Ronny will value having game on Friday night


Yesterday I caught myself moaning about potentially winning the league without playing a game (epitome of first world problems).  How quickly we forget the pain of the 90s.  Let’s bring the title home as soon as possible, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.  There could be people doing the Ronny Roar in shopping streets across Scotland on Saturday.

The one place Ronny will not be doing the Ronny Roar is out shopping, though.  This time of year managers’ weekends are fully booked: one day for the game, one day scouting at another game.  With a game on the Friday night Ronny will be able to take in games on Saturday and Sunday.  Scouting opportunities before the end of the season are limited, so he’ll value the extra day.

A year ago Hibs asked to allow their season ticket holders into a play-off game for free – there’s your rule.  The opportunity to deny another club the same has gone.  Faux indignation about not even asking permission doesn’t register with me.

Club sponsor Magners have offered us a pair of premium tickets to the Jock Stein Stand for Friday’s game.  All you need to do to win is send me an email with the name of the team we play in the SUBJECT line of your email.  Competition closes at 9pm tonight (Wednesday), so not a lot of time.

If you would like to do something enormously constructive while entering the competition, you could always donate £1 (or more if you like) to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal, which you can do right here.  Many thanks.

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  1. No sane person can deny the role of the Labour Party in the emancipation of the working class in this country…….. but this is not that Labour Party.


    The SNP are now seen as the party of the left in Scotland and will reap the benefits of that stance next week.

  2. Can you phone the ticket office to cancel your ST or do you need to send back the renewal form ???


    Working away from home and only getting 8 or 9 home games if I’m lucky so just going to buy when needed.

  3. Mr Pastry….Nice…SNP voters are in your words ‘misguided converts who cant live without the welfare state and have just crawled out of their poll tax bolt holes’….Any opinion on YES.voters,,, being one of them im hoping its the same…..as it would give me great comfort to be as far away from your way of thinking as possible….bless…

  4. Mr Pastry,



    Agree with much of what you say.



    Let’s see if Mr Lincoln,s quote rings true : you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.


    Let’s hope the fooled do not ending up regretting their foolishness.




  5. northeast ghirl on




    Haven’t lived in Scotland for over 15 years now but still visit family who tell me every time how the country is on it’s arse.



    Salmond and the rest of them are hypocrites who will never change my opinion that they are basically the BNP with a Saltire.



    My father fought for union rights and fortunately passed on his ethics to the kids but nowadays people only care about themselves and how much money or kudos the can achieve.



    I hope I’m wrong about this election but fear I’m not.








    Welcome to the madhouse!



    I totally agree that voting SNP is a vote against Labour,thus likely to be a vote which helps the tories.



    No-one who knows me is unaware of my utter dislike at best for both of Labour’s foes. I’ve told people to buy their own pint when I discovered they voted tory at the last election,mate or not. I never refuse my hun mates a pint.



    I also agree that another tory-led administration is gonna be a disaster for the vast majority of the UK. We seem to be the only country in the world pursuing austerity in the face of economic reality. It’s a nightmare of dogmatic GTF ya pleb politics from a ruling class.



    But the SNP have persuaded a significant number of Scots to vote for them. I said in 2011 on here that I couldn’t believe the SNP had a majority in Holyrood,and that I hoped people had no reason to regret their vote.



    I say the same for this election too.



    It’s their democratic right to disagree with me. It happens all the time. They only have the odd occasion to do the same to The Labour Party.



    Frankly,Labour in Scotland deserve a kicking. But we’re all gonna suffer as a result.



    PS-Swindon is marginal and I’m doing my best!




  7. tomtheleedstim on

    Traditionally the Labour Party was made up of working class man and women, representing their interests.


    Today’s Labour Party is a long way from that imho.


    I’ll not be voting in this election because I am sick of voting for the least worst party. It encourages them to continue with their middle England orientated nonsense.


    The country is in desperate need of substantial change.

  8. mullet and co 2 on

    If someone can point me to a political party that represents a majority and looks after the poorest in real terms … I’d be happy to vote for them.



    It strikes me as it does others that there is no party that does that at the moment and in order to get that we need to vote to control our own affairs.



    The green, red yellow and blues seem to forget the people in their constituency they represent. I couldn’t care less if the make up is too powdery or they look a bit robotic … Just represent the views of the people and do what is right for your communities.

  9. If nobody thinks they are being fooled, hold your nose and look at the Sun newspapers in Scotland and England. A new level of hypocrisy and challenges thier readers intelligence. Imo of course.




  10. northeast ghirl on




    Here in Teeside hoping for voters to come in force and give their support to Labour as they generally do.



    I understand people’s right to vote democratically but they have to see the big picture ie it’s not just about them. We as Celtic fans know that more that anyone when we stood together to stop spawn of the dead being shoehorned into the SPL.




  11. Here’s a genuine question…. who do we think the vast majority of ordinary Rangers fans will vote for in the GE next week ? SNP ? No way. Tory ? Highly doubtful as nobody in Scotland votes for them. Lib dems ? Probably not, it’s hard to understand more than 1 word at a time. That leaves Labour as the choice of the majority of the people. With that in mind I assume most would see themselves as socialists ? Taking that leap of faith 1 step further, if they are socialists then how can they support a club that gave the rich (in the form of EBT’s) players and staff a way to deprive the ordinary folk of taxes ? How can they support a club that refused to pay tax and again deprived ordinary folk of schools, hospitals etc ?



    Hypocsisy on a grand scale ?



    Or is it ok as it was ra gers what were doin’ it ?

  12. northeast ghirl


    12:16 on


    30 April, 2015





    I live in NW England and can’t believe there’s good Tims even considering voting SNP.



    However, we are where we are and there will be the look of shock in Scotland when Cameron gets a Tory majority.


    I will rip up my Labour Party card if Ed even considers talking to Salmond, I watched Andy Marr on Sunday morning and I am convinced Ed would never countenance a deal.



    I was so so lucky to be in that first year of comprehensive education, I got a chance, 6 ‘o’ levels changed my life, Labour gave me what I have today.



    4% of the population 20 years ago got access to university, again Labour gave access to 40% of our kids. That’s a huge burden that they (my kids) sadly have to help pay but they got the chance.



    Remember folk dying on waiting lists, falling down hospitals, schools, Uni’s, morale of the public sector through the floor…………..we are going back there.



    SNP has been in power 8 years, they cannot blame Labour for the state of Scotland.

  13. Celtic need to do what Liverpool are doing ie the Main Stand.ours need to be redeveloped. Its stuck with 40s 50s facilities especially the whole front of the main stand.the toilets and catering. are badly need of a complete overhaul. I have heard its a listed building and that’s one of the reasons Celtic upgrade the whole of the main stand.me I think that’s a pure excuse.truth be they are to miserable. to spend a few million.but they directors won’t worry about that .they have the best seats and the best of food.which will be bought and paid for by the Fans.Tight Baskets

  14. Neganon2…Ok ,i’ll bite…first up…Paul said…woooo Really….so whats Paul doing today ,re writing the ten commandments….Paul said…so what?….lets get this clear,i said ages ago that i thought we would win the league on here,but at his moment we havnt,do i think we would have beaten Falkirk yes i do…but You stated we had been cheated out of a Treble…that just aint true..its really disrespectful..to Falkirk and Aberdeen….As for my disgust at failing to beat ICT…pretty sure i never said that…Doubt ive ever used the word on here…Its not a word i use……..And as for my Agenda……well,cmon,,,do tell….