Ronny Deila era comes to an end


And release! Ronny Deila had to go and a few minutes ago, Celtic confirmed that he will leave at the end of the season. I’ve bitten my tongue on this online for months, as I once before suggested we sack a manager here (April 2008) and very quickly regretted it, but as anyone I’ve spoken to privately will tell you, it’s been clear we were on the wrong track since our Champions League exit in August.

The news broke in Norway that he was leaving a few days ago, which forced everyone’s hands to make an announcement now, but I’m glad he’s going to be with us to see the league title won. It doesn’t matter who the competition is, winning the league means lots to many of us, and we’re about to part company with only the second manager in our history not to lose a league title.

For that, he will always be welcome. It would have been absurd to sack a manager two games away from winning the league.

Ronny arrived with a plan for playing football which was cruelly exposed as inadequate in Warsaw, as Legia picked us off. That was acceptable, but the plan never changed. Neither did the results in Europe. We went down to Maribor and Malmo in the same manner.

I’d never heard of Ronny before his appointment but I backed the decision at the time, as he fitted the profile of manager I wanted: not a reject from England, someone who had overachieved with a club in Europe, a student of the game. The remit was right but the candidate was wrong. I still want someone to fit that remit, as opposed to an unemployed manager who has been through the English circuit.

While I would have made the same appointment, the board take responsibility for managerial appointments, good and bad, and they got this one wrong and deserve criticism.

You will note among the appropriate criticism that one journalist, banned from Celtic Park for nearly two years for lying, has used Celtic’s current vulnerability to swing his toe-capped boots.

This is Operation Destabilise Celtic, it’s an alternative strategy to apologising for lying about Celtic, or not lying about Celtic again. It has the hallmarks of an organised PR campaign. You know the script.

Ronny, all the very best and thanks for the Roar. Go win the league with some style.


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  1. As much as I disagree with Charlie Nicholas’s past bitterness towards the club, today he has hit the nail on the head describing our problems. He for once sounds like a genuine supporter again.




    Going forward, the next appointment is crucial, we cannot afford to make another mistake.

  2. Doesn’t take the vultures long to swoop….



    Sky Sports Scotland ‏@ScotlandSky 3s4 seconds ago


    Neil Lennon tells @SkySportsNewsHQ that he would be interested in a return to #Celtic if approached by the club. Interview coming up soon

  3. ‘but as anyone I’ve spoken to privately will tell you,’






    You speak privately to people who then tell others what you said?

  4. @ quonno on 20th April 2016 10:27 am



    I am certainty holding off renewing for the time being. I have two young kids under 4, it’s the time as well as money that I give up. I guess it’s been in the back of my mind for some time now too. I am hoping the board have some accord with how fans are feeling / thinking.



    I am sad it didn’t work out for us and Ronny. At the end of last season I was optimistic, we were playing good football and I was really enjoying the games. The disciplined and mature performances against Qarabag made me think we had put the Legia disaster behind us. I can’t help thinking about the last minute goal we conceded at home to Malmo as where it all starting unravelling.



    Strange thing about Deila was, if we did really admire his work in Norway, why did we impose coaching staff on him rather than bringing in his own guys? Seems more and more like crazy gamble taken on an assistant manager candidate. Whoever took that reckless decision should be going too.

  5. traditionalist88 on

    ernie lynch on 20th April 2016 11:15 am



    TRADITIONALIST88 on 20TH APRIL 2016 11:11 AM



    Cheer up!



    At least you know know (I hope) what ‘begs the question’ really means.



    No need to thank me.





    And this afternoons lesson…



    Who knows?!!!! Now that will be interested.



    See what I did there




  6. Prediction – If, Ronny blows the league(I hope he dizny)….Celtic will go into administration before Christmas 2016.


    No enough reality oan here….

  7. Are we to assume that the person who appointed RD is to be allowed to appoint his replacement?

  8. ernie lynch on 20th April 2016 11:23 am


    Are we to assume that the person who appointed RD is to be allowed to appoint his replacement?



    And therein lies the crux. The symptom is going, the cause remains

  9. I so wanted Ronny to do well. Sunday was the final straw for me though. Bad enough that it was Sevco, but it was also another big game at Hampden lost.







    What I can’t understand is that if club legends were working against him how that affected his team’s performances. Assuming of course that they are no longer at the club.







    This was the report from Norway, and although it would not have been great to hear criticism, I can’t figure out how team selection/tactics even hunger etc would be impacted.





    As for any players who worked against him. They need sold. Period.





    Árd Macha

  10. Sorry Paul, but “Operation Destabilise Celtic” is a poor, poor, deflection from the reality that the club is already destabilised, and that those responsible are in the boardroom at Celtic Park!!



