Ronny will value having game on Friday night


Yesterday I caught myself moaning about potentially winning the league without playing a game (epitome of first world problems).  How quickly we forget the pain of the 90s.  Let’s bring the title home as soon as possible, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.  There could be people doing the Ronny Roar in shopping streets across Scotland on Saturday.

The one place Ronny will not be doing the Ronny Roar is out shopping, though.  This time of year managers’ weekends are fully booked: one day for the game, one day scouting at another game.  With a game on the Friday night Ronny will be able to take in games on Saturday and Sunday.  Scouting opportunities before the end of the season are limited, so he’ll value the extra day.

A year ago Hibs asked to allow their season ticket holders into a play-off game for free – there’s your rule.  The opportunity to deny another club the same has gone.  Faux indignation about not even asking permission doesn’t register with me.

Club sponsor Magners have offered us a pair of premium tickets to the Jock Stein Stand for Friday’s game.  All you need to do to win is send me an email with the name of the team we play in the SUBJECT line of your email.  Competition closes at 9pm tonight (Wednesday), so not a lot of time.

If you would like to do something enormously constructive while entering the competition, you could always donate £1 (or more if you like) to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen appeal, which you can do right here.  Many thanks.

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  1. Regarding the war on drugs, if you cant beat it, tax it. Legalise it, regulate the entire industry. One of the reasons it is so profitable is that you can cut all the corners that legal businesses have to abide by. It also would be less exciting or whatever for a lot of young people, if everyone and anyone could buy it. It would remove a lot of danger straight away imo.

  2. mike in toronto on

    leftclick … I used to volunteer one night a week at a shelter … eight men lived in it during the winter, so they ‘had an address, could get benefits, and find a job ‘… so, over the winter, I got to know them a bit ….



    one fella was a P.Eng. who had a good job with the government…. his wife left him, he started drinking, lost his job, lost his house, and found himself on the streets… just went down from there… had been on the streets for 20 years when I met him…



    there but for the grace of God, thought I ….

  3. Herbo


    The mob that were noising it up outside the Church.


    “He said they had been forced to stop outside the church due to a break in the parade and started up the Beach Boys tune to ward off lethargy among members tired from the previous night’s celebrations.”



    u.tv/News/2015/04/29/Bandsmen-guilty-of-playing-sectarian-tune-36383?utm_source=UTV+feed&utm_medium=twitter …


    “…or,at worst, racial hatred.”



  4. Greensideup-GBWO


    18:46 on


    29 April, 2015


    Any Orlando area Tims on, looking for the location of your club for Friday,









    The Orlando CSC is here:



    The Lucky Leprechaun Irish Pu


    7032 International Drive


    Orlando, Fla.



    Enjoy your stay in sunny Florida



    Hail Hail

  5. theglasgowcelticway on

    I’m not clued up about drugs or the war on drugs.I do recall a conversation I had with Calton Tongues regarding Methadone and the huge increase in prescribing which has occurred over the last twenty years.I raised doubts over the programme and it’s effectiveness but was told by two councillors that ,if it ended, crime would explode as addicts tried anything to get money for what they would use as a substitute.



    As for the death penalty? I can’t accept torturing people with appeals as to whether they’ll live or not and the finally killing them as a form of justice.

  6. Leftclick





    These people are utter filth. Intent on causing bother.



    I could go on but I’m sure you’re all aware of the policies these utter C…. promote.

  7. Herbo,



    So 75 shit disturbers, want to walk through through areas they deem to be acceptable. If the authorities, say no then maybe the penny has finally dropped, or are they just waiting to overturn on appeal. If they want to do this sort of shite then let them do it at Ibrox, have they never heard of NIMBY?






  8. Celtic are now cantering in nicely for the title and all the hard work is nearly done. Friday night football with the Celts playing on a good pitch in a big stadium is something to look forward to and another three points.



    I see the Dutch outfit are backing off from John Guidetti’s financial demands. I presume Celtic are in a position to offer him a bigger wage now that we hear the Dutch team are in financial trouble.

  9. What’s all this shite about us being interested in Shifty. Please someone tell me its no true. It just STV playing mind game, please tell me it is.

  10. bhoys lets get real the shamless one will get in lawell will be over the moon they do what they want all the bluster never happens they be back next year nothing will happen we know that they know that club let us down badlly role reverse they would have destroyed us

  11. Wee Gordon strachan, I like the guy but he’s on about McInnes being up for MOTY because he ran Celtic close, no he never Gordon we’ve never been in danger at any point of losing the league, it’s like saying I ran Usain Bolt close in 2 man 100m race because I came 2nd. HH

  12. non dee ploom on



    14:55 on


    29 April, 2015


    non dee ploom at 13:48 on 29 April, 2015



    And quite a few played for the Maryhill Harp :>).



