Ronny introduces an edge on Celtic languid style


Ronny Deila introduced an interesting edge following yesterday’s preseason friendly against Rapid Vienna, saying his players’ “body language wasn’t good.  I can accept not playing well but the most important thing has to be the attitude and that was lacking”.

Noting a “lack of energy and that players “looked tired” is par for the course at this time of year but adding “we need to do something with their attitude” gives you an indication of what is expected of the players this season.

Celtic players have for a while now been criticised, fairly or otherwise, for languid body language.  Caught between Premiership games against teams they are vastly better than, and Champions League games they need to raise performances for, coaches would need to work hard to raise the heartbeat for domestic football.  I suspect its’ this Ronny was targeting, instead of a preseason warm-up.

Does anyone know how to stretch hamstrings prior to kicking the ball?  It’s incredible that professional footballers, and Celtic players in particular, are so commonly afflicted by this injury.  All it takes is one incomplete warm-up routine and a player is out of action for weeks.

Bids for the European Cup canvass, signed by Billy McNeill, close shortly after noon today.  Keep an eye on the action here.  You can buy a raffle ticket for the second canvass for as little as £1 here.

Funds are going towards the Cookie Jar Foundation and Glasgow the Caring City.  Many thanks for your fantastic help.

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  1. RD seems to know his stuff, we got him in asap, only time will tell whether it’s soon enough to get the experienced players ready for the CL games. Match fit is of prime importance. The younger, less experienced players can bide their time.

  2. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Davie Provan was a nightmare for that, never warming up properly. Although, I seem to recall he got injured during a warm up before a game at Mordor!




  3. Kayal sounds like he’s trying hard to impress.



    Kevjungle mentioning paul mcmullan should be there.. Looks great prospect but id say new gaffer would rather see how last season squad look and also bhoys who were on fringes.. Atajic, o’connell , henderson

  4. I’m liking Ronny more & more – saying it as it is….no more half hearted, low tempo performances.



    I have doubts that some of those involved are capable of stepping up to the mark required over a season. Although we should only need our top players for a max of 30-35 games per season and ensure the young guns are given more opportunities.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good afternoon fae a scorchio East Ayrshire. Noticed the seagulls are a bit paranoid here. :))

  6. FourGreenFields on




    Whoever said we should sign him should be leaving in the taxi too :-)

  7. I like Ronny more by the day.



    Love the Bhoys in Green but too often we have looked lacklustre too often. Our very own Ronny the Rocket.



    FourGreenFields – congrats Sir.


    bhoylo83 – you mean you don’t take CQN to the loo with you?!?! What’s wrong with you Mhan?!?





    HH jamesgang

  8. FourGreenFields on




    Cheers mate , just a bit of fun .


    BMCUWP must have been at the bar again :-))


    Daily Record are running a poll, asking should Orange marches be banned?



    54% of respondents have voted “no”.

  10. bhoylo83



    11:55 on 7 July, 2014


    I leave to go to the toilet for 2 seconds!!




    2 seconds ……… You must have a turbo charged bladder !

  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I like how Rony has started but it will take time for him to have the team playing the way he wants some players will move on and new ones will be brought in but I feel he will need two full seasons to get where he wants with the team.It was maybe only me but I thought big Vigil was very casual his mind may be elsewhere also I dont think the team pressed enough when they didnt have the ball .Rony said after the game he didnt like the body language of some of the players but at the moment he has to go with what he has.H.H.





    Davie Provan seemed to pick up injuries every time he came on to a game.



    And when he came on to a game he was unplayable!



    I remember watching him dancing rings round the huns at Ibrox-I was in the enclosure,as usual. Turns out it was the venue for many future CQNers back then. He left one in particular on the floor,doing the dead fly wi twisted blood.



    I distinctly remember him saying-to Davie MacKinnon,IIRC-I could keep a beach ba’ aff ye in a telephone boax!



    I liked him before that. Loved him after it.

  13. Jamesgang






    I actually do if im using my phone but im in work using my laptop…



    I think i wud get i few looks if anyone noticed me dandering out of the toilets with my laptop under my arm!!








    Nope. On the phone to my Mum.



    Once again,you took advantage of my good nature,haha!

  15. Eurochamps67 on

    Thought Twardzik was very good last night.