    I yield to no-one in my contempt from the Scottish sports press, but they are not to blame for this almighty FUBAR.

  11. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    Ernie. We hope not



    Paul67. Bigger picture yet ? Would you support the removal of the CEO

  12. traditionalist88 on

    Moyes or not his assertion that a number of this team are not good enough for where we want to be is accurate and needs to be acted on.



    That means trimming the deadwood AND a good few who have been featuring this season.




  13. KEVJUNGLE on 20TH APRIL 2016 11:20 AM


    Prediction – If, Ronny blows the league(I hope he dizny)….Celtic will go into administration before Christmas 2016.



    No enough reality oan here



    I mean in all honesty, why would anyone post that?


    What’s the point of it?


    Where are you going with this?


    Are you ever freking happy?


    You got what you wanted, he’s gone?


    What’s next? Your Mark McGhee sheet.


    Take a longer break off, and give me a break ffs.


    PS how’s yer health.?

  14. This is the guy Celtic should approach for next season, Jorge Sampaoli he was named on the final three-man shortlist for the 2015 FIFA World Coach of the Year award, joined by Spaniards Pep Guardiola (Bayern Munich) and Luis Enrique (Barcelona).



    Hail Hail.

  15. ÁRD MACHA on 20TH APRIL 2016 11:25 AM



    I think his comment on that was more aimed at the club for never defending the club (and be extension him) against the constant negative stories in the MSM.



    This whole site was designed to counteract that but it’s not and extension of the club.



    I think there are many who would agree that the club do nothing about the MSM generally.

  16. Sumdy mentioned that, Charlie Muldini should get a new deal ?


    Did ye no see him turning his back at McKay’s goal ?


    New deal ?


    Dear, dear….


    Nae winnur the parks hauf empty!

  17. Hopefully whoever the new manager is, is at least allowed to win a few friendlies, and perhaps even competitive matches the side are expected to lose, before he’s labelled on here by a sizable number here as the new Stein.



    Arrogance personified.



    Disgraceful appointment, almost as bad as the pathetic hyperbole that followed it.

  18. My friends in Celtic, Paul 67,



    Inevitable but not knee jerk. Give Ronny the glory of winning the league again and leaving as a title holder and without a dismissal on his CV.



    By God these players owe Ronny and the fans big time. Ronny is an honourable man, he leaves with our thanks and best wishes.



    To certain players I will not be so forgiving.



    Hail, Hail. And to the future.

  19. Paul


    Are you trying to tell us that Keevins is in part responsible for the state we are in ?


    Maybes if the club got their act together and practiced in a bit of PR they could deal with the likes of Level 5 and their like instead of bending over and taking all that they throw at the club.


    The real problems are in the boardroom, nowhere else.

  20. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Quite relieved at the news, if an understrength newco can bundle a Ronnie coached Celtic out the cup imagine what would they do to us in the league once they embark on another over spend campaign to man up. That was a huge concern thankfully now removed. Hope we get Davie Moyes. He’s a bad loser that wouldn’t put up with anyone not pulling their weight.

  21. squire danaher on

    Deila hung out to dry in classic Lawwell behaviour; deflection and patronising the support.



    “They’ll love their Lenny and that gets me off the hook”.



    Not to mention Lennon hanging round for a week like a bad smell whoring himself for the job.

  22. KEVJUNGLE on 20TH APRIL 2016 11:30 AM


    Sumdy mentioned that, Charlie Muldini should get a new deal ?



    Did ye no see him turning his back at McKay’s goal ?



    New deal ?



    Dear, dear….



    Nae winnur the parks hauf




    As I said your never happy you, now it’s Charlie Mullgrew you want rid of? Ffs take a day aff you.

  23. Hope the next manager appoints his own staff. Ronny had them chosen for him, never s good idea. Wish him well.

  24. Y NOT67 on 20TH APRIL 2016 11:28 AM




    Aye,….ya auld fenian eeejit:)


    ma health is ok….as far as I know


    thanks for asking btw.


    Ma health issues would have disappeared by now if….


    Big Mark McGhee was ma doactir :)


    You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle.



  25. Snake Plissken . 9.14. am Brilliant post . reading it helped to lift the cloud I`ve been under since Sunday. I really liked Ronny , but he was very poor tactically and his substitutions were bewildering at times.

  26. Frightened rabbit look on the touchline.


    Sacked and then sacked again.


    But we have to take him?


    Why us?


    No Moyes please.

  27. SQUIRE DANAHER on 20TH APRIL 2016 11:33 AM



    PL wants to start using Twitter then. He’ll soon shift his thinking on Lenny.

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