Ronny Deila – ‘it’s time to trim’


CELTIC manager Ronny Deila yesterday spoke about his plans for the new season which includes speeding up Celtic’s playing style even further and cutting back on the size of the playing squad over both the summer and January transfer windows. 

On this point the Celtic manager was straight to the point: “some players need to try to find another club. It’s not fun to be in a situation that you don’t play. 

‘We want a smaller squad so we can get youngsters in to train with us from our academy.’

“That’s why we do it. It’s important to develop the club that way and if you have too big a squad and they end up 23, 24, 25, a 26-year-old who is No.26 in the squad, there’s no future for them. And it is hard for me to see them every day and give them what they need as well. So it is best for everyone.

‘“For us to get down to be at 21, 22 that will require evolution, and we have to maybe take one more window to get to that number. But we’re very clear on what we want and we’ll see how quickly we can do it.

‘Everything has to go quicker. That is what we are working on. We have to create the pattern offensively. I think the pattern is starting to get quite clear, players know what they have to do. Now the goal is to get that as quick as possible. We just have to work on quality in training and in everything we do so we get better.

“If things get quicker then it is going to be very, very hard for other teams to beat us. We have much to work on to do that, but we have consistency in training and the players have learned from their experiences. We are on a totally different level now than we were one year ago.”
“It’s more about what I started in terms of the style of play, because it’s totally different to the one Neil used. He had his team and I had to get them to be my team. From where we started and where we are now, it’s miles apart. I think the players feel that as well. It was a lot about them getting to know each other and getting used to the change.

“You could see from the results that we weren’t ready. The performances weren’t good enough. Everyone has a responsibility for that, especially me. We feel we are in a good place now and that we have some exciting months ahead of us.’

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