Ronny introduces an edge on Celtic languid style


Ronny Deila introduced an interesting edge following yesterday’s preseason friendly against Rapid Vienna, saying his players’ “body language wasn’t good.  I can accept not playing well but the most important thing has to be the attitude and that was lacking”.

Noting a “lack of energy and that players “looked tired” is par for the course at this time of year but adding “we need to do something with their attitude” gives you an indication of what is expected of the players this season.

Celtic players have for a while now been criticised, fairly or otherwise, for languid body language.  Caught between Premiership games against teams they are vastly better than, and Champions League games they need to raise performances for, coaches would need to work hard to raise the heartbeat for domestic football.  I suspect its’ this Ronny was targeting, instead of a preseason warm-up.

Does anyone know how to stretch hamstrings prior to kicking the ball?  It’s incredible that professional footballers, and Celtic players in particular, are so commonly afflicted by this injury.  All it takes is one incomplete warm-up routine and a player is out of action for weeks.

Bids for the European Cup canvass, signed by Billy McNeill, close shortly after noon today.  Keep an eye on the action here.  You can buy a raffle ticket for the second canvass for as little as £1 here.

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  1. Just like to thank everyone involved in the CQN week-end , what a couple of fantastic days , well organised golf and pool tourney , thank you B/K & T/B superb golf and night time gig , tinytim you little SHARK !! Brilliant venue and well done on winning the first tourney and hopefully yir last haha


    A quick thank you to Colin&John the “Clelland bhoys for getting me round the course if it was’nt for your advice i would’nt have scored as well as i did , Sipsini & Acgr class and gerry ;)) hope you got home ok and to all the other guys for making it all so memorable : Thank You , wooohoo bring on next year!! lol

  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Alfredo de Stefano R,I,P



    along with Eusebio we are losing football legends that had a bit of grace and honour about them. Not many of the modern greats you can say that about them




  3. The Barcamole



    Howye doin bud


    Have you got anything arranged for a wee leaving do at the KSC , or have i missed it , hope all is well with you and the missus , i for one will miss you , if there’s time for a quick pint and blether let me know ;))

  4. bournesouprecipe on

    Yes, saw both games and Kayal stood out.



    But then when you’re the senior midfielder when Scott Brown isn’t on the park and you’re surrounded by juniors, in bounce games, you’d better be good or at least improve on your previous.



    Beram’s ship has sailed, made of glass but digging in to last chance saloon, looking for a move?. NFL had all but given up on him and unless, he’s had fairy dust sprinkled over him in the short summer, which can make him time a tackle, pass accurately and stay free from taking a routine knock, he’ll be offloaded.



    If he’s required to be pivotal for the CL qualifiers, I hope the rest of the draw is kind.

  5. Alfredo di Stefano represented Argentina and Spain, but not Uruguay.







  6. Alfredo Di Stefano was one of the finest players to ever play the beautiful game


    My dear old dad who had witnessed many great players from the 1920s to the 1990s was of the opinion that he was the best he had ever seen. He went to both the 1960 EC final and the Blue and White Charity match and always spoke about the effortless way Di Stefano could influence the game through his passing or dribbling or shooting!


    R.I.P. Alfredo!




    On matters closer to home – we need to calm down a bit guys – these are very early days and those showing up well now might fade or move on.


    It will take the new management team at least 6 months to fully understand what they have and what they might want to bring in


    Let’s sit back and enjoy the journey !


    It’s going to be a lot more exciting than many think!


    This could be a sea change in the way the club does things, comparably perhaps to MON arriving in 2000 or even Mr Stein returning in 1965!


    Let’s all get behind the team in the next few days and weeks in the hope that we can qualify for the CL – that’s where we belong!





  7. Bob O' Baldy on

    So many funny posts today.



    The OO must love the SNP so much they have the completely opposing view and in fact want to organise a march 5 days before the vote in Edinburgh in support of the naw (as opposed to thenaw who would definitely have been a yes campaigner) campaign.



    Still if Celtic supporters want to side wi the OO, and I bet some of them will have voted aye in favour of them marching in order to maintain the status quo bigotry, fair play to them, thankfully their numbers and the OO’s are going out of fashion.



    They looked stupid on Saturday as they would do every other day of the week.



    I’m sure their god if they even believe in god will be shaking his/her head in dismay.

  8. Quite a novelty to get a chance to watch Celtic in action in the first week in July thanks to Setanta Irl. i tuned in expecting a typical low key friendly game but was surprised to see a stadium packed to the rafters and I thought the team acquitted themselves quite well in such a cauldron for only the second match after the holiers. Ronny’s post match comments came as a bit of a surprise to me seeing the guys were playing in 30 degrees of heat and not yet up to match fitness. Kris Commons, Stokesy and Leigh Griffiths seemed to have put on the poundage in the recent months nothing that playing a few more games in that kind of heat will not cure.

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Don’t know where I got Uruguay from.



    A great player in any country.

  10. marspapa,



    What a weekend phew! Think I’ll need to get some practise at the pool for next year, even acgr beat me :(



    Hats off to TT for organising a great day out.



    I didn’t really get a chance to thank you for the lift as you were too busy hustling. Anyways, cheers mate.



