Ronny Delia Man City connection, where he could end up as coach


New manager of New York City, Ronny Delia, knows how to land a big job. He won a miracle Norwegian title with Stromsgodset and won two Scottish Premierships and a League Cup in his two years at Celtic. Since then, he has managed Valerenga, where he has not achieved anything notable.

He first came to Celtic’s attention as a potential assistant manager before being offered the top job. He delivered the obligatory titles at Celtic, and got unlucky in a few cup competitions, but conceding a late goal at home to Maribor, a debacle against Legia Warsaw before finally losing out to Malmo for a Champions League place cast a shadow over his time here.

There’s lots about the business model of the MLS I don’t get, but the move from having David Villa being managed by Patrick Vieira in 2018, to Ronny managing Gary Mackay-Steven in 2020 looks like a club beginning to live within its means.

New York are owned by City Football Group, the parent company of Manchester City, who Ronny knew prior to his appointment at Celtic.

Ronny is a clever man, he will be a better manager now than he was when he arrived in Glasgow in 2014. If he does well in New York, there’s a good chance he will end up somewhere in the Manchester City coaching setup.

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  1. Neil saying today that he’ll be looking to bring in a wide player to replace SS.


    Say it ain’t so Joe, say it ain’t so 😱





    We can use Frimpong to cover JF and we have Ely and MJ for the left and Hayes can cover there too.

  2. Sorry to see Sinky go………he was a talent and so was his bidey-in.



    I liked Ronnie but the Club was too big for him – in American fitba’ it soesn’t really matter.


    Sorry Yanks).



    Re the other stuff, have we submitted totally?

  3. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ DENIABHOY on 8TH JANUARY 2020 12:50 PM



    We need a quality wide player. NL only trusts the 3 you mention (plus Frimpong who isn’t a natural winger). However, including Frimpong, two of the players are 19/20 and in their breakout season. ME has missed a huge part of the season with injuries and, in any event, he leaves in the summer. JF is a good player but blows hot and cold and needs proper competition (which he hasn’t had for 2 seasons now).




    The problem is that we left so much on our plate that not all issues could be addressed during the summer window. Our transfer policy under BR was flawed and there was a lack of investment during his tenure.



    Neil was provided with a bigger budget last summer than BR ever received during his tenure (in a single window). It is the accumulation of these windows (which caused stagnation) that is now coming back to bite us.






    Brendan Rodgers wanted a complete shakeup of the football department including recruitment.



    His big hire was Congerton. It’s fair to say he came with a damaged reputation and wouldn’t have been appointed without BR’s endorsement. That’s where the problems began.



    Terrible signings like Compper and Hendry stung us twice over. We had to hold onto Boyata. It still frustrates me that we had to turn down a £9 million offer for a player with a year to run on his deal and was completely inconsistent.



    We were looking at signings who appear to have been completely out of our reach. Cristiano Piccini comes to mind.



    Transfer documents were getting out into the open.



    Rodgers showed the measure of himself as a man by walking out midweek and taking everybody he could with him.



    Since Neil Lennon has been in charge we have seen the club be more decisive. We accepted a massive fee for the injury-prone Kieran Tierney and went on a recruitment drive that sorted many of the problems Rodgers and Congerton left behind.



    The board shares some blame. They appointed Rodgers, approved his restructure and the appointment of Congerton.



    Brendan Rodgers has been around a while. We see the same pattern of questionable behavior. He walks out on teams without care. He blames his failures on a lack of investment. He leaves squads behind that need emergency surgery.



    As long as he does alright I suppose….

  5. DENIABHOY on 8TH JANUARY 2020 12:50 PM



    Hoping we send Shved & Morgan out on loan. Arzani is still injured.



    Expect to see a few of those deals by the end of the window.

  6. Wanyama,Benkovich,on loan,Sporar or Le Havre


    boy for striker.


    Problem solved.Everyone happy,and a wonderful chance to grab the 9.


    Easy and non stressful this recruiting lark.Well it bloody should be,we know what we need ,bloody get them in.

  7. Do we pick up all or most of Arzani’s wages? Why was he not sent back to City during the summer if he is still injured? Makes no sense unless I am missing something obvious?