    I like the high tempo, high pressing game. Seems that the players have been instructed to move the ball on quicker. Chas Muldini and Kris C, our better passers might struggle when not playing at that pace, but it should suit quicker forward runners.


    Any news on Watt and Forrest?




  16. The Token Tim on




    interesting re the hamstring comments.



    Having had reason to visit a physio several times in the last year or so, had many long interesting conversations with him on this very subject.



    His belief is that players should not be stretching any muscles at all. Merely tensing them, as to stretch them is to put unnecessary strain on the muscle, especially as the muscles will be put under a lot of pressure during the course of the following 90 minutes.



    Wonder what the Celtic physio’s and fitness guys thoughts on this are?



    The physio has completely changed my pre-match warm-up routine and have to say I do feel a difference, albeit a bit late in my “career” to have any real effect for me other than to potentially minimise the strains and pulls that have begun to plague me as the years roll on! The extra 2 stone currently around my midrift doesnt help either to be honest…






  17. Great to hear that he is expecting a better attitude let’s hope he is successful in getting it.



    I was just thinking though that when Collins tried to do something similar at Hibs the team protested and won. It would be good if those players that don’t want this change start their protests now so that we can ship them out during the window and replace them with players willing to adopt this new approach. No one player has ever been bigger than Celtic and certainly none in our current team even come close. So I say they should adapt to the change or go. I’m liking Ronnie and Johnny lots. :)

  18. The Token Tim on




    its my and Mrs TTT’s wedding anniversary on Saturday, so no danger of your truly attending a hootenanny of any sort.



    Other than one involving Mrs TTT, a meal and plenty vino for her that is …






  19. FourGreenFields on

    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    Please accept my offer of a pint at the next Big Day Oot as way of an apology :-))))

  20. The Token Tim



    That is true



    In any of the teams I play for now we dont stretch at all before games



    As you say it tears the muscles right away



    All our warm ups now are done by jogging and running, more or less non stop, for about 10mins



    No stretching watsoever…

  21. FourGreenFields on

    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    Still stuck at 46 % YES 54% NO



    Let’s get that sorted .

  22. The Onlooker on

    The Token Tim





    There are a lot of old outdated practices still in use.


    The dynamic muscles required for sprints need to be kept tight for explosive bursts.



    Not sure how to warm up some and keep others cool , but my days of worrying about such things are long behind me


    ( my warm up routine before most games was 2 B&H and a can of Coke so I may not be the best to ask)



    There is a lot of science out there ( probably most up to date practice is in the US) where college sports dept. are at teh cutting edge.



    At each of their world cup games the USMNT carried out side line warm up routine before coming back on to the pitch for second half.



    Makes sense to me.



    The Onlooker





    Yer only saying that cos I said earlier I was on the cheap black stuff!



    Fifty days since I got back from Scotland,about 70% of them quaffing cheap and calorie-laden pyoor,still nae sign of putting weight on.



    My tapeworm is loving it though…





    Ffs,you’ve always got an excuse!



    Mind,that’s a good one.



    Enjoy,and congrats!!

  25. All,



    We hope this is off help to you, so in preparation for the upcoming Celtic v Dynamo Dresden game, we have opened a twitter account (see link below). We hope to keep those who intend travelling over, updated on any issues, events, pubs, bands and general information, that should make your trip a bit easier/safer/enjoyable.








    Does anyone know how to stretch hamstrings prior to kicking the ball? It’s incredible that professional footballers, and Celtic players in particular, are so commonly afflicted by this injury. All it takes is one incomplete warm-up routine and a player is out of action for weeks.






    I’m no sports physiotherapist but if you want to warm hamstrings,PAOLOSBOOTS magic pads might help.

  27. bournesouprecipe on

    Watched the game through the smoke yesterday and I’m surprised by Ronny Deila’s comments.



    Didn’t make out any poor body language, but reckon he’s got bigger issues than he’s saying, having inherited as all manager’s do, another man’s players, and problems.



    It’ll be interesting to see how he deals with the massive squad,of players who have all tasted first team duty, assuming the VVD and FF wonder bids don’t materialise I still expect zero signings and hope he has contacts to get players away, or loaned, to free the wage bill for his own idea of a Celtic player.



    This should take him to January having passed or failed the Euro test with his own tactical nous, and use of the squad on hand.

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