    Ye, me and acgr made it back safely to my brothers and continued the party, both very rough the next morning :( HH

  11. marspapa



    19:11 on 7 July, 2014



    I’ll be up for that as well mate, met barcamole once.



    Thanks as well for your shift today, it’s all looking good, can’t wait to see the finished job.



    If anybody out there is looking for a Painter I can highly recommend marspapa, has the equipment, skill and most of all the Celtic craic.



    If anybody needs or wants his number get in touch with me.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    watched game in club with paolosboots yesterday, sent tbm a text and he will be in club Saturday, no time confirmed as yet..





    I’m claiming a finders fee…8)

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK



    18:12 on 7 July, 2014




    The players you mention like – Commons, Muldini, Stokes and of course,



    Joe(the ghost) and Sammi who’ve gone now of course, were the back-bone



    of Neil’s team and, ‘all’ were involved in Neil’s darkest games as Celtic manager.



    All of the above players were made to look good in the CL group games when big



    Vic 67 was around but, take Vic 67 out of the equation and, you see what you’ll get



    with the afore mentioned players who were for me, Neil’s ‘clique’ on the pitch. That



    was a recipe for failure imho.



    Hopefully Ronny and the two Johns’ will realize that there is a cronyism environment



    in the Celtic dressing room and will deal with that. If not……



    A manager has to be seen as a bas ass – not one of the bhoys imho.

  14. Gamriestu


    All the best.


    My wife and I celebrate too today, although (only) no.7.

  15. kevjungle,



    Clique! maybe just teammates that have bonded, as what happens in most working environments.



    Try looking for a positive now and again Kev. HH

  16. tallybhoy,



    Kids have, I’m a last minute man, just to iron, had a look at my tops all green, white or gold… Can’t think why :))

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    an tearmann



    19:23 on 7 July, 2014



    Very interesting read ……thank you …… I would imagine the level of support from the Irish who immigrated to Scotland was influenced by the treatment they received from the ‘christian’ Scots …… the levels of resistance would have been very high during that period in particular…..

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    kevjungle – murdo macleod is my favorit celtic player ever.



    19:50 on 7 July, 2014



    Off oot.






    Don’t go….please stay……if I got on my knees, and I pleaded with you……hahahahahahahaha

  19. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    how was your last day at the Polmadie lodge ;)

  20. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    Looking forward to catching up with the barcamole before he heads off. Totally agree marspapa he will be missed by all, hopefully he will be back from time to time. Might see you saturday with a few others in ksc.

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I agree with croppybhoy, in that there is a further revolution taking place at the club” similar to Stein and O’Neil.



    However, I won’t castigated players who served their manager and the club well, according to the style of play.



    Neil played a style that didn’t rely on quick players.



    Served us well domestically, but was found out against quicker moving, better coached players on the continent.



    The question now is, which players can deliver what the new regime is looking for?



    My fear for CM, KC and AS is that they are not physically equipped to do so.



    Doesn’t make them poor players, just, perhaps, not suitable for a quick pass and move game.



    Early days, but on the evidence of the last two games, the team looked and played better in the second half, when the kids came on.

  22. During the last quarter or so of last season, a feeling grew in me that Virgil van Djik would not continue to perform at the high level he had reached. It may well be his languid style that gave rise to that feeling but, as those earlier views have gradually settled somewhere in the uncluttered part of my mind, I am feeling less and less confident that Virgil will shine next season. Of course , I hope I am not just wrong but wildly so and the big man goes on to an even higher level but I cannot rid myself of this uncomfortable feeling.




  23. Tbj,



    Brilliant, I got a parting comment of…reckon you will be going to the Vatican then?



    Of course, and I’ll say a wee prayer for you ;)

  24. Here are the results of a poll on FF






    So you get the choice of one free kick in the b*** – who do you pick?


    David Murray 26.58%


    Craig Whyte 60.76%


    Charles Green 7.59%


    Either of the Easdales 0.63%


    A.N. Other – specify who 4.43%






    Almost 3 out 4 of them still cant see the real culprit.

  25. Sipsini


    Of it wiznae fir yir greedy we pal wantin mer bevvy yeez coodiv goat a lift hame lol


    Your daughters a cracker and a rebel too , what a girl , thought we would’nt get gerry out of there when they started singing the tuuunes ;) enjoy your break ;)

  26. Thought the programme about University Challenge would be as good as the actual programme. But, to me, it is full of privately educated toffs, who take privilege for granted. They sound as if they feel they were born to rule the old Empire. Shame really. Maybe Tony Donnelly has a point.

  27. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    you should take some rosary beads and holy water in for them



    I have a big board in my office with puctures of hindu gods and a load of sayings by the (ronny) dali lama



    theres a few saints on there too and a palm cross



    irs funny to watch the zombies zone in on st christopher and the other Christian pics .



    Someone asked if my wall should be censored – I told them its my wall of peace and tranquility and mibbees they should meditate in front of it for a while :))))

  28. Can someone do the linki thing to the prog on radio4 at moment.it started at 8pm.


    Great wee dox



  29. Paulo’sboots & BT



    Yip let me know the time and i’ll see you there



    BT if your dad gives me game of golf i promise to ditch the tie and wear green !! lol



    Ps…jist iz long iz your no watchin ha ha ;))