Ronny will value having game on Friday night


Yesterday I caught myself moaning about potentially winning the league without playing a game (epitome of first world problems).  How quickly we forget the pain of the 90s.  Let’s bring the title home as soon as possible, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.  There could be people doing the Ronny Roar in shopping streets across Scotland on Saturday.

The one place Ronny will not be doing the Ronny Roar is out shopping, though.  This time of year managers’ weekends are fully booked: one day for the game, one day scouting at another game.  With a game on the Friday night Ronny will be able to take in games on Saturday and Sunday.  Scouting opportunities before the end of the season are limited, so he’ll value the extra day.

A year ago Hibs asked to allow their season ticket holders into a play-off game for free – there’s your rule.  The opportunity to deny another club the same has gone.  Faux indignation about not even asking permission doesn’t register with me.

Club sponsor Magners have offered us a pair of premium tickets to the Jock Stein Stand for Friday’s game.  All you need to do to win is send me an email with the name of the team we play in the SUBJECT line of your email.  Competition closes at 9pm tonight (Wednesday), so not a lot of time.

If you would like to do something enormously constructive while entering the competition, you could always donate £1 (or more if you like) to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal, which you can do right here.  Many thanks.

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    He takes a while to pick out the correct gear. Canny be too careful wi underpants.

  2. bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers Jamesgang


    I go in there often have done for years, as I said I keep myself to myself a quick pint till the Castlemilk bus comes and I’m Avanti, lol.





    I’m in your camp on this one,mate. Ronny has done well this season,IMO.



    A managerial masterstroke setting the bar so low at the start of the season,caught us all off-guard!



    I’m generally impressed by the standard of football too.

  4. South Of Tunis on

    The Rupert Murdoch line .



    Vote for the Posh Boys ( and girls ) in England.



    Vote SNP in Scotland .



    Sun is oot / work done / beach time.





    Just a jest,bud. Enjoy your pint-I’m just off for a couple the now as well.



    Enjoy your holiday too,btw.





    Translates as



    Don’t vote Labour.



    Screw him.

  7. Lol



    So Tony, I’ll not be able to spot you as you sit quietly on the corner in the BV.



    But then you blow your cover by popping round to primark and sniffing the skimpies to get your smells right for Las Vegas.



    Worry not mhate. What happens in primark stays in primark!



    HH jamesgang

  8. “A managerial masterstroke setting the bar so low at the start of the season,caught us all off-guard!”






    I had a wee chuckle at that yin :)



    Enjoy yer jar




  9. Jamesgang,



    Tonys keks are more skid mark than primary!



    Just kiddin TD:)



    You enjoy yer jar too




  10. Just found two free channels showing the Boxing on Saturday night.Salivating at the thought.A wee win for the Hoops,then a Manny win on Saturday,and I will be as happy as a pig in,er,Turkey.Be up all night ,right enough.


    Burgas,if you are interested,its on KanalTurk.

  11. Weeminger,



    The clientele of sports direct did not enter my thought process. I specifically referred to the abominable practices of sports direct due to the fact that it’s true.


    Amazon are an American company, but SD are a British company with a footballing connection, and imo in 2015 this exploitation does not sit well with football or society.



    HH to you.

  12. JamesGang,



    I’m not with it till my spinach and red bull smoothie kicks in




  13. Snake Plissken on

    The reason Aberdeen have done so well this season is when they play the other teams they don’t face 11 men behind the ball as Celtic do in 95% of their matches.



    No teams park the bus against Aberdeen and wait for a break away or a set piece.



    Next year it will be harder for them because teams will change the way they play against them.

  14. Gary67


    09:13 on


    30 April, 2015




    09:07 on


    30 April, 2015



    It was Lenny’s third season we punched well above our weight in Europe. In his first season we were out of two competitions by end of August, in his second we got to EL group stage because Sion were kicked out.



    Dont be saying things like that.Do you want to upset the Lenny “Was a great success in Europe”thinking of quite a few.