    Used to sneak into Kelvindale Park to watch the Harp: there were huge gaps in the fences. We were always on the lookout for ginger bottles with their black ‘corks’. Exchanged them for ice cream and ginger at The Falcon café.



    Played there often enough with our school team: St Mary’s Maryhill ya Bassa (a team of 10 year olds with attitude). There was a slope north-south and the surface was black ash with several streams running across from the north-east corner whenever it rained.



    We hated Maryhill Jun played in red and black iors who played in the blue jerseys which Rangers (in liquidation) used to wear. The Harp wore the Hoops!! The good old days!!!!!!



    My memories of the Harp were going up Kilmun st to watch them But i didn’t Know it was called Kelvindale Park, you learn something every day and the juniors played in red and black hoops, i also visited the scapyard next door quite often ( wink wink ), i think it was called Conolly’s, I’m talking late 40’s – early / mid 50’s, as you say good old days :>).

  13. mike in toronto



    Leon Bridges.



    Talented young guy.



    A throwback to some of my favourite Stax artists of the 60s/early 70s.




  14. Herbo


    Agreed sir ,


    Though even 10yrs ago they would have walked and done what they wanted unpunished.





    I could not even have imagined then this being said by a judge on them noising up people outside a church.


    However, District Judge Paul Copeland rejected the defence case, finding that the band could have behaved differently as they waited to march on.



    “They had choices to make; they didn’t stand and wait quietly, they didn’t disperse for the short period of time available to them, they didn’t march in silence to a drum beat, they didn’t sit down, join supporters or family and take a break,” he pointed out.



    “Instead… I find there was a studied and deliberate piece of conduct which involved their playing and marching not just past this church, but deliberately remaining within feet of the doorstep.”



    Emphasising the context of the situation at St Patrick’s, he said the Famine Song has entered into the “repertoire” of loyalist band music.



    It has the potential “as an anthem of sectarian abuse at least, or, at worst, racial hatred”,


    The times the are changing it may be slowly and certainly not quick enough for me but changing they are IMHO.

  15. Gsu



    They are loyalist thugs. The type you seen rioting a couple of winters ago because of a democratic decision on their fleg.

  16. bournesouprecipe on




    Can anyone imagine Celtic offering the job to Roy Keane before they had offered it Ronny Deila? (⊙_⊙)



    BulletDodged CSC

  17. mike in toronto on

    tallybhoy … sounds like you and I enjoy a lot of the same music …seeing him in a very small club …. I’ll post afterwards, and let you know how the show is …. his album is out in June, so he is tourning now…



    I dont know where you are based, but he is playing at King Tuts in Glasgow on July 8

  18. GSU – Yes, I’m good. I very rarely post here any more but always check in daily.



    I now live in S Florida, bought myself a great house and am really enjoying the life down here. Nothing beats wearing shorts and t-shirts every day of the week…particularly when I hear about horrible winter weather in April back home :))



    The Lucky Lep is supposed to be a great place to see the Hoops play. I haven’t been there yet but hear good reports about it.



    Hail Hail

  19. lennon's passion on




    18:53 on 29 April, 2015



    Can anyone imagine Ronny walking on water. The myth/legend lives on.

  20. Leftclick



    Indeed they are changing. They are changing because people won’t be silent about it anymore or just accept their racism. We should support those who fight for our rights behind the scenes. And absolutely not bow to Police Scotland/SNP trying to paint is with their brush.

  21. theglasgowcelticway on




    I always laugh when I hear them describe themselves as loyalists. I wonder what members of Her Majesty’s police force or armed forces who were pelted with all sorts of missiles at Drumcree and other places feel about their loyalty ??

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    What happened to automatically giving manager of the year to the Cardigone?……..oh wait.

  23. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    The Green Man



    Martin Simpson is a bit of a legend in folk circles.



    He is back in Glasgow on 22nd May at the Strathclyde suite.



    Busy weekend that.

  24. I’ve been to the Lucky Leprechaun for a match, good craic and a wee raffle. Think I paid to get in.

  25. Good evening all.



    Weather horrible, chipping it doon, in ML10. Hope everyone is well. :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  26. Evening Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.



    Most sensible post re the drug debate……





    18:51 on


    29 April, 2015


    Regarding the war on drugs, if you cant beat it, tax it. Legalise it, regulate the entire industry. One of the reasons it is so profitable is that you can cut all the corners that legal businesses have to abide by. It also would be less exciting or whatever for a lot of young people, if everyone and anyone could buy it. It would remove a lot of danger straight away imo.





    I would also add that over 95% of the heroin,coke and other powders that enters the UK come through diplomatic channels, this is the major reason that their is a reluctance to legalise anything, far, far too much money involved for those and such as those..




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