    If I was PL, I would not sanction the purchase of any more wide players until Arzani, Shved and Morgan are out the door. If Shved cannot be trusted to do the job then he has to go. Morgan, I am afraid, is nothing but a bit-part player despite being Neil’s flavour of the month in December. He could do a job in the SPL and shouldn’t find it hard to secure a loan deal or transfer.

  8. ADI_DASSLER – as above, no point in stockpiling wingers unless we can move on some of the surplus.


    Is McGeady still a player? I haven’t paid any attention to his career since leaving us other than to know he has not been an established player anywhere for a long time, no?

  9. There is so much debate following the defeat, or, should I say the manner of the defeat on the 29 December at Celtic Park. This came of course ‘hot on the heels’ of being outplayed but winning at Hampden a couple of weeks prior.



    Had it not been for the 29th, we would be patting ourselves on the back at a stellar start to the season – eight points ahead in the league, League Cup ‘in the bag’, top of our Europa League Group and seeded with a tie against Copenhagen in the round of 32.



    Instead one result and one wretched performance have sown the seeds of doubt in the minds of many. Peter Lawwell’s name crops up continuously as the villain of the piece, with his past remuneration and his leadership of the club, seemingly to blame for everything. I am not going to attack, or, defend, his salary, that is a matter between him and the board. If they think he deserves what he is paid based on his contract, that’s fine by me. The chief executive runs the club from top to bottom on a basic salary of £1.7m. The payment of £3.55m in 18/19 includes deferred bonuses from previous years.



    What I would like to do is switch the spotlight from the boardroom to the football department – players, coaches and managers.



    Looking back to Ronny’s (congratulations on NYC post) time in charge, twice we reached the play-off round of the CL. On each occasion we progressed to the second-leg against Maribor and Malmo in an eminently winnable position. At these junctures the directors, management and players must be credited on our progress. However it was the management and players that squandered our chance of CL riches by a careless display in the first-leg against Malmo, and inept displays in each of the second-legs, not Peter Lawwell, not the board of directors.



    Fast-forward to this season. After defeating the Ibrox club, at Ibrox, early in the season, no one expected the dire displays at Hampden and on the 29th at Celtic Park. We had by all accounts had a good summer window, albeit losing Kieran, and but for the Livingston aberration, were feeling good about ourselves for the title, even allowing for a challenge from the best team to come out of Ibrox for nine years. The final result after a diabolical display at Hampden even had us anticipating an unbelievable Quadruple Treble.



    As we approached the league game at Celtic Park on 29th, again just as in Ronny’s time, directors, managers and players are credited with our progress to date. I think it is safe to say that none of us were expecting what was served up to us on the pitch that day. It is not the defeat that is bugging us; it is the manner of the defeat. PL and the board are not culpable for that result – it was pure and simple a football division failure – it was down to management and players.



    Yes PL and the board must step up and provide funds to strengthen during this window – but at least let us be fair when apportioning blame and responsibility.

  10. DENIABHOY on 8TH JANUARY 2020 1:16 PM



    Not entirely sure who’s paying for his wages or treatment. He did return to Manchester City for rehab.



    He is hopeful to return after the winter break and has apparently turned down the chance of going back to Australia.



    There are also reports that we are hopeful of extending his loan. His contract with Manchester City is set to run out next summer.



    I suspect Arzani will just be trying to get fit and play even for the development side. His future at Celtic and City seems completely up in the air right now.

  11. TIMALOY – thank you. I just had a look on wikipedia and it says Arzani made his return to football on 17 Sept 2019 in a reserve game against Hibs. If that is correct, he has been fit to play for last 3-4 months. Unless he got injured again?

  12. McNut – youi say you wont defend or attack PLs wage.. Then you go on to defend it!!! And lots of people were expecting the performance on 29th. Anyone who watched the final and games after it.

  13. Scott Sincalir was not allowed to leave as Cetic invoked extra year of contract hoping to sell him last summer. So all his massive wages have been wasted since. Will this come out of PLs wages this year?

  14. “Friends, Romans, Roman Catholics….and trolls……


    …..I come to bury Peter not praise him…”



    8TH JANUARY 2020 1:42 PM



    I did not defend, or, attack, PL’s remuneration – merely stated the facts.