    Lenny was my hero,but the truth is out there,as a famous TV series used to say.

  15. TB,



    I noticed there’s a few countries showing the fight for free.



    I said I wasn’t going to get it as I have an early rise Sunday but as it draws closer….:)

  16. Geordie Munro,



    Unmissable.In saying that,I am a Boxing fanatic.Only Celtic tops it.I have been waiting for Saturday since the fight was announced.


    It wont be a let down.Gaun the Manny!!!!!!!.

  17. TB,



    I quite like the big fights. And the ones that should last more than 2 rounds.



    Mayweather is the big favourite but I soooo hope the pac man does it.



    If they were into football ye just know Mayweather would be a hun and Pacquiao would be a Tim :)








    1999 I was working for Sky. Decent job,in the boozer by 1pm most days! I also got Sky free. Had to buy a telly,mind.



    Big fight late Saturday,I arranged for the troops to come round,make a night of it. Carryouts were left in my fridge before we went to the pub,munchies all at the ready.



    I went home with two lads ten minutes prior to the fight-had one of my colleagues texting updates so as not to waste guid bevvying time!-to get everything switched on and set up. The rest were drinking up and joining us in time for the start. Ish.



    Military precision,mate.



    The fight lasted twenty seconds,most of the troops missed it. We went back to the pub,drank the kerryoot during a football match a few days later.



    Hope your Saturday is better than mine was,haha!

  19. GM



    If they were into football ye just know Mayweather would be a hun and Pacquiao would be a Tim :)





    That’s the impression I get too.



    HH jamesgang

  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Second Clay-Liston fight.



    I stayed up for it, around 2 a.m.



    Being a young athlete, I had a large glass of orange juice and a plate of sandwiches on the floor beside the couch I was stretched out on.



    At midnight before the fight, High Noon was on the telly.



    Anyway, ding ding, the bell sounds.



    I reach down for a piece and. bang, the fight was over!



    I never saw the punch, if there actually was a punch,though, I suppose, neither did Liston and he was there.



    The sandwiches were good, mind you!

  21. Bobby,



    Night at pub… going home not alone…20 second non event….




    I’m sure that wasn’t your first:))





    Moothfia Guinness running down my nose at that!



    Nae luck,mate.

  23. The only difference is Mayweather is actually quite good at his sport and very entertaining.

  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    KevJungle 08:53


    Ronny should have played his strongest team ‘at’ ICT when he chose to play without, GMS and, SA…




    Kev – I know you wouldn’t intentionally let facts get in the way of a good rant, but GMS and SA both played at Inverness.

  25. Greenpinata


    10:12 on


    30 April, 2015



    I did make a point of excluding you from my comment at the general ire aimed at SD. I picked Amazon because they’re working practices in this country and poor (similar 3 strikes rules), and they use zero hours contracts.



    There are loads of other big names using zero hours contracts, I don’t know how poorly they treat their staff, so I didn’t include them.



    When I was at Celtic Ticket Office as a temp, I had no guarantee that I’d have work the next week. Do Celtic still use temp agencies? If so, it’s likely most of the temp workers are in the same boat.





    Eh? WTF?



    I’ve never had a twenty second non-event in my life,if you don’t mind.



    Canny say the same for my partners,right enough…





    IMO the clientele of SD only mattered to the programme producers insofar as any prospect of boycotting the company in future.



    The principle was to highlight its shoddy and draconian sweatshop labour practices. In this it certainly succeeded.



    I would personally have been happier had a bigger issue been made of the zero-hour contracts but it would barely have made decent viewing. This way,zero-hour contracts were seen as a symptom of systematic abuse of any form of morality in its employment practices.



    The company got a good kicking,as did the system which permits it. I am happy with that,even though I don’t expect anything to change.



    Btw,a company spokesman pointed out that its practices are all comfortably within legal guidelines.



    That itself is a disgrace.





    He meant that they should have been played in the semi-final(!)