Ronny will value having game on Friday night


Yesterday I caught myself moaning about potentially winning the league without playing a game (epitome of first world problems).  How quickly we forget the pain of the 90s.  Let’s bring the title home as soon as possible, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.  There could be people doing the Ronny Roar in shopping streets across Scotland on Saturday.

The one place Ronny will not be doing the Ronny Roar is out shopping, though.  This time of year managers’ weekends are fully booked: one day for the game, one day scouting at another game.  With a game on the Friday night Ronny will be able to take in games on Saturday and Sunday.  Scouting opportunities before the end of the season are limited, so he’ll value the extra day.

A year ago Hibs asked to allow their season ticket holders into a play-off game for free – there’s your rule.  The opportunity to deny another club the same has gone.  Faux indignation about not even asking permission doesn’t register with me.

Club sponsor Magners have offered us a pair of premium tickets to the Jock Stein Stand for Friday’s game.  All you need to do to win is send me an email with the name of the team we play in the SUBJECT line of your email.  Competition closes at 9pm tonight (Wednesday), so not a lot of time.

If you would like to do something enormously constructive while entering the competition, you could always donate £1 (or more if you like) to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal, which you can do right here.  Many thanks.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    And as oldtim stated earlier some people rely on drugs to get through the day



    Not all illegal



    Night all

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family


    22:21 on


    29 April, 2015


    And as oldtim stated earlier some people rely on drugs to get through the day



    Not all illegal



    Night all



    Your not wrong there



    Goodnight Sir



    see you Friday xx




  3. mike in toronto



    Agree – the test should be set by our Celtic Ghirls just as much as the Bhoys.



    Mike – if you have picked someone who would currently fail the test, I call on you to embark on your missionary work with more diligence.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Leaving night in the work but I’ll make my excuses and meet you and the squad in BV as early as possible





    Was hoping someone would add that, didn’t want people thinking I didn’t like him 8))

  5. Neganon2..Well cmon..We Havnt won the League Yet, We could Have lost in The Final To Falkirk, we Have lost Finals to So called smaller Teams Before..But according to You we Were cheated out of a Treble..Presumptious..YES…hun like YES….Imo …

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family


    22:25 on


    29 April, 2015




    Leaving night in the work but I’ll make my excuses and meet you and the squad in BV as early as possible







  7. mike in toronto on

    Hrvatski ….



    all good with you?



    KT is australian… so, she didn’t grow up with the bhoys …..but I am slowly converting her to the true path … she had even agreed to come to the Celtic club to watch the cup final (before we got papped out…)



    She has even resigned herself to my wearing a Celtic tartan for the wedding … although she did draw the line at the maid of honour’s dress being green and white hoop :(

  8. They have evolved the old philosophy , “attack is the safest form of defence”



    they are both the modern day examples that “defence is the best form of attack”

  9. 16 roads – Celtic über alles…



    Aye, I would be in the 10% on both counts.


    On the Ronny thing, hadn’t a scooby about the man, googled him was none the wiser, what he done in Norway. well impressive, but when I heard him talk for the first time, I was sold, something about him that exudes confidence, and I hope that he gets the chance to prove himself at Celtic.



    I saw the interview with Chris Sutton for the 1st time yesterday, watched it after his lecture , even CS was impressed IMO, and after all the slagging he got from CS, that told me he was falling into the RD web.



    As I said, given the chance, IMO, he could go on to be a legend for us, all down to Pedro now, and that could be a problem.




  10. dena29


    Yes see you at the corner,


    might even try to make the BV. for some craic:)))))))))))

  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Blantyre, I agree about Neilsen when he was on Hearts books. Levein’s team of that time always left their feet in, barged and shoved our players after the ball was played. Jolly Jim Jeffries Hearts team played the same way against



    Him and the sticky bun, Maybury were at it every turn against us.

  12. Mike



    yes – good with us. Hope the same with you.



    When is the wedding? Hooped jerseys for the wedding do sound a bit over the top.



    Sounds like the evangelisation is going well —-my faith is in you.

  13. leftclicktic


    22:40 on


    29 April, 2015




    Yes see you at the corner,


    might even try to make the BV. for some craic:)))))))))))



    O bhoy its going to be some night …………..:-))))



    Might even get a female Kapo ……….or maybe not lol









    The 1st time I seen Ronny get interviewed ,he was sitting next to PL.


    When the rabid SMSM asked him the 1st question ,I seen the lights go on and new he was able for them,didn’t know how he would do as a football manager but knew instantly he had something about him.


    I have watched his interview 3 times:)))

  15. BGX, Regardless of whether we would have beaten Falkirk or not, we were still cheated out of the treble. McCleans non decision cost us the game and cost us the chance of the treble. Yes we might have blown it in the final but because of the cheating we will never even get the chance to find out.


    P.S. Any news on good Ol’ Diamond.

  16. new =Knew :((


    interview -lecture:))))))


    good night all and thank you for being here

  17. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    James F Gang



    I went for a back sack and Craic tonight ;)

  18. Tbj



    Then mibbee you’re a scary craic dealer!


    Smooth operator though after tonight I’ll grant you!



    HH jamesgang

  19. Delaneys Dunky on




    On a bit of a downer today. My sister is upset, but my nephew is upbeat. He may have a couple options elsewhere? Hopefully.

  20. Corkcelt…Saying we were cheated out of the Chance of the Treble is Different from Saying we were cheated out of the Treble…First part I have no problem with, none, second part Smacks of Hun Superiority Attitude, and i have no time for that, Godsake, we aint Won The League Yet…Thats All….


    ps…Diamond Says Hi…laughing…

  21. DD,



    Is everything okay?



    I’m driving back to Ireland tomorrow with the family. I am sure that everything will be okay.



    Back in Dublin I will put plans together for some weekend…maybe bring your sister and your nephew.



    Went to pack the car earlier…flat tyre.

  22. Lefty



    You obviously know a winner when you see one, and RD is a winner, delighted we have him as our coach, I just pray Pedro can see the same as we do.



    It would be folly imo if he isn’t backed.




  23. Ronny Deila – The attacking Mourinho, here is hoping.



    He will do very well to get anywhere near Jose Mourinho’s achievements.



    Despite having so much success, Jose is still regarded as a Negative Coach, certainly by Me. ;))



    I’m hopeful that Ronny will bring back the Halcyon days (for me) of the mid 80s. I loved watching Celtic then, it helped that other Clubs were quality then, Aberdeen and Dundee Utd especially.



    Then the big Hun Money Scam ruined the whole game up here.

  24. Delaneys Dunky on




    Dundee Utd told my nephew today that he was not being offered a contract for next season. He has two other options of clubs at present though.


    Thanks for your concern pal.

  25. clogher celt



    You sailing direct to Ireland ? long drive if you are, only done the ferry once, Pmouth to Santander, didny like it, couldn’t sleep, seriously rough crossing, but better than a two + day drive, France is a right pain, and a serious drain on the pocket.


    Best of mi amigo.




  26. Regarding the RD lecture, with Celtic signing SJ and Ronny Talking about Being At Celtic Park for a game against Barca and how it was so good it gave him Goosebumps, i kinda got the Feeling that Ronnys been on PL’S radar for some Time… Think he had him lined up for a while..just my thoughts…

  27. Petec



    Completely off tonight’s topic. But while you’re about.



    The 2nd aircraft carrier. The one that will be mothballed cos they won’t even have enough planes for the 1st carrier.



    Deffo not part of a plan for a European military force.



    Part Cock up, largely lack of money left cos of blair’s adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.



    So hopefully you can rest easier on that front.



    Mibbee meet you on fri?



    HH jamesgang