fur.. Victor..Pit a Fork in Him.. He is .. Ready fur the Market ,as well.



    In Ma opinion .. we waited too long…in cashing in oan The King.



    Hooper and Wanyama hiv demonstrated where thur thoughts ur..


    by No.. playing Ball..when we made them an extension offer.



    And that tells me..



    Get those guys oota Here… fur their Minds are .ELSEWHERE.



    We should tak the Money.



    Sentimentality and Five Dollahs, will only buy ye .. a Cuppa Coffee.. at Starbucks.



    It’s ..absolutely.. WORTHLESS.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.



    Still, Laughin’

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