    If the board of directors and shareholders who are in possession of all the contract details, approve of his wages, I am in no position to critictise.



    You seem to ‘home in’ yet again on the PL angle – my post was in the main looking at the management and players. Do you have a comment on that?

  16. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TIMALOY29 on 8TH JANUARY 2020 1:06 PM



    “Brendan Rodgers wanted a complete shakeup of the football department including recruitment.”



    Of course he did. RD’s signing had been failures- very few if any were performing well when BR arrived; he rejuvenated the careers of Jozo, Boyata and Armstrong, but I can understand why he would want his own team in place.



    Re Hendry and Compper- poor signings indeed, but you completely ignore the fact they cost circa £1m each. Do you not think that might be a contributing factor as to why they turned out to be poor signings? We paid roughly the same for Greg Taylor as we did for both Hendry and Compper combined. I recognise that you can find diamonds in the rough, but if you buy lots of £1m players the majority will not be quality.



    Re Boyata. We sold Armstrong for £7m, missed out of McGinn and ended up getting Mulumbu (a free agent who had been playing with Killie) to replace Armstrong. Why on earth would BR sanction the release of Boyata, a Belgian international, if he knew he would be replaced by far inferior player? I would rather have Boyata for a year and lose him for free than £9m in the bank which would not be spent on the team.



    Rodgers walking out was unsavory, but evidently the relationship was gone by that point. The media speculation re Rodgers and PL had gone into overdrive that summer.



    “Since Neil Lennon has been in charge we have seen the club be more decisive. We accepted a massive fee for the injury-prone Kieran Tierney and went on a recruitment drive that sorted many of the problems Rodgers and Congerton left behind.”



    We accepted massive fees for Armstrong, Dembele, the VVD money from January 2018 and didn’t go on a recruitment drive that summer even though large issues remained. You cannot just gloss over our lack of spending and put it on BR. BR was not given the funds to address issues within the team. We started the season with only two strikers on the books and that was in a period just before LG was about to be signed off for a year.



    The errors of previous windows have lead to the wholesale changes required to the squad. However, nearly everything seems to be BR’s fault according to your post.



    I think Neil has been good this year and his signings, in the main, have been positive. However, we have spent £5m of Boli and Taylor and one has not been convincing, the other is third choice. BR and NL are held to different standards regards signings.

  17. The ole CQN ‘errors of the previous windows’



    8 x Scottish Premiership trophies






    5 x Scottish Cups






    5 x Scottish League Cups






    3 x Domestic Trebles



    🏆 🏆 🏆




  18. MCNUT on 8TH JANUARY 2020 1:54 PM



    Remuneration aside, you seem to miss a key point.



    The board and the chief executive are responsible for the appointment of the first team manager and the rest of the football department.



    The situation where the board appointed Ronny Deila to replace Johann Mjallby was weird enough (rumour has it the plan was for Neil Lennon to stay another year with Ronny under his wing before handing it over).



    Neil Lennon had meetings with DD and PL to discuss his future. It was reported publicly that he would leave on the 22nd of May.



    I’d presume PL & DD knew Lennon’s intention to leave earlier than that. I’d argue, they had time and opportunity to appoint somebody else other than Ronny. Dan Petrescu claims he was approached at that time.



    I quite like Ronny Deila but don’t believe he was the best guy available at the time. That’s the responsibility of DD, PL and the board.

  19. Yes, we should have bought at least one CF last summer. To say we had 3 was not really trues. Bayo and LG were both untried last season Both injury prone and neither can be relied upon. If it was a fit and well LG that would be a different story. A complete lack of energy and focus comes from management, when it is the whole team affected. and its time we played out only LB at LB. And I know FF is tall but even he can’t cover both posts at corners. I remember Strachan trying to defend not putting players on posts but I know if was playing and knew there was a ‘open’ goal at the post you just need to guide ball there and not try to get powere to beat keeper in the middle of goals.

  20. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ MCNUT on 8TH JANUARY 2020 1:54 PM



    You are not in a position to criticise PL’s remuneration which is disclosed in the accounts, but we can criticise performance and tactics? Why is one liable to critcism but not the other